How to get rid of Pimples OVERNIGHT: 6 DIYs that work!

how to get rid of acne fast

Get in to know how to get rid of pimples overnight with these DIY’s.

We all can agree with the fact that pimples really are the worst. Who even wants to wake up to shiny new acne desperate for attention from everyone you meet? As much as we really wish that acne didn’t exist, unfortunately, they do.

And when they do, almost all of us are searching for the best answers on how to get rid of acne fast?

I know I’ve been there. Because my epic story of fighting pimples had me put my hands into quite a lot of DIYs. Out of which I’ll say, 1% worked and others just made it worse.

So if you too are struggling to find that one best solution that won’t irritate your skin and actually help with your acne, comfort yourself and relax! Cause you are in the right place.

But first, tell me, do you too think that pimples always know that there’s a special/big event coming and there’s no better time to pop out than now? I think they do!

Anyhow, here’s to a full-blown Acne guide for all my lovely babes, for next time to zap those pimples overnight.

How to get rid of Pimples OVERNIGHT: 6 DIYs that work!

What is Acne?

We all know it, that’s why we are here. But just for the record, Acne or pimples are the inflammation of hair follicles of the skin. When these hair follicles get clogged by oil from our sebaceous glands, dead skin cells, dirt, or bacterias, they develop into acne.

what causes acne?

girl struggling with a lot of acne

Each pore of your skin is the opening to a follicle that is made up of oil and hair. This oil (sebum) is extremely important for us to maintain healthy skin. But sometimes it becomes the reason behind our acne.

Here are the main causes of Acne:

  • Excess oil (sebum) produced by Hair Follicles
  • Hair follicles clogged by dead skin cells
  • Bacteria build-up in your pores

Other than these, you’ll be shocked to know that nearly 80% of acne is caused by hormones and genetics. This means, if one of your parents had a horrible relationship with acne in their teenage years or adulthood, unfortunately, you are highly prone to experience that.

Some other reasons can be the food and stress levels in your life.

Often we have heard everyone saying that junk food and chocolates are the culprits behind your acne. But this is NOT true! Yes, you heard me right.

In fact, dark chocolates are proven to give you better skin due to their bioactive compounds that can help you protect your skin from sun damage, has detoxifying and anti-aging properties, and increases blood flow to the skin. But it still makes sense to avoid Junk food due to health reasons.

Whereas, Dairy products and foods high in processed sugar can time and again trigger acne. So it’s better you start avoiding them slowly to see if your skin reacts positively to them.

Now that you know the causes of acne, it will be a lot easier for you to treat them.

Here are a few DIY ways to get rid of acne FAST. And I’m not kidding! These actually work. And you may get shocked too!

Quick Disclaimer: Acne DOES NOT disappear in an hour, half-day, or overnight for that matter. It just cannot. Especially the ones that are huge. You can still reduce their redness and make them 10 times less visible, but don’t expect these to do magic. But fingers crossed, if you have small acne or acne that is developing, these are going to work like a charm!

How to get rid of acne fast

Ice Cubes

ice cubes to treat acne

Rubbing ice cubes may seem so simple but hello? It’s skincare we are talking about. Nothing here is simple.

First, clean your face with your favorite face wash just like you’d do normally. Then wrap an ice cube in a cloth or thick paper towel. You can even use a cold compress if you don’t wanna deal with the mess melting ice would create.

And place the ice cubes on the pimple at 10-15 second intervals. This will help prevent tissue damage. The best part? You can do this in the morning, evening, or multiple times a day as per your needs. But remember, cleansing your skin beforehand is very crucial.

Depending on the size of the pimple, I have found this method most effective out of all. Worth every shot! Also makes your pores seem smaller and your skin look younger!

Tea Tree Oil + Aloe Vera

Who doesn’t know these magic ingredients? If there is one DIY mix I would pick up blindly when I want to get rid of acne overnight, this is it.

Tea tree oil is an antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial that has a Ph.D. in fighting acne. And Aloe vera gel is the best option to treat acne, soothe skin, and fight blemishes. Not to forget, Aloe vera has numerous other beauty benefits alone.

You can use both the ingredients alone as a spot treatment. But I feel, Tea tree oil can be very strong, drying, and harsh if used alone. And I haven’t find aloe vera gel working and making my acne disappear fast.

So if we have to dilute tea tree oil anyway, why don’t do it with aloe vera? Sounds like an idea that could work!

How to use it? Combine 2-3 drops of Tea tree oil with half a spoon of aloe vera gel. Cleanse your face nicely and apply the combo directly as a spot treatment. Leave it overnight if you want to or for at least 30-60 minutes.

This works babe, I’m telling ya!

Honey with lemon

Hey Honey!

You may have heard about these two ingredients to get rid of acne, right? Known to have natural antibacterial and calming qualities, Honey can help fight acne. And lemon can easily help reduce sebum due to the drying effects of citric acid. Also, it can help kill bacteria with its anti-septic properties.

But wait, applying lemon or lemon juice to your face directly is a bad idea. It can be very harsh and seriously damage your skin. And honey may not work extremely well on its own. So combining them makes so much sense. And fighting acne fast is the talk of the day after all!

How to use it? Add 5-6 drops of lemon juice to a tablespoon of honey. Apply just on the pimples after cleaning your face. Leave it overnight or at least 30-60 minutes. Get that acne going girl!

Banana Peel

banana peel to fight acne

Bananas are my most favorite fruit. Ha, because it’s easy to it, lol! So one day I saw this 5-minute crafts video telling banana hacks. We know they don’t work, right?

But this one shockingly did. In fact, it not just helped fade down acne, but left almost no scar. Before moving further, I must say this won’t come in handy for large pimples. Just the tiny developing ones.

Clean your face and rub the peel on your acne gently. Leave it for at least 30 minutes or overnight. Wash it with tap water later on.

Tell me if this works for you, I have doubts but it worked for me so it’s on the list!

Green Tea bag

The one thing I hate drinking and love using for pimples. Green tea has its fair share in removing pimples fast. As a fact, Green tea is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Everything acne hates (that it disappears)!

So the trick here is to place a green tea bag in a cup of water and freeze it for 15-20 minutes and gently rub the cold tea bag on the pimples at an interval of 1-minute.

This basically works exactly like ice cubes but with additional benefits of green tea.

Aztec Indian clay mud mask

aztec indian clay mask to fight acne

Now I know this is not a DIY you can create at home but this gem mud mask does work wonders on your skin for acne.

But if you have a little more than overnight, I’m sure this can work for you. I’m using this mask for a year now and trust me if you have a severe case of acne (not acne cysts), you just need to give this a week’s time and you’ll see VISIBLE results peeking through!

You need to add 1-1.5 tbsp of Apple cider Vinegar (for best results) or water normally to 1 tbsp of Clay in plastic or non-metal bowl and apply for 15-20 minutes strictly.

Yes, it’s that simple! I have a whole Aztec Healing Clay Mask review if you want to check it out.

How to get rid of Pimples OVERNIGHT: 6 DIYs that work!

Acne patches

pimple patch to get rid of acne overnight

If you know acne, you know it is itching to have a pimple and not able to scratch it. Poor us!

But at times, when I know I cannot take chances with DIY home remedies to get rid of acne fast, I have to stick to something stronger and that can assure results.

Pimple patches come handy in that situation. I’m using them from a while now and can tell you some awesome benefits I love them for.

Number 1, they help me not to scratch the pimple and make it worse. And protect that sweet little thing from additional dirt and bacteria build-up. Number 2, they suck out the pus and debris from your pimple in a night’s time. In a night’s time!!

How does it work? You just need to clean your face and hands as usual. Pick the size of the patch that fits the whole pimple area, making the center of the acne meet center of the patch. Stick them on completely dry skin. And let them sit for atmost 24 hours or until the patch becomes opaque. (Because that’s when you know that the patch has sucked all the impurities.)

Seems exciting, right?

Precautions to fight acne

1. Keep your hands away from your face at ANY cost.

2. Build a small but right skincare routine with salicylic acid. Especially a face wash and moisturizer. My most trust-worthy favorites are CeraVe SA Cleanser and Neutrogena Hydroboost Moisturizer.

3. Do NOT overly dry out your pimples as it can lead to the creation of spots and scars, which I don’t think you would want.

4. Avoid oil-based products as it can further worsen the skin.

5. Do not use every trick you know just because you want it to disappear.

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Can Toothpaste get rid of a pimple?

Using toothpaste on your acne can do more harm than good. Toothpaste has a basic ph and our skin has acidic. So irritating your skin with too much baking soda can overly dry your skin which can leave an ugly scar on your skin. It may help with soothing inflammation but NOT with acne.

How to get rid of pimple redness?

The best way to get rid of pimple redness is to apply ice-cubes or cold compress on a clean face. Other than that, applying aloe vera gel, honey or cold green tea bag can also work like a charm!

How to get rid of pimple on face?

The easy way is to use a salicylic acid cleanser following with Rubbing the area with ice cube at an interval of 1 minute. You can also try using some DIY Home remedies to get rid of pimples on a face like a combo of honey + lemon, a combo of tea tree oil + aloe vera gel, green tea bag, or banana peel. At times, pimple patches can also work.

And that’s it, hope I could help you in any way possible. Where you at your pimple journey?

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how to get rid of acne overnight

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  1. I am having so many acne and nothing seems to work. I have tried it all. Now that I read it, I feel embarrassed that rubbing ice never struck my head😂 and do you think mixing ingredients is a good idea? Because I too know that these ingredients don’t work great on their own. I have mixed them in face packs but not for spot treatment.

    1. I Have lots of acne and it’s embarrassing nothing seems to give me clear skin and I’m broke so I don’t want to get a personalized skincare set. Any tips on how the heck I can get clear skin?

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