How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

how to look pretty

How to Look Pretty and feel very best for yourself.

Let’s start by saying that, YOU ALREADY ARE PRETTY. So glad we had that talk!

Even though, I get you if you say that you just cannot look your very best every single day. Especially when you are stressed by at least a million things and have absolutely no time to even look at the mirror or wash your face sometimes.

Ever been there? I am there almost 300 days a year, lol.

But You know what? There are times when you just want to grab all things glam, polish yourself, and look prettier because, maybe you have a cute date, or you wanna impress your crush or there’s an important presentation in the office or you just feel like you want to look prettier! (The list of reasons is long, tho)

So this is everything that I’ll do to look gorgeous whenever I feel like it.

But first things first, If anyone in this world tries to make you feel that you already are beautiful and don’t need these superficial things for that, hear it from one and take it out from the other ear, okay?

Wonder why? Because It’s not at all a bad thing to invest in yourself and if you want to look prettier than normal all day every day. I think it’s just judging others for wanting something better for themselves, right? So follow my gold advice here and simply ignore them.

Now let’s just get going!

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How to look pretty: Step 1 Get the Basics Right

1. Have Plenty of Sleep

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

The moment you know you have a big day or event approaching, schedule your beauty sleep. You don’t even know how much of your body needs really depends on that 8 hours of sleep you waste on Netflix and chill. From lesser puffy eyes, glowing skin, healthier hair, better appearance, to almost everything is directly related to your sleep. And these are just the Beauty benefits!

Also tell me, what is more, relaxing and fun than lying down and forgetting all the stress once? Haha, sleeping is probably my most favorite thing to do.

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

Plus, you can make that sleep even better for your skin and hair by investing in a silk pillow cover. It really does make a difference in improving your skin and hair for good, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and getting smoother frizz-free hair when you wake up. (Switching to silk pillow covers is one of my 23 secrets to clear skin.)

2. Make Hygiene a Priority & Smell Good

smell good and be pretty

Staying clean and smelling good is one gold thing that will help you attract the right set of people without even doing much. Who even wants to connect with someone that doesn’t bathe for days or weeks and smells like a dead rat? (Okay that’s now an exaggerated example but you get the point.)

Adding to the same thing, have you ever crossed or known someone who smells like a snack all the effin’ time? You know you want to be around them and like them naturally. Because their freshness and fragrance are enticing.

So always make Hygiene a priority. And try to smell good with or without perfumes. (I love a nice perfume tho. (Makes or breaks the day for me!) I recently got my hands on this little baby and OMG, it easily is one of the best fragrances I have ever tried. So worth every penny!

But here are 19 insane easy tips to smell good all day, just in case.

3. Get your Skincare Right

Every kind of skin is beautiful. It really is. But people automatically get attracted to healthy supple skin (not saying clear but healthy). The one that shines without a highlighter. Secretly, we all dream of that. I know I have in the past.

good skincare helps you look pretty

Personal Story: I had very bad skin last year. I couldn’t even see my skin, it was just acne and dullness. Every time I had at least 50 bumps on the forehead, 3-4 on the chin, and a minimum of 5 on the cheeks. It was terrible. I lost all my confidence and got so insecure to a level that it started affecting me.

I stayed away from clicking pictures and never showed up to any event or party. And, I had my sister’s wedding fast approaching! I did everything to make that acne disappear, even went to a dermatologist and had some treatments. Followed this acne skincare routine STRICTLY and it took me exactly 2 months to get that clear glowing skin.

Moral? My confidence exploded!! My insecurities started to go downhill. I became happier naturally because I felt Pretty, internally and externally.

So getting your skincare right is so freakin’ important. Know what your skin needs and don’t just buy products that are expensive or you feel will work or have worked for someone else. Steer clear from tons of skincare myths floating around!

Wonder how to look pretty? Healthy skin is the way to do that without makeup!

4. Keep Your Hair Clean and Done

Hair plays such an important role, can’t even explain it. Voluminous, healthy, and styled hair undoubtedly makes you look pretty and cute.

Who even likes knots & tangles though? Treat your hair like a crown babe, they actually can make or break the entire look. Here are my favorite tips straight from my hair-dresser!

1. Choosing the right shampoo, conditioner, mask, and serums (whatever you use) is the ultimate thing to get pretty hair. Know what your hair needs, don’t go with what is best-selling to the recent drop in the market.

2. Pamper your hair with something extra. I’m LOVIN’ Olaplex treatment for months now. Gosh, it actually makes your hair super soft and healthy.

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

3. Wash your hair as and when they start to appear oily or dirty. Don’t wait for a particular day or time. And if you are washing them frequently, go for a mild shampoo.

4. Always keep your hair brushed. And if possible, put them into a cute bun or ponytail.

5. Don’t use styling products every day. They weaken your hair much more than you can think. Stay Away from them.

5. Give Yourself a Pretty Manicure

By manicure, I don’t mean that you have to go to a salon and get your nails done. Although, if you can, that will be a cherry on the cake.

But for now, just trim them, file them to a proper shape and if you want, paint them with a pretty nail polish color. I always go for a nude shade or transparent coat, because obviously, they go with everything in the world!

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

A person with neat tidy nails looks prettier than those who bite them or don’t clean them regularly. And if you need some help giving yourself a manicure, here’s a complete gel nail polish with everything you’ll need. It has more than 19,000 reviews which are insane!

6. Buy Clothes in Your Actual Size

Exactly, No sizing down while shopping for clothes just because you think it will help you get motivated to lose weight. It may or may not motivate you that much but will surely make you feel sick about yourself in the long run. Which is a big NO-NO!

Rightly fitted clothes are a simple secret to how to look pretty question of yours. And sometimes, oversized hoodies or clothes (if styled right) can add that extra cuteness.

7. And Wear Cute Clothes

Talking of cute clothes, you need to find your go-to favorite pieces which you know you’ll look prettier in, no matter what.

How to look pretty and find cute clothes? Here you go!

  1. Find what is your undertone and what colors suit you the most. Are you warm-toned or cool? Do yellowish colors look good on you or pink? This will completely change the way you’ll shop for life, I swear.
  2. What’s your style? Comfy but chic? Basic but classy? Modern? Preppy? Boho?
  3. Choose the items! (The fun part)

Yes, Red dress or color can look breathtaking on anyone but practically you cannot wear it every day. So finding your style and cute clothes can eventually step up your looking pretty game!

8. Love a little Makeup

Enhancing your already beautiful features with just a little (or more) makeup is a crime in no book. So why not?

You won’t believe me if I say that I never filled my eyebrows until this year (And that too because she messed up :/ ) So when I did, a whole new world of perfect eyebrows was introduced to me.

And that did make me feel good about my eyebrows, not kidding!

Just a little concealer to brighten up the eyes and hide dark circles or blush on those cheeks or even a single coat of mascara, just to amplify your lashes is all that you have to do if you wanna feel great and look polished.

The trick is to use makeup lightly and naturally if you do on a daily basis.

Here are my FAVORITE makeup gems that won’t even cost you much.

9. Keep Your Lips Soft & Supple by Scrubbing

Accept it or not, Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. And one of the most attractive but overlooked.

So take care of them. Give them that extra love. Scrub them at least twice or thrice a week but VERY gently.

Wanna know a beauty hack? (Winking with both my eyes cause I just cannot, okay!) Scrub your lips with the same brush (but gently) while brushing or scrub them off with a towel while pat drying your face after a face wash. Easy right?

10. Love a Tinted or Normal Chapstick

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

Now your lips are clean and soft after scrubbing, so obviously, it’s time for some nourishment!! This is how to look pretty instantly with a slight tint on your lips or normal gloss. How about a tinted gloss? Genius, lol. This one from Neutrogena is the best one in the market and is also what I use and love.

Lip Tip: Do not lick your lips every time you feel they are dry. Why? Because licking your lips makes your lips feel way drier? Yes, It constantly makes you feel that you need a lip balm. So babe, please get yourself a lip balm. And keep it handy 24/7.

11. Make your Teeth Look Cleaner

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

A smile is the prettiest thing human body can have. And it all depends on your mood (of course) and clean pearly teeth.

Some Facts say that better shiny teeth can make you look more attractive, wealthy, educated, and even younger! Although I don’t really believe all this, I do feel that good teeth are a sign of good health. And good health always attracts the right people.

So grab those whitening strips or mouthwashes and go for it. A DIY I love for this is rubbing salt+lemon for barely 10-20 seconds after brushing. Won’t give you a huge difference instantly, but works.

12. Always Wear Ironed Clothes

This is one thing I regret that I wish had realized earlier. As a kid, I always used to wear unironed clothes just because it would take time. Classic Harman! And now that I see my old pictures, god can I go back and iron them, please?

Most of the time, other people take you more seriously if you look neat and polished. Moreover, who doesn’t want to look presentable and taken seriously at all times?

13. Always Keep Your Body Dewy

We talked about skin, hair, lips, and everything under the roof. But hello? A nice Glowy body does make all the difference. Because apparently, dry flaky skin looks pretty to no one.

So always keep your skin moisturized and glowy. Care for it as much as you do for your face. Okay, at least 50% of that? That’s acceptable. Okay done.

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

Life Tip: Whenever you have to look pretty in pictures, apply a few drops of body oil to make your arms and legs shine brighter in it. It also makes your skin look healthy. But do not go overboard!

14. Shave Your Body and moisturize It

If you ask me, I don’t like these “Girls just cannot have hair on their body in public” norms. (Even when I can be the hairiest person you’ll ever meet). But that’s a different story.

But I do feel, shaving/waxing your legs automatically makes you feel feminine. (Maybe because we are programmed like that.) And you feel confident in whatever you wear. And the moment you feel confident from within, the world changes for you girl!

15. Pair Cute Accessories with your Outfits

Few rings for your fingers, cute neck chains, bracelets, a watch, or earrings, whatever you love, accessorizing your simple outfits just a little is a game-changer and actually helps you stand out. Even without putting in much effort.

I never really was a jewelry person because it felt like an extra step but I’m not gonna lie, I don’t step out without at least one piece (a watch can get the work done too).

16. Hydrate Yourself like Crazy

I just cannot stress this enough, but drinking water and having your body’s water goals always fulfilled is the most important and healthy thing you can do for yourself if you really wanna know how to look pretty.

It definitely is not an overnight thing but in the long run, your skin and body will need less moisturizer, fewer acne treatments, the face would have lesser skin problems and they will literally thank you!

17. Add more Fruits and Veggies into your Diet

how to look pretty with eating right

I think we all programmed to this statement, right? That if you want to know How to look pretty, Fruits and veggies are the solid answer!

But talking to you with all the experiences, here I stand by this. It does count in. And if you are willing to experiment, I’ll suggest you create a diet for the next 20-25 days filled with green veggies and delish fruits. You’ll see a NOTICEABLE difference after few weeks, trust me.

Add fruits in your snack time and salads as your dinner, fresh juices in the morning, or whatever way you like.

Make way for a much healthy and glowing skin girl!

18. have a straight Body Posture

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

Oh my god, I had to include this. I see so many people, charmingly dressed but walking with a hunched back, maybe from working all day, who knows. But let me tell you, it is not a very pleasing posture to look at.

So always make a point to sit and stand straight, not only it makes you look pretty but also helps protect your only spine. Don’t waste your efforts okay?

19. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence. Did I mention Confidence?

You just cannot look pretty until and unless you feel pretty from inside. There’s absolutely no point in looking like an absolute beauty when you don’t even have the confidence to own it.

But how do you get there? I have been there. I could be one of the most insecure people if you’d meet a few months ago. But I’m learning and growing. And you can too.

You know how? By being the most positive personality when I’m alone. By owning up to who I am and accepting that I am the prettiest and I don’t need validations from people (who don’t even know me) for it. By caring for myself before anyone. By actually loving me. By putting me on the top of the priority list. By embracing every flaw even if they are in millions. I’m a human, I cannot be perfect.

I’m telling ya, Confidence will be the first and last secret ingredient you NEED to look pretty.

20. NEVER Compare Yourself to Anyone

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

Yes, she is beautiful but so are you even when you have that acne or wrinkle or a chubby cheek. Because that just the vanity metrics, they don’t define beauty or pretty or cute or anything related.

It is so easy in a world full of the unmatched standards of good looks and a good body to beat ourselves for nothing. So easy to cringe upon yourself for no reason. And so easy to compare yourself with someone you THINK is looking or doing better.

But what’s fun in easy? So choose the not so easy option. And that is? Accepting what you are. Working on making that better. Not comparing. And loving yourself 1000 times more than you’d love anyone in this small world.

21. Radiate Positivity and Be Friendly

No one gets attracted to negative vibes. (Maybe that’s why ‘Good vibes only’ is a famous quote.)

Out of 5 average people in a room, the one with oozing positivity and happiness will be the life of that party and loved by everyone unconditionally. Ever noticed that?

And positivity is one such thing that you just cannot fake. It comes out naturally when you feel it internally.

So stay positive babe, not just for others but for yourself first. After all, it will also help you get another step down in your How to look pretty journey!

22. Blow a Kiss to Yourself in the Mirror

overcome insecurities and feel pretty

Haha, sounds weird? But I love doing it at least 10 times a day!

No, I’m not self-obsessed AT ALL and definitely not kidding. It’s just that seeing myself in the mirror when I haven’t dressed up or washed my face and blowing a kiss to myself reminds me to love myself for who I am and more than anyone else.

Just a positive activity I like to do to overcome my insecurities. If you plan to add this to your life, tell me if it worked. I would be the happiest to know if it did!

23. Always Compliment Yourself

Continuing with that mindset, give tons and tons of compliments to yourself. For instance, say “Babe, that eyeliner is perfecttttttt!” or “Girl, that smile is gonna kill someone someday!”

If you are loving your very own compliments, trust me, you won’t need any validation from people on how pretty you are or look. You’ll be happy in your own little world. And that’s the happiest thing you can do to yourself!

23. Destress and Calm Down

destress to know how to be pretty

Relaxxx. Things go up and down all the effin’ time. So forget about it. But if you just cannot (like me), do these quick things to destress yourself.

  • Practice breathing
  • Change up your environment.
  • Go for a walk or a run
  • Put on your favourite comedy show
  • Chew Gum (actually proven)

Destressing will help you reduce your skin issues and explore your healthy mind and skin that will eventually help you figure out how to look pretty. So this is extremely important as well!

24. Rosewater to Rescue for Looking Fresh

Wondering how to look pretty? Rosewater is your answer. I remember, there was a time when I got obsessed with spraying rose water every two hours. Yes, that was a little too much but fun fact, it doesn’t have any kind of side effect whatsoever!

My skin looked so shiny and healthy within a week that I used to use Rosewater like crazy! I was literally obsessed and would spray it in the morning, to wake me up, in the night, while going out, and any time of the day I want to. (I’m not as obsessive now, lol)

Thus, carry a spray bottle of rose water where ever you go and Spray it once you feel you look tired or dull. It will instantly help you freshen up and you’ll look pretty in no time!

How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty

Final Thoughts on How to Look Pretty

The concept of how to look pretty starts with loving yourself and being confident in whatever you own. Then comes the external factors of taking care of your skin, health, body, hair, and nails.

Until and unless you start to feel pretty from inside, there’s no way makeup and clothes can help you look pretty. So try and live your life in the best way possible, babe.

And this is how to look pretty and feel your best for yourselves!

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19 thoughts on “How To Look Prettier: 24 quick ways to look pretty”

  1. OMG all of this is true, everything. You need confidence and you need to love yourself first to feel pretty because you may look pretty but if you don’t believe it or don’t see it by yourself is because you don’t have confidence you will never see how pretty, amazing and unique you are. If you are having trouble being confident then fake your confident that’s why i do eventually you will like how confident you are and start being confidence for real. Don’t hear what others say and always put yourself first.

  2. i LOVE this artical and everything about it and listen i dont like to compliment people but you seem so perfect and such a badass i dont even know you but i love you,thank you for making me smile today,ive been pretty down because of a few things and people leaving my life.Have a great and blessed day.

  3. I absolutely loved to read this! It made me feel good about myself but my sister is obsessed with all the make-up and social media and I feel if I get into that stuff, my mum will think she has lost her daughter. Idk what to do because all my friends are starting to get into this and then I am just left not understanding what they are saying. This article really showed me how I can make myself look better in a way that she won’t need to read too much into it!

  4. Caroline Reilly Lesser

    I have been so depressed lately that I started taking a little bit more care of myself. Going to the psychiatrist, taking care of my skin, whenever I could not sleep I would even start practicing on my make up skills. This article gave me more ideas on how to pamper myself.
    It is never a sin to take care of ourselves

  5. Oh my god, this is exactly what I wanted to read! Made me a little more confident and happy. Thank you so much! And yes, keep writing! Love your content.

    1. Hey Heather, “You are pretty as you are” is literally the first sentence of this article. But wanting to look polished and nice is not a crime, or is it?

    1. Yeah! I mean YES be confident about ur self gurl because u are PERFECT! But wanting to look pretty is 100% normal and fine!!!

  6. I have my first ever date coming and I want to look the best. You helped me Harman. Thanks! Could you share some tips on what should I wear or anything related? I’m so confused🥺

  7. Indeed an article that makes me happy. I have my birthday in a month and I so want to look pretty and here this is my go-to now. Thank you.

  8. I don’t know when was the time I had read such a positive article. Yeah, we all want to look pretty and I’m very sure that you have helped me in achieving that! And yes, we should never judge a person if she wants to look pretty. You don’t know what is she going through. Thank you Harman!

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