50+ Louis Vuitton Dupes Under $50

If Louis Vuitton Dupes can help you save some money, I say go for it!

Ever dreamt of carrying a Louis Vuitton bag around the street? But god, those prices can actually make your head spin and world shake for a moment. It is literally daylight robbery!

But there’s always a way out, right? And that definitely is finding some stunning Louis Vuitton Dupes on Amazon, Walmart, or anywhere in the world that gives you the same thing.

Honestly, I love designer dupes like anything. Then they may be in makeup, clothing, handbags, jewelry, or even shoes. Spending 10-20 times lesser money on almost the same quality is an intelligent investment indeed! (at least for me.)

So here are 50+ Louis Vuitton dupes in handbags and accessories so you can slay the streets without breaking the bank!

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Best Louis Vuitton Dupes Ever

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Dupes

For the quality and price they come with, these Louis Vuitton dupes are literally worth it. But you have to keep in mind that these are just the look-alikes so there will be no LV trademark anywhere. Except that this pretty tote bag right here is the exact same size as its expensive counterpart which is MM.

The inner lining of white checkered bags is in beige color and that of brown ones are in rich red (which btw is the same if you buy the original $1500 LV bag). But obviously, the Walmart versions are not that great of the quality but are not very poor too. You can make them work. The Louis Vuitton dupes at Good Macaroon are much better but then are a bit expensive too.

If I was you, I would pick any from the first three options here just because of the mere quality and exact same look they come with.

Louis Vuitton speedy Dupes

Remember that cute small bag from Legally Blonde? You can make it yours if you grab one from these Louis Vuitton speedy dupes right here (because they are the same). I feel, they are of really good quality and look almost like you spent $1000+ on them. These are a real deal, guys!

Choose the third one for the best Louis Vuitton speedy dupe that also comes with a great leather quality and chicer design just as an additional perk, (winking terribly).

Louis Vuitton Felicie Pochette Dupes

If you are looking for something small and easy to carry but looks exceptionally classy, then these Louis Vuitton dupes are the best you can get. They are super lightweight and also the chains are superior enough to not look tacky and cheap.

And just a recommendation, the last checkered evening bag from this great seller is an extremely great buy if you are in need of something like that.

Louis Vuitton Graceful Dupes

A cute Louis Vuitton graceful bag is all worth it when it comes to the sleek design and chic leather handle. Even though you cannot compare it to the actual expensive counterpart, still it can make its way to your wardrobe for the price it comes with. Check the price here!

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Dupes

Here are some cute, dainty, and best Louis Vuitton dupes of its Pochette Metis collection. If you can buy these satchel bags for under $50 then they seriously are a deal you do not want to miss! Especially the black-brown checkered print!

Louis Vuitton Cosemtic Bag Dupes

You can literally use these compatible makeup bag cases for all your makeup while traveling or just organizing it in one place. The quality no doubt is amazing and worth the money invested. The third one here is really impressive!

Louis Vuitton Duffle bag Dupes

Traveling with a Louis Vuitton Duffle bag seems like an amazing dream we all wish to come true. So grab these checkered print Louis Vuitton dupes which have great storage and the quality is also superior. The inner lining resembles its original version so closely that you may not be able to find the difference.

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs PM Dupes

Back to school or off to a road trip and want to slay the world with that perfect Louis Vuitton backpack? Here’s one same Louis Vuitton look-alike backpack you can actually afford and will look amazing on you.

I’m telling ya, these are supremely good quality and look super cute as well!

Louis Vuitton wallet Dupes

A wallet is a bag every freakin’ person needs no matter what. And when this necessity can be paired with such dapper lv dupe wallets then there’s no reason to give it a second thought. It can be such a pretty accessory to your handbags!

Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack Dupes

Snag these cool Louis Vuitton fanny pack dupes and slay your daily outfit of the day with style. These lv fanny pack dupes will be the perfect touch to your street-style outfits and will fake the luxury in the best possible way!

Other Popular Louis Vuitton Dupes

Just in case you are in need of other options that look similar to the actual LV bags, here’s just the right dose for you. Few really good dupes you can buy right now.

Louis Vuitton Dupes Accessories

Buying a designer accessory is a dream for many babes out there (including me)! You can get your hands on these pieces that look real and feels amazing. This sunglasses case is a must-have!

How did you like them? I hope they are as good as you thought and you loved these Louis Vuitton dupes as much as I did. What are you picking? I’m definitely picking a makeup case bag, a sunglass case, and a Lv Neverfull dupe bag for college.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I never do it like come and comment on blogs. But on your recommendation I bought the Lv neverfull dupe and OH MY GOD I don’t know when was the last time I bought a bag that was this good!!! Thank you so much! Definitely recommend one from Good Macaroon.

  2. Louis Vuitton is literally my fav luxury brand but seriously a single LV bag would cost me half my monthly income. These Louis Vuitton dupes made my day. I’m definitely buying the Artsy dupe and a wallet from here. Thank you so much!!!!!

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