Best-selling Nars Makeup dupes to steal for 2022

Best-selling Nars Makeup dupes to steal for 2022

As much as I love makeup dupes, I know you people are crazy about them too. But let’s just be honest, I would never want to spend my money on makeup products that literally work the same and cost three times lesser. Are you kidding me?

And when it comes to one of the most raved luxury makeup brands, Nars got to be on the list. From blushes, concealers, bronzers, they literally have the best of the bests. But, what is up with their pricing, lol? I feel like they are a bit overpriced and you can easily find Nars makeup dupes in the drugstore corner of Ulta.

So without wasting any more minutes, here are my favorite Nars makeup dupes for you to love!

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The ultimate list of NARS makeup dupes

NARS radiant creamy concealer vs Maybelline Fit me concealer

Nars dupes

Starting off with the most hyped Nars product: Radiant creamy concealer, no matter how beloved this concealer is, Fitme concealer gives a tough competition to it. You can achieve the same, smooth, natural finish by spending just $6.5 very easily. The happy part: Fit me has got a wider shade range than the Nars concealer which makes this a better Nars makeup dupe!

NARS pure radiant tinted moisturizer vs ELF BB cream

Nars dupes

The sheer difference in price makes the Elf BB cream more feasible and better. Even though the Nars moisturizer comes with more quantities but you have to believe that both of these products work almost the same with light weightless coverage, sheer tint, SPF 20, natural finish, and look exactly the same when you have applied it.

NARS multiple stick vs Wet n Wild Megaglo stick

Nars dupes

As big a fan as I am of Wet n Wild cosmetics, I know I am not wrong when I say that I think Megaglo stick is much better than NARS’s stick. It’s a firm, glowy blush. And is best applied with fingers or even a stippling brush. Though both of these sticks look extremely beautiful on the skin with a light natural blush, sometimes we should look at the price point as well. Yup, wet n wild stick is literally 10 times cheaper than the Nars one. A better NARS dupe indeed!

NARS laguna bronzer vs NYX matte bronzer

Nars makeup dupes

I love gooooood bronzers. I think I have a thing going on with them lately. And I don’t know but I feel high-end bronzers are a little better than drugstore ones. And even though, Laguna is one of the better bronzers out there in the market, NYX is also good at what it does. They are not exactly the same honestly, as NYX’s is a little more pigmented and just a tad bit warmer but both of them give exactly the same finish and are extremely easy to blend too.

NARS Orgasm Blush vs Milani Dolce Pink Blush

Nars makeup dupes

I have talked about these makeup dupes earlier in my Drugstore Makeup dupes post too. And, I absolutely stick to what I said there. Even though Milani’s blush is just a little bit more pigmented, but they both have the same pink base, light gold shimmers blend well, and gives absolutely smooth finish.

NARS climax mascara vs Maybelline rocket Volume mascara

Nars makeup dupes

We all know that Maybelline knows its mascaras. You cannot go wrong with them. And so is this beautiful Rocket volume mascara. These both have thick consistencies and do not flake even though the wands are not the same but both of these mascaras give us the same result. But if you go by what I feel, I absolutely love Maybelline’s mascara more than Nars one. Also, i’s very affordable as well.

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NARS Audacious Lip Anita vs NYX root beer float

Nars makeup dupes

NARS’s lip products are 100% worth the money invested. This Anita lip shade is more than something gorgeous but I believe NYX in the shade Pops is also doing a similar job if not the same. The colors are almost the same but kept aside, NARS lipstick is more pigmented and soft. Hence, this may not be the absolute makeup dupe but would go best for people on a budget. Because girl, cost matters!

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NARS Turkish delight lip gloss vs Revlon lip gloss in sky pink

Nars makeup dupes

I would be frankly honest, I eat lip glosses. I know I’m weird but eventually, we all do that. And that is why spending bucks on them pinches my heart. Here is where Revlon saves us. Its lip glosses are literally to die for and super affordable. Both f them has the same amount of luster and pigmentation. After all, we are reading NARS drugstore makeup dupes. Aren’t we?

With this, it’s a blasting wrap for NARS drugstore makeup dupes list which could seriously save you bucks!

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