What Shoes to Wear with a White Dress: 14 Sole Mates You Cannot Skip!

what color shoes to wear with white dress

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Ready to turn heads at your next event? Try pairing these shoes with a white dress & see it for yourself!

So, you have a white dress – congratulations! White dresses are timeless classics that pull through no matter the style. They. Just. Work.  

So, you’ve already made one excellent style choice. And we’re here to help you make another. 

Have you been asking …“What shoes should I wear with my white dress?”

Ask no more. To save you the trouble of having to step into your white number before performing auditions with your entire shoe collection – we have the answer for you! These are literally the best shoes to create one hell of an outfit in the easiest way possible. Pick the right pair for you and start having fun!

So, What color Shoes to Wear With a White Dress?

1. Nude Shoes with white dress – easy peasy!

What Shoes to Wear with a White Dress: 14 Sole Mates You Cannot Skip!
  • Go Nude for: Skyscraper legs and stylish understatement that’s ideal for a formal event. 
  • What Style of Nude Shoe: Open-toed, strappy-heel sandals or Pointed-toe High Heels? 

If all else fails, the nude is the delightful neutral that has your back no matter what. After all, when you go nude, you’re really picking no color at all! 

You can never go wrong with nude heels and a white dress, it’s one of the genius color combinations made for all skin tones. As they work their leg-elongating magic, they also make your dress look more sleek and elegant.

For a right-on-trend, hot monochromatic look, white and white look excellent together and irresistibly classy.

What to Avoid?

It’s hard to get the nude shoes and white dress combo wrong. But, there is one thing that can spell disaster: too much detailing. If you’re a fan of letting your peacock feathers show through your shoes, it’s best to skip nude. 

2. Champagne Gold Shoes with white dress

what shoes to wear with a white dress
  • Go Champagne Gold colored for: A subtly eye-catching look that speaks of confidence, especially on sunnier days!
  • What Style of Champagne-colored Shoes: Pointed-toe Mule Pumps or Strappy Platform Heel Wedges 

Champagne gold is exquisite. It’s regal. It looks like royalty and makes you feel like the million bucks you are. So, if you ever needed a look that embodied “I don’t get out of bed for less than $$$$,” – this is a great choice.

The best part? A white dress with champagne gold shoes isn’t seen that often. It’s an entirely unique look that’s occasionally sported by celebrities who want to be flashy without being flashy … if you catch my drift. 

3. Silver Shoes with white dress

What Shoes to Wear with a White Dress: 14 Sole Mates You Cannot Skip!
  • Go Silver for: An icy-cold, striking look with a metallic-chic look that speaks of haute couture.
  • What Style of Silver Shoes: Closed-toe cut-out silver heels and anything diamonds!

Silver and white are a mesmerizingly beautiful pair. If you’re looking to oh-so-slightly dazzle without gleaming – this is the crisp combo for you. 

If you’re going flashy – Diamantes. Diamonds. Sparkles. Glitter! Whoever said all that glitters is not gold was clearly not thinking about Silver shoes. Interestingly, a white dress silver shoe ensemble is one of the only times gold jewelry looks great with silver shoes!

4. Blush Shoes with white dress

what shoes to wear with a white dress
  • Go Blush for: A soft, warm allure that evokes a charming edge in any white dress.
  • What Style of Blush Shoes: Block heels and flatform espadrilles.

Fashion designers, celebrities, influencers, and well – everyone – are obsessed with the blush-white combo at the moment. 

Deliciously feminine and oh-so-adorable, the blush tones snuggle up to white for a dainty look that packs a stylish punch. And we just have to mention that we’re totally obsessed with blush satin high heels with thin ankle straps. They’re so en-vogue and entirely irresistible. 

You’ll never find Emily Ratajkowski from a pair of chic blush shoes, and often, she teams them expertly with off-white dresses or skirts – genius!

Blush pink shoes are a great way to add some lightness and neutral tones to what is often an ethereal look. They love to be paired with cream, eggshell, or ivory dresses, as there’s no competition for the hue of your dress!

5. Animal-print Shoes with white dress

What Shoes to Wear with a White Dress: 14 Sole Mates You Cannot Skip!
  • Go Animal-print for: A fun, daring, unique look that brings out your wild side.
  • What Style of Animal-print Shoes: Heeled snake print boots or heeled mules in zebra print.

Animal print is back and ready to go wild! For so long, the beauty scene shunned the personality-filled style, deeming it tacky and just too much. But the moment the tides turned in animal print’s favor sometime around 2019 – a tsunami ensued. Suddenly, everyone was a bit extra.

And when paired with a white dress? Unstoppable. They offer contrast without contrast – especially if you go for zebra print. But even leopard spots can add a pop!

6. Burgundy Shoes with white dress

What Shoes to Wear with a White Dress: 14 Sole Mates You Cannot Skip!
  • Go Burgundy for: The perfect amount of smart, stylish statement for all special occasions. 
  • What Style of Burgundy Shoes: Burgundy Loafers, boots, or heeled mules.

Burgundy is having a moment, and we’re here for it. Not long ago, white lace dresses overlaying rich burgundy (teetering on brown) shoes were a trend among brides. Before long, it wasn’t unusual to see Parisienne fashionistas ambling the streets of their native habitat, the most fashionable city in the world, in long white dresses, oversized sunnies, and burgundy boots!

And then burgundy shoes fell silent. Now? They’re ready to be heard again! Burgundy is the comeback kid. When paired with white, they create a smart look that has an air of ‘too cool.’ – enjoy such different colors as much as you can!

7. Red Shoes with white dress

What Shoes to Wear with a White Dress: 14 Sole Mates You Cannot Skip!
  • Go Red for: An enchanting look that just works (trust me!)
  • What Style of Red Shoes: Minimalist bright red high heels.

And for the first true color pop on the list, we have – drum roll please… red! So, as we roll out the red carpet for our superstar color, we’d like to thank the color gods for this shade match made in heaven.

You see, no one thinks “RED!” when they’re looking for shoes to match their white dress. But almost always, without fail, when they try a pair of crimson high heels on as some light relief from the shoe-shopping frustration – they fall in love. Opposites attract, after all. 

Roaring red and delicate white create a harmonious look, and that’s good for the more daring fashionistas among you. While red grounds and white lights, the striking-airy mix gives you a lot of room for play!

8. Brown Shoes with white dress

what shoes to wear with a white dress
  • Go Brown for: An ensemble that’s guaranteed to match.
  • What Style of Brown Shoes: the freedom of choice is all yours!

Brown is an every-color kinda color. The Neutral color is every other color’s best friend. It’s easy-going and never clashes with any other shade, including white.

In fact, a white, oversized knit dress paired with brown boots is THE Fall look. Can’t see it in your mind? Just picture yourself scrolling through your socials from September to November. Yes – it’s that outfit, with pumpkins and falling leaves as a backdrop to (excuse the pun) boot.

For a casual outfit, rock a little white dress with a camel coat — these two pieces fit perfectly well together. Finishing with a pair of brown suede knee-high boots is a simple way to bring some extra fanciness to this ensemble.

For a fun and edgy look, try cowboy boots with a flowy midi dress. Layer it with a denim jacket, and you are good to hit the runway!

Honorable has-to-be-said Mentions You didn’t think we’d just leave it at that, did you!? There’s a world of unexplored colors out there that we haven’t dived into yet! Ready to ride the rainbow? Let’s go!

9. Black shoes with white dress

what shoes to wear with a white dress

Yes, I know, all this talk of color to start with black? Bear with me for a moment. 

Has there ever been a more timelessly perfect combination than black and white? Chess boards, pandas, vintage cinema, piano keys! It’s written in the stars.

Kim Kardashian has even been known to step out in this classic white dress-black shoe combo.

There’s just one tiny little issue – it’s not exactly in trend. These days, designers are enthralled by a more subtly contrasting look as neutral and light shades take center stage (or catwalk).

But now for the best part! No matter the style of the dress or how bright or off-white it is, it’ll still match perfectly with the striking solidness of black. As well, a black shoes-white dress always wins on the vintage scene, creating an almost Alice in Wonderland-esque appeal. 

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10. Blue shoes with white dress

what shoes to wear with a white dress

Just like black, blue contrasts wonderfully with white. From a light, sky blue to a striking ocean-blue shade – it all works. 

Listen up! When you slip into your white dress and pull on your blue shoes, there’s a pretty high chance that you’re going to feel like something is missing. Before you give up or raid your jewelry drawer, simply reach for that blue necklace and pair of earrings that you’ve been waiting for the chance to wear (blue bracelet included!) Blue accessories are a must with this look – just trust me on this one.

11. Hot Pink shoes with white dress

what shoes to wear with a white dress

Sometimes you just gotta be HAWT. You walk into the club, party, event, or any occasion, and you want to be the main show! Well, all eyes on you – guaranteed – if you strut in sporting hot pink heels and the white dress of your dreams.

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12. Neon shoes with white dress

what shoes to wear with a white dress

The louder, the better. You sacrificed color for nothing – your feet are your new canvas! So let the world see your true colors. Bright colors can add the much-needed pop of color to your white outfit and make heads turn like no other! And this pair is so trendy, people can’t get enough!

13. Multi-colored shoes with white dress

What Shoes to Wear with a White Dress: 14 Sole Mates You Cannot Skip!

Sometimes, what a white dress (and your mood) is screaming out for is a splash of irresistible color. Bold colors are an instant yes to hype your simple white dress! Think white dress with green shoes, aqua blue shoes, orange shoes or any other color that you have at home.

Just make sure you add that color to your outfit in other ways as well, like in a bag, belt, or jewelry. It just makes the whole outfit look polished and put together.

And to finally answer the ever-asked question … 

Can I Wear White Shoes with a White Dress?

Yes, and yes, again. Whoever created the rumor that white-on-white was a no-no really needs to go back to fashion school! Because I’m here to tell you today – they’re wrong. Pick a pair of white sneakers and wear them with your white dress to create a more casual look.

White and off-white are now different things. The key is to mix and match white colors from the same undertone family. With these styling tips in mind, you won’t ever lack the compliments flooded in!

Last words on what color shoes to wear with a white dress

And that’s that!

The tea on what color shoes to wear with your white dress. Don’t you dare leave that white dress hanging (literally and figuratively) just because you can’t decide what shoes to wear. You’re bigger than that, and white dresses are just too gorgeous not to show the world now and then!

So, take your pick from these excellent choices and do us proud – you’ve got this!

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