9 Genius Ways to Apply Highlighter and get the most out of it

9 Genius Ways to Apply Highlighter and get the most out of it

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Once in a while (or every time), we all deserve to feel like a pure goddess. And I bet you, there’s no better way to do that except this thing called ‘Highlighter’! I promise Glitters have never ever hurt anyone.

And if you think Highlighters are only to highlight your beautiful cheekbones, I’d love to break your heart, haha. Because there are numerous other ways you can use or apply highlighters. Make the most of that money spent girl!

So here I’m gonna tell you every other way you can use your favorite highlighter as quickly as possible because I’m sure there’s your next favorite one is already in your shopping cart right now!

9 ways to use your fav highlighter

apply liquid highlighter before foundation

mix with foundation and apply highlighter

Never underestimate the power of a liquid highlighter applied before or mixed with liquid foundation! Trust me on this, people have legit asked me every time about how I’m glowing like a goddess?

To apply before foundation, grab your liquid highlighter and apply it all over your face but focus a little too much on the highest points. Then apply a good layer of your foundation (preferably medium coverage because full coverage will obviously cover your glow) just as you would normally and dab everything in with a beauty blender.

PLEASE don’t go overboard with it unless you want to look like the sun people can’t even see without closing their eyes, lol. (Or Ross’s sparkling teeth in neon light)

To mix with liquid foundation, pump your foundation onto your hand and add 1-1.5 drops of a liquid foundation to it. Mix it and apply normally. How much of highlighter to add will depend on how you like. But 1-1.5 works well for me to give a subtle dewy glowy finish that is just enough.

Never forget your body!

Just like how your face would love to shine brighter, your body deserves it too! So don’t miss that.

Also, it would look weird to see someone’s face so glowy and the rest of the body so dull. Right?

So moisturize your body nicely and apply highlighter to the areas that are clearly visible, like collar bones when wearing off-shoulder or deep neck tops, shoulders peeking through sleeveless, legs through dresses or shorts, and backbones while wearing backless. You want to apply it everywhere to match the glow with your body.

Look a pure goddess doing nothing!

apply to your inner corners to look well-rested

Ever woke up to a feeling that your eyes are open but you are still not awake a.k.a tired? That’s me ALL. THE. EFFIN’. TIME. So any trick to change that is a life-saver!

And here’s a makeup tip that is sure to work. Apply highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes!

Can it be that easy?

Next time, apply a bit of highlighter to the corners and on the arch of your brow to make your eyes look larger, brighter more awake and to look well-rested without getting your much-needed 8-hour sleep (which you need to compensate for asap babe!)

dust on the cupid’s bow to give lips a fuller illusion

Use your glitters to catch people’s eye!

Apply tiny bits on cupid’s bow (over your upper lips) to give a fuller illusion to your lips. You can also apply some on the lower lips for the same reason. Remember to blend the highlighter with the lipstick for the best results.

Create a radiant Setting Powder

Ever looked at those new radiant setting powders? Laura Mercier has an amazing one which says it gives a glowy finish to the skin.

But before buying that what if I told you that you can create one for yourself at home?

Yes! I’m not kidding.

Scrape off just a little highlighter powder with a toothpick and add it to your loose setting powder to get a glow finish every time you use it now.

make your lip gloss shine brighter!

Lip gloss is such a huge trend right now. And I would love for it to continue.

Glosses already are used to make lips look fuller. But adding a little more shine won’t hurt anyone, right?

So grab your clear lip gloss and start layering!

9 Genius Ways to Apply Highlighter and get the most out of it

use it as an eyeshadow topper

I don’t own any highlighter I haven’t used as a eyeshadow. But that does include my love for glittery eye looks.

Just as you would apply your highlighter in inner corners, use it on the inner part of your eye or over a matte eyeshadow to transform it into a shimmery one. I can bet this would look delicious!

apply it over the blush

where to apply highlighter

Blush is without a doubt my favorite part of makeup. What’s yours btw?

Pink rosy cheeks get me every time. But along with that, who doesn’t want cheeks that glow?

So next time you pull a healthy rosy look, try to apply a thin layer of highlighter over the blush and around the apples of your cheeks. Top it off with a little more blush and get a killer glowing skin from within!

combine with setting spray for strong & long lasting highlight

Setting spray is a serious gem people are still trying to figure out. Most of the people don’t even know in what ways setting spray can be helpful.

One way is this. Once you are done with your base (foundation, bronzer, and blush), spritz some setting spray all over it and before it dries off, apply highlighter on the places you want. (Look for the mentioned above)

This will help your highlighter pop up stronger and make it last much longer.

All-time Favorite Highlighters

9 Genius Ways to Apply Highlighter and get the most out of it

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