5 No Bullsh*t Hacks To Fix dry Mascara In A flash

how to fix dry mascara

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Dry Mascara Got You Down? Don’t Panic! Here’s How to Fix It in a Flash!

We’ve all had that oh-no moment – you’re getting dolled up for a night out and go to grab your go-to mascara, only to discover it’s as dry as the Sahara or clumpier than old chewing gum. Talk about a buzzkill!

But hold your horses because I’ve got the magic tricks to bring your mascara back to life and save you from shelling out extra cash or making a desperate dash to the nearest beauty store!

In this blog post, I’m gonna spill the beans on some quick and nifty hacks to revive your dried-out mascara, plus some pro tips to keep it from going ghost on you in the first place. So grab your brushes and wands, and let’s dive right in!

The Resurrection: how to fix dry Mascara

1. Add some eye drops or contact lenses solution

5 No Bullsh*t Hacks To Fix dry Mascara In A flash

If you want one method that almost always works like magic for reviving dry mascara, try adding a few drops of any saline solution, eye drops, or contact lens solution to the dried mascara tube.

Take the tube of mascara, remove the wand, and add 2-3 drops of eye drops to it. Close the cap and give the tube a good roll between your palms for a few seconds. Since the eye drops are not as watery as the actual water, you won’t risk ruining your mascara afterward.

Moreover, eye drops or contact solutions are literally curated for your eyes, so they are the safest thing to put into the mascara.

2. Soak it in warm water

5 No Bullsh*t Hacks To Fix dry Mascara In A flash

Another effective dry mascara hack is by bathing it in warmth (quite literally!). Take a cup of warm water (not too hot!) and place the closed mascara tube in it for about 5-10 minutes. The heat will help soften the dried mascara inside, allowing it to become creamy and usable again.

Once you take it out, give it a good shake, and test it on your lashes. If it’s still clumpy, repeat the process.

3. Use a mascara primer

If you don’t have any eye drops or warm water on hand, you can also use a mascara primer to fix dry mascara. Apply a coat of primer to your lashes before using your mascara.

The primer will help moisturize your lashes and make the mascara glide on more smoothly. This way, your mascara won’t clump up as much and will last longer.

4. Add oil to your lashes

If that doesn’t work, you can also try adding a little oil to your lashes to create a smooth base for the dried up mascara to glide on easily. Yep, any regular ol’ nourishing oil will do the trick – castor oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, or even coconut oil.

You can also use Vaseline or baby oil if you prefer. Not only will it smooth out your mascara, but it’ll also give you more color payoff. Best of all, it won’t ruin your mascara tube forever.

5. Use aloe vera gel hack

5 No Bullsh*t Hacks To Fix dry Mascara In A flash

Okay, so this hack is a hit or a miss, but it has worked for me quite a few times, hence it’s here.

It’s simple, just add a pinch or two of your regular aloe vera gel to the dry mascara and roll it up between your palms for a minute or two to give it some body warmth.

Now open it and see if it fixed the dried up mascara. The quantity and quality of the aloe vera gel are insanely important aspects here. Firstly, only use aloe vera that is safe for the eyes. Read the instructions for that!

Secondly, don’t use fresh aloe vera gel, as it is very sticky and just won’t give you the texture that you’re looking for.

Prevention is Better Than Cure: How to Keep Your Mascara from Drying Out

5 No Bullsh*t Hacks To Fix dry Mascara In A flash

1. Avoid “pumping” your mascara wand

We’ve all done it – you’re trying to get more product on the brush, so you pump the wand in and out of the tube. Unfortunately, that’s a big no-no. Pumping introduces air into the mascara bottle, which can lead to dryness and bacteria growth. Instead, swirl or twist the mascara wand gently inside the tube to pick up more product.

2. Keep it clean

One source of bacteria and premature mascara drying is a dirty wand. Make sure to wipe your mascara wand with a tissue or makeup remover wipe every so often to keep it clean and free of buildup. Additionally, close the tube tightly after each use to prevent excess air from entering.

3. Pay attention to expiration dates

Mascara typically has a shelf life of 3-6 months. Using expired mascara can lead to eye infections and may not perform as well as it should. Be sure to replace your mascara regularly to ensure it’s in its best possible condition.

And not just mascara, make sure you’re checking expiry dates for your makeup & skincare before using them!

how to make mascara last longer?

5 No Bullsh*t Hacks To Fix dry Mascara In A flash

1. Start with a Good Mascara

Say goodbye to smudged and runny mascara! Invest in a top-quality, long-lasting, and waterproof formula. Look for one that’s packed with nourishing goodies like vitamin E or beeswax to keep your lashes healthy and hydrated.

2. Curl Your Lashes

Before swiping on mascara, curl your lashes. This simple trick will make them stay curled longer and give you stunning volume. Don’t have an eyelash curler? No problem! Grab an old spoon and get creative.

3. Apply in Layers

Thick mascara layers are a no-no. Instead, brush on several thin coats. Start at the base of your lashes, wiggle the wand, and slowly work your way up. Too much mascara causes clumping and flaking. Yikes!

4. Use a Setting Spray

Want your mascara to stick around all day? Spritz on a setting spray specifically for your eyes. It won’t sting or irritate but will keep your mascara from smudging and sliding south.

5. Touch Up Throughout the Day

If your mascara starts to fade, no need to panic! A few extra coats on the tips of your lashes will instantly revive your look. Hello, instant volume and fresh eyes!

Frequently asked questions –

1. Can you add oil to dry mascara?

Yes, you can add a few drops of your favorite eye-safe oil to your mascara bottle to revive it, but I personally find it very unhygienic and not so useful as if gone wrong, you’ll end up ruining your mascara that very second.

2. Why does my mascara feel dry?

Your mascara could feel dry due to a few different reasons, like exposure to air or low humidity in the room. To prevent this, make sure to keep the cap on tight and store your mascara in a cool, dry place. And hey, maybe it’s just time for a new tube of mascara – treat yourself to a fresh one and see the difference!

3. Can you add eye drops to mascara?

Well, the answer is yes, you definitely can! Adding a few drops of saline solution or eye drops to your mascara can help extend its life and prevent it from drying out. Just be sure to do so in a clean and sterile way, and don’t overdo it or you may end up with clumps.

4. how to fix dried mascara without eye drops?

Here’s a super easy solution for reviving mascara that doesn’t involve eye drops – just grab a cup of warm water and place your mascara in it for a few minutes. Voila! Your mascara is as good as new and your lashes will be back to their full, voluminous glory.

5. How do you make mascara less dry and clumpy?

First, try warming up the tube of mascara in your hands or running it under warm water for a few seconds. This can help to soften the formula and make it easier to apply. Next, consider adding a drop or two of saline solution or eye drops to the tube. This will not only moisturize the formula, but it can also help to revive dried up mascara that’s seen better days.

6. how to fix dry mascara with baby oil?

Now, it may not be the absolute best dried mascara hacks but if you can add a drop or two of baby oil into the tube and give it a good stir, you can actually fix dry mascara in a jiffy!

7. Does putting water in mascara help?

NO, trust me, I have been there. Putting warm or hot water directly into the tube will not revive dry mascara but make it messy and worse. You’ll just see black water everywhere and nothing will cling onto the wand. It’s useless!

Instead, you can try tossing your old mascara tube into a mug of warm water and see if keeping it there for about 10 minutes did anything!

8. What does Vaseline do to mascara?

You know Vaseline could be more than just a basic moisturizer? Try using it as a lash primer for the ultimate mascara magic! Swipe some Vaseline on a clean wand and run it through your lashes before applying your mascara for a smooth and separated look.

Wrapping Up – how to fix dry mascara

I hope these tips help you save your dried-out mascara and avoid any future makeup mishaps. Remember that fixing your mascara is only a temporary solution, and it’s essential to replace it regularly to ensure your eyes stay healthy.

With these techniques under your belt, you can keep your lashes looking fresh and fabulous. Happy makeup-ing!

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how to fix dry mascara

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  1. NO way, it actually worked!! I first added it into a bowl of hot water and then added 3 drops of lense solution. It is crazy to me that I’ve thrown away so many dried mascaras like that.

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