How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

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Do you find it hard to strike the right balance between your upper and lower torso? Cannot figure out why your BFF looks stunning in the same outfit that makes you look like a potato sack? Haha, happens, right?!

It’s all about knowing your unique body structure and type and working with it by balancing proportions to look like a star.

And most of the time, we focus on just our body types – pear, hourglass, apple, inverted triangle, or rectangle. But more than these, the overall body frame and torso vs. legs proportions.

You can dress for a pear-shaped body, but if you are not dressing for your torso, you’re gonna look like a huge mess. So, come on, let’s get you dressed if you’re long-waisted.

How to Determine if You Are Long-Waisted or Not?

First of all, it is important to know if you have a long torso or not. Here’s how to find out!

  • The distance between your waist and shoulders will be longer than usual.
  • You will notice that your waistline is quite lower than that of your bestie.
  • Crop tops will look way shorter when you wear them.
  • You have shorter legs and longer torso.
  • Your bottom looks quite heavy.

Does this sound like you? Then babe, yes, you are long-waisted and are absolutely at the right place!

Scroll down to reach straight to the juicy fashion details that will make you go from drab to fab in no time!

17 Fashion Hacks You Must Know if You Are a Long-Waisted Girl!

1. When it comes to bottoms, go for vertical patterns and prints.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

This is the biggest styling trick every fashion expert swears by! To create the illusion of having longer legs, you, my darling, need to choose bottoms with vertical patterns and prints.

Vertical lines create this elongated look and enhance your lower torso. When you manage to make your legs look slender and taller, you can create that balanced look between your upper and lower torso. 

2. High-waisted jeans/pants are your new BFFs.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

This is completely non-negotiable in case you are a long-waisted lady. Grab as many high-waisted jeans/pants as possible. Consider high-rise jeans as your holy grail, and get rid of everything that does not move up past your waist. 

Wearing high-waisted jeans creates this optical illusion and makes your legs look longer. You can go for any style of jeans- boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, paper bag jeans, skinny jeans. Just ensure that they are high-waisted. 

3. Monochromatic outfits can save your day.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

First thing first- monochromatic colors do not refer to exactly the same colors for your upper and lower torso. Rather, it hints towards colors that belong to the same family. So, if you are a long-waisted girl, here comes a simple styling trick that will blow your mind.

Ge yourself tops and bottoms that are monochromatic. By choosing the same color scheme for your upper and lower torso, you are actually trying to create the right balance between your upper and lower body. 

Co-ords can be your safest bet in this case.  

4. Try shorter jackets to spice up the look.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Jackets that land right above your hip are ideal for your long-waisted body structure. Shorter jackets always draw attention upwards. This will create an illusion of a higher waistline. You can go for a cropped jacket, bolero or a shrug that is long enough to stop right above your hipbone. 

5. Opt for paper bag designs.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue
But it here

Another fashion trend that you can actually leverage for your own benefit!

Paper bag designs are a blessing in disguise for ladies with long torsos. Paperbag designs come with highly defined waistlines. The silhouette, too, seems tailor-made for high-waisted body structures. Paperbag designs are a great way to shorten your torso and make your legs look taller.

Pro tip: Avoid paper bag pants if you have belly fat or love handles, as they garner a lot of attention to your mid-riff area.

6. Invest in some stylish, wide belts.

Petite busty woman

Wide belts can effectively make your torso look shorter than it actually is. The wider the belt, the better the results will be. The belt will cut down on your longer torso to make it look shorter for you.

Also, the belt will make your legs look longer. Not to forget, the belt cinches your waist to define it and create an overall balanced look.

Now this brings me to the next point, which is-

7. Try to Match your belts with your bottoms.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Get yourself belts that match in color with your bottoms. You won’t even realize how easily this trick makes your legs look longer and slender. On the other hand, belts in contrasting colors can ruin your overall look by grabbing all the attention toward your longer torso and undefined waistline.

8. Ankle-length jeans/pants are a big No-No!

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Have you ever wondered why those ankle-length pants never made you look good enough?

It is because of your long torso.

When you have a long wait, it is important to create an illusion of longer legs. And ankle-length pants do just the opposite. 

They stop right at your ankles, thereby cutting off the leg. Thus your legs appear shorter than they actually are. And you can no longer create a balanced look.

Hence, it is important to steer clear of ankle-length pants and trousers for every long-waisted girl out there.

9. Do not forget to tuck in your top.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Here’s another simple trick to make your torso look shorter. Just tuck your top into your bottom, and you are sorted!

Doing this simple trick can divert the attention towards your upper torso, all the while making your legs look longer.

You can completely tuck in your tops, blouses, shirts etc., or even go for partial tucking. This creates a well-balanced and laid-back look in no time.

10. Get rid of drop waist dresses.

dressing long waist

Drop waist dresses, as the name suggests, have low waistbands that sit way beyond your already low waistline. This makes your already long torso look even longer. Also, drop waist dresses tend to make your hip look broader because of the unique silhouette. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid drop waist dresses at all costs.

You must get yourself A-line dresses instead of drop waist dresses as the former not just makes your lower torso look longer but also conceals your belly fat and love handles effortlessly.

11. Never wear shoes that come with ankle straps.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

When you are trying to make your legs look longer, wearing ankle-strapped shoes can be a complete disaster. They grab all the attention of your legs while making it look shorter. 

I would therefore recommend you go for pointed-toe shoes that fit perfectly with your long torso.

12. Go for A-line and flared silhouettes.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Next time you shop for dresses, make sure you try the A-line or empire-cut silhouettes. They fit your upper torso like a dream and then slightly taper away from your lower torso.

This silhouette creates an optical illusion of a short torso. 

When you walk, dance or move around, these dresses do not cling to your body frame. Rather, they flow and move because of the silhouette. And that’s exactly what we are looking for. 

Make sure the hemlines of these dresses stop at or just above your knee. This will make your legs appear sleek, sexy and longer. 

Pro tip: Wear a statement necklace to divert the attention towards your upper torso.

13. Pair your crop top with high-waisted jeans.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Crop tops are in trend. Besides, they make you look cute.

And most importantly, these crop tops divide your long torso into two halves. Pair a crop top with your favorite high-waisted jeans to get that “shorter torso, longer legs” look.

To get that versatile look, play with the neckline and sleeves of your crop top. Feel free to experiment with halter necklines, scoop necks, collared crop tops, boat necks, ruched-tie tops and so on.

14. Get yourself some sturdy and voguish heels.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Babe, I know how much you love your heels. So, I am sharing one more excuse for you to splurge on a few more pairs of heels.

Heels can undoubtedly make your legs look toned, slender and longer. And that’s precisely what we want!

If you are a long-waisted girl, then you must have quite a few pairs of sturdy and stylish heels in your wardrobe. You can pair them with your high-rise pants, skirts and jeans. 

15. Choose tops that float away from your waistline.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Empire-cut tops with asymmetrical hemlines, peplum tops, oversized or loose-fit, and tunic tops are some of the best choices for you. These tops do not cling to your body. But at the same time, they do not add to the bulkiness.

When you move around, these tops, too, seem to move and float with your movement. These tops can easily create the illusion of a shorter waistline. 

16. Add dark colors to your closet.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Dark colors are a true blue savior when it comes to fashion games. They help you conceal stuff that you do not wish to highlight, for instance, your belly fat or prominent bust. So, next time you dress up for an event and wish to create a well-proportioned look. 

Darker hues create a slimming effect and also make you look taller. So, invest in dark-colored bottoms. You can also create a monochromatic effect by putting on tops and bottoms both in dark colors.

17. Leverage the art of layering.

How to Dress if You are Long-Waisted: 17 Styling Tips To Rescue

Layering not just adds to the aesthetics of fashion but also solves multiple pain points.

A shrug, blazer, kimono, or cape can do wonders when it comes to shortening your torso. Just choose the right length and see the magic. Not just they make your legs look longer, but also the attention is diverted away from your long waistline. 

Final Thoughts on how to dress a long torso

Being long-waisted is not the end of the world. In fact, it is more of an asset that, if used right, can make you look smashing hot like the divas you adore so much. 

All you need is to follow the hacks and tips that I have shared in this article. See, fashion is just like any other art that you need to master. And your girl is always here to guide you through the intricacies of fashion styling.

Now that you know which silhouettes, patterns and styles will flatter your long-waisted body structure, go give your wardrobe the much-needed makeover it needs. 

Also, take some time out of your busy schedule and go for that much-needed retail therapy. Lay your hands on items that cater to your body type. Trust me, this will save you from all your trial room traumas.

Need more such fashion tips and tricks in accordance with your body type? Stay tuned to this place! Will be back soon with another trending topic!

Toodles! xo

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