How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

how to glow up naturally

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From Plain to Pizzazz, here’s How to Glow Up Naturally and Shine Bright from within, too!

Have you also seen those jaw-dropping before and after glow up transformations?

TikTok and Insta reels have, of late, created a lot of buzz around those glow-up videos- boys and girls flexing drastic improvement in their personalities, mindset, and health.

And they obviously are so motivating that you cannot stop but wonder…

  • What if I also get a glow-up?
  • Won’t it be good to improve my life as well?

We have got this one life, and making the most out of it is what we all should do. So, if you want to be the best version of yourself, this elaborate glow-up guide is all you need.

And no, you don’t need anything fancy, that’s my promise! Major glow-up in the natural way! Sounds interesting enough? Let’s get started, then!

Why Do You Need a Glow Up?

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

A glow-up or positive transformation is something that most of us need. This is especially true after the pandemic phase.

Sometimes, it seems that we have made the lockdown thing a way of life. And that’s how the quality of our life is getting compromised at different points.

Okay, so if you can tick 3 or more check boxes on this checklist, we’ll pass the judgment that you badly need a glow up naturally!!

  • You have a sedentary lifestyle.
  • You work from home and go out rarely.
  • You have junk food most of the days.
  • You have a disturbed sleep cycle.
  • You barely work out.
  • You don’t really pay attention to your hair and skin.
  • You have poor immunity.
  • You have multiple addictions.
  • You spend most of your waking hours glued to the screens.
  • Your mental health is in shambles.
  • You have anger issues.
  • You lack self-confidence.
  • You are dependent on others.

If all these sounds like you, bub, you are not living your life to the fullest. You are merely spending your days.

Stay with me so that I can walk you through the intricacies of attaining a glow-up both mentally and physically.

How Can You Glow Up Naturally – Mental edition

A true glow up starts from within. You can rock all the top-notch makeup products in the world, but nothing will ever outshine a healthy, happy, and nurtured mind. This Glow Up Blueprint provides 11 actionable mental glow up tips that will seriously upgrade your self-love game and skyrocket your confidence!

1. Learn to see the silver linings in dark clouds.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

This is perhaps one of the best things that you can do to glow up mentally. Life will throw lemons at you again and again. It is up to you whether you squeeze them to make yourself a lemonade or keep crying over hard times.

You need to understand that every challenge that life throws at you is making you strong. And that there’s some greater good behind these hardships which you are not able to understand right now.

Once you start accepting the obstacles as a way to level up, you will feel at peace with yourself.

2. Meditate regularly, even if you don’t know how to

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Meditation works like magic. It relieves your stress and makes you feel happy. Regular meditation makes you strong mentally.

I know meditating can be a bit frustrating in the beginning. You may find it impossible to focus on absolutely nothing for those few minutes.

But gradually, you will learn the art of meditation.

For me, waking up early, at around 6 on summer days, works perfectly for meditation. The chirping of birds and the cool breeze help me concentrate and meditate peacefully. 

You can also try meditating by focusing all your attention on the flick of a lit candle.

3. Mingle with optimistic people.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Stop hanging around with people who always speak negative stuff. Their negative mindset indirectly affects your aura, and you definitely want that!

Surround yourself with positive people. Talk to those who look at the brighter aspect of things. Avoid people who always keep on cribbing. 

Seek motivation from individuals who stay positive even during the darkest phase of their lives. 

4. Prioritize yourself

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Stop carrying the burden of the world on your shoulders, babe!

And love yourself first. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You deserve your love the most. Be your own favorite.

There’s nothing selfish in prioritizing your own happiness, peace and health first. You will only be able to help others out when you are at your best.

5. Learn to be grateful.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Practice gratitude. When you are thankful for the little things in your life, you actually start receiving bigger blessings eventually.

I have seen and felt nothing work more than being grateful for the things you have. And your mind never gets surrounded by dullness, even in bleak times.

Gratitude is the key that opens up doors to opportunities you did not even know existed.

6. Practice affirmations regularly.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU
This is me practising 5×55 method of manifestation.

Affirmations make you strong, confident and self-sufficient. Start practicing affirmations every day. This will heal your past trauma and fill your heart with satisfaction.

You will remain unaffected by what others think about you. And even in hard times, affirmations will help you keep going.

Here are a few affirmations that work magically for me:

  • I am more than enough than I need to be.
  • I am stronger, powerful and supremely brave.
  • I am beautiful. Boys kiss the ground I walk on.
  • I choose peace because that’s my birthright.
  • I attract true love like a magnet. There’s no other way around it!
  • Only good things await me.

7. Start journaling.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Journaling, when done right, feels therapeutic.

Nothing fancy. Just grab a diary or old, unused notebook and start journaling. Jot down anything that is disturbing you. Express everything that you want to discuss but have no one to talk to.

Pour your heart out on those pages. Don’t hold yourself back. Stop worrying about grammar, spelling and handwriting.

Journal twice every day, once in the morning and once just before hitting the bed. Your heart and mind will feel so light!

8. Read a few pages every day.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Reading books can actually help your mind grow in ways you can’t even imagine! They actually do enhance your mental strength. Even if you are not an avid reader, get into the habit of reading.

Start small with just 2 pages every day, and then increase your count as you get fond of feeding your mind with the right thoughts and ideas.

9. Avoid the negative talks inside your mind.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Pay attention to the constant negative talks that go inside your mind 24×7. Silence them like anything. Be mindful and wary of pessimistic thoughts, and avoid them as much as you can.

Here’s a hack that always works for me – whenever you find yourself indulging in negative self-talk, try to replace that one negative thought with 3 positive ideas. 

This will break your streak of negativity and also fill your heart with optimism.

10. Do something that you love every day.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

For a complete mental glow-up, it is important to spend a chunk of your day doing something that you absolutely love. 

Now, this can be anything- soaking in the morning sunshine in silence, dancing, listening to music, cooking, reading, painting, etc. 

When you dedicate a part of your daily life to the thing that you love doing, it makes you truly happy from within. 

11. Take a digital detox once every two weeks.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Digitization has become an inseparable part of our lives. But to regain that mental peace, you need a digital detox.

Go anti-digital for at least twice a week.

Suppose you are going anti-digital for a total of 10 hours a week. In those 10 hours, make sure you do not use your smartphone, laptop, desktop, iPad, headphones, or any other digital device. Use this digital detox to look around and live life fully offline.

Choose the traditional way of life, and you will be glad that you made the temporary switch.

During a digital detox, you can sleep in, spend time with loved ones, read books, meditate, work out or do anything you love, except for going digital.

How Can You Glow Up Naturally – Physical edition?

Extreme stress, fatigue, work pressure, unhealthy food choices, disturbed sleep cycle- there are so many reasons why your physical health is gradually deteriorating. 

If you find yourself breathless after climbing those stairs, always wake up tired, have been gaining weight tremendously or are severely underweight, or do not feel enough strength, then darling, you badly need a physical glow-up. 

And your girl is here to help you do that!

Below mentioned are the best natural ways how you can glow up physically. Read on!

12. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

I cannot stress enough the fact that how important hydration is for your health.

Hydrating yourself is a complete non-negotiable if you want a healthy digestive system, glowing skin, luscious hair and perfect health.

Hydration is also necessary to maintain your energy level.
I make it a point to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Also, I prefer having one glass of seasonal fruit juice along with my breakfast.

13. Work out 5 days a week.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

No more excuses for not having enough time to go to the gym. Start with at-home exercises today!

Get into a routine of working out 5 days a week. In 30 days, you will start noticing a significant shift in your mood and physicality.

Regular exercise makes you physically fit and flexible and helps you feel energetic all through the day.

14. Start a skin and hair care regime with natural ingredients.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Begin with an AM and PM skincare routine. Use only natural ingredients, and you will see great improvements. For instance, I prefer using honey, curd, eggs, lime, cucumber, aloe vera etc., to heal and improve my skin. 

Create a weekly routine and use olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, lemon juice, curd etc., to moisturize and strengthen your hair.

Do you ONLY have to use natural ingredients? Not really! If you have a skincare routine in place, do that! If not, resort to you kitchen ingredients because trust me, it has everything!

15. Have balanced meals every day.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

In order to get the much-coveted physical glow, babe, you need to be highly disciplined with what you eat and drink.

Avoid junk food for straight 6 months. Meanwhile, have only home-cooked, balanced meals. Pay attention that you are having enough portion of food – no less, no more!

Your balanced meals should contain all the necessary nutrients in the right proportion.

16. Improve your posture.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Most of us are in the habit of slouching while working on a laptop. Or, generally, we walk or stand with droopy shoulders. Also, we tend to sleep on couches in very uncomfortable positions.

I would urge you to start working on your posture today. Not only will this give you relief from joint and back pain, but your up-straight, well-put posture will instill a sense of confidence in you and make you look attentive and smart.

17. Go to bed and wake up at fixed hours daily.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Always go to bed and wake up at fixed times. This not only helps you enjoy a sound sleep and keeps you fresh and productive all day, but also helps prevent issues like headache, acidity, anxiety, irritation and so on.

Also, you won’t end up looking like a panda with those dark circles when you have a fixed sleeping schedule.

18. Play an outdoor game of your choice once a week.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

Make it a point to spend at least a few hours in an entire week playing your favorite outdoor game.

Online games are engaging, I know! But trust me, the old-school fun of playing outdoor games is simply next level.

19. Do any physical activity of your choice once a week.

How to Glow Up Naturally To Unveil The Unstoppable YOU

No more excuses!

Dedicate a day to the outdoor physical activity of your choice. It can be hiking, trekking, jogging, mountain climbing, boating or anything else. 

The joy of accomplishment that you will feel at the end will add to your physical as well as mental health.

Final Thoughts on how to glow up naturally

Getting a glow-up may seem next to impossible, especially when you are way too busy trying to strike a work-life balance.

But the truth is that all you need is discipline, intention and patience. When you are actually willing to bring positive changes within yourself, both physically and mentally, no one can stop you.

And given that you are here, reading this glow-up guide, I would take it as a positive sign that you are actually hell-bent on getting the much-desired physical and mental glow-up.

Without any delay, start today. Also, do not forget to get yourself clicked. This would come in handy as an inspiration in the upcoming days.

I will see ya’ll super soon! Until next time… Toodles! xo

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how to glow up naturally

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