5 Blow-Your-Mind NARS Concealer Dupes You Seriously Don’t Want to Miss

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These NARS concealer dupes will be the best thing to happen to you.

I don’t know, there is something so unique about our favorite NARS concealers that you’ll find yourself going back to it no matter how many concealers you have tried. This brand really nails it down with quality and which is exactly why it has been a fan favorite for ages.

I, personally use concealer more than foundation (for everyday makeup), and I can officially say that I have tried many brands, a lot of them actually- drugstore and high-end. But there’s something really great about NARS radiant creamy concealer that I find myself reaching out for it way more than usual. After all, it indeed is one of the top-notch products on the market.

But along with the quality comes the price, which btw is huge! And even when I love everything about the brand, it can be a little hard on the pocket to keep on investing an enormous amount every other month, and that too to hide my sleepless nights! Am I not investing in my coffee enough?

So if you are also always on a hunt for great NARS concealer dupes that are easy on the wallet and leave no trace of your sleepless nights, these babies will blow your mind! Disclaimer: You might not wanna go back!

5 Blow-Your-Mind NARS Concealer Dupes You Seriously Don't Want to Miss

Now if you want an exact NARS concealer dupe, buy this concealer BLINDLY! Jeez, it’s so good and has been my number one favorite for I don’t know how long. It is exactly like the NARS radiant creamy concealer in terms of packaging, wand, application, coverage, consistency, everything. And sells for 5 times lesser!!!

NARS concealer dupes

1. Maybelline fit me concealer

5 Blow-Your-Mind NARS Concealer Dupes You Seriously Don't Want to Miss

Maybelline is one of the few brands I absolutely adore for their drugstore but high-quality beauty products and their ability to create spot-on dupes for high-end brands.

This concealer from Maybelline has been in the talks since its launch. Not only they 100% duped the packaging and applicator from the NARS radiant concealer, but the Fit me concealer is just as smooth and creamy and applies like butter. Also, it blends in quickly and doesn’t make the eyes look grey.

For an unbelievable price, there’s no doubt this has become the best drugstore concealer within no time. It has a non-comedogenic and fragrance-free formula. The product will not feel cakey even after 3-4 layers.

It has medium buildable coverage just like NARS and gives a very natural matte finish.

However, the only area where Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer lacks is its shade range. Where NARS offers 30 different color matches for every skin tone, Maybelline only has 12 shades. Even though I am head over heels in love with this NARS concealer dupe, shades do take away some of its charms.

Anyhow, Maybelline’s shade range is versatile enough that the majority of people will be able to find their skin complexion.

All in all, if I had to choose Nars Radiant creamy concealer dupe, I would choose Maybelline Fit me anytime. That’s a bit partial because I have found my perfect concealer shade from the range. But if you haven’t, you can select other gorgeous Nars concealer dupes listed below.

2. NYX HD photogenic concealer

5 Blow-Your-Mind NARS Concealer Dupes You Seriously Don't Want to Miss

NYX is another one of my fav fav favorite makeup brands because of its beautiful, affordable, supreme-quality products and the fact that they try their ultimate best to create makeup dupes that never disappoint us.

NYX’s photogenic concealer is another NARS concealer dupe I love and use on a daily basis. It has a little thinner consistency than its higher counterpart, but it literally gives the exact same finish when blended in – smooth and natural. And yes, you won’t struggle even a little bit to blend it in.

Packaging may not be perfectly the same, but the thin doe-foot applicator is copy-pasted. Shade-wise, NYX has around 20 different colors to match every skin tone with 3 color correctors, while NARS has 30 shades, which is more but there’s tough competition indeed.

Honestly, both of these concealers are bang on dupes of each other and you cannot really see the difference even if you come up close to the mirror. Yet you pay almost five times of this drugstore beauty for NARS concealer. So it’s obviously a better deal to pick NYX HD concealer over NARS.

3. e.l.f. hydrating camo concealer

5 Blow-Your-Mind NARS Concealer Dupes You Seriously Don't Want to Miss

E.l.f. always outshine themselves when it comes to new makeup launches. And their try on creating dupes never fails! Elf is so damn affordable that I actually cry sometimes, lol.

On comparing Nars with hydrating camo concealer, you’ll easily spot a packaging difference. E.l.f. has a cylindrical tube with a large (really large) doe foot applicator which is precisely opposite of what NARS has. Also, E.l.f has a full-coverage (which means it is a better bet at hiding your dark circles) as compared to medium coverage of NARS, BUT if you apply the camo concealer light-handedly, I bet you can get a very close finish.

And did I mention E.l.f. has around 25 shades which are the most I could find in drugstore concealers till now? For five times lesser the price for the same quantity of product, what more can you ask for?

I have only good things to say about e.l.f. camo concealer, and despite their little differences, the price, easy blend-ability and nice coverage will allow me to keep on using it over NARS.

4. Sephora bright future gel serum concealer

5 Blow-Your-Mind NARS Concealer Dupes You Seriously Don't Want to Miss

Sephora’s gel serum concealer definitely is a yes if you want to cover face discoloration without the makeup looking patchy or cakey.

It has been around for a while now, when it comes to being a NARS dupe, I would like to clear something in the beginning only. Do I think Sephora’s concealer is a decent or near NARS concealer dupe? No. Do I think that Sephora and NARS both give the same natural radiant finish? Absolutely yes! Do I think that Sephora’s concealer may be a little bit better than NARS’s one? Oh, yesssss.

Now, Sephora’s gel serum concealer is lightweight, blends like butter formula that gives an excellent medium buildable coverage just like NARS, but their consistency, texture, and formulas are a lot different. NARS’s concealer is way creamier than this drugstore dupe, so it settles into the fine lines quicker than Sephora’s concealer (which is a con btw).

That being said, both of them are super lightweight and give this instant brightening effect which I personally like in concealers because I have dull under eyes. So Sephora bright future concealer may not be an exact NARS concealer dupe, but it definitely is close and even better just because it doesn’t settle into the creases that quickly, allowing me to blend the formula as much as I want to.

5. Maybelline age rewind concealer

5 Blow-Your-Mind NARS Concealer Dupes You Seriously Don't Want to Miss

I have been listening to all the great reviews about age rewind from the day it entered the market. And I myself have been using it for three years, and it still is a staple in my bag. No doubt, people go on and on about it.

As for the dupe, Maybelline age rewind is just as creamy as NARS and gives beautiful medium coverage that can be buildable to a full one if you like and doesn’t feel cakey even after a few layers. The packaging or tube may not match its expensive counterpart, but its skin-like finish is almost what NARS offers us.

It has a range of 18 shades. However, this concealer doesn’t have a brightening effect like NARS or even Fit me concealer. So that’s something to note. And that’s why I won’t consider them as identical as the above concealers.

Final Thoughts on NARS concealer dupes

When it comes to NARS, there’s tough competition in the market among drugstore brands to create something that is relatively closer to its appearance and quality. But undoubtedly, Maybelline has nailed it with its Fit me concealer, and it definitely is the best NARS concealer dupe to this date. The second favorite on the list has to be NYX HD photogenic concealer and I love it for what it does.

So what NARS concealer dupe are you eyeing? Have you used any of these NARS dupes before?

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NARS concealer dupes


  1. Look at all the best options! I have tried most of them and honestly, they are the best in the market and yes, very similar to NARS.

  2. I have been using maybelline concealers for so many years and I had no idea I was using NARS dupe. Thanks a bunch!

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