5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

nars foundation dupes

Save those coins and get these Nars foundation dupes instead!

They say if you have tried Nars foundations once and they suited your skin, there’s a rare chance you’ll ever go back until they are discontinued. Oh no, I did not make this up. It’s real and true.

Anyhow, Nars foundations seriously are kind of a gem. I love how there are different types of foundations for different needs and skin types but still, all of them are natural-looking foundations that give your skin a flawless radiant finish with just a drop of the product.

But jeez, $50 is a lot to ask for a foundation. Even though I know it is going to last me quite some time and the quality is 100% worth it. But I cannot fathom spending $50 every other month on a foundation. So here are some Nars foundation dupes that are a life and money savior to me and so so so worth the money.

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Nars foundation dupes

1. nars natural radiant foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

I have combination skin and if there is one foundation that I absolutely 100% love from the high-end market, it has to be Nars natural radiant. It’s like the perfect mix of matte and dewy formula that gives a natural glow from within finish to the skin. It is hands down beautifullllllll.

It is a medium to full coverage foundation, definitely buildable, and does not look cakey even after 2-3 coats. If you can save and splurge on this, I highly recommend you do that! It has 34 skin-matching shades for almost every color and chances are rare that you won’t be able to find your closest match.

So obviously it would be hard to beat this and find Nars foundation dupes that are comparable. But don’t you worry, here are a few I liked and hope you would too.

NYX born to glow foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

This seriously is a hidden gem! If you like dewy naturally glowing skin, you got to try NYX Born to glow foundation. It is so natural, super lightweight, and has a medium to full coverage just like Nars, with a buildable formula that doesn’t get patchy or cakey. Also, it is insanely easy to blend. It feels like a second skin and is gorgeous AF.

For the same quality and quantity of the product (30ml), the price difference is huge. Where Nars foundation is $49, this little guy retails for $10 and can be easily snagged for a bit less on Ulta. Overall, NYX born to glow is an exact Nars Radiant foundation dupe.

Maybelline dream urban cover foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

Another great Nars foundation dupe for the Radiant Foundation is the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation. It is all things Nars but with a slightly more sheen and dewiness.

The coverage of both the foundations is incredibly similar, and they both look stunningly natural. The lasting power is the same as well. One thing I love about the Maybelline foundation is that it has SPF 50 in it, which is an important added benefit.

All in all, both of them are almost identical twins. Maybelline foundation has a little more dewiness to it than Nars one but also has SPF. And for $13, you can buy it thrice and still would save some money compared to the Nars foundation. So it indeed is more cost-effective and you can certainly make this Nars foundation dupe work.

physicians formula healthy foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

This is yet another dupe for Nars Radiant foundation which is as beautiful as its name. It gives a really healthy radiant glow to the skin. It again has SPF 20 which is *a chef’s kiss* and the end finish is just like Nars. I’m all about its lightweight formula and my skin but better finish.

Now Physicians formula healthy foundation may not be as long-lasting as its higher counterpart but if you want to use it on an everyday basis and get that bomb radiant glow, go for this blindly!

2. nars sheer glow foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

Honestly, I love how Nars sheer glow foundation just melts into the skin in seconds and is easily one of my top foundations of all time. It has like 40 shades so you can find your exact shade match with perfect undertones.

Unlike Nars radiant foundation, finish and texture-wise ‘sheer glow’ is more glowy than the above natural radiant foundation, gives a sheer to medium coverage, and has a radiant satin-type finish which feels light-weight and comfortable on the skin.

I believe this is not the best option for oily skin. I mean I have combination skin and my T-zone gets comparatively oily (especially in summer) with this foundation after 3-4 hours. But for dry skin, it’s brilliant as it does not cling to your dry patches and gives an even skin tone.

Neutrogena healthy skin foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

I am a Neutrogena fan for its genius and affordable range of skincare, but makeup? I admit I was hesitant to try it first but gosh, have I seen such flawless coverage and finish in a long time? Neutrogena’s healthy skin foundation is jam-packed with antioxidants like vitamin E and feverfew extracts along with broad-spectrum SPF 20.

The coverage is between sheer to medium depending on how much you use it. And oh my god, the glow, the natural radiant glow, it is so comparable (I think even better) to its higher counterpart and can definitely be considered as a close Nars sheer glow foundation dupe.

Neutrogena also has better longevity and it blends into the skin like butter. So if I have to pick one foundation out of the two, I think I’ll pick Neutrogena even when Nars sheer glow is a cult favorite because I think this Nars foundation dupe is better in terms of coverage, glow, finish, longevity, and with SPF and antioxidants, it changes the foundation game.

3. nars all day luminous foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

Another popular Nars foundation is this one. But unfortunately, Nars has discontinued this or is phasing out and all we are left is with the problem to find a solid alternative. It was a pretty good foundation for oily skin types since it was an oil-free, matte finish, full coverage bottle that could last you more than 12 hours. I have to say, it is rare to find a weightless, watery formula like this that could deliver amazing coverage.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really found anything close to this. I mean there are Nars foundation dupes that give the exact demi-matte full-coverage finish, but a watery formula is hard to find on drugstore shelves.

Loreal infallible pro-glow foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

That being said, Loreal’s infallible foundation can be Nars all-day luminous foundation dupe in terms of demi-matte finish and full coverage, but they both have extremely different formulas. Nars is a lot watery and weightless compared to Loreal’s heavy creamy formula.

So I’ll not consider them exact or even close dupes, but I know I’ll reach out for Loreal a lot more for its solid finish.

4. nars soft matte foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

A relatively newer addition to the group, people are going crazing over this ultra-smooth soft matte foundation. It’s a matte, medium coverage, natural-looking (their specialty) foundation.

I sometimes get confused among them. I mean all the foundations near about work the same way and give the same finish. It’s just what works for your skin type.

profusion feel good skin perfector foundation

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

I don’t know but I’m all about this Nars foundation dupe even if it works remotely closely. I mean it is just $7!!!!

Comparing both of them, they both have Hyaluronic acid in them, give a flawless, truly flawless finish, are medium to full coverage, and are lightweight. Profusion foundation has SPF 15 in it and is a tad bit dewier than Nars but there isn’t anything a dab of powder cannot fix.

To be honest, I like how healthy and gorgeous this Nars foundation dupe makes your skin look and the price difference is insaneeee! It’s one of the better drugstore foundations and cost nothing to give it a try.

5. nars tinted moisturizer with SPF 50

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

I cannot tell you how much I depend on tinted moisturizers in summer. And I have my drugstore favorites, but Nars tinted moisturizer is what I have and will invest in forever if I have enough coins. It’s beautiful and super lightweight on the skin. Its sheer coverage is just enough to hide little imperfections and make it look fresh out of the oven but also leave the skin as it is.

E.L.F. BB cream

5 Great Nars Foundation dupes to try today

I mean, E.l.f. didn’t even try to create a different packaging. E.l.f. is pretty good at duping high-end products and I’m a fan of this brand for that reason.

As Nars tinted moisturizer dupe, E.l.f BB cream works almost the same with light weightless coverage, sheer tint, SPF (even though it is just spf 20), natural fresh finish, and looks like twin sisters when applied side by side.

However, Nars gives almost the double quantity. But then you cannot really expect much for $6. And that shouldn’t break you from using it.

Well, that was all the Nars foundation dupes that are worth your money and so damn comparable to the original stuff. Have you ever tried anything before? Tell me in the comments section below!

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nars foundation dupes

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