22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Natural Hair Tips For Beginners

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No, it’s not tricky! Your hair can look oh-so-amazing with these Natural Hair Tips for Beginners!

With environmental pollution and stress levels going cray-cray, it’s no wonder hair fall and breakage have skyrocketed! 

But, honey, if you’re dealing with excessive hair shedding/hair loss, wild and frizzy tresses, or just dull and lifeless locks… It’s time for a hair-intervention!

I know, I know—with so many tips and tricks out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you just want some straight-up hair care advice. Well, lucky for you, your girl’s got your back! 💁‍♀️

Get ready for some easy-peasy, time-saving, and hassle-free natural hair care tips that’ll give your hair the glow-up it deserves! No more #BadHairDay, only fabulousness ahead!

Why is It Important for You to Have a Natural Hair Care Routine in Place?

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

With ever-so-busy schedules, junk food cravings, crazy stress levels, pollution, or chemical treatments becoming a norm, having a sorted, natural hair care routine is even more crucial for maintaining healthy, strong, and shiny hair.

Plus, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money on hair treatments and damage control in the long run.

The sooner you start, the better your hair gets over time!

How do you start natural hair for beginners?

First, embrace your texture and ditch the relaxers. Second, find right products that work for your hair type and porosity. And lastly, create a simple and consistent natural hair care regimen to promote healthy and beautiful tresses.

How can I maintain my natural hair naturally?

1. Do you really know your hair type?!

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

News flash: The perfect natural hair care begins with getting to know your fabulous locks like the back of your hand.

  • First, let’s figure out your hair’s texture. Is it straight and silky smooth, gorgeously curly, or fabulously wavy? 
  • Next up, it’s time to determine your hair’s porosity level. Are you rocking high-porosity, medium-porosity, or low-porosity hair? 
  • And don’t forget to evaluate whether you’ve got oily, dry or just perfectly balanced, normal hair.
  • Hair porosity refers to how easily your hair can absorb and retain moisture. If your hair has low porosity, it means that the cuticles are tightly closed and it’s harder for moisture to penetrate. On the other hand, high porosity hair means that the cuticles are open, allowing moisture to easily come in and go out.

Natural hair tips for beginners will work effectively only when you know your hair type and use remedies accordingly.

2. Keep your hair squeaky clean.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

First, remember to wash your hair regularly based on your hair type and the exposure it gets. Got an oily scalp or head out daily? Go for a hair-washing party thrice a week!

For our dry-haired friends, twice a week should do the trick.

  • Here’s a cool tip for effective washing: divide your locks into sections – to clean your hair more effectively.

Lastly, don’t forget to choose a natural shampoo tailored to your hair type. It should be a sulfate-free, paraben-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free superstar shampoo. And if you have allergies, double-check those ingredients! 🧐

3. Just like your skin, hair needs moisturization too!

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

First things first, take a peek at your precious locks. Are they full of life and ready to shine, or a bit on the dry and limp side? If it’s the latter, then it’s time to take your hair care game up a notch!

Your hair care routine should be all about moisturizing, so look for nourishing products that give your strands the TLC they deserve. But hold on! Fun fact: the hydration your hair needs depends on so many factors.

Think about climate, water quality, water temperature, hair-washing frequency, and your haircare products’ choices. 

Dry weather? Bring on the deep conditioning for an extra hydration boost. Humid weather? We don’t want our hair to become too soft, so we can scale hydration down a bit.

Hard water? Ugh, too harsh! It can strip hair of its natural oils, so we’d better moisturize those shafts thoroughly.

And let’s talk about hot water. Did you know that it can be guilty of making your hair extra dry! It’s also good to mention: Daily shampooing = frizzy, dry hair.

Low porosity hair? Make it a spa day by deep conditioning at least once a week.

So, how do we keep our tresses moisturized? Resort to deep conditioners and oils that give total nourishment! Look for ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and honey when you’re shopping for conditioners and hair masks.

4. Get your hair trimmed at regular intervals.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

I know, I know, we all adore our long locks, right? But sometimes, we have a love-hate affair with those necessary trims.

But guess what? Hair care experts actually vouch for regular trims! Yup, snipping those ends every 5 to 7 months actually makes your hair even healthier.

Why? Because your ends are the oldest, so they damage easily. By trimming them, you’re not losing length. Oh no, you’re simply giving your hair a growth boost by ditching those fragile, damaged ends.

5. You cannot miss the LOC Method

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Say goodbye to dry, lifeless hair and hello to moisture heaven with the wondrous LOC Method! This beautiful formula stands for Liquid, Oil, and Cream and is the key to giving your hair the hydration it truly deserves. 

Are you ready to try it out? Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: L is for Liquid – Spray your hair with water to moisten it up.
  • Step 2: O is for Oil – Add your favorite oil (coconut, olive, or even almond) to seal in the hydration.
  • Step 3: C is for Cream – Lastly, slather on a cream or butter to lock everything in place.

6. Create a perfect wash day!

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Keep your hair in tip-top shape with the perfect wash day routine! It can truly make or break your natural hair journey, so pay attention:

  • Pre-poo: Utilize natural oils or your favorite conditioner to prep your hair before the washing process.
  • Shampoo: Clean those locks with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Condition & Detangle: Condition your hair or use a leave-in conditioner, and detangle with the tips shared earlier (refer to point 16 below).

Post-wash, treat your curls to a deep conditioning treatment or protein treatment, depending on your hair’s needs.

7. Have balanced, nutrition-rich meals.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

It may sound so cliche, but trust me: you are what you eat, especially when it comes to your hair.

Create a scrumptious balance of protein, iron, vitamin C, fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, and biotin in your balanced diet. Yum!

Chow down on hair-loving foods like eggs, green veggies, whole grains, avocado, and carrots. And hey, don’t forget to snack on citrus fruits and nuts for that extra oomph of gorgeous, healthy hair!

8. Clarifying Your Hair Got Easier

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

This is going to be one of the most important things in your natural hair life: Clarifying Shampoo. The enemy of your fabulous locks is residue, dirt, and product buildup, and your shampoo just isn’t cutting it. Enter the clarifying shampoo! 

This wondrous potion will dig deep and cleanse your hair, making it sparkly clean from root to tip. (Here’s how to clarify hair at home) Your hair will thank you (and so will your bathroom selfie game!) 

9. No More Direct Heat Styling

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

It’s time to lay off the heat, darlings! Let’s prioritize the health of your natural tresses over that super-straight look. Make it a rule to avoid direct heat styling tools like flat irons and blow dryers.

Instead, experiment with heat-free styling options like twists, braids, and perm rods. Your hair’s future self will give you endless high fives for making this choice!

10. Wash Only Your Roots with Shampoo

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Now here’s a genius hack: Wash only your roots with shampoo! Shampoo can strip away the natural oils your hair needs to stay healthy, especially on the lengths.

Give a good scrubbing to the roots only, and let the suds flow through the length of your hair when rinsing. Of course, Keep moisturizing conditioners for your hair strands. Cleanse without stressing your delicate locks. 

11. Say NO to Sleeping with Oil on Your Hair

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Oil can be your hair’s BFF, but wearing it overnight is where we draw the line. It may seem like a good idea to never keep oil overnight on your hair before washing.

Over time, sleeping with oil can lead to scalp issues, residue buildup, and a friendly invite to all sorts of grime (yuck!).

Stick to a quick oil treatment (about 30 minutes) or a pre-poo session before your wash day routine, and you’ll enjoy the perks of oil without the nightmarish aftermath.

12. The Power of Cold Water Rinsing

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Oh, the glorious secret of cold water rinsing! Make your final hair rinse a chilly one to seal the hair cuticles, lock in moisture and nutrients, and boost your shine game like never before.

The result: radiant, frizz-free, and super-healthy natural hair. This is the kind of chill that’ll make your natural hair sizzle with perfection!

13. Choose natural hair care products based on your hair type.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Nature truly has everything that you need to keep your hair healthy. 

So, ditch synthetic potions and pick all-natural shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and oils! Keep an eye out for fabulous ingredients like papaya extract, olive, shea butter, aloe vera, and honey!

Remember your hair type, porosity, and those pesky hair issues before choosing products!

14. Work out every day to boost hair health.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Exercise, what?! Yep, you heard right! Working out isn’t just for toned abs and rock-hard biceps. Regular exercise, such as walking, running, light cardio, certain yoga poses or even taking dance classes, helps boost blood circulation. 

This, in turn, delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, promoting growth and overall health.

15. Go for low-maintenance hairstyles.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Keep it simple and stunning because your everyday hairstyles can actually do more harm than you can imagine. So, start embracing the beauty of going au naturel by opting for low-maintenance, protective styles.

Braids, twists, bantu knots, box braids or a classic, tried-and-true bun are some excellent options. These hairstyles are chic and envy-worthy, while still being gentle on your tresses, reducing breakage and encouraging growth. 

Plus, who doesn’t love hitting that snooze button one more time in the morning because your hair is already fab and ready to go!

16. Keep your hair detangled all the time.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Regular detangling prevents split ends and breakage, which means glorious, thriving hair that looks and feels fantastic. 

Use a wide-tooth comb, special tangle teezers or your fingers to gently detangle your hair, section by section, when it’s damp and freshly conditioned. 

  • Pro-tip: detangle from the ends to the roots for a smoother, tear-free experience! You can also apply a good quality detangling serum prior.

17. Avoid friction while sleeping.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Believe it or not, bedtime plays a major role in your natural hair regimen! To keep your locks sleek and protected while you snooze, use a satin or silk pillowcase or wrap your hair in a satin scarf. 

Doing so cuts down on friction, reducing potential frizz, breakage, and split ends. 

Cotton soaks your hair’s moisture overnight; it creates unnecessary friction, which is why you wake up with frizzy hair.

18. Minimise chemical and heat treatment on your hair.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

We love playing around with color, straightening, and curling, but unfortunately, excess chemical and heat treatments can wreak havoc on natural hair. 

Give your hair a much-needed break by minimizing these treatments and embracing your hair’s natural texture. Experiment with heatless styles, like flexi-rods, curlformers, or twist-outs.

19. Massage your scalp thrice a week.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Apart from feeling absolutely heavenly, scalp massages stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth. 

So, gather your favorite oils (coconut, jojoba, or olive works wonders) and gently massage your scalp in circular motions using your fingertips for about 2-5 minutes every time.

Now, note that – it may take approx 45-60 days to see the best results.

20. Protect your hair from sun damage.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

We all enjoy dancing in the sun now and then, but exposing your hair to too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be damaging. Equip yourself with fabulous, yet effective, sun protection. Here’s how:

  • Show off your fashionista side with chic hats, scarves, or headwraps.
  • Invest in sun protection hair products or a UV protectant spray before you bask in those golden rays.
  • Apply a hair mask every week to reverse the sun damage.

21. Keep yourself hydrated.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Here’s a friendly reminder: drink up! Staying well-hydrated does wonders for your entire body, including your hair. So, refill those water bottles and keep a log of your daily hydration progress. 

You’ve got to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water at a minimum!

Pro tip: jazz up your water with fruit infusions and cute reusable straws for added motivation and fun!

Also, try to cut down on your alcohol consumption & steer clear of tobacco as well.

22. Maintain protein-moisture balance.

22 Natural Hair Tips for Beginners To Let Your Hair Loose!

Having a balanced protein-moisture relationship is essential for healthy, strong, and bouncy hair. Here’s how to ensure that perfect harmony:

  • Use a protein treatment every 4-6 weeks to repair hair shafts and strengthen the strands – ends of your hair.
  • Keep your hair moisturized with regular deep conditioning sessions – mix it up with DIY and store-bought options!
  • Here’s a quick hack. When buying a deep conditioner or mask, look for ingredients such as keratin, hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed oat flour.

Now, on to some FAQs

Q. How often should I wash my hair in a week?

Depending on your hair type and climate, wash your hair twice to thrice a week.

Q. Should I use natural or chemical hair care products?

Use natural hair care products as much as possible. Chemical-based products damage your hair in the long run. On the other hand, products infused with the goodness of natural ingredients add to your hair’s health and promote hair growth.

Q. How long will it take to get the desired results?

Babe, you need to understand that natural hair care does take time.

But the results you get are definitely long-lasting.

Follow all the natural hair tips regularly for at least 120 days to see visible improvements.

natural hair tips for beginners In a Nutshell 

If you have been planning to improve your hair health for some time now, then take this as your sign to start taking right care of your hair.

You just need to create a daily hair care routine, adhere to the natural hair tips for beginners, and stay patient for 3 to 4 months.

Once you start seeing results, you will feel motivated to continue with your natural hair care regime. Darling, there’s no stress bigger than seeing your hair in every place except for your scalp! 

Trust me, these are the only hair care tips that you will ever need. 

I will be waiting for you to flood my comment section in 4 months. Can’t wait to see the amazing feedback from ya’ll!

Until next time! Ciao!

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natural hair tips for beginners


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