9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

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Cannot afford Olaplex every month? Here are some solid Olaplex Dupes and Alternatives for damaged hair You’ve got to try!

Once the bleach and coloring are done, no amount of products can reverse its side effects. No one likes frizzy, damaged hair that is prone to hair loss and split ends, right? Well, I don’t think this holds true for one of its kind Olaplex treatments. If you don’t already know, Olaplex is the best-selling haircare line that claims to reverse the damage your hair has gone through when you were busy bleaching and coloring them all sorts of colors.

No matter how much these salons say that coloring your hair doesn’t affect strength and texture, you hardly would know someone who actually hasn’t seen dry and brittle hair afterward. Because everybody goes through hair damage after chemical hair treatments.

And I kid you not, Olaplex is the only bond-building technology that actually reverses the side effects and gives you your soft, smooth, shiny hair back. But if you’ve used it or had a chance to see its price, you know it is not a pretty expense you want every month. The bottles are expensive and don’t last you longer than a month.

I know it’s sad but what should a company do with a revolutionary patent ingredient and profit in mind? But we can find some similar products to Olaplex that would treat your equally and nourish them giving you jaw-droppingly soft hair and help repair the damage up to a certain extent.

After Olaplex’s success, many hair care companies have come out with their own bond-building technologies and gave us Olaplex dupes that actually treat our damaged hair and make them softer and healthier.

 olaplex dupes olaplex alternatives

But keep in mind that these are just Olaplex alternatives and not 100% identical products because Olaplex’s patented ingredient – ‘bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate’, which is a bond-multiplier and the main reason why Olaplex can repair your hair from within. So you may not be able to find exactly similar Olaplex products, but when I say here are mind-blowingly good Olaplex dupes, you have to take my word for it (or other people’s who have seen real results).

Olaplex dupes worth a shot

1. PH Plex protect and repair

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

This fine hair treatment is a pretty good Olaplex no 1 dupe for less than $5!! And I’m not kidding. They have bigger 3-step kits as well, but their cheapest one contains 2 sachets of a patented damage-control mix-in to add in your color and bleach for maximum protection and maintaining pH level, and damage repairing post-bleach treatment for deep-conditioning and boosting hair’s texture.

The pH plex hair treatment kit is a professional-grade hair care solution that you can use at home. Simply use pH Plex 1 & 2 with your color or bleach, and pH Plex 3 once per week to replenish the actives provided with pH Plex 1 & 2. Your hair will thank you for it!

This Olaplex dupe is not just for blondes but for every hair type and color and can also help professionally protect and repair day-to-day hair damage from stress, heating tools, weathering, etc. I personally am a huge fan of this product. It is so cheap compared to the OG Olaplex but gives results just like it. Some reviewers also believe it to be better than Olaplex.

As far as what I know and have felt, the pH plex repairing system is a new technology that actually makes your hair look and feels SO much better and softer than before that it definitely is worth a shot.

Compared to Olaplex, I’ll say both are incredibly good but pH plex is a really tough competition to beat. The texture of the hair after feels almost the same but I believe that pH plex gave me a little more moisturized and nourished hair. (And yes, the comparison is after blow-drying both the sides.)

Overall, pH plex is insanely cheap and is a spot-on Olaplex alternative you have to try.

2. ion absolute color perfection

Another favorite of mine, Ion Absolute perfection’s booster and sealer are two products that’ll help to repair and generate new bonds for stronger hair, reduces dryness during color and bleaching processes, and moisturizes to smoothen the surface of the hair to make them much stronger.

I swear, it makes the bleaching process SO much better and softer by neutralizing its side effects to protect your hair from damage. And don’t just take my word for it, it is recommended by my hairdresser (who is trustworthy, I promise) and all these people raving about it.

I don’t know why it is so underrated but oh boy, this thing is GREAT! And its price will literally blow your mind. (Now prices are different on Sally Beauty and Amazon, Idk why but still, both of them are insanely affordable.)

But even though Ion is pretty good given its price, you have to know that Ion is just a great Olaplex Alternative not similar because it is more of a moisturizer whereas Olaplex helps repair the damaged hair. So if your hair is not severely damaged and you just need to protect them from it, go for Ion absolute perfection. Warning: You may not be able to come back from it!

3. revolution hair plex treatment

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

Revolution is one of my favorite drugstore brands that actually creates affordable versions of expensive products and this hair plex treatment is a pretty good try at creating an Olaplex dupe. It claims to target different layers of the hair fiber to help restore and strengthen damage from within, which is similar to Olaplex’s claims of restoring your hair’s healthy appearance and texture by repairing damage and protecting your hair structure.

So it’s safe to say that even though the ingredients and technology are different, they pretty much do the same thing. On comparing this Olaplex dupe to the original, both of them feel almost the same but I do think that Olaplex does not give you that super soft and silky feel to the hair like Revolution. But that’s because it is more of an internal repair thing than an outer one.

Formula-wise, Revolution is a lot more watery than Olaplex but it barely does affect how much you apply it because Revolution has to be applied on towel-dried hair and Olaplex has to be applied on damp hair so it doesn’t make any difference.

And geez, did I mention the price? Revolution’s one bottle sells for around $14 as compared to that of $28 for Olaplex but they usually have some sort of discount offer on buying all 4 steps for just $40 so you can snag it for cheap. I know it’s not the most affordable but you’ll get the price when you’ll try the range.

Also, Revolution has Olaplex no 3 dupes, Olaplex shampoo dupe, and Olaplex conditioner dupe in their range so if you want you can try them too.

4. Elizavecca CER100 Hair Protein Treatment

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

You might have seen this magical hair protein over the internet but I’m here to tell you that THIS STUFF WORKS! I mean it’s over the top amazing and makes your hair insanely soft and silky within one wash. Don’t believe me? Hear from 20,145 people raving about it. Some even say it is better than Olaplex which I didn’t particularly feel but I have to say that this product is very similar to Olaplex.

Now I know they are built with completely different technologies and ingredients but that doesn’t take it away from Elizavecca to be an exceptional Olaplex alternative. Elizavecca is not a bond repairer but a protein treatment that can be beneficial to bleach, heat-styled damaged hair. It is more of a keratin treatment (as it is one of the main ingredients in the product) and gives almost instant results.

Comparing the price, 100 ml of Elizavecca is just $8 which definitely is a steal taking into account all the nice things it does for your hair. And did I mention that after a month of using this ( 6-8 times approximately), I saw visibly fewer split-ends? Maybe it just gave my ends the protein they needed and treated them. I don’t know but my ends became shinier and smoother.

Elizavecca CER-100 is definitely a cheaper and better Olaplex dupe which makes your hair incredibly soft and healthy over time. And for the price of $8, it is indeed worth a shot!

5. ApHogee Intensive 2-Minute Keratin Reconstructor

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

Another powerful protein hair treatment to help smoothen the hair and prevent split ends and breakage to promote healthy shiny hair. Aphogee Keratin reconstructor is a beautiful blend of keratin amino acids, botanical oils, and vitamins that is strong enough to penetrate and repairs damaged hair from heat styling, chemicals, and colors.

The best part about this is that you have to leave it in your hair for just minutes (maximum 5 minutes if your hair is really damaged) and you are done. It works and repairs in less time than you take to brush your teeth, lol.

Comparing this Olaplex dupe with its counterpart, they have extremely different formulas, ingredients, and technologies. But if I can get jaw-droppingly good results, I’ll ignore the rest of the things.

Aphogee has a watery formula like that of toner and is very sticky when applied unlike the thicker formula of Olaplex. Also, Aphogee needs heat to activate the product. But that goes with almost all the protein treatments so there’s nothing special.

The price is what will blow your mind. It’s $14 for 473 ml of product. 473!!! You get almost 5 times the quantity at less than half the price. I’ll be biased and say I prefer Aphogee at this point, lol.

But honestly, Aphogee is a pretty good Olaplex alternative. But make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner after the treatment as it is harsh treatment and will make your hair dry and brittle if you don’t put the moisture back in.

6. K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

Whether it’s from a bad dye job, a perm gone wrong, or just too much time in the sun, your hair can definitely use a little TLC from time to time. And if the Olaplex is a little too expensive, the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask is the closest Olaplex dupe on the list.

It is a convenient leave-in treatment which is clinically proven to reverse hair damage from bleach, color, chemical treatments, and heat in just four minutes. Yes, you heard that right, 4 freakin’ minutes! This will literally renew your hair’s strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce and leave your locks looking like new.

The mask travels into the inner most layers of your hair and reconnects keratin chains to restore core strength and elasticity.

Simply apply the mask after shampooing and towel drying your hair and wait four minutes before styling like you do – there’s no need to rinse it out! Whether your hair is damaged from daily heat styling or one too many chemical treatments, K18 hair mask can help restore it to its healthy, shiner, better form.

It is a patented science just like Olaplex that gives lasting results for all hair types – dry, frizzy, oily, curly, or broken.

7. BlondMe Keratin Restore Bonding Mask

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

Schwarzkopf is a trustworthy name in the hair care industry. It rarely disappoints the professionals and average customers with its quality. And here’s one such product that can easily be called an Olaplex no. 3 dupe.

Made for all tones of blonde hair, cool and warm, Schwarzkopf’s BlondMe Keratin Restore Bonding Mask is an intensive repair mask that helps to create new bonds within the hair fibers, balances moisture levels, and smoothens the surface of porous hair. Whether your blonde hair is damaged from heat styling, or everyday wear and tear, this mask will help to nourish and revitalize your locks.

Also, it detangles the hair and helps to create optimum blonde color shine, making the hair more manageable and silky. Use it once or twice a week in place of your regular conditioner for best results.

8. B3 Brazilian Bondbuilder

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

This Brazilian bond builder is a comparable Olaplex no 1 dupe. It is just a one-step product that can be used to mix into any color formula to prevent hair breakage during the process. The after results often include significantly healthy hair and hair color is more vibrant and lasts longer. The science behind this is that the B3 bond builder will seal the cuticle during the coloring process so the pigment gets locked inside the hair giving marvelous results.

Even though it is a great alternative for Olaplex for what it does, the only problem is that it is costlier (but also gives more quantity). So if Olaplex runs out of business, this is where you should land, lol.

9. OGX Restoring + Bonding Plex Salon Technology kit

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

If you’re looking for an Olaplex dupe shampoo that can help restore and protect your damaged hair, look no further than Restoring + Bonding Plex Salon Technology Shampoo. This innovative formula is blended to provide superior protection and deep conditioning for overly processed and damaged hair. You’ll see an improvement in the appearance of your hair texture and shine. Plus, this Olaplex no. 4 dupe will maximize moisture and help soothe damage caused by coloring, chemical treatments, and over-processing. Your hair will look healthier, smoother, and shinier.

This shampoo will suit all types of dry, frizzy, oily, curly, and fine hair.

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

If you are looking for superior protection and deep conditioning of your hair, while also improving the appearance of hair texture and shine, this Olaplex no. 5 alternative should be in your cart right now.

Formulated with cystine and vegetable proteins, this Restoring + Bonding Plex Salon Technology conditioner will help restore damaged strands, boost bonds and soothe damage caused by coloring, chemical treatments, and over-processing.

However, you have to use this product consistently to see visible results. You can even replace this conditioner with your everyday one as it is safe to use for all types of hair.

9 Olaplex Dupes That Will Actually Treat Your Hair

This leave-in treatment from OGX is a lightweight cream that provides a barrier to protect your hair from continuous heat and styling. You can easily strengthen your strands, provide moisture, and protect it from chemical treatments. Plus, it’s easy to use – simply apply it to towel-dried hair from mid-shaft to ends and style as usual. Which is why it is a comparable dupe for Olaplex no. 3 and 4.

This three-step system may not be a perfect Olaplex dupe, but it sure can help treat your damaged hair with consistent use.

Well, here are all the Olaplex dupes that are so much better, actually work, and are backed by my personal experience (and people’s too). You can choose any one of the above products blindly but I would recommend choosing the one that your hair needs and is best suited.

Do you know any more similar products like Olaplex? Let me know if you have tried any and has worked for you in the comments! If not, add these Olaplex alternatives to your bag right now before they get out of stock!

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  1. I have NEVER seen a product like Elizavecca CER100!!!! It’s as AWESOME as you said it is. Thanks girl!

  2. Hi whoever is behind this blog. I’m Emilie. I came across this article a month ago and thought to give Elizavecca a shot just because how cheap it was. I am so so thankful to you for this recommendation. It works great and my hair is so silky smooth just after 2 washes. I would have never believed someone say that but yes it’s true and it works.

  3. I have been using pH plex for a few years now and totally love the change in the hair. They are so smooth and shiny. I’ll keep using it forever.

  4. Yes girl, I love Olaplex but thr pice is just too much for me to spend every month. And these recommendations are all great!!! I’ll try the Revolution set. They seem nice.

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