17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

best glossier dupes

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You’ll not go back to the originals after trying these Glossier Dupes!

No doubt, Glossier is one of the most loved skincare and makeup brands of all time. I mean, somehow they get most of their products right. I love how they are always into making a product appear less of makeup and more of skin. And their unique formulations.

But even though I’m a fan of them, the only disappointment is their product quantity. It’s so small that you’ll run out of it in no time. And I don’t really like the horror of spending $30 peeking through every month. Also, they are not easily available until and unless you are in the US.

However, there are some really good gems on the Glossier shelves, it is not that hard to find Glossier dupes that almost are identical versions of its higher counterpart. Some of these Glossier dupes are even better and all of them are a bargain! This cannot get finer, right?

So here are the best Glossier dupes that won’t break the bank or your skin. Let us keep scrolling!

Best glossier dupes

17 best Glossier dupes to STEAL

1. Glossier Skin Tint Dupes

Glossier dupes for skin tint

Even though I’m a die-hard makeup lover, I don’t really like foundations for everyday use. It’s either concealers or skin tints like this one that makes my skin look glowy, fresh, and naturally healthy without even feeling like I had something on.

But let me tell you, I like it, but I’m not a fan mainly because of its quantity, which runs out so quickly that you have no idea. And when I know, I can get better Glossier skin tint dupes from the drugstore than this one, why waste money here?

NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil

I trust NYX with their products most of the time. And when I used this NYX bare with me tinted skin veil for the very first time, I knew this could be a possible Glossier dupe for the skin tint.

Guess who is right? Both of these skin tints have the same sheer glowing coverage that doesn’t feel cakey or heavy, and the colors just melt into the skin like there’s nothing on.

However, it may not last you the whole day or give you hydration as it boasts, but for the price, I think it’s a great buy for people who just want a light layer of something to create a smooth and flawless face.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

glossier skin tint dupes

Want an even better Glossier skin tint dupe? This serum foundation is your best bet. I absolutely love it because it is just as beautiful on the skin but with a little more coverage. I can make it work and blend it out for a natural sheer finish, and then layer for when I get blemishes due to breakouts.

It’s definitely not your regular foundation, but very lightweight and doesn’t feel cakey at all. Also, did I mention that this comes with SPF 15? I believe this is better than the Glossier skin tint and so much cheaper that you shouldn’t even think before buying this one.

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2. glossier futuredew Dupes

glossier dupes for futuredew

Futuredew is one of the most talked-about products from the brand. And why not? It is a beautiful formula that instantly gives a dewy glow and the serum in it allows you to seal in your skincare along with making that glow last for almost a day. And even though I could spend $24 on this, it is still a costly price for just 30 ml of product.

So here are the best Glossier futuredew dupes from the drugstore that will leave your skin fully glazed and healthy but still make your bank happy.

The Ordinary Squalane Serum

glossier futuredew dupes

Squalane is one of the top 3 ingredients in Futuredew which clearly is responsible for its extra hydrating nature. But with this squalane serum, your skin can get the same moisturization and glow as that of the real deal.

Also, I think adding a few drops of rosehip oil on top of this serum will definitely give you an extra soft and dewy finish all day.

Revolution Glass Skin Primer

glossier dupes for futuredew

Now I know this is not a skincare product but listen to me.

I loved this primer from the day I first used it. It gives your skin a gorgeous glow that even peeks through your foundation as well.

Now it is not a similar Glossier Futuredew dupe since Revolution primer is a silicone-based formula and is not as thick as Glossier, which on the other side, has a moisturizing gel formula. Also, Glossier one has shimmer particles in it that give your skin a dewy glow, but Revolution doesn’t.

In short, they are not really dupes, but Revolution glass skin primer does give a dewy glow to your skin just like Glossier and doesn’t absorb into the skin. So if you are keen on just the final finish, I can say this works.

3. glossier cloud paint Dupes

glossier dupes for cloud paint

For the most natural blushing face, cream blushes are your savior. And most of us knew that, ha. But these cloud paints seriously are so good, give you the most beautiful pigment, melt into the skin like butter, and give a dewy, radiant finish, Glossier is popular for.

I mean, I love them, but it’s very easy to go overboard with them due to their aesthetic but useless packaging and intense pigment. Also, the $36 price tag is a big one for a blush.

So let’s find some Glossier cloud paint dupes that’ll cost much less, and you can get almost the same finish.

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb

I have no words for this one. This literally is Cloud paint in different packaging, with a drugstore brand name and a cheaper price tag. It has the same easy-to-blend, lightweight, and liquid formula that looks like you are in love, lol. But you get the point.

The shade Toasted Cinnamon from Flower Beauty is the perfect Glossier Cloud paint dupe in the shade Cloud Paint Dusk. Buy this blindly!

Milani Cheek Kiss Blush

Extremely lightweight and a tad more watery (or runny) in texture, this cheek tint from Milani has skin-loving hydrating ingredients in them as well. It is also easier to blend into the skin and is very forgiving in terms of pigmentation.

You can always add more of the product to build the color, though. Nude Flush from Milani is a very similar Glossier Cloud paint dupe to Dusk.

Maybelline Cheek Heat Blush

This product is a well-tried version of cloud paint. I mean, it is great, but since it is a gel-based blush, it is not as pigmented and dewy as it seems. So cannot be termed as a spot-on Glossier dupe but still pretty close.

Not to mention, it is extremely affordable and gives nice natural-looking cheeks. The shade Coral Ember from Maybelline is a similar nude, brown shade like Dusk from Glossier.

Kiko Milano Velvet Touch Cream Blush Stick

‘Oh no, it doesn’t even look like a dupe.’ Um, maybe. But what I know is that this blush stick is a dewy blush formula that melts into the skin upon contact (due to African walnut oil in it) and is insanely easy to blend.

01 Golden Sand shade from Kiko is a gorgeous shade match for Glossier’s Dusk.

(Trust me, these Glossier dupes will be one of the best things that happened to you today.)

4. glossier balm dotcom Dupes

glossier dupes for balm dot com

Are you kidding me with $15 for a lip balm that doesn’t even nourish my lips and is a temporary solution to chapped and dry lips (only when it’s on)? Boy, please. I have never understood the hype of this product, honestly.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy

Instead, buy Vaseline, especially the cocoa butter one. Why? The first ingredient of Glossier lip balm is literally petroleum, which, as far as my knowledge goes, is an occlusive ingredient that only helps in locking everything in instead of moisturizing.

So that’s why I recommend saving those dollars and getting yourself a vaseline with cocoa butter that actually helps nourish your lips and keep them soft even after it has worn off. Or you could buy any other lip balm that actually moisturizes your lips and lock everything in with a normal Vaseline.

I don’t know how much you love it or want to buy it, I won’t ever go on and spend $15 ON A LIP BALM that doesn’t even moisturize, come on!

5. glossier boy brow Dupes

I know this eyebrow shaper is great and very versatile with its four different colors- clear, black, brown, and blonde, inspired by the traditional pomade formula that gives the most natural finish to all kinds of eyebrows, sparse or thick.

I love it because it is easy to use, gives a fluffier effect, and a considerable shape for quick everyday makeup looks. Also, it doesn’t dry, flake, or fade out, so that’s a plus.

But if you cannot justify $30 for just 0.11oz of an eyebrow product, these drugstore glossier dupes are even better choices!

Colorpop Brow Gel

Colourpop makes some great makeup dupes. And with Shaper, they proved us right. This brow gel is one of the best on the drugstore shelf. With a thick, gel-cream-like consistency and highly pigmented formula, it works amazingly on eyebrows to shape them and give a clean, fluffy natural finish.

Moreover, I would give some extra dupe points for copying the packaging and brush wand as well. All in all, this Glossier boy brow dupe is worth investing in.

E.L.F. Wow Brow gel

E.l.f. cosmetics is one of the best drugstore brands that make insanely good products at such affordable prices. And if you don’t already know, they are one of the biggest makeup dupers, lol.

But they nailed it with this fiber-infused, wax-gel hybrid brow gel that helps you get those naturally fluffy and bushy brows we are craving. The wand is great (not the same) but works just fine. It comes in five shades- brunette, deep brown, taupe, neutral brown, and black, so you should be able to find your shade easily.

However, this Glossier boy brow dupe does fade or smudge away after some while. But $4 compared to $30? I’m in for a little fading! In my opinion, E.l.f never disappoints you and neither will this glossier dupe. So it’s worth every shot!

6. Glossier lip gloss Dupes

glossier dupes for lip gloss

Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like this lip gloss is definitely 100% not worth the money. It has nothing special, and there are so much better Glossier lip gloss dupes you could buy for a far lesser price that’ll do the trick.

E.L.F. Lip Lacquer

I’m head over heels for this lip lacquer from E.l.f. Gosh, it is super affordable and extremely smooth to apply, feels buttery soft and comfortable on the lips, is certainly not sticky, has Vitamin E for lip nourishing, and I know for a fact that you’ll love them.

The only downside is its quantity. But babe, it is literally for $3!!! You cannot ask for more; no, you cannot. Trust me, this lip lacquer is an exact Glossier dupe.

Also, it is a really good Fenty Gloss bomb dupe as well in the clear shade. How amazing is this gloss, I’m gonna cry!

Colorpop So Juicy Plumping Gloss

How about a lip gloss that would work like the one from Glossier but with an additional plumping effect? Plump lips sound good to me, and if you like them too, this colourpop plumping gloss is perfect.

It is nourishing with vitamin E, gives a sheer coverage that lasts almost all day, feels incredibly cushiony, and, indeed, is non-sticky. But with peppermint extracts! Comes in 10 different colors, including the clear one and is affordable too.

E.l.f. Jelly Pop Gloss

Ooh, want a dupe for the Glossier’s red gloss? Try this red lip gloss from E.l.f.’s jelly pop range and you’ll be shocked.

The color is a very similar shade match and with added lip-hydrating benefits from hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, and coconut oil, you get nourishment and a beautiful pop of color. That btw is very comfortable on the lips. So these gorgeous Glossier dupes get yes!

Maybelline Shine Shot

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

Another Glossier lip gloss dupe finish and nourishment wise is this one from Maybelline. It has all these nourishing oils that help hydrate the lips along with giving a high shine finish.

Now it is a little bit sticky, I won’t lie, but if the final look is what matters, then this Glossier dupe is a similar but affordable option.

7. Glossier stretch concealer Dupes

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

Honestly, it was really hard to find Glossier stretch concealer dupes because of its formula, which sure is a unique, very hydrating, and medium coverage that gives your under eyes a natural appearance- just like that of models.

Actually, I think I prefer this concealer over most of my concealers just because I get very dry under the eyes, and even though it doesn’t hide my dark circles, it is still comfortable on a day-to-day basis.

But what is in this world that doesn’t have cheaper alternatives?

Undone Beauty Conceal To Reveal Palette

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

This is the closest Glossier stretch concealer dupe I could find. It is super creamy, super hydrating, and sinks into the skin in seconds. It is a medium coverage concealer like the Glossier one, but as compared to it, Undone beauty’s concealer has a tad bit more coverage which I personally like (due to my dark circles).

All in all, it is very much like its expensive counterpart. So this Glossier dupe is worth trying.

8. Glossier haloscope Dupes

A fairly special formulation, Glossier boasts of this skin-conditioning high-shine highlighter as one with no actual glitter flecks. Which indeed is amazing and unique!

E.l.f. targeted natural glow stick

Talking of $4 Glossier dupes, E.l.f natural glow stick is seriously just a coconut oil stick-like haloscope with some crystal dust sprinkled on the outside. It certainly is less shimmery than Haloscope but gives an identical dewy, glowing finish to the face.

The shade fresh morning dew from E.l.f is an almost perfect Glossier dupe for Moonstone.

9. Glossier lid stars Dupes

Lid stars from Glossier are very subtle and soft eyeshadow colors that are made to give just a sheer layer of color to the eyes. They are a blendable metallic formula that actually lasts all day. That being said, it really is hard to find Glossier dupes for this product as it fairly is unique, but here we are!

Maybelline 24-Hour Metal Cream Eyeshadow

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

This cream-gel eye shadow gives you intense pigmentation and is guaranteed to last literally all day long. They have 16 different shades as compared to 6 from Glossier, which means that you’ll most probably find your match.

The shimmer shadows blend like butter and you only need your fingers and maybe a brush sometimes. I believe they are not patchy except for one or two non-shimmery shades. And they are so cheap that buying them won’t even cost you much.

10. Glossier ‘wowder’ powder Dupes

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

This setting powder is easily a miss. It is quite like the usual powders with no wow effect. So obviously, there are much better powders in the market, drugstores included.

Revlon photo-ready candid setting powder

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

But if you want an identical Glossier dupe to this one, Revlon’s setting powder is your answer. It helps refines the skin, mattify and get rid of shininess and simply sets your makeup beautifully. However, it is not talc-free, so if that’s an issue for you, this ain’t for you, my girl!

You can always try other drugstore-setting powders like the one from Maybelline’s or E.l.f. Halo glow powder.

11. Glossier Generation G Lipstick

 I love how comfortable and moisturizing this lip balm cum lip stain cum lipstick, in short, Gen G lipstick is. The shades are so sheer on the first swipe, but you can always build them up to how much pigmentation you want.

The best part is even after layering it a few times, it doesn’t feel crumbly or dry. So it indeed is a great invention!

E.L.F Sheer Slick Lipstick

Much affordable Glossier Generation G lipstick dupe has to be from our favorite brand E.l.f. Its sheer slick lipstick is easy-to-wear lipstick that offers a sheer wash of color and a more satin finish (but not fully) as compared to the matte finishes by Gen G.

It feels insanely comfy on the lips, and it’s nourishing ingredients help leave the lips softer than ever.

12. Glossier solution Dupes

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

This Glossier solution is just a strong exfoliating toner with AHA’s and BHA’s (basically salicylic and glycolic acid) with other skin-loving ingredients. So here are drugstore Glossier dupes for Solution that I think are milder, safer, and will give the same results.

The ordinary glycolic acid 7% toner

We love The Ordinary, right? And this indeed is their most-selling toner due to its mild exfoliating formula that helps improves the appearance of skin texture and gives radiant, glowing skin after a while. It doesn’t dehydrate your skin and has these skin-soothing ingredients like aloe vera, ginseng, and Tasmanian pepper berry that do not make the skin irritated.

As a Glossier solution dupe, I would say that they pretty much work the same. But in my view, Glossier one is very strong and may not be for sensitive skin as it can cause irritation and issues. The Ordinary solution, on the other hand, is milder, affordable, and better.

Pixi glow tonic

Oh yes, this toner from Pixi is by far one of the best exfoliating toners on the market. With the appropriate amount of 5% glycolic acid, this is mild enough to not irritate your skin and strong enough to leave you with beautiful glowing skin after continuous use. And this is cost-effective too.

Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner

Another great glycolic acid toner that can be a potential glossier dupe as well. This alcohol-free mild exfoliating toner helps in brightening and balancing skin pH levels, helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, and helps promote a more radiant complexion. And this is exactly what Glossier’s solution does but at double the price.

13. Glossier super bounce Dupes

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

Super bounce is a good serum for dehydrated skin and helps makes it soft and smooth with its magic ingredients of 2% Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. Doesn’t feel sticky and is very lightweight. But what if I say I have exactly 100% same Glossier dupe for this one?

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

I don’t know who inspired who, but this serum from The Ordinary even has the same composition of ingredients and maintains healthy-looking bouncy skin.

At a much lower price of $7 compared to $28, I mean, this Glossier dupe is literally a steal. I’m sure you’ll not be able to go back from this one.

14. Glossier super glow Dupes

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

I have recently started using vitamin C in my skincare routine, but it does help in fading the dark spots and blemishes, leaving you with smoother skin. And I have seen many people rave about this one. But I don’t really like it that much because it’s just an ok serum. Let me tell you why.

COSRX Triple C lightening liquid

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

Now Glossier’s serum has just 5% of vitamin C in it, whereas in triple C lightening liquid, you get 20.5% which directly means more goodness! Also, at exact same price, you get double the amount with COSRX. Overall, this is the greatest, most effective, and affordable serum you’ll ever see.

15. Glossier super pure Dupes

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

Glossier’s super pure is just a niacinamide and zinc PCA serum that claims to give a visibly smoother texture and skin clarity. But it definitely is not worth it at all, that I can say. So here is a glossier dupe to try instead.

The Ordinary niacinamide 10% + zinc 1%

17 GREAT Glossier Dupes That Are Much Affordable & Better

With double the quantity of key ingredients and better results, this wonderful serum is very identical to its counterpart, but I believe it is much better for reducing the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. And with a $6 price tag, you’ve got nothing to lose!

16. Glossier invisible shield sunscreen Dupes

glossier dupes

Oh my god, have you seen the size of this bottle? I know it is all good and highly inspired by K-beauty products, but they sell 30 ml of product for $25. I mean, wh..what? It is a good lightweight SPF 35 water-gel formula that leaves no white cast, is clear, is non-comedogenic, and gives a dewy, radiant finish. But the only problem is its size.

So you better get your hands on better drugstore sunscreen because it is a daily use product, and there are many affordable brands that sell goooood sunscreens at a better price.

Neutrogena hydro boost water gel sunscreen

I have always loved Neutrogena sunscreens because they are good and are genuinely priced for the amount you get. This SPF 50 sunscreen is actually very nice as it is a water-gel formula that feels like a feather on the skin, is non-greasy, layers wonderfully under makeup, is oil-free, non-comedogenic, doesn’t leave a white cast, and can go on and on and on.

In short, it is a super amazing Glossier dupe that is definitely worth all the dollars you spend. You get thrice the amount with this than the Glossier sunscreen at a far lesser price,

17. Glossier jelly milk cleanser Dupes

glossier dupes

Another hyped product from Glossier is their jelly milk cleanser. They claim that this creamy gel cleanser is formulated with five skin conditioners that leave your skin feeling baby soft.

Now it is not so costly that I would say it is nowhere near worth spending, but it still is Glossier we are talking about. If you can, this cleanser is, in fact, one of their goodies, so you can try it if you’ve got the cash.

But if you still want some nice Glossier milky jelly cleanser dupes, here you go!

Bliss Makeup Melt Rose Makeup Remover

glossier dupes

Blindly, I said blindly pick this gorgeous jelly cleanser if you want to try something identical to Glossier’s cleanser but at an affordable price. It is a bang-on dupe for Glossier milky jelly cleanser.

They have the same packaging and same jelly consistency, and both of them contain rose Damascena oil which helps calm the skin from irritation and gives a nice rose scent.

It is illegal to create such similar products, lol.

Well, well, well, with that, we end up with our list of Glossier dupes that are worth every penny. Which were your favorites? I hope you added them to the bag side by side so you don’t forget or miss out on them.

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