An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?

Pixi on the Glow Blush Review

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From the world of TikTok and Instagram reels, Pixi by Petra’s Glow Blush has become a favorite of beauty experts and makeup lovers alike. It is easy to see why the globe cannot get enough of its blendable formula with sheer and buildable coverage that ensures you get your perfect rosy glow without ever looking too heavy or fake.

With every new viral product, it’s hard to justify if it’s the genuine quality or the huge money spent by advertisers on marketing. And with brands like Pixi Beauty who dominate the skincare world, it’s evident to have doubts about its makeup line, innit?

So let’s dive right into the Pixi on the glow blush review and see if it really is worth all the talks or if it’s just another hyped TikTok viral scene.

What Does It Claim To Be?

An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?
  • Hydrating solid cheek tint.
  • Use on cheeks & lips.
  • Vitamin packed for Antioxidant benefits.
  • One sweep color payoff.
  • Complements all skin tones

I mean, most of the claims are quite the usual but one swipe pigmentation is pretty powerful. And one of the major problems with cream blushes is that they become patchy on dry or oily skin, making them useless. So let’s see if that works!

What Claims Are True?

  • Hydrating solid cheek tint – ✅
  • Use on cheeks & lips – ✅
  • Vitamin packed for Antioxidant benefits – ✅ (those are some nice skincare add-ons, typical Pixi!)
  • One sweep color payoff – ✅ ✅ I have never seen such color pigmentation in a blush everrrr.
  • Complements all skin tones – ✅ I am a medium brown skin hue and I was worried the shade Ruby would not be visible on me but it really is one of the prettiest shades in my collection.
  • Blends like butter – ✅ They don’t claim that, but it sure is the reason why it got so popular in the first place, so all the points to that!

How to Pick the Perfect Shade of Blush

An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?

As you might know, Pixi on the glow blush comes in three vibrant shades that are supposed to suit every skin tone –

  • Fleur – the pink one
  • Juicy – the orange, coral one
  • Ruby – the reddish magenta one

I think the pink blush is more suited for fair skin tones and the other two for medium to darker skin colors, so keep that in mind while shopping.

I got Ruby for my medium skin color because I feared that pink would not be prominent enough, and orangey-coral is just not my style.

Pixi on the glow blush swatches for the shade ruby

An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?
One swipe pigmentation
An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?
But you gotta blend!

Let me get you up close and personal with this gorgeous blush product. I was in the car getting ready for a quick shopping date with my girl gang, and it was then it struck me how effortless this blush was to use. I mean, after that, I had to show it to you!

This is how the blush looks in one swipe and then after blending it a little. It doesn’t take much effort for the blush to blend. But you do need to move it a little, or else the color will be too bright and in the face.

Things to remember before applying Pixi on the glow blush

An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?
Before – Base makeup ✅
An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?
After Pixi blush and just a little blending

This is a wonderful, insanely hydrating blush stick that is incredibly easy to apply. It’ll especially be a nice addition to your makeup collection in the summer season.

But there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • After cleansing the skin, use a thick layer of moisturizer because this blush will give you a hard time blending into dry, rough skin.
  • Also, whoever said that you don’t need to blend it with a brush or fingers is straight up lying to you because you definitely need to. The pigment is too much, and you can easily look like a joker.
  • You don’t want to wear it over cakey makeup or chalky contours. I would recommend you go for a cream contour/bronzer underneath. But that should not restrict you if you have a bonzer formula that is ultra-smooth to apply, like my all-time favorite one.

What’s the Staying power of Pixi blush?

An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?
After 4 hours

Honestly, the lasting power of Pixi on the glow blush is quite impressive for a product that claims to be a ‘tinted balm.’ After surviving 4 hours of shopping and trying out LITERALLY 50 clothes, this was how Pixi Blush looked. I would say it is PRETTY GOOD!

Is the Pixi blush acne safe?

Absolutely! The Pixi blush packs a serious punch with so many antioxidants like sinensis leaf extract, ascorbic ccid, camellia sinensis leaf, ginseng, aloe vera, and a unique mix of fruit extracts, along with other moisturizing ingredients that it’s almost impossible for it to trigger acne.

Not to forget, it is free from any harsh alcohols, common allergens, fragrances, oils, parabens, silicones, or sulfates.

Is Pixi on the glow blush Worth It after Putting Through Its Paces?

An Honest Pixi on the Glow Blush Review: Glow Up or Useless?

YES, YES, YES! I’m a huge fan of powder blushes just because how easy they are to apply. A few swirls of brush and beauty blender, and you’re done! And if I’m saying this Pixi blush is worth your investment, I have reasons.

It is so darn smooth to apply, and I love the compact packaging. I can carry it anywhere and apply it anytime. Although mine melted, I live in 90 degrees and wouldn’t expect less!

I would actually want to see bronzers and highlighters in this formula, as I think they’ll make a superb summer makeup look altogether.

So yep, you have my blessing if you wanna buy it 😉 And here’s a quick link!

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