13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

best drugstore hairsprays

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I always thought hairsprays were for professionals until I used these drugstore hairsprays, and lemme tell you, there’s no looking back!

Hairsprays should be your best friend if you are fond of styling your hair for every occasion. Not just they hold your hair updo in place, but they also offer you that sleek and well-put look by taming your frizzy hair. Whether you want to control your baby hair or keep your hair tangle-free, leveraging the right hairspray is all you need to do.

But what if you are running on a shoestring budget and do not want to splurge on high-end hairspray? Are drugstore, affordable hairsprays that effective? Do they offer you the stunning results that you see on your favorite celebs?

The answer is a big YES!!!!

Babe, after doing endless research work, scruffling through the pages of beauty magazines and reading umpteen interviews of celeb stylists, here’s what I have come to know. 

You will be amazed to know that many celebs prefer using drugstore hairsprays as they get ready for those scintillating red-carpet appearances. 

So, why worry, sweetheart?

Your girl has brought you a complete guide about the best drugstore hairsprays that you would love to use. Go check them all and add to your kitty to get that flawless diva-like hairstyle in no time!

Top 13 Drugstore Hairspray Your Hair Will Fall in Love With!

1. Rave 4X Mega Unscented Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

THIS has to be my favorite when it comes to drugstore hairspray!

Damn, the hold it offers to all my hair updos is simply phenomenal. It is a hell of a multitasker and can offer a plethora of services to you simultaneously. For instance, you need just this drugstore hairspray to get rid of frizzy hair, tame your baby hair and keep your updos in place.

Also, Rave hairspray does an exemplary job of resisting humidity and offers a fresh, non-sticky look to your hair.

What I personally love about this product is that it is completely fragrance-free. Also, they do not test it on any animal. So, take this as a sign to add this amazingly cheap hairspray to your hairstyling regime.

2. Nexxus Comb Thru Volume Finishing Mist

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

If you have thick and unmanageable hair, I suggest using this Nexxus finishing mist. First things first, it makes your mane absolutely manageable. Next, it can fetch you the ultimate salon-like shine and quality.

Also, it keeps your hair strands smooth and non-greasy. The mist feels super light on your hair and is great for everyday usage. What does a girl even want if not that? Apply this for a couple of days, and you will love to touch your hair again and again. 

Here’s a pro tip- DO NOT over-apply it, or your hair will feel too weighed down.

3. SexyHair Big Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

Here’s something exceptionally lightweight that can offer the much-needed volume and lift to your hair. Its non-flaky finish, durability and protection from humidity make it one of the best choices for fine hair gals like me!

Just spray the product on your flat and thin hair and get the instant lift. Since it combats humidity like a pro, you do not have to worry about your hair looking messy or frizzy.

From my experience, I can say that you need a very small amount of this drugstore hairspray to be applied to your hair. There is no need to go overboard with the hairspray; otherwise, your hair will look oily and sticky.

4. L’oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Hold Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

This is another scent-free hairspray that keeps your flyaways and frizz under control. The product makes your hair brushable and smooth to the touch. Also, it fights humidity effortlessly.

The satin soft touch it offers, as well as the sheen it offers after the application, is simply magical! The product can offer you support for upto 24 hours and hold your updos in place easily. 

The product is a favorite among celeb hairstylists. It has been used to set the red-carpet hairstyles of multiple A-listers in Hollywood. 

And the best part is that it is highly affordable, which is why it is among my top picks!

5. John Frieda Frizz Ease Firm Hold Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

All my sistas who have curly hair, I have got something for you!

I know how nightmarish it feels when your already curly hair looks frizzier, out of shape and extremely curly because of humidity. Try this John Frieda drugstore hairspray and forget your curly hair woes forever.

The hairspray tames your flyaways and baby hair. Also, it keeps humidity at bay and offers ample protection and coverage to your hair. 

The hair spray keeps your strands straight. Also, the quick-drying formula of the product is something that I love personally. Another point that I should mention is that Johe Friede hairsprays are known for their ability to protect your hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

6. Not Your Mother’s She’s A Tease Volumizing Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

Want something that can keep your hair updo in place and also offer a lift to the roots? Try She’s A Tease spray. It adds volume to thin hair as well as offers the perfect hold. Also, the product can be used on different hair types. 

It is completely light in weight, feels non-greasy when you apply it to your hair and renders that polished, soft finish to your hair.

It has a pleasant fruity smell and is completely cruelty-free. A big yes from my side!

7. Matrix Vavoom Freezing Finishing Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

If you want something strong to hold your hairstyle in place, you cannot turn a blind eye to Matrix Vavoom. It is a freezing hairspray that adds volume to your hair roots and keeps your hair frizz-free. It dries up in no time and offers 24/7 protection from humidity. 

I would suggest you use this hairspray if you have a curly hair texture. It allows you to add volume as well as offer robust hold to your curly hairstyles.

Pro tip: I used to apply the hairspray to the roots by lifting sections. This enabled me to flaunt a salon-like voluminous hairstyle with minimal effort.

8. Suave Max Hold Unscented Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

This is hands down one of my favorite hairsprays which I have used so far. Especially, I like its protein-enriched formula. The product actually has strengthened my hair after regular usage. 

First of all, it is a non-aerosol-based hairspray, I mean, talk about it! Secondly, it is an ideal hairspray for those who want maximum hold on their hair updos, like the times you’re doing stiff curls or massive buns.

That being said, you won’t complain about the product feeling heavy or your hair looking flaky and stiff.

9. OGX Revitalize + Argan Shine Multi-Benefit Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

I have been a huge fan of OGX shampoos, so trying their multi-spray was a no-brainer for me. But trust me, I have never seen such an extensive drugstore hairspray that does everything it says and more.

Not only does this heat protection spray protect your hair from heat damage, but it also helps to keep flyaways in check and gives thick curls and waves the perfect amount of hold without feeling crunchy or frizzy.

It’s lightweight, so your hair actually feels silky soft with no stiffness or residue. Plus, you get all the benefits of argan oil, like vitamin E and antioxidants that keep the hair looking healthy and revitalized. What’s better than that?!

10. SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

Want something to maintain those precious bouncy curls? Try this all-natural drugstore hairspray that does so much more than just taming those flyaways and frizzy hair and creating texture.

The product is phenomenal for breakage-prone or colored hair and also offers a soft hold to your hairstyle. Consider it more like a spray-in conditioner.

It is a sulfate-free product and smells like you’re in Hawaii! The fragrance is light, so even if you are scent-sensitive, you can use this hairspray easily. Another thing that I love about this product is that it is color-safe. 

11. Suave Professionals Firm Control Finishing Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

One of the best finishing hairsprays I have ever come across, Suave Professional’s finishing hairspray offers an extremely strong hold for your hairstyles. It does not make your hair go stiff or feel crunchy.

Its humidity-defense formula keeps frizzy hair and flyaways at bay. It offers a salon-like finish to your hair and makes them look glossy. 

Celebrity hairstylist JStayReady used this same drugstore hairspray for styling Normani’s sleek and elegant hair. 

12. Andalou Naturals Brilliant Shine Hair Spray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

For my clean product beauties, this drugstore hairspray is the answer to all your hair’s prayers! Its medium-hold, anti-frizz formula makes it the perfect styling tool for your unruly hair.

It is not only gentle on the senses but will also feel incredibly nourishing on your frizzy, colored hair. As for the hold, its medium-hold formula delivers just the right amount of control without leaving the hair feeling stiff or unnatural.

With an all-natural, earth-inspired ingredient list, and a commitment to minimizing environmental impact, this hairspray is truly “brilliant” in more ways than one, isn’t it?

13. Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

Easy to access, highly effective and absolutely lightweight – this is how I will describe this Dove hairspray. It saves me from those messy, frizzy hair look. Also, I just love the shine that it offers after application.

This cheap hairspray is quite effective in offering a robust hold to your hair updos. I feel this is one of the best products which combats multiple hair issues and offer easy solutions at cost-effective prices.

Different Types of Hairspray to Choose From!

Just type the word “Hairspray” on Google, and you will be bombarded with endless options. Selecting the right hairspray can get quite overwhelming, given that there are so many types of hairsprays available out there.

From ingredients to fragrance as well as your hair type, you will have to consider multiple things to get your hands on the best drugstore hairspray. 

Worry not! I have enlisted different types of hairsprays and their usage here! Read on to know the details!

1. Light-hold hairspray

If you are looking for daily-use hairspray, then a light-hold hairspray would be best for you. These are quite basic in nature and feel light on your hair. They keep your baby hair tamed and also control the frizz. 

Light-hold hair sprays are suitable for all hair types and can be used to get that natural but well-maintained and polished hairstyle.

2. Volumizing hairspray

These volumizing hairsprays are quite good if you have flat or thin hair. Light in weight and airy, volumizing hairsprays do not just make your hair look heavy but also offer a robust hold to any hairstyle you try.

The secret behind the volume that you get to see after applying a volumizing hairspray lies in its ingredient. Generally, they consist of key ingredients like rice protein or panthenol to help you get that thickness and volume in your hair.

3. Finishing hairspray

Basically, these are the hairsprays that you will need to keep your hair updos in place. Once you have styled your hair, you can use a finishing hairspray to hold your hairstyle and keep it firm.

They tend to be quite heavy and strong as they keep everything in place. So, I would suggest you not use a finishing hairspray on a daily basis.

These hairsprays are suitable, especially for those who have got unruly or thick hair. 

Know Your Hairspray Closely!

13 Best Drugstore Hairsprays That Won’t Make You Go Broke!

Before you start using any drugstore hairspray, it is essential to consider certain factors that will help you choose the best drugstore hairspray for yourself! Have a look:

1. Check the fragrance

You will be applying the hairspray to your hair, and if the fragrance is too small or unbearable for you, it won’t be possible for you to use it again. So, while purchasing a hairspray, it is advisable to check its scent.

You can go for a mildly-scented hairspray, or if you love strong fragrances, go for something fruity, maybe. 

2. Keep an eye on the ingredients

Always read the label of the ingredients before placing your order. If the label says that the alcohol content is high in the hairspray, or maybe certain harsh chemicals are being used to manufacture it, then you should steer clear of such products.

Make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredients of the hairspray. Also, try something which has a higher percentage of natural ingredients.

3. Consider the hold it offers

Depending on your requirements, you should choose a hairspray. For instance, if you are into professions like content creation or any creative field which requires you to look well-put and ready 24/7, then go for a hairspray with a robust hold. 

However, if you want something for daily usage in college or the workplace, then you should invest in a light-hold hairspray.

Wrapping Up the best drugstore hairsprays ever!

I feel every girl must have good quality, affordable drugstore hairspray in her hairstyling regime. No matter how good your hair conditioner is, no matter how much time you spend applying DIY hair masks, you will need that one hairspray that offers that sleek and slender look to your hair. After all, who does not love that salon-like glow and finish?

The cheap hairsprays which I have enlisted here are highly effective as well as pocket-friendly. You can easily access them and use them as per your requirement and hair type.

Next time you go crazy over that sleek hairstyle of your favorite celeb, remember that hairspray is doing its magic. To achieve that flawless, diva-like gorgeous hair, simply style your hair and use an apt hairspray.

Also, I would suggest you take a patch test to avoid any instances of serious allergic reactions. And following the instructions on the product label will further make it easy for you to use.

So babe, get your hands on any of these hairsprays and go flaunt your luscious locks like a glam diva without having to worry about humidity, UV rays, and stickiness on your scalp.

See ya’ll soon!

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best drugstore hairsprays

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