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Are you that someone who carries their small, mini, makeup bag literally everywhere you go? Or you just need this bag to feel the secure about the sudden change of plans? Then, Hi sister! Because, You will always find me with 2 mini pouches in my main bag. One is filled with my makeup bag essentials and the other is emergency kit essentials for sudden calls of nature. If you know what I mean:) You maybe just beginning out, or just interested whatsoever, here’s a list of my minimal makeup bag essentials, a girls like us should never step out with.

Makeup bag essentials

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2 Lipsticks – Pink + Your favorite

I just cannot step out of the house without a lipstick or a lip balm. I need some colour there else I would feel dead.

Why? Lipstick or even a lip balm makes you look fresh and awake. It makes you feel confident and pulled up. You can have just a moisturizer and a sunscreen with lipstick and still look fresh to conquer the world.

Why 2? I prefer having 2 lipsticks always with me. One pink and other nude or rusty red whatever my mood is like. Nude pink lipstick can be used as a lipstick itself, also as great blush and to put some on your eyelids for a monochromatic day look. 3-in-1 power pack weapon. You’d want to have a second color just in case it matches your outfit better or you have a sudden change of plans where you want to change your look. A lipstick can literally “change” your entire look.

And that is why lipstick is my favourite makeup bag essentials and so on number 1.

What I love are: Mac Mehr as a muted pink shade and Nykaa matte to last in the shade Kashi

Nykaa one is not for people outside India but all i can say is this is muted red colour with brown and pink undertones.

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I’m more of a dramatic eyes person. What are you inclined for? Dramatic big lashes or natural lashes is your way to go? Comment down below!

For me, if I have to amp up my look just a little bit, mascara is the way to go. I’m not a eyeliner person and that because I don’t know how to apply it :/

Mascara + lipstick can be the only two makeup bag essentials for you to look fresh, awake, interested and beautiful.

What I love are: Maybelline lash sensational mascara and LOreal volume million lashes mascara

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Concealer tops the third place. A light-weight, easily bendable concealer is what you should be looking for when buying makeup bag essentials.

Just dab a little under your eyes, nose, chin and forehead and blend it to make it skin.

You can totally switch the concealer part with some BB/CC cream. Or even tinted moisturizer. I have dark circles hence, concealer.

What I love are: Maybelline fit me concealer and Revlon colorstay concealer

Compact with a mirror

If you are using, concealer, bb cream, cc cream, or even just a tinted moisturizer, to make them last you a fortune, you need a compact to set it all down and give a little bit more coverage.

Compact with a mirror! Oh gosh! is literally the best thing ever made. You need a mirror even to apply your lipstick. A mirror is more important than compact, I guess.

What I love is: Maybelline fit me matte+poreless compact powder


The reason there are so many slashes in them is that these are not an absolute necessity to your makeup bag essentials list but depends solely on your preferences.

I love me a good bronzer. I told you, not your liner girl. I love how my face looks put together with just the minimum amount of bronzer at the right places. And the fact, that it looks like i have done a lot to my face makes me want to do that even more!

My favourites are: physicians formula butter bronzer and wet n wild contouring palette

If you are more of an eyeliner, highlighter girl, please go for that. I personally apply some lip balm for a natural highlighter look. Because of babe! Did you get that time to stumble upon 19 items?

The key takeaway

The key takeaway in finding good makeup bag essentials is to find products you can multipurpose with. Use lipstick as blush and eyeshadow. Use lip balm as a highlighter. Find a compact with a mirror. You get my point, right?

What is your makeup bag essentials number one? Or two? Or three? Comment down below!

And if you like what i say, you might, just might consider sharing it as well, right? Thank you already! You make me wanna write more.

Till next time, stay safe and happy and keep jotting down your makeup bag essentials!

Makeup bag essentials
Makeup bag essentials

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