10 Foundation Dupes You just Cannot Resist

10 Foundation Dupes You just Cannot Resist

Looking for some Best foundation dupes of pocket-burning brands? Sit tight!

Drugstore makeup has really been over the top recently. Companies are making some really good stuff out there.

I myself am a hugeeeeeee fan of drugstore makeup, especially the ones that work almost the same as high-end makeup products! Yes, by that I mean drugstore makeup dupes!

Because girl, I am NOT spending big bucks on stuff just because they have a huge brand name associated with them. Nope, not me! And drugstore brands have a lot of hidden gems if you just look.

That is why finding drugstore makeup dupes are like hitting a gold mine! Everything beautiful and cheap if not free.

For the fact, we all love saving, right?

And no doubt foundations really are the base of your makeup. If not good, god knows what will happen next. But they charge us crazy loads of money for one freakin’ bottle of foundation.

So I had to find an easy way out. Which obviously are, Foundation Dupes! Who wouldn’t love that now? Don’t raise your hand, you know you do 😉

And I know I talk a lot so thank you for coming thru, but I think now we must get started!

Here are 10 high-end Foundation dupes that work quite the same in comparison to their expensive counterparts. But, you have to know that they are not the exact one-on-one foundation dupes of each other but are very very similar in terms of final look, texture, and formula.

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10 best foundation dupes

1. Huda beauty #FAUXFILTER Foundation vs Maybelline Superstay foundation

foundation dupes

Believe it or not, Maybelline super stay foundation is almost the perfect dupe of Huda foundation. Given that their finish and texture are quite similar and they both slide on smoothly, Maybelline one is a tad bit drier than the other. Just a litllllleeeee bit. But also gives more fuller coverage, so is perfect for people with oily and acne-prone skin (since it is non-comedogenic too).

2. Estee lauder double wear foundation vs LO’real infallible foundation

foundation dupes

The day LO’real launched this foundation, we are just hearing people rave about it. And why not? It actually is really good and deserves all of that. And this Estee Lauder double wear foundation dupe is everything its high-end counterpart offers just with a more travel-friendly packaging and a little higher coverage. They both have a demi-silky matte finish despite their huge price difference. Tops my foundation dupes list with no doubt!

3. Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation vs LO’real true match Lumi foundation

foundation dupes

Do you know Kim Kardashian swears by this Giorgio foundation? Now you do! And The closest Giorgio Armani luminous foundation dupe is the LO’real True Match Lumi foundation. Both of these foundations offer dewy sheer buildable coverage with the same satin finish but with LO’real foundation, you can get slightly lesser coverage and more glow. These are my personal favorite foundation dupes because who wanna say no to Kim K’s foundation dupe? No kidding, but they are really good.

4. Makeup forever matte velvet skin foundation vs NYX can’t stop won’t stop foundation

foundation dupes

Makeup forever has always been a camera loving brand. Makeup artist’s favorite, the best Makeup forever velvet foundation dupe is NYX can’t stop won’t stop foundation. Both have this velvety-silky matte finish but I believe the NYX foundation lasts longer and has fuller coverage than its luxury peer. And no doubt is best for sensitive acne-prone skin.

5. NARS sheer glow foundation vs Neutrogena healthy skin foundation

10 Foundation Dupes You just Cannot Resist

If you love how NARS Sheer Glow Foundation just melts into your skin beautifully but you are not sure about investing in such a high price just yet, A better Nars foundation dupe is Neutrogena healthy skin foundation. This amazing foundation is I think again a scant bit better since it has SPF 20 in it. Who could say no to more protection? Both the foundations have a satin finish with buildable sheer to medium coverage. They look as glowy on your skin as you can think and maybe that’s why it is the most beloved in our Nars foundation dupes list!

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6. Makeup forever HD foundation vs L.A. girl pro foundation

10 Foundation Dupes You just Cannot Resist

No doubt makeup for ever HD foundation is one of the best high-end foundations the world knows of. But the cost is no joke. That is why nearly the same Makeup forever HD foundation is our favorite L.A. girl pro foundation. Along with the identical packaging, they work the same with their medium to full buildable coverage and blurred second skin kinda finish. And the cherry on the cake here is, that the L.A. girl foundation is absolutely cruelty and paraben-free. Maybe that’s why it is treasured in our foundation dupes list.

7. MAC studio fix foundation vs Maybelline Fit me Foundation

10 Foundation Dupes You just Cannot Resist

For years, people have stuck to this Mac foundation. And with absolutely no doubt Maybelline fit me is one of the best drugstore foundations in the market. But who thought these two would be exact foundation dupes of each other? Yes, you heard me right, Fit me Foundation is a bang on foundation dupe of Mac studio fix foundation. Since they both have the same silky fluid texture and are easily blendable, Fit me comes out to be a better Mac foundation dupe as it is perfect for oily skin type and is dermatologically tested as well!

8. Clinique beyond perfecting foundation vs Milani 2 in 1 conceal + perfect foundation

10 Foundation Dupes You just Cannot Resist

I believe Milani vs clinique is the best foundation dupes since Milani is VERY similar in formula, texture, smoothness, and finish but I believe, Milani foundation is a tad bit thicker and more full coverage whereas Clinique one is slightly on the shiny-dewy side. Both are oil-free foundations, so oily skin girls need to grab this deal.

9. Kat Von D foundation vs NYX invisible foundation

10 Foundation Dupes You just Cannot Resist

If you are looking for a full, full, full coverage foundation, the Kat Von D foundation is the way to go. But if you are looking to save money along with getting that fine coverage and finish, you better choose this incredible NYX foundation. It is highly pigmented and will literally cover every blemish you have along with your soul. It gives a full yet natural semi-matte finish and proves to be great for normal to oily skin types. Also, it is not as drying as Kat Von D’s foundation. Yet again we have something better to add to our foundation dupes!

10. IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream vs. Physicians Formula Super CC Cream

10 Foundation Dupes You just Cannot Resist

If you feel, IT cosmetics’ CC cream is highly hyped, lemme tell you, it deserves that attention! Since not all CC creams give you both color correction and full coverage finish along with feeling like skin and SPF 50 (which is a lot to ask for now), I think it deserves all the attention. But its price is not something we deserve, Lol!

But I have got you covered with almost the same IT cosmetics CC cream dupe which is physician’s formula CC cream. It offers medium to full coverage with color correction and a natural-looking finish. Also, it has some anti-aging properties and SPF 30. What more do you ask for in this price?

And with these last foundation dupes, we end this post. What foundation dupes shocked you and you are definitely gonna add to your bag?

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