13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

foundation dupes

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Looking for some Best foundation dupes of pocket-burning brands? Sit tight!

Drugstore makeup has really been over the top recently. Companies are making some really good stuff out there.

I myself am a hugeeeeeee fan of drugstore makeup, especially the ones that work almost the same as high-end makeup products! Yes, by that, I mean drugstore makeup dupes!

Because, girl, I am NOT spending big bucks on stuff just because they have a huge brand name associated with them. Nope, not me! And drugstore brands have a lot of hidden gems if you just look.

That is why finding drugstore makeup dupes are like hitting a gold mine! Everything is beautiful and cheap, if not free.

For the fact we all love saving, right?

And no doubt, foundations really are the base of your makeup. If not good, god knows what will happen next. But they charge us crazy loads of money for one freakin’ bottle of foundation.

So I had to find an easy way out. Which obviously are Foundation Dupes! Who wouldn’t love that now? Don’t raise your hand, you know you do 😉

And I know I talk a lot, so thank you for coming thru, but I think now we must get started!

Here are 13 high-end Foundation dupes that work quite the same in comparison to their expensive counterparts. But, you have to know that they are not the exact one-on-one foundation dupes of each other but are very very similar in terms of final look, texture, and formula.

13 best foundation dupes ever

1. Huda beauty #FauxFilter Foundation vs. Maybelline Superstay foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

Fancy trying Huda beauty foundation but don’t want to splash the cash? Maybelline’s Super Stay Foundation has got it all! It’s a great dupe for Huda beauty foundation with an almost identical finish, texture and smooth slide.

Although the Maybelline foundation is just a tad bit drier than the other, but it also gives fuller coverage than Huda.

Best of all, it suits oily and acne-prone skin types due to its highly non-comedogenic ingredients! It’s your makeup wish come true without breaking the bank.

2. Estee Lauder double wear foundation vs. LO’real infallible foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

LO’real’s newest foundation launch is a real show-stopper! Everyone’s raving about it, and no wonder – this Loreal foundation packs all the same benefits as its higher-end counterpart (Estee Lauder double wear) and some more!

You get the same demi-matte finish and great coverage (even more than Estee Lauder) in an easy-to-travel with packaging – all without breaking your budget. Way to go Loreal!

3. Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation vs. LO’real true match Lumi foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

Ever wanted to emulate Kim K’s signature glow? Now you can! She swears by Giorgio Armani’s silk foundation, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on that because, with LO’Real True Match Lumi, you’ll get a beautiful dewy, sheer but buildable coverage along with the same satin finish that’ll make your skin look lit-from-within gorgeous – just like KKW herself!

One thing is that with LO’Real, you’ll get just a little lesser coverage and more glow, which is always a plus in my dictionary.

Apart from that, trust me when I say these dupes are pure gold – why miss the chance at achieving those celebrity looks?!

4. Makeup Forever matte velvet skin foundation vs. NYX can’t stop won’t stop foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

Makeup Forever has been a hit on camera for years, but if you’re looking to stay budget-friendly and can’t resist giving NYX’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation a try. Not only does this have the same velvety matte finish that lasts longer than ever before, it also gives fuller coverage.

Yes, the NYX foundation will stand up to even your most glamorous night out. And if you don’t know, it is also excellent for those of us with sensitive acne-prone skin. No doubt, it’s one of my fav drugstore foundations ever!

5. NARS Sheer Glow foundation vs. Neutrogena healthy skin foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

I’ve recommended this foundation dupe time and again and love it so much that I would do so today as well.

If you love how NARS Sheer Glow Foundation just melts into your skin like butter but cannot fathom the price tag, Neutrogena healthy skin foundation is a spot-on dupe for Nars Foundation.

In addition to the beautiful satin finish with sheer-to-medium coverage, this product gives your skin extra protection at SPF 20. Who could say no to more protection?

Both foundations have a satin finish with buildable sheer to medium coverage, they look as glowy on your skin as you can think, and the lightweight texture is to die for!

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6. Makeup Forever HD Foundation vs. L.A. girl pro foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

Sure, Makeup Forever HD is the rockstar of high-end foundations, which makes it a little tough to dupe it with cheaper products. But who said it’s impossible?

L.A. Girl Pro Foundation is a superb foundation dupe for the same, from identical bottles to the same medium to full coverage and second skin kinda finish, you cannot spot the difference between the two.

It’s just like MFEHD in terms of coverage and finish – but with a nice bonus: it’s totally cruelty- and paraben-free! No wonder why this one makes my list when we’re talking foundation dupes…who doesn’t love their wallet AND animals?

7. MAC studio fix foundation vs. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

Who knew that Mac Studio Fix Foundation could have a twin? Whether you’re looking for the perfect finish without breaking the bank or just want to surprise your skin with something special – Fit Me is THE drugstore answer!

Its silky fluid texture and easily blendable qualities make it an absolute win-win situation. Plus, this wonderful foundation dupe was made specifically for oily skin types in mind – dermatologist approved too!

8. Clinique beyond perfecting foundation vs. Milani 2-in-1 conceal + perfect foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

Two of the best foundations around just got even better — it’s Milani vs Clinique! Both are oil-free, letting oily skin folks enjoy a full coverage look that won’t be weighed down.

That apart, Milani foundation is a bang-on dupe for Clinique foundation but is a tad bit thicker and smoother for an extra matte finish, while Clinique has a bit of shine to give you that dewy radiance.

It’s not often we get treated with such a choice – don’t miss out on this amazing foundation dupe!

9. It Cosmetics CC+ Cream Vs. E.L.F. Camo CC Cream

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet full-coverage product to cover up blemishes without making you feel like your face is caked in foundation – then E.l.f Cosmetics’ new Camo CC Cream was made just for YOU!

Although it has SPF 30, unlike SPF 50 of It Cosmetics, but trust me, there isn’t much difference in that.

This dreamy little concoction of goodness comes with the same creamy formula and natural finish as its pricier counterpart (It cosmetics has it at $40!), so there’s no need to make that splurge anymore!

Plus, It doesn’t have any added fragrance or scent, which makes it even better… not gonna lie, though… I totally cried when I realized what regular buyers were missing out on all along :’)

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10. Dior backstage face & body foundation vs. L’Oreal True match super-blendable foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

Want to hear a secret? L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation is the ultimate dupe for Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation. Both foundations provide a medium, buildable coverage with a natural finish that adapts to any skin color and texture.

Not to mention, they both give you a weightless and breathable feel, so you don’t have to worry about clogging pores or feeling cakey. But the best part? L’Oreal True Match is super blendable, which means it’s hard to tell where your foundation ends and your skin begins – JUST LIKE Dior Backstage.

And the price difference? Well, let’s just say you’ll be saving some serious cash by opting for the L’Oreal foundation dupe.

11. Kosas revealer skin-improving foundation vs. colourpop pretty fresh foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

Kosas recently grew to fame for its unbelievably smooth and flawless foundation that is jam-packed with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. I mean, yeah, that convinced me real good but if you are on the hunt for Kosas’ foundation dupe, Colourpop’s pretty fresh foundation is the way to go!

Not only is it super affordable, but it delivers a natural, skin-like finish, just like the Kosas foundation, but with medium-buildable coverage, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Both foundations also provide ultimate hydration to the skin for a breathable, comfortable feel that lasts all day long. So, save your coins and snag the ColorPop Pretty Fresh for a spot-on dupe.

12. Charlotte tilbury beautiful skin foundation vs. NYX Born to glow naturally radiant foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

This is it guys, if you are all for a naturally glowing medium-coverage foundation that seriously hydrates, smoothes, blurs, and brightens the skin texture!

But Harman, How dare you think that I had that much money just lying around!

Oh, I didn’t. Because NYX nailed it with this foundation dupe like a copier copies prints.

Both foundations offer buildable medium coverage with a smooth and even-toned finish. However, the NYX Born to Glow Foundation also boasts an impressive range of 45 shades that can work for all skin types, from oily to dry. Plus, the formula is SUPER easy to blend and delivers a lit-from-within glow that will last you ALL day long.

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13. Kat Von D lock it Foundation vs. NYX invisible foundation

13 Mind-blowing Foundation Dupes That Will Save You Serious Money

If you desire full-on coverage without maxing out your credit card, look no further than the incredible NYX foundation! It’s highly pigmented to cover up every last blemish for a natural semi-matte finish.

Plus, it looks great on normal to oily skin types AND won’t dry your face like Kat Von D’s. Yet again, we have something better to add to our foundation dupes!

And with these last foundation dupes, we end this post. What foundation dupes shocked you and you are definitely gonna add to your bag?

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