35 Gorgeous Valentine’s day decorations You’ve ever seen

valentine's day decor

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If getting a huge wow & maybe some happy tears is on the menu, you need to see these valentine’s day decorations today!

There’s nothing like waking up to a bright sunny day and genuinely being happy remembering the one person you love the most. And thankfully, there’s a day to make them feel like the luckiest human on the planet!

So if you’ve got a special someone you are always spoiling, are you ready to spread some Valentine’s day cheer?

This Valentine’s day, why not give your home a little makeover with some cheerful, love-filled decorations? From romantic and cozy to bold and daring, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating for this special holiday.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, then look no further – we’ve gathered 35 gorgeous valentine’s day decor ideas that will make your home as festive as ever! Let’s take a look at these eye-catching designs and find something special that’s perfect just for you.

1. XOXO tic tac toe

valentine's day decor

OMG, this is one of my favvvvv valentine’s day decor ideas ever. I love the xoxo concept and then the ‘love always wins’ thing. It’s adorable for decorations as well as will act as a killer photoshoot wall.

2. helium balloons for breakfast

valentine's day decor
Courtesy: raisingwolves

Want something simple and easy but that also gets a wow? Heart-shaped table runners and helium balloons would never disappoint. Looks super clean and pretty!

3. LOVE candy trays

valentine's day decor
Courtesy: ciaonewportbeach

You could also buy alphabet containers and fill them with candy (make sure they are red and pink – the typical V-day colors) and add to your table’s charm!

4. huge balloon + teddy bouquet

valentine's decor

If nothing, this balloon and teddy bouquet has got to swoon me away! Parav, are you listening? (Hinting my BF already)

5. hanging pictures

valentine's decor

Spoil your partner with this ultra-romantic gesture! Get some helium balloons and your photos printed and paste the photos at the end of the string. You could also write a memory, some nice words, or reasons why you love them behind the pictures for that added touch of love!

6. mushy bar cart

valentine's decor
Courtesy: laurenconrad

And if there’s nothing better than a drink to define you two, have an adorable bar cart lined up for them and relish!

7. valentine’s wall decor

valentine's day decor for home

If cute valentine’s day decoration is on the menu, get some V-day themed balloons and stick them to the wall however you like. You really cannot go wrong with this adorable design.

8. xoxo helium balloons

valentine's day decor for home

There’s nothing easier than picking out a theme color like pink here. Now all you have to do is find pink balloons, cushion covers, and pink food to create a subtle V-day decor.

9. crazy romantic feast

valentine's day decor for home

If there’s one thing that always works is candles and food. I cannot get enough of these dinner dates with Parav!

10. tent house in the backyard

easy valentine's day decor

Honestly, this is one of my dream ideas for celebrating V-day. I love the tent and cozy setup. And the fact you can do it in your backyard!!!

11. valentines Christmas tree

easy valentine's day decor

We all love our Christmas trees, but these valentines trees are a rage right now! You could easily reuse your X-mas tree and fluff it up all your valentines decor.

12. cutesy conversation heartstring

easy valentine's day decor
Courtesy: maddycorbin

Wondering how to decorate just a little bit but still hop on the v-day vibes? Guess, wall strings are it!

13. galentines decor

cute valentine's day decor
Courtesy: fromredtotoe

Single on valentines day? When are your gals gonna come in handy, LOL? Organize a cute breakfast with some Rosé and I bet you’ll have the best day ever!

14. subtle wine cart

cute valentine's day decor

How about a bottle of bubbly and candies? I think that’s the combo for tons of fun!

15. farmhouse dinner table

cute valentine's day decor farmhouse
Courtesy: fancyfixdecor

But if farmhouse is your aesthetic, make your soul happy with this rustic valentine’s day decor.

16. hotel valentine’s day decor

35 Gorgeous Valentine's day decorations You've ever seen
Courtesy: @miyahpliska

There’s nothing special than putting your creative juices to work. With little flowers, images, and balloons, you’re sure to charm your partner this time!

17. be mine mantel decor

35 Gorgeous Valentine's day decorations You've ever seen
Courtesy: tatertotsandjello

I am in love with how fetching yet subtle this decoration is. And don’t even get me started on how the 3-D heart strings.

18. heart macaroon cake

35 Gorgeous Valentine's day decorations You've ever seen
Courtesy: hauteofftherack

And what celebration is complete without a yummmmy cake? This one is so freakin’ aesthetic that if I was you, I’d never even cut it, LOL.

19. candles & flowers decor

valentine's day decorations

Remember I told you how candles and flowers are my things? This is what I was talking about. The vibes, the aesthetic, the gifts, and the lights are so hot that I cannot wait to do this for my love.

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20. rosegold balloons decoration

35 Gorgeous Valentine's day decorations You've ever seen

This has to get a WOW for you if nothing works. I am all for rose gold, and teddy and flowers just added that last splash of cuteness!

21. cute envelope napkins

valentine's day decorations
Courtesy: sandandsisal

This is a great valentine’s day decor example for how you can transform your everyday breakfast into V-day specials with just a little effort.

22. valentines hotel room

valentine's day decorations at home
Courtesy: howtheyasked

Another extravagant idea for jacking up your hotel room to have the best night of your life!

23. love cart

valentine's day decorations for home
Courtesy: lauralily

Yet another way of decorating a bar cart with minimal effort and a bucket full of love.

24. DIY table runners

diy valentine's day decorations
Courtesy: anightowlblog

Keep it simple and sassy with heart-shaped table runners, and add slight decor pieces like xo candles and plants for that subtle vibe.

26. balloon wall

diy valentine's day decorations

For a super simple V-day decor, assemble all sizes of balloons in such a way that they could stick from one corner of the wall to the other. I’d love to have a valentines or galentines lunch by it.

27. gals dinner decor

boho valentine's day decorations

Look at these fuzzy cushions and mats. I think more than balloons; they stole the show for me!

28. heart wall

35 Gorgeous Valentine's day decorations You've ever seen

If you would love some stunning photos, you could easily DIY this wall decor. You cannot imagine how cute the pictures will turn out to be.

29. valentines decor for the entrance

Are you not in the mood for too much this year? Then this valentines decor has got your back!

30. cute DIY table decor

35 Gorgeous Valentine's day decorations You've ever seen
Courtesy: design-fixation

If you are in the mood for some DIY, then this cutesy valentine’s decor has to be on your list.

31. outdoor valentine’s day decor

valentine's day decor

For the two of you, a picnic in your backyard is one last-minute date idea that could brighten your day like anything!

32. balloons and teddy bouquet

35 Gorgeous Valentine's day decorations You've ever seen
Courtesy: @jeepoppindesigns

Another extravagant bouquet idea, just in case you’re serious about wooing him/her away!

33. light cage decor

valentine's day decor

But if romantic diners are your thing, how can you go wrong with this beautiful, beautiful set up with fairy lights and everything? You can even use it for proposals 😉

34. romantic dinner set up

valentine's day decor

To cherish the love of your life, have this extraordinary dinner setup as your valentine’s day decoration.

35. theme tabletop tray

cute valentine's day decor

For subtle hints of V-day vibes, you could add a tabletop tray with candles, plants, gnomes and hearts. You could even do that at various different places in the house with a cute note for your partner.

final thoughts on valentine’s day decor

Hopefully, this gave you some fun ideas to play around with for your own Valentine’s Day decorating this year! I’d love to hear which one is your favorite in the comments below and feel free to share pictures of your final product if you decide to try any of these out.

As always, thanks for reading, and happy valentine’s day!

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