12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn’t know about!)

12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn't know about!)

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With winter weather on the horizon, learn how to effortlessly layer your sweater over a dress like a pro!

The cozy season is finally here, my fashionistas! 

But wait, are you still worried about dressing like a fashion terrorist under plain puffer jackets, worn-out jeans, and probably a couple of years old (yet comfortable, I must say) bobble hats? 

Well, well. Fret not, honey. You can still style yourself like a Vogue model and radiate feminine energy, something which seems impossible, especially in chilling winters. 

In this blog, I bring to you the much-anticipated answer to the million-dollar question — how to wear a sweater over a dress

But first, let’s learn about different types of sweaters and how to differentiate them, to add the right clothes to your wardrobe this season.

So, let’s begin!

But first, What sweaters to wear over dress?

There are basically 7 types of sweaters, most of which will be in your wardrobe as we talk.

1. Cardigans

Cardigans, a highlight of the Victorian era, are sweaters that open and close in the front through buttons. Recent designs have replaced buttons with zippers and hooks, and in some cases, even nothing — the cardigan remains open and hangs on both sides. 

Thus, there are numerous types of cardigans today — belted, boleros, cropped, boyfriend, buttoned, draped, hooded, long, etc. 

Here are some examples of cardigans:

12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn't know about!)

2. Pullovers

As the name suggests, pullovers are sweaters that you wear by pulling them over your head. They are pretty spacious compared to other options (excluding oversized, duh). They’re thicker than your cardigans and hence kept for snowy and snuggly seasons.

They come in various prints and colors, the most striking feature being their different necklines. You can have a pullover with a V-neck or a crewneck, depending on your preference.

Here are some examples of pullovers:

12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn't know about!)

3. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are the epitome of elegance. They are high-collared sweaters that cover your neck and can be folded at your convenience. Giving off a royal and supreme vibe, these are available in a wide range of styles — classic, cowl, funnel, cut-outs, and so on. 

Here are some examples of turtlenecks:

12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn't know about!)

4. Tunic Sweaters

A tunic sweater is a kind of pullover that has long, skinny sleeves, bottom slits at both sides, and ends slightly below the hips. These sweaters are ideal for petite body shapes to give the appearance of elongated arms. 

Here are some examples of tunic sweaters:

12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn't know about!)

5. Sweater Vests

A sweater vest is basically a knitted tank top or in the simplest words, a sleeveless sweater. Though initially worn solely by men, their popularity has been reborn with women’s fashion and has taken a new shape. In addition, sweaters vests with argyle patterns are all the rage these days.

Here are some examples of sweater vests:

12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn't know about!)

6. Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters are bulky in appearance but greatly cozy and comfortable when you wear them. They are loose, spacious, and warm and have long sleeves that can go beyond your wrists. 

Some of these sweaters are long enough to be worn as a dress with a pair of thigh-high socks. Lately, the world has been taken by these sweaters coupled with long skirts and dresses.

Here are some examples of oversized sweaters:

12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn't know about!)

7. Cable Knits

Although cable knitting is a method of knitting, today, it has become more of a sweater type in itself. The knits look like intertwined or twisted braids running all the way from the top to the bottom. You can find cable knits in the form of sweater vests, cardigans, as well as pullovers.

Here are some examples of cable knits:

12 Uber-Chic Ways to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress (You didn't know about!)

How to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress? I mean, how to style them?

1. Tuck In Your Sweater with Confidence

dress with sweater over it

Tucking in clothes surely makes you look more assertive — but have you ever tried tucking in a sweater? If not, this is your chance to flaunt a sweater in a neat and sleek manner! 

Now, this can be done in the following two ways:

  1. Front Tuck

Tie a knot at the front of your sweater using a hair elastic and twist it inwards. Align the remaining hanging-out part of your sweater at the back with the new level by simply folding it inwards and upwards. 

  1. Back Tuck

Tie a knot at the back of your sweater using a hair elastic and twist it inwards. Align the remaining hanging-out part of your sweater at the front with the new level by simply folding it inwards and upwards. 

2. Over the Belt

sweaters over dresses
Courtesy: @myfashionologybyrl

Say you’re not comfortable with adding a knot to your sweater since it might damage the fabric or just because it feels pokey, you can try the belt trick.

Wear your favorite sweater (preferably a Raglan style) and pick any belt. Don’t worry about the dissimilarity between your belt and the outfit since the former is going to be invisible.

Put on the belt over your sweater and buckle it up tight till you are comfortable. Now, slowly start pulling your sweater up, like you do with your shirts and let it fold over the belt. 

See if the level of the fold is enough to hide your belt and even. That’s it! You’ve got a tucked-in look without even doing it.

3. Under the Belt

dress with sweater
Courtesy: @andreea.ventzel

If you do have a matching belt and wish to flaunt it, the bottom of your sweater needs to go under the belt.

Wear the belt over your sweater and this time, instead of pulling the sweater up, start tucking the sweater below your belt inside it. You can stretch some fabric upwards to loosen the bit just above your belt.

However, if you do not want to tuck in your sweater, style your dress with a gorgeous cardigan and add a statement belt over it.

This way, you can fancy a flattering belt with and without a tucked-in sweater!

4. with Oversized Sweaters

sweater for over a dress
Courtesy: forevervanny

One of my personal favorites — if you have a soft corner for academia and want to show off a cozy and aesthetic look, go for the oversized sweaters!

Pick a bicolored or printed dress that could go with your oversized sweater. It’s better if the latter is a turtleneck, for that will be the cherry on the cake. Pair it with boots and even a scarf with a pretzel knot. 

5. Pullover or Cardigan Over a Mini/Maxi Dress

sweater for over a dress
Courtesy: chictalkch

Gilmore Girls fans, I’m sure you loved Sookie and Lorelai, often blending cropped cardigans with mini dresses and matching heels. 

Now that might be a bit freezing for winters, but you can still imitate that look with a bolero,  draped cardigans, and pullovers. 

One important thing you need to remember is that the hem of your sweater should fall near your waist — don’t go too short or long, lest your silhouette will be all messed up.

6. Sweater Over a Bodycon Dress

sweaters to wear with dresses
Courtesy: @lovedworld

For pregnant women who want to flaunt their baby bumps, there’s nothing like wearing a bodycon dress to highlight your body outline. Throw in a matching oversized or cropped sweater over a dress, and you’ve got yourself stealing the show!

One tip to style this successfully is to pick a sweater that ends right above your baby bump. Or if you’re going with oversized sweaters, you can tuck it at the front using a hair elastic or simply tie a front knot. Wear a high ponytail, sunglasses, and your best pair of heels to complete the attire.

I’m sure even your little one would be your biggest fan for donning such an iconic outfit!

7. Sweater Over Under the Dress

sweaters to wear over dresses

Yes, you read it right — sweater “under” the dress. 

Don’t you think it’s high time to dodge the same old ways of styling sweaters and add some twists?

Well, this is your chance to turn heads! Reverse things up a bit — wear a sweater inside a slip dress that coordinates well color-wise. 

It’s important to pick the right dress since there should be enough space within it to accommodate a woolen sweater and still add an airy appearance. 

You can also choose denim dungarees over a light-colored sweater and pair it with sneakers, a belt bag, and goggles for a casual look!

8. Tie the Knot (with Your Sweater!)

sweater over midi dress
Courtesy: toreytreasures

If wearing a sweater over a dress looks a tad bit plain for you, and you’re not a belt person, add the icing on the cake with a knot. 

Best-suited for sweaters with thin and stretchy fabric, take your sweater together in the front and put a hair elastic on that to form a sweater tail. Now, start twisting this tail into a circle — it should look like a small, cute bun. Finally, tuck the end of the tail into the bottom of the elastic.

Easy-peasy and attractive, a knot on your sweater is surely a great yet simple way to add effortless glamor. 

9. Sweater Vest Over a Dress

sweater to wear with dress

As casual as a sweater vest is, it’s also a great choice for formal occasions if you know how to style it.

Grab a long shirt dress and contrast it with a sweater vest. Accessorize it with a watch, a pair of ankle boots, and a sling bag. 

You can also match a sweater vest with a bodycon dress or a midi with ruffles at the bottom. A high-neck sweater vest can sprinkle elegance on your outfit. And if you’ve Korean bangs, you’re all set to rock this ensemble!

10. Layer jumper Over a Summer Dress!

sweater to wear over dress
Courtesy: @kate.deegan_

Adding a Raglan pullover to a summer dress is a must for the in-betweens of summer and fall, as well as winter and spring. 

The transitions between these seasons offer moderate temperatures — neither too hot nor cold. It’s perfect for layering over your favorite summer dresses without falling sick.  

Grab a dark-toned pullover and a white net dress. Pair them together with oxidized jewelry, boots, and a tote bag!

Cashmere blend sweaters are ideal for this style — they’ll keep you warm enough and not be irritating even when the heat is on.

11. long pullover over a short dress

sweater over short dress
Courtesy: @allisondelperdang

Pullover sweaters are a great way to add an extra layer and cover up for cooler days. But, when styling, it can feel tricky and clumsy. Here’s a tip – try it over a dress just as it is!

Layering is always in, but with this combination, you’re sure to be stylishly smashing. To do it right, make sure the dress is fitted and simple in design; that way, your pullover can be what stands out, and you’ll still feel comfortable.

Pick bright colors or fun patterns to mix and match – don’t be afraid to play around with different combinations and put your own spin on what stands out the most. And there you have it: A long pullover sweater over a dress is an easy styling trick to help you keep warm while looking stylish!

12. belt the sweater over a dress

sweater for dresses
Courtesy: @melissainstyle

The fun part about belts is that you can always find unique ways to style them. If not under, you can always style your sweater over a dress by cinching in your waist with a sleek belt.

No, you don’t have to flounce out your sweater here, just keep it all flat and cinch the waist in. If you have a belt matching your sweater, well and good, but if you don’t, fret not! You can always go for a belt matching your dress. It’ll also add a pop of color to the attire!

Bonus Tips & Tricks to Style Your Sweater Over a Dress

Besides tucking in a sweater or adding a belt, you can accessorize your outfit according to the season and better it. 

For example, you can wear a hairband or a hair scarf for sporting a spring look or go with sandals during summer for beachy & breezy attire. For snowy winters, it’s best to go under layers and complement your sweater vest with a matching coat and high heel boots.

You can also play with different types of bags — my favorite being a belt bag since it’s easy to carry and in the limelight nowadays. Plus, there are a variety of sweaters available with a myriad of compelling sleeve options!

Conclusion on how to style a sweater over a dress 

Mimicking a glamorous winter look of a celebrity in cashmere sweaters and elite wear might seem tricky, but trust me, it’s not. 

Fashion has become a lot more affordable today than it was decades ago, and with the above ways, you can easily flaunt a sweater-over-the-dress attire within your budget (or even your existing wardrobe).

So, try out different combinations from all the dresses and sweaters you have. Purchase a couple more to add new sweater types to your selection or bring out that school-time sweatshirt. 

Throw it over a ruffled dress and add a baseball cap and stilettos — you’ve got a charmingly unique and cool turnout!

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