How To Look Good Everyday: Tips to look more attractive

how to look good everyday

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how to look good – 18 ways to look more attractive and polished every day.

Oh, I know how important it can be to look good on some days. Maybe you have a meeting you want to shine in or a date or want to make a strong impression or you just want to know how to look good on casual days.

There’s nothing wrong in putting your most attractive and pleasing foot forward everyday or at times. And I know you will agree when I’ll say there are days when you just not feel yourself or look like, blah. And need that boost to look good.

So here are 18 ways to look more attractive all the time. Just add these rituals in your daily routine and you are all set with and easy-peasy answer to how to look good!

How to look good with minimum efforts

1. Have a good night’s sleep

how to look good by sleeping

Can I say this enough? We all know how important it is, but how many of you actually get it? I know I don’t. But I make it a point to schedule my beauty sleep and power naps whenever I know that I have to look my absolute best the next day.

You know you have grown up when you have to schedule your sleep, lol, Life happens.

From lesser puffy eyes, glowing skin, healthier hair, better appearance, lesser dark circles, and cloudier skin to almost every other need of your body depends on your sleep. So don’t let yourself escape that!

Plus, if you want to get the most out of your sleep, try investing in a silk pillow cover. It really does make a huge difference for your skin and hair and definitely helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles, doesn’t absorb your skincare, doesn’t dry out your skin or hair, and getting smoother frizz-free hair when you wake up. (Btw, switching to silk pillow covers is one of my 23 secrets to clear skin.)

How To Look Good Everyday: Tips to look more attractive

This one is my top recommendation. Now I have used costly silk pillowcases but this is one of my favorite 100% silk pillowcases for a very reasonable price. You must give it a shot!

2. get up a bit early than usual

Even if that means getting up 15 minutes earlier. You can do so much in that time that you have no idea. You can take a quick shower, dress up, do some makeup, or work out, make yourself breakfast, prepare for the presentation, and whatnot. You get the gist. 15 minutes may not seem like a lot, but in the morning, they are crucial af.

3. schedule a 10-minute workout

how to look good by working out

I personally use these extra 15 minutes to work out. Oh don’t take me wrong, I’m definitely 100% not a workout person. I just can’t.

But obviously, I have found an insanely easy way around it, typical me!

A 10-minute dance workout! Because small steps are way more important than the bigger ones like buying gym subscriptions.

It’s been 3 months since I have been practicing the workout routines from Pamela Reif, and oh god they are so easy, and just enough to make my heart beat faster and for that lovely flush of blood to my face which I call a healthy glow.

If you don’t have time in the morning, I suggest you do it in the evening. Even twice a day would work. It’s easy and you’ll love the natural glow!

5. care for your hygiene and smell good

how to look good by smelling good

You have to agree that there’s nothing more off-putting than a person who smells like sweat. And persons who smell nice and fresh look much more attractive and pleases our company. Idk, it’s natural.

So always make Hygiene a priority. Start your day with a quick shower, and always try to smell good (with or without perfumes). Also, if you can pick a perfume that you can call your signature scent, that’s even better.

An original, fresh smell can say a lot about you and can help you attract your kind of people. If how to look good is your question, then smelling nice and fresh is your straight answer.

And here are 19 genius tips on how to smell good all day long!

6. moisturize in the shower

Focus on the words, I said ‘in the shower’. Because moisturizing your body when your body is still a little wet can lock in the moisture and scent into your skin. The high humidity plus the water on your skin can be sealed onto your skin using a lotion after the shower. Plus, your skin will look good and moisturized all day long.

7. Try an ice massage

Wondering how to look good instantly? This trick will change your life! Get yourself an ice face roller or try rubbing an ice cube every morning after cleaning. You have no idea how better your skin will look and fresh it will feel.

Rubbing ice cube can help wake up your face, reduce the appearance of dark circles, calms and soothes acne on the face, reduce puffiness, give an illusion of closed pores and tight youthful skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, make your skin glow instantly, relieves sunburns and rashes, makes a flawless base for the makeup to sweep on and now I’m tired listing all these wonderful benefits.

If there is just one thing you want to do to look good naturally, THIS IS THE ONE!

8. have a right skincare routine

how to look good by skincare

Even though I strongly believe that every kind of skin is pretty and you should embrace it at any cost, caring for your skin and aiming for it to be healthy, clear, and supple is seriously no crime. I mean, it is the most important step to how to look good guide of yours.

I cannot stress this enough, but you got to have the RIGHT skincare routine for yourself. It doesn’t have to be 14268 steps or expensive af, it just has to be right and should fulfill your skin’s need.

Start with a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer, and end it with sunscreen. Even these 3 steps are more than enough for glowing healthy skin. You can add an antioxidant serum if you want, or toner if you think your cleanser does not balance pH level and that you need it. And yes, Steer clear from tons of skincare myths floating around!

Side note: If you are struggling with bad acne like I did and have tried literally all the products on the market, trust me, this acne skincare routine is all you and your skin needs. Even if you feel like this won’t work, give it shot!

9. style your hair

how to look good by hair care

Get your hair out of your way. Oh no, I mean, your hair is one big problem when you are struggling to look good. I wish I could keep my blow-dried hair as it is for weeks, but we all cannot.

So if you can choose a haircut that looks super cute and won’t require much effort, that would be easy.

But all of us cannot do that, I know, so keeping your hair healthy is our only option. So…

  •  Finding the right shampoo, conditioner, mask, and serum (whatever you use) is what you want to figure out first. Know what your hair needs, don’t go with what is best-selling or is the recent drop in the market. This article on choosing your shampoo is great. (And yes, you don’t have to use 4 items if you don’t want to. I use shampoo, mask, and serum as recommended by my stylist. Go find yours!)
  • Giving your hair extra love sometimes definitely pays off. I’m lovin’ Olaplex treatment for months now. God, it really does make your hair super soft, shiny, and healthy.
  • And avoid using styling products every day or even every other day. Either get permanent protein treatment done or embrace your natural lengths. But don’t use heat so often.

10. wear rightly fitted clothes

how to look good everyday

Yes baby girl, I know Ariana Grande looks killer in over-sized clothes but then she has got like 20 stylists to style her. And I’m not saying you cannot wear them, I’m just saying wear them when you know how to style them.

If you don’t, rightly fitted clothes made for your body shape and size are your answer to how to look good and polished every time you step out of your house, or someone steps into your house.

So take it seriously. Wear what you love and suits you the best. Know what colors look good on you. Explore your styleeeee. Have fun and experiment.

11. pick classy accessories

Ever felt like something’s missing even after you are all dressed up? Of course! Where’s a classy handbag? Or rings? Or earrings? Or maybe a necklace?

Rightly accessorizing your simple outfits just a little bit is a game-changer and actually helps you stand out in a crowd. Pairing a dainty necklace with an easy t-shirt and jeans outfit is what will make you look good and set you aside from all the others.

12. a little makeup won’t be cheating

With the right skincare and cute outfit, you may not even need makeup, but a little won’t hurt anyway. I mean, it only makes you look good and attractive and stunning and flawless and all the other adjectives.

If you are on no-makeup days, just lipstick and mascara are your jam. For natural makeup days, adding a concealer under eyes and on blemishes, if any and just a hint of blush is more than enough. On full-on glam days, well there’s not much you can do except using each and every product, lol.

I’m just saying, a 5-minute makeup routine to look good is seriously no Mt. Everest and you can invest that much time into yourself to look more attractive.

13. have clean and tidy nails

Now if you like a nice manicure, go get yourself one. Because babe, people are harsh and they can judge you for those chipped or yellow nails. So you better leave a nice impression with a flawless hand and nail set.

How To Look Good Everyday: Tips to look more attractive

But wait, if you cannot afford a fancy manicure (because who are we kidding, they are kinda expensive), soak your nails in warm water, remove the cuticles, file the nails yourself, and if not colored, then paint them with clear nail polish. In short, order a manicure kit and do it yourself.

Btw, no matter how you want them, try gel manicures for a while. As they last a bit longer than others and you can do that at home pretty easily, I think you’ll love them.

14. keep your lips soft & juicy

how to look good by taking caring of lips

You know lips can be a total game-changer when it comes to looking saucy and more attractive. So keeping them soft and healthy is one step towards looking better.

Take care of them. Scrub them twice or thrice a week but extremely gently. (I need to do it almost every day because of the dead skin accumulation on them, you choose you.) You can also use some lip masks once a week to give them that nourishment they deserve.

One lip mask I love is to use raw honey, apply a thick layer, massage it into the lips, and then keep it there for about 5-10 minutes. Wash it off normally. It’s easy and highly effective. But make sure you have scrubbed your lips before. More than lip scrubs, I like scrubbing them while brushing my teeth with the same toothbrush. Again, be gentle, they are your lips only.

Finish your lip care with a hydrating lip balm or gloss. I love the Neutrogena moisture shine lip soother gloss because it is hydrating and tinted, which is why I can use it just alone on no makeup days, yay!

15. keep your body posture straight

How To Look Good Everyday: Tips to look more attractive

Ever saw people beautifully dressed but walking with a hunched back? I’m sure that won’t be a very pleasing view to look at.

Your body posture actually says a lot about you. A straight posture tells that you are confident, healthy, and attentive.

So always make a point to sit and stand straight, not only it makes you look good but also helps protect your one and only spine, lol. Don’t waste all of your efforts like that, okay?

16. stay hydrated all the time

how to look good by drinking water

So so so so so important, staying fully hydrated all the time is one of THE most important factors to look good. Not just for your skin but your body as well, drinking enough water is as crucial as eating.

Approximately, you need to drink 6-8 glasses of water at a minimum, more the better. It will help flush out all the toxins, keep your skin healthy and glowing, make you attentive and energetic (which btw is very attractive), and help you with different kinds of diseases.

Now I know this is not an overnight thing, but trust, you’ll see results yourself within a week if you try to be consistent with it. Here are few more practical ways to stay hydrated all day.

17. eat well & stay fit

how to look good by eating well

Eating well and staying fit is an easy answer to how to look good. My mother has always taught me that what you eat is how you look.

So add raw fruits and veggies to your diet for the next 3 weeks, try fresh juices and smoothies, and fix a workout in your schedule. I’m sure all the glow and health is your way after this.

Since I don’t really need to lose weight, I try a 10-minute dance workout every day. Yes, a dance workout! It is just enough exercise for me, makes my heart beat faster, and gives my body strong movements.

18. smile more + be confident

You just cannot look good if you aren’t smiling and are not confident in whatever you are wearing or doing. You just cannot. So go babe, what are you waiting for? Throw that smile on and leave your insecurities at home if you are keen on making a strong impression.

A positive outlook and mindset will automatically make you more attractive. And confidence is the first and last secret ingredient if you want to know how to look good.

19. keep rose water handy

Oh yeah! how can I forget it? Rosewater is my secret weapon to look good and fresh all the time. I use it as a toner, as a face mist, as a makeup remover (sometimes), as a refresher when my makeup starts to look dull, and sometimes to even wake me up. And no, I don’t think I’m obsessed, lol.

But I do know that rose water doesn’t have any side effects and is one product I cannot live without. So you need to try it to look fresh and healthy. And yes, spraying rosewater consistently will help you get glowing skin, fade away acne marks, get rid of acne, and keep it clean and supple.

Final Thoughts on How to look good

The concept of how to look good starts with loving yourself, owning yourself, and being confident in whatever you try. Then comes the external factors of skincare, haircare, and nails.

Until and unless you start to feel pretty from inside, there’s no way your outer appearance can help you look good. So focus on what’s necessary for your inner self first, and then work on your outer self.

And this is how to look good and feel your very best whenever you feel like. Go look more attractive and kill the day babe!

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