47 stunning Blazer outfits That’ll make a case for you!

blazer outfits

Looking for some inspiration on how to style your blazers? Look no further! These blazer outfits will have you looking sharp in no time.

Someone once said, “I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” And I couldn’t agree more. There is something about putting on a great outfit that makes you feel like you can take on the world.

For me, one of those power pieces is a blazer. Blazers are versatile and stylish, and most importantly, they make you feel like a badass boss. Whether you’re looking to add a professional edge to your boring office outfits, a fun and flirty look for a night out, or something in between, there’s a blazer outfit just for you.

So scroll down to find the best outfits with blazers women can rock at any time of the day!

But first…lemme answer a few quick questions about the blazers.

What outfits go well with blazers?

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!

If there’s one thing that goes well with almost everything, it’s a trusty blazer. Wear it with dresses, jeans, t-shirts, button-down shirts, skirts, shorts, or even athleisure to make those jaws drop!

What should you not wear with a blazer?

When it comes to blazers, the question isn’t so much WHAT to wear, but rather what NOT to wear. So let’s start by crossing busy prints off the list. It’s generally best to avoid wearing a lot of busy prints with a blazer, as this can create too much visual noise. Also, the general rule of thumb is to avoid wearing anything too tight or revealing with a blazer, as this can look unflattering.

So the best way to think about what to wear with a blazer is to pair it with classic, simple pieces that will let the blazer be the star of the show. For example, you could wear a solid-colored shirt and pants combo with a patterned blazer, or you could wear a simple dress or skirt with a basic turtle neck or long-sleeve top.

What tops to wear under a blazer?

A blazer can add a very sophisticated layer to the outfit. But if the top under it does not match the vibe, you could easily create a flop outfit. Safer options are a classic button-down shirt or switch things up with a tank top or t-shirt – graphic t-shirts are stellar options.

Alternatively, you could get creative with a patterned blouse or summery scarf. The key is to make sure your outfit looks cohesive and put together. If you’re wearing a more casual t-shirt or tank, try pairing it with bold jewelry or statement shoes to dress it up.

Is blazer formal or casual?

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!

Ah, the age-old question – is a blazer considered formal or casual attire? The answer is – it all depends on how you wear it. A blazer paired with jeans and a t-shirt can give off a more casual vibe, while a blazer worn with dress pants or a skirt can lean towards a more formal look.

It also depends on the fabric and pattern of the blazer – a linen blazer in a bright color is definitely more on the casual side, while a tailored wool blazer in classic black or navy would pass as business attire.

Now that you know a bit about how to style them let’s see live examples of blazer outfits that’ll set the stage ablaze!

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chic blazer outfits to make a case!

1. All-black outfit with mini skirt

blazer outfits
Similar leather skirt | Combat boots

There’s nothing better than an all-black outfit. I’m yet to see people going wrong with this fit! Adding leather automatically makes a look 10x luxe and better.

With a one-hue attire, the key is to accessories well. Either a belt or jewelry would elevate the look in seconds.

2. satin top with flared jeans

blazer outfits
Same White blazer

If you are looking for a casually cute blazer outfit, satin tops and jeans are an easy way to add a hint of elegance. Throw on a blazer for an edgy, sophisticated look just like this.

Oh, if you have or want to buy a Gucci belt, be sure to check out these gucci belt outfits that are just so creative!

3. add a leather texture to the fit

blazer outfits
Similar leather blazer

My secret to looking stylish is adding a textured piece of clothing and leather is my personal favorite. It’s chic and trendy and instantly uplifts an outfit. Take a look at this cutely casual blazer outfit, it’s just so effortless!

4. white bralette + tweed blazer + jeans

blazer outfits
Similar white blazer

After black, white is a fan-favorite color that you rarely can go wrong with. It’s sophisticated and very classy. Pair a bralette with a blazer, and you’re good to hit the road in style!

5. blazer over a dress

blazer outfits

Blazer and dress is a combination that has rocked together since their existence. It’s super literally one of the easiest blazer outfits to pull up. Throw on a dress under a matching blazer.

I have many dress and blazer inspirations down below, so don’t forget to check them out!

6. bright-colored blazer outfit

blazer outfits
Similar hot pink blazer

I am in LOVE with hot pink right now. It attracts me like a magnet. Just look at this, I mean, wow. So subtle yet super stylish.

A bright pop of color is all you need to look dressed to the nines.

7. neutral blazer with vibrant pants

blazer outfits
Same wide leg pants | cheetah print bag

Girlllll, this is such a juicy fit, I am sure I miss mimosa right now.

Put on bright-colored pants and keep the crop top and blazer neutral-toned for a casually chic outfit with a blazer. See how easy it is to style a blazer?!

8. flowy top + denim skirt

outfits with blazer
Similar mint blazer | denim skirt

Denim skirts are a quick summer look I personally live for. They go with everything and make the whole look cute and sexy. But what can add a nice edge to the fit? Lemme think…A blazer!

I love this pastel moment going on and how easy-breezy this outfit looks.

9. all black outfit with white blazer

outfits with blazer
Same white blazer | Courtesy: @carodaur

White and black are an age-old combo that can never get out of style. You really don’t have to think much about it. If you are in a more fun zone, try throwing a unique colored blazer instead of white.

10. all blue blazer outfit with denim shorts

outfits with blazer
Similar blue blazer

Who said denim shorts don’t go with blazers? There are just a handful of things not suited for this versatile piece, and shorts are not one of them.

I adore the whole blue moment and seriously LOVE this blazer outfit. It’s cute, fresh, and elegant at its best!

11. pair blazers with wide leg pants

outfits with blazer
Courtesy: @ooliviamiller

For a classic professional look, pair your blazer with your basic tank top and wide-leg pants, and closed-toe shoes. An oversized blazer or not, this outfit is sure to make heads turn at the office and make you feel like a total boss!

12. crop blazers + leather pants

outfits with blazer
Similar leather pants | Same cropped blazer

The street-style aesthetic has become huge. And do not even get me started on the leather pants and the Jordan trend! They are everywhere!!

Also, cropped blazers are slowly making their place in the industry. They are great for a Gen Z kind of trendy aesthetic.

Girllll, if you don’t already own one, these spectacular leather pants outfits will force you to buy leather pants!

13. button-down shirt and jeans

outfits with blazer

As classic as this blazer outfit is, I just cannot get enough. I am all over the bright red, flared jeans and my most favorite white button-down shirt. It’s everything I could ever ask for, lol.

Professionalism with a pinch of sass and a bucket full of confidence is what this fit is about.

14. striped top + jeans

women outfit with blazer
Courtesy: @mariamlifestyle_

Whether you’re running to the grocery store or taking the dog for a walk, you are sure to kill the people with sass in this outfit. A normal tee and jeans would have worked just fine, but a blazer just made this fit 100x more edgy and smart, didn’t it?

15. tank top + crop blazer outfit

women outfit with blazer
Courtesy: @chloeashoori

One of my favorite ways is to style a blazer with jeans. It looks chicly casual and very effortless. Either ripped or not, jeans and a blazer are a duo to stay!

For a very laid-back and relaxed look, opt for a cropped blazer and tank top. It’s the perfect coffee date outfit and gives off a solid vibe.

16. color block with blazers

women outfit with blazer
Similar orange top | Same Hot pink blazer

Really wanna make those jaws pop out of their necks? I wish you don’t, but still…

This is just the runway-appropriate outfit you need. It’s a fashion statement!! Choose three colors that complement each other well. Hot pink and orange are hugeee. I love how she wore a deep neck crop top and the skin show breaks the colors and makes the outfit eye-candy!

17. statement color blocking

women outfit with blazer
Same blue blazer | orange pants

Girl, if this is not the how you color block, I don’t know what is. It’s a beautiful mix-up of orange and royal blue with hints of white to give it a break.

This is what I’m wearing for a company takeover whenever that happens!

18. styling a scarf and jeans

women outfit with blazer

Learn it from the queen herself, you would not see blazer looks with so much creativity put on. The scarf and all the colors are so beautifully coordinated, and I love how everything ties together.

19. bright blazer over a skirt set

women outfit with blazer
Similar hot pink tweed blazer

This is what I mean when I say fashion has no rules. You would not see a baseball cap with such a dressy outfit, but this look is just so stunning.

It’s the pop of hot pink over white that’s creating a whole moment here, but don’t ignore the cap playing the field too!

20. tucking a blazer in your pants

women outfit with blazer
Courtesy: @yasminbright

Get on the streets by half-tucking your blazer into a pair of high-waisted jeans. Bonus points if it’s leather pants. This is a total fashionista look, and if you can carry this well, there’s nothing out of your league!

21. mini skirts with long boots

women outfit with blazer
Courtesy: @marty_nnnka

Mini skirts and blazers go together like a charm. On nights when you want to dress up but don’t want to go full-on formal, reach for your trusty blazer. Teaming your blazer with a glamorous mini skirt creates an effortlessly chic look that’s perfect for dinner and drinks with friends.

Complete the look with some knee-high boots, and you’ll be ready to paint the town red!

22. belting an oversized blazer

blazer outfits women

Do you too wish to look as sexy as Emily Ratajkowski while walking your dog? Belt down your oversized patterned blazer with trusty jeans and boots and let the paps do their thing – in the usual case, our friends with a camera!

23. two-piece tweed blazer set

blazer outfits women
Same tweed blazer set

Tweed co-ord sets are all over the internet. They are casual yet so smart and look stunning. Pair them with thigh-high boots, and you’re good to make them wow.

24. same pattern blazer + shorts set

blazer outfits women
Buy this same set

Sets like these are nothing but fabulous. They are statement-making pieces worth every penny!

how to style outfits with blazer & a dress

You know blazers and dresses are best friends. You can wear them to a date, a girl’s night out, a wedding, or even a runway! This combo cannot disappoint you if you know how to carry it. See dress outfits with blazers below to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

25. blazer over a short slip dress

blazer outfits women
Courtesy: sarahstylesseattle

Slip dresses are such luxuriously classy pieces – a must-have for sure! Wear your blazer as a top over a flowy dress or slip for an effortless and put-together look. Make sure the hues of both pieces are complimenting.

26. over a maxi dress

blazer outfits women
Courtesy: @lea.muhigi

Only if blazers had a limit of outfits it can create. Pair it with printed maxi dresses to cool down the print and make a classy blazer outfit.

27. over a mini bodycon dress

blazer outfits women
Same purple blazer

How can we forget our favorite mini ones? I absolutely love this attire with long boots and a purple blazer. Everything’s just so feminine but still edgy!

28. color blocking with long slip dress

blazer outfits women
Courtesy: @irregular_wear

If you wish to make jaws drop in a day event, create this outfit, women! It’s brilliant how these opposite colors come together and make such a gorgeous fit.

This is why I love fashion, you can make everything work if you know the how!

29. over a sweater dress

blazer outfits women

Who doesn’t like the extra layers when it’s freezing cold outside? Try layering your blazer over a sweater dress. This creates an interesting visual effect and adds some texture to your outfit.

30. over a slip dress for a night out

outfits with blazers
Courtesy: @erinoffduty

This indeed, is my favorite dress outfit with a blazer. Just. So. Beautiful.

I think this’ll be my outfit for our fifth-year relationship anniversary. It’s on Christmas and you know how cold it can get!

31. monochrome blazer outfit

outfits with blazers
Courtesy: @nina_walder_

Girlllll, I’m dead! This is just to show how to wear the same color family in one outfit and set the streets on fire. It’s freakin’ gorgeous.

32. slip dress and sneakers

outfits with blazers

Add a street style to your dressy fits with chunky/platform sneakers. Ever thought slip dresses could look dainty with sneakers? So that’s that.

32. get a blazer dress

outfits with blazers
Similar blazer dress

Look at this boss girl outfit with a blazer dress. They are ultra-chic and give a strong, powerful vibe.

33. neutral blazer outfit

outfits with blazers
Courtesy: @hkcung

This is what I mean when I say dresses and blazer outfits can be worn to classy events like weddings and openings. This neutral fit is mouth-watering as well as very edgy!

34. with a sweatshirt dress

outfits with blazers
Similar sweatshirt dress | pink blazer

What about sweatshirt dresses? Who says sporty and blazers don’t go together, huh?

how to create women’s outfits with blazer in athleisure

Let me prove to you blazer and athleisure are one of the best street-style combinations to pick this year!

35. pantsuit with an open front sweatshirt

outfits with blazers
Similar black blazer

Feeling fancy? Make athleisure wear fashionable by wearing your hoodie under your blazer – perfect for those days when you just can’t even.

36. blazer over a sporty shorts set + heels

outfits with blazers
Similar yoga shorts set

Who thought blazers could work with short yoga sets as well? Above all, I am more interested in how these green heels add femininity and style to this edgy blazer outfit.

37. sweatshirt and shorts

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!
Same black blazer

From couch to running errands? Throw a blazer over your sweatshirt and cycling shorts and make the easiest yet comfiest blazer outfit you’ll ever wear!

38. sweatpants and baseball cap

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!
Courtesy: @its.me.romy

Can’t come out of those sweatpants? I mean, it’s so cold, I’d stay in my pajamas for days!

39. all white outfit with cargo jeans

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!
Same black blazer

Get inspired from Jennifer on how to wear whatever you are comfortable in and still manage to look stylish. This cargo blazer outfit is so chic yet so sophisticated.

40. with tank top + yoga pants & cap

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!
Courtesy: @divrav

I don’t know how much I know about fashion, but if this is not the fanciest blazer outfit on the list, i don’t know what is. Fancy, not in the usual sense but out of my mind sense. I could have never imagined wearing blazers like this.

41. loose pajama & t-shirt

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!

Yes, please, make more outfits with pajamas!!! This street-style fit has to be your go-to fall look, trust me!

42. leggings, shirt & sweater

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!

For the ones who say you cannot wear a sweater under a blazer, you just need to know how to layer clothes without creating bulky layers like this blazer outfit!

42. sweater dress with a mini skirt

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!

Sweater dresses are so versatile and pretty. You can wear them in so many, seriously! And layering a blazer over is just one of them.

And if you’ve got a sweater dress but don’t know what shoes to wear with it, these shoes will make your sweater dress look 500x cuter!

43. belted blazer dress outfit

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!

Cinch in your waist by adding a belt to your blazer – an instant hourglass figure!

44. blazer co-ord set with sneakers

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!

It’s high time to get a trendy co-ord set and pair them with sneakers for a trendy, sporty look.

How do you style a blazer casually?

You know what, styling a blazer doesn’t have to be all business – with just a few simple tweaks, you can rock the look on a casual outing. Start by selecting a blazer in a fun, playful fabric or pattern. Not feeling bold? Team it with distressed denim and white sneakers for an effortless vibe.

Or, switch out your go-to tee for a feminine camisole and throw on some statement earrings to dress it up. Accessorize with crossbody bags or clutches instead of carrying a briefcase to complete the cool, casual look.

The key is to mix and match unexpected elements to give your blazer outfit its own unique twist. Trust me – you’ll leave those suit-clad corporate types wondering how you nailed weekend chic in professional attire, lol.

How should a blazer fit on a woman?

Ladies, listen up – when it comes to blazers, fit is everything. A blazer should skim your body without being too tight or too loose. If the shoulders are too big or the sleeves hang past your wrists, it’s not the right fit for you, even when you’re going for an oversized look.

As for length, the bottom of the blazer should hit your hips, creating a balanced silhouette. And don’t forget about button placement! The middle button should sit right at your natural waistline when standing upright.

My pro tip? Take a friend shopping with you and have them snap a few photos from different angles so you can really see how the blazer looks on you. With the perfect fit, a blazer will instantly elevate any outfit.

Can you wear a sweater under a blazer?

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!
Courtesy: @thestylestalkercom

You’ll find all sorts of answers to this one. Some argue that it’s uncomfortably stuffy, while others swear by the cozy layering technique. My personal take on this? Go for it! As long as the proportions are right (i.e. the sweater should be slim-fitting and not too bulky or chunky) and the colors complement each other.

Wearing a sweater under a blazer can add an extra dose of warmth and visual interest to your outfit as well. Plus, it’s always better to be slightly too warm than freezing in a chilly office or outdoor event; ask a cold-blooded animal like me, it’s true advice!

Which color blazer is best?

47 stunning Blazer outfits That'll make a case for you!

You do you, girls! A blazer is such an essential that if you are a hoarder like me, you will buy one in every color.

But if you are big on making investments for your wardrobe, start off with neutral colors – the usual black, tan, white or navy blue. They have a slightly more versatile and timeless appeal. Then add trendy, statement colors after. Hot pink is a huge trend.

And who says blazers have to be solid colors? Patterned options like plaid, checkered or stripes are fun options that still exude professionalism.

Is blazer with jeans OK?

You know what? I say wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. Fashion has long been ruled by rigid rules and outdated norms, but who’s to say that a blazer can’t be worn with jeans? Because let me tell you, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to personal style.

Just mix and match until you find something that speaks to your unique identity, and be unafraid to break the traditional “rules” of fashion. So go ahead, rock that blazer with jeans, or throw on some reflective sunglasses at night.

final thoughts on women outfits with blazers

The next time you need some outfit inspiration, don’t forget about the power of the humble blazer! Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, there’s a blazer outfit just for you. So whatever the occasion may be, reach for your trusty blazer and get ready to Blazin’!

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