12 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas to try if you suck at makeup

halloween makeup look easy

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Let me start by clearly saying, Halloween makes me really nervous. No seriously. With October fast approaching, it builds this huge pressure as a makeup lover to create those artistic Halloween makeup looks which in my opinion are either a work of professional makeup artists or Picasso. Nope, there’s no in-between.

And trust me, people out there are creating out-of-the-world art pieces in the name of easy Halloween makeup looks which people like me just look at with their mouth wide open and wondering, hello? Wh…at just happened? How your cute little face went haunted in exactly two minutes? H…ow?

Maybe that’s why every year, I dig really deep to try and find out easy Halloween makeup looks that I actually can create with the makeup I have (or maybe just a few face paints I have to buy) and which does not show how much I suck at artistic makeup.

Also, if you are here to look for some very easy last-minute Halloween makeup inspiration, I know you’ll definitely find something that you will absolutely love. Keep sticking!

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12 Last-minute Easy Halloween makeup looks

1. Harley Quinn

easy halloween makeup looks

Harley Quinn is one of the most loved Halloween characters. And even though you can create different versions of it, lemme show the simplest one. Grab a pair of blue contact lenses and a blue wig for the hair.

Then, apply a blue and pink eyeshadow in the messiest way over and below eyelids with a strong inner corner highlight and a small heart beneath.

For the lipstick, you just have to apply your good ol’ red lipstick and then mess it up with your hands themselves. You just have to mess everything up, lol! It sounds so fun and easy.

Recreate this makeup look with:

2. Female Joker

easy halloween makeup looks

If you can’t create a real (difficult) Joker then pick up your makeup brushes and create a glam Joker look. With a purple smokey eye and an overlined smudged red lipstick, this easy Halloween makeup idea can be created with everything you have in your makeup bag.

Natural contouring, elongated eye-liner, alphabets made with sketch eyeliner, huge lashes, and red line across the other eye which you can totally create with a lip brush and lipstick, makes it stand out from the usual looks we see all the time.

Also, you cannot overlook green hair spray and green eyebrows which makes it look a little spooky.

Recreate this look with:

3. Black Witch

At first glance, I know you will say that this is how is this an easy Halloween makeup look. I get you and I felt the same because I thought that they are black glitters under the eye. But they are not.

They are just small shapes and dots created by black liquid eyeliner. And with pigmented silver eyeshadow, the inner corner highlight has been done. Complete the look with black lipstick and a purple wig and you are set to go!

Recreate this look with:

4. Giraffe Makeup Look

What a cute Halloween makeup look it is! And the easiest! You can totally create these giraffe spots with makeup, but what if I tell you that you can cut a few sponges in uneven spots and dip them into a dark color foundation, apply them closely onto your face, and set them?

There you have them. Create a simple brown smokey eye and two half knots on the head. A nude lip and you are done.

Recreate this easy look with:

5. Melted Ice-Cream Look

halloween makeup looks
Get the tutorial at kindlyunspoken.com

I know what you are saying, hold on and listen. You just have to color your face with face paint. That’s it. Draw an almost invisible line cutting the center of the forehead and the other from one eye to another cheek. And just paint them white, blue and pink. Take colored eyeliners and draw small lines to create sprinklers.

For that fake ice cream, take a cone and glue some cotton with it. Next glue some sprinklers to the cotton. Add sprinklers only to the side of the cotton and not in the center because that part has to stick with your face.

Your ice cream cone is ready! Add a Shiny Magenta lipstick and draw brown criss-cross lines on your neck to give it a cone vibe. It is not very easy, but not that much difficult too. A pair of blue lenses and long lashes would complete the look!

Recreate this look with:

6. Normal or Devil makeup look

easy halloween looks

Look how a single contact lens can elevate a look from glam to scary. You don’t have to do much but just wear a spooky lens in one eye and do normal glam makeup as you would do on the other. Don’t go overboard with eyeshadow.

Just a usual brown golden smokey eye. Then, start creating scary stitches with red and white eyeshadows. Take your sweet little time to make them look real and that’s everything you have to do for this Halloween makeup look. Here’s one of the simplest makeup tutorials to create cuts and stitches on the face.

Recreate this makeup look with:

7. Hell or Heaven Makeup Look

Some Halloween makeup looks just seem difficult when actually they are not. But, you definitely need to invest some time to make them perfect. This is the same case. So for this, take glue and paste your eyebrows.

Let them dry and cover them with red and blue eye shadow colors. Now, Take a red/magenta eyeshadow and spread the color on the eyelids and below the eye. Blend it really well to make it look clean. Do the same on the other eye with a blue color.

Finish it off with a beautiful inner corner highlight and an eyeliner. Go overboard with blush and draw some freckles all over. Draw goat horns over one eyebrow and halo over the other. Finish it off with a highlighter, glossy lips, and a devil tail.

Recreate his makeup look with:

8. Devil Eyes Look

easy halloween makeup
Source: @ada_chudziak

Pro Tip: Coloured Contact Lenses have the power to take a Halloween look from 10 to 100, haha. For this look, you literally don’t have to do anything. Just fluff out your lashes, do a brown smokey eye, have a nude lip, a simple devil tail over one eyebrow and that is all it. Seriously!! Don’t forget to use the devil horns since they are the heroes of this look.

Recreate this makeup look with:

9. Lady Elf

easy halloween makeup looks

With literally only pink eyeshadow in hand and dramatic eyelashes with long plumes, You can create this girly Halloween makeup look very easily. Take a big fluffy brush and use the pink color as a contour, bronzer, blush, and on neck and collar bones.

Create a pink smokey eye and finish it off with these lashes, matte lipstick topped off with highlighter, pink wig, and elf ears. Who’s the cutest elf in the group?

Recreate this makeup look with:

10. The Classic Cat Makeup Look

Halloween just can get over without a cat. I guess they are the most versatile makeup looks. You can be as simple as a cat with whisks and go until the hottest cat the world has ever seen.

With this look, you’ll obviously be the hottest one. And you’ll definitely don’t have to do much. Start with a brown and golden smokey eye and graphic eyeliner. Add shiny inner corner highlights and large lashes.

For the nose, make it as sharp as you can with contouring and draw a cat nose over the tip with a sketch eyeliner. Then draw the whisks and lips with the same liner. Grey contact lenses would just elevate the look further if you don’t have them naturally.

Recreate this look with:

11. Female Clown

Just a little level up from the easy Halloween makeup, this lady clown is the perfect look to go. The only thing you need after your regular makeup is white face paint. To create this, Draw a heart with face paint and fill it in.

Stick your eyebrows with glue and cover them with wine eyeshadow. Do a light pinkish-wine-ish smokey eyeshadow with wine elongated eyeliner and heavy lashes. Go overboard with blush, draw a little heart and finish it off with wine lipstick.

Honestly, this is not that difficult. It’s only the white heart part that’s a little tricky, right?

Recreate this look with:

12. The Dripping Face Paint Makeup

easy halloween makeup looks
Source: Here

“Oh My God, this is not an easy Halloween makeup. Stop showing it!” Before you say that lemme tell you it is ONE OF THE EASIEST Halloween makeup you’ll ever find.

You just have to create a glam colorful makeup look only on one side just as you’d create normally. Then take a white eyeliner and create lines like a paintbrush has rolled over your face. Now, paint your face with white face paint.

Can’t be easier!! Make sure to apply that paint to the start of your hair to make it look real and paint your neck too. Voila!

Recreate this makeup look with:

Guess that is just it for the all the easy Halloween makeup looks that won’t boggle your mind and you still will STAND OUT from the crowd. Trust me, girl, If I can think of doing it you sure can actually create it!

If you liked any of the above looks, please care to share since it would mean the absolute world to me. Happy Halloween!!

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Easy Halloween makeup ideas

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