12 Tips on How to stay hydrated in the heat

12 Tips on How to stay hydrated in the heat

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How to stay hydrated

You just cannot argue with the fact that drinking adequate water should be an important ritual every single person needs to follow in their life. With all the exertion and exercise you do on a daily basis, you lose near about 40% of water during it. Which is insane. right?

But as much as you love the sun and eating a lot of watermelons, summers certainly bring us dehydration, sweat, and of course mugginess. Despite, all of what the sun is doing to us, keeping yourselves and your body hydrated and healthy is the toughest job you’ll have to do in summers. And that is why I bring you 12 incredible tips on how to stay hydrated in the heat!

Advantages of staying hydrated

Just to make you feel a little motivated for drinking enough water, here is how water can help you stay healthy by doing nothing.

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Prevents dry mouth
  • Regulates body temperature levels
  • Gets you a glowing supple skin
  • Toxins will flush out easily
  • Increases muscle efficiency
  • Improves digestion
  • Makes acne and blemishes disappear within a month’s time
  • You feel less fatigue
  • Helps improve your mood instantly
  • It can lubricate your joints

Practical tips on how to stay hydrated

1. Detox water

how to STAY HYDRATED IN the heat

Detox water is basically normal water infused with some yummy yet hydrating kitchen ingredients like watermelon, cucumber, mint, ginger, lemon, and whatnot. Check out some interesting recipes of delicious detox water, just in case.

Now, why to add this to your routine? Because, It tastes good, helps in weight loss, make your skin clear and glowing, boosts your metabolism, makes you less fatigue, and much more.

Just by adding a few slices of fruits and veggies into the water! That’s insane!

2. Have fruits and vegetables with high water content

how to STAY HYDRATED IN the heat

I understand that you cannot gulp glasses of water all day. Instead, replace that boring task by eating fruits with high water content like watermelon (my favorite mention), rasberries, oranges, cucmbers, melons, etc.

3. Set an reminder for every two hours


This is so practical and useful because when someone (or something in this case) is constantly telling you to do a thing, you are bound to that more often and compulsorily. I prefer setting up alarms from 9 am to 1 am in the night because that’s when I’m awake on a usual day. And if you see, it comes for 8 glasses of water which I think should be your minimum target.

4. start by setting up a goal

Talking of minimum target, I find it much easier when I have to do stuff in fewer proportions, and I think it goes with everybody. So I suggest, that you start by setting up a target, say, 1 liter of the bottle each day. When you are able to achieve that for 3-4 days straight, increase that level to 1.5 bottles and then to 2 and so on. This will train your mind in drinking water and will keep you full and hydrated.

5. drink before having some snacks

how to STAY HYDRATED IN the heat

Want to know how to stay hydrated? Try this trick! Drink a glass of water before munching on some snacks when you feel dry and hungry, especially during odd hours. It can early in the morning or at midnight.

6. tell yourself why you need it

When I decided to stay hydrated no matter what, that was because I was dealing with acne and dull skin and I wanted healthy glowing skin asap. So I started drinking water reminding myself of glowing skin and how I’m eager to get it.

If you add a good benefit to a task which drinking water here, your reasons can be staying hydrated and supple, being more active, having glowing skin, or staying at bay from pigmentation, you’ll be drinking much more water than you even require. Because you got to have that girl!

7. keep water available to you 24*7


And by that I mean, have a water bottle around you always so that you can gulp some whenever you feel like or your alarm says to.

I prefer keeping a water bottle in every room I spend the most time in the house or having a small, light water bottle in your bag you take to college or even shopping.

8. get yourself a clear water bottle

12 Tips on How to stay hydrated in the heat

How drinking from a clear water bottle will be helpful is, that you can see how much water you have already consumed and how more you have to go. It would be a clear demarcation that babe, there are still four glasses to go! ( 1 liter of a bottle has around 4 glasses of water in it).

9. fruit juices with high water content

12 Tips on How to stay hydrated in the heat

I love me a good juice which because it’s easy, watery, and less work than cewing on fruits for my lazy ass!

Having watermelon juice, or lemon water or even coconut water is what’s the best part of heat. You can even go for green tea to stay hydrated during summers. It’s not about water, it’s about hydration.

10. invest in a cute bottle

I don’t know about you, but I would love a cute bottle to go back to just to use it and drink from it. Yes, I’m a kid! And I actually do that. I cried for a cute pink bottle to my mum just so I could drink water. Embarrassing facts 101 about me.

11. stay at bay from carbonated drinks

12 Tips on How to stay hydrated in the heat

I personally haven’t drunk any carbonated drinks in all the years I have lived on this planet but I know most of you love it and some of you can’t even survive without it.

You may say carbonated drinks can hydrate you as well since they are basically water, but, you are drinking a whole lot of chemicals and bad ingredients along with the water which is obviously going to do more harm than good. I don’t recommend packed juices as well. Instead, go for fresh juices or just detox water.

12. drink after you pass out

We know we pass out water with toxins when we urine. Then, that means, our body is loosing water. So hydrate yourself with half a glass of water after you pass out urine. It will help you replenish what you just lost.

How to know you are well hydrated?

The simplest way to know that you are staying hydrated is to check the color of your urine. It’s not gross okay? A healthy, well-hydrated body must have pale yellow colored urine. More like lemonade or very similar to normal water with a slight yellow tint. If you are peeing orange juice, You know what I’m gonna say, GO GET SOME WATER!! It is not healthy.That’s how to know you are on the right track.

And there are 12 tips on how to stay hydrated for you. No matter what you follow, always make drinking enough water a priority. Btw, do you have other helpful tips people can take it? Comment them down below!

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12 Tips on How to stay hydrated in the heat
12 Tips on How to stay hydrated in the heat
12 Tips on How to stay hydrated in the heat


  1. I second your idea to pick up a water bottle that you enjoy. I found a self-filtering Brita water bottle that was clear (so I could see my water levels) and had a cute look to it (little green striped designs). Not only does the fact it’s filtered help my water taste better, but having it on hand definitely encourages me to drink more!

  2. This is soo helpful and idea of setting alarm is the most i liked. Thank you so much gorgeous!!

  3. This is so helpful. I loved every idea of yours and haven’t read it anywhere else. You are good at it, girl!

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