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Who wouldn’t want a skin that glows without a highlighter? Or looks healthy and beautiful without any makeup? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US WOULD.

Just going and looking at someone’s skin and thinking maybe that’s their genes is quite normal for us. But knowing that they actually care and look after their skin day and night to look like that is not everyone willing to hear. Because who even wants to put efforts themselves?

My skin care story

Believe me, I had the worst skin of my life until last year. I always had this tiny acne and whiteheads all over my forehead and a lot, A LOT, of acne on cheeks, chin and nose. Basically, all over my face.

I started to lose confidence in myself and became very insecure. Which definitely never helped. So One day, I just decided that now onwards, I won’t give my skin any reason to act up any time of the day. I was determined to achieve healthy skin which was certainly acne-free.

So switched up my skin care game with these skin care tips and Woohoo! I started to see results within two sharp months. Because I had a huge wedding to attend in January so couldn’t afford to look like what I did. And from January till today, I have been consistent with these skin care tips and So freakin’ happyyyy! But, it takes effort. And it’s not easy. But it’s so worth it!

Pro tip: If you intend to follow just half of these skincare tips, you’ll start to see a huge difference already. So start step by step. Don’t you worry! You’ll get there. You’ll too have beautiful skin.

skin care tips

Skin care tips that will seriously change your skin care game

SKIN CARE TIP #1 Hydrate yourself!

I have said it a million times on this blog itself. You freaking need to keep yourself hydrated 24*7 else all the below tips would just not work on you. Hydration is the key! And the first most important thing to do if you are aiming for clear skin. I and many people have seen kick-ass results in terms of skin. WATER IS INDEED THE GREATEST THING ON THIS PLANET!

If you are finding it difficult to drink water no matter what, I suggest you to start following these practical tips on keeping yourself hydrated all the time. They definitely work!

SKIN CARE TIP #2 Cleanse your face twice a day

skin care tips

Cleansing is another very important step for better skin. But first, what needs you want your cleanser to fulfil. Then, start looking for that one cleanser that would work wonders for you.

Also, you have to, HAVE TO, wash your face once in the morning before leaving for work and then in the evening after you have come home from work/college and not planning to leave home.

I would want you to look for ingredients such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil or BHA’s if you are prone to acne. I use a dermat recommended facewash which I believe is only available in India. But other than that I have used Neutrogena anti-acne face wash which had great results as well!

SKIN CARE TIP #3 Moisturise every single day

You heard me right! I talk about this on why you need to do that in my skin care myths post.

For oily skin types, look for water/gel-based moisturiser and for people with normal to dry skin, I recommend to go for a heavy but non-greasy moisturiser.

Pro tip for oily skin: You can totally skip the moisturiser in the morning if you think it feels quite heavy all day. But make sure to use a little extra at night to help your skin revive and glow overnight.

What I love and recommend all the time is Neutrogena Hydro boost moisturizer

SKIN CARE TIP #4 Use a face mask once/twice a week

I’m totally obsessed with face masks. You blame me, I blame their results. They really do great things for your skin. I usually love a DIY face mask with fuller’s earth or Clay masks.

Clay masks are uu-hh-mmaaa-zingggg things to use. They deep cleanses and detoxifies your skin and make them squeaky clean. The only clay mask I use and recommend is Aztec Indian healing clay mask. You can see it’s review here.

Pro tip: Start muti-masking if you feel that your skin has various needs. I tend to have combination skin in winters i.e oily T-zones and dry cheeks. So I use a clay mask on my t-zone and honey mask on cheeks. Works the best!

SKIN CARE TIP #5 Never squeeze a pimple if you don’t know how to

Yes, I said if you don’t know how to. That’s because there’s a correct way of popping pimples and if not done properly, you will obviously scar your skin and cause huge dents. Which are almost very difficult to cure. So better avoid this at first. Go check the correct way to pop a pimple in this skin care myths posts. It would help!

SKIN CARE TIP #6 Treat your dark spots as soon as possible

You get a pimple. You apply your acne treatments. A pimple starts to vanish. LEAVES A DARK SPOT. As soon as you see a dark spot, run for your dark spot treatment and apply it on clean skin. Dark spots take a lot of time to get going from your face. You need to start working on that asap. Okay? Yup good! You are quite smart, btw. I’m totally impressed.

SKIN CARE TIP #7 You Do not need a complex skin care routine

I’m a sweet and simple skin care routine kinda person. I don’t know how serums work or if they even do. I have steer cleared my skin without them. So I guess serums/facial oils are not that necessary.

Additionally, drugstore skin care products work as beautifully as a luxury. Need not to invest in Gucci anymore! A good cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen are the most crucial products. The second comes eye creams and lip balms. Then serums. ( for me )

You can know how to find the perfect sunscreen for your skin type here!

SKIN CARE TIP #8 Massage your skin care products into the skin

I didn’t even knew this was a thing until my dermat told me about it. Passing on the juice, you see!

Apparently, when you massage your skin care products into the skin, it seeps much better, it increases some kind of blood circulation. I don’t know but what I know is that this science does work. I find an instant glow on my cheeks whenever I do it. Maybe this increases blood flow to that area. Worth a try at least?

SKIN CARE TIP #9 Get your face steamed twice a month

skin care tips

You absolutely don’t need any fancy steamer (if you have, yay!) or anything like that you can totally steam your face by keeping a towel dipped in warm water on your face. What it does is that it opens up the pores of your face and then you can exfoliate the dirt out of it and make every skin care product seep into the deeper layers of skin. Sounds better right?

SKIN CARE TIP #10 Exfoliate your skin just twice a month

People say you must exfoliate your skin every day to achieve nice clear skin. Lemme tell you, THEY ARE WRONG, you definitely shouldn’t exfoliate your skin so quickly. In fact, a good time to do so is once every week.

But I prefer exfoliating my skin once every fortnight. Because, sure it does help with blackheads and stuff but it also can slow down the cell turnover and remove natural oils from the skin hence, causing more breakouts.

Exactly the opposite of what we are tryna do here. So exfoliating once a week is more than enough. And is surely not worth the hype we all believe it to be.

SKIN CARE TIP #11 Exfoliate longer, not harder

Talking about exfoliation, this needed to show up. Almost all of us believe that scrubbing will put out gunk from your skin. It sure does that. But along with that, as I said, it also slows down the production of new cells, making skin more sensitive to environmental factors, eventually causing acne.

So make it a rule, to always exfoliate for good 2-3 minutes and don’t just rub it against the skin. Exfoliation needs to be a very gentle step!

SKIN CARE TIP #12 Protect your skin from pollution

The main cause when I developed that serious acne was that I was travelling a lot ( being exposed to pollution ) and not taking enough/right care.

So no one knows better how worst of a friend, pollution can be to your skin. So make a point to always cover up your face with a scarf. And clean your face with a cotton cloth when you reach your destination. This skin care tip has completely changed my skin care game!

SKIN CARE TIP #13 Do not touch your face every now and then

When I was young, my older sister used to always make a point of saying this to me. And I always ignored it. Obviously we don’t know things until we face them ourselves. But please take away these skin care tips along with you for better clear skin.

Continuing, we touch literally everything with our hands. Everything on this planet has millions of germs and dust particles. We make our skin meet germs and dirt ourselves when we touch our skin. Remember when the teacher used to teach us this rule that if A=B and B=C then A=C. Same applies here.

Now i am telling everybody to not touch their faces every now and then. Guess we all go to same things at some point of our lives.

SKIN CARE TIP #14 Switch your skin care all year round

Yes yes yes, i have heard people saying that their skincare routine just stopped working suddenly or started giving them breakouts.

What happens when the season changes. Essentially, your winter skin care routine is not meant for summer because it’s more moisturising and heavy to the skin. Which would obviously cause acne in summer because our skin type changes then?

That is why we must change our skin care game all throughout the year. You need to give your skin what it needs, not what you have purchased!

SKIN CARE TIP #15 Look for light breathable makeup

Makeup doesn’t cause acne. Yes, it doesn’t. But it surely can, when you are covering your face all day with makeup and doesn’t allow it to breathe.

Your skin cells are active organs. They need to function. They need to breathe. You need to make them breathe. And you can do that by either giving your self one-two makeup-free days in a week or by wearing light breathable makeup. The one that is light on the skin and doesn’t clog your pores.

SKIN CARE TIP #16 Clean your makeup brushes regularly

skin care tips

Have you ever seen those videos where they see makeup and makeup brushes and sponges under a microscope? That really was disgusting. But opened my eyes completely. There are tons of bacteria which stay on our unclean makeup brushes and sponges. By tons I mean TONS!

After watching that video ( you’ll find a lot on youtube ), I made a promise to self to never use unclean brushes until and unless I’m about to do the most urgent work of my life with makeup on. May be my wedding if I run late, who knows? Lol!

SKIN CARE TIP #17 Get yourself nice long Beauty sleep

I wish I could sleep with no worries all my life. But we all wish so. But never get that. Right?

Keeping out all the anxieties aside, getting a full 8 hours sleep is a MUST. I see my eye bags swollen, huge dark circles, fatigue and guess what, a new guest over my forehead to see if I’m okay! Yup, a pimple.

And you can make all these things go away just by sleeping! God, can it be easier? So girl, grab a pillow and sleep like theirs no other night from tomorrow! This by far is one of the easiest skin care tips you’ll ever hear. Get going!

SKIN CARE TIP #18 Balance your alcohol consumption

If you don’t drink, hop to the next tip, if you do, LISTEN. You might be an occasional drinker or maybe drink regularly. I’ll talk to you both one by one.

If you are a regular drinker, girl! skin wise, you might be in huge trouble and if not currently, you might get into one. Because alcohols play with your metabolism. And if you are not good at this metabolism thing, you are sure shot to face health or skin issues.

What I would tell you to do is to either work on reducing your consumption or balancing your bad with the good. Compensate for the loss. Eat more healthy at times you are not drinking. Drink more of detox waters and juices. Make health and skin your priority!

And if you by any chance are an occasional drinker, then I would suggest you drink a fresh glass of juice or coconut water or detox water the next morning and a lot of salads and healthy stuff to balance bad with the good. And you’ll be all okay! (with skin issues at least).

SKIN CARE TIP #19 Replace facial wipes with a clean cotton cloth

This skincare tip is coming straight from my Dermat’s door. Facial wipes are harsh to your skin. Even if they say it doesn’t contain alcohol or are 100% safe or they are anti-acne wipes or anything that might sound good to you, remember they are putting fragrances and chemicals in those facial wipes to preserve them.

Clearly, not as healthy as we think they are. Instead, replace your facial wipes with a clean muslin/cotton cloth and keep it in ziplock pouch and just throw it in your bag. Wet it and use it whenever needed. Voila! Easy way to clear skin!

SKIN CARE TIP #20 Make sure to clean your phone’s screen regularly

You sure must have heard millions of times that your phone screen is filled with germs and bacterias, giving birth to their children every day. Yes, right on this thing you are reading this on.

And you use it every day. You keep it close to your face a minimum 10 times a day. You touch those fingers 100 times a day to your face. And now you are thinking why the hell your acne is not going. Keep thinking!

So make a habit to clean it, once every day or maybe once every other day to steer clear from any chance through which your skin might breakout.

SKIN CARE TIP #21 Do not lick your lips time and again

Got you! We all, yes we all lick our lips when they feel dry. I used to do that All the freakin’ time. But do you know, licking your lips makes your lips feel all the drier? Haha. You didn’t. It constantly makes you feel that you need a lip balm. So please get yourself a lip balm.

I always make a point to have a lip balm beside my bed and work table because obviously, getting up to have a lip balm every time my lips feel dry counts to 120 times a day (don’t do the math, it’s after every 30 minutes, lol). And as lazy as I am, do you think it is possible for me to do that? Or anybody in the world? Better keep one besides you all the time!

SKIN CARE TIP #22 Do not forget your neck

I have seen a bunch of people who just “face” wash and apply a “face” pack just to their ‘face”. A logical thing would obviously be to apply face related things to your face. Right?

Wrong! you need to consider neck as your added extension to your face. Mind that, people see your neck as well when they see your face. So having a shiny face and so not similar neck can be a huge problem. So next time, apply an anti-ageing/wrinkle cream to your neck as well. (And by that I mean every skin care product, okay?)

SKIN CARE TIP #23 Visit your Dermatologist

If nothing of above works, (which is nearly impossible unless you have an infection or chronic acne), then girl, you definitely need to see a dermat right now or it can be too late. Right medical prescription as soon as possible has always proven to be beneficial. So don’t get late!

And, If you by any chance want more amazing skin care tips and beauty secrets of all times other than the listed above, which I think YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD! because these are nothing you’ll find everywhere, then click here!

And with that, we may end this greatest skin care tips post with a hope that you will tweak your life to follow at least half of them. Because girl, they are little efforts leading to major effects. Get Glowing!

If you liked this reality check, you may want share this with your friends and family, right? So go ahead!

Till then, bye-bye! and take care! Please be safe, okay?

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