Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin

the ordinary for acne scars

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Struggling to have clear, radiant skin? Here are some of best the ordinary products for acne scars.

Ugh, acne scars! Seriously, weren’t those infuriating red, angry pimples enough already? As if handling them wasn’t a battle of its own, now we have to win the war against their scar-y aftermath.

Can you hear the pain in my voice? Those of us who have faced the wrath of acne and its scars know the struggle all too well.

But hey, don’t lose hope! Every problem has a solution, and in this case, it’s one word—a magical word: The Ordinary.

It indeed is the most hyped, most legit, and downright amazing skincare brand on the market, loved not just by your average skincare bloggers, but dermatologists can’t get enough of it too! 😲

Ready to say goodbye to scars and blemishes and hello to glowy, radiant skin? Here’s a list of the best The Ordinary products for acne scars to this date. How do I know? Cause girrrrl, check out the results!! And these are just after 10 days. 10 DAYS!!

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Quick Disclaimer: Please patch test any The Ordinary product before adding it to your skincare routine because these products are indeed strong on the skin.

here are 11 best the ordinary products for acne scars that changed my life!

1. AHA 30% & BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Textural irregularities, dullness, hyperpigmentation and signs of congested pores

Acne scars, meet your match! If you’ve heard about The Ordinary, there’s one product that’s got everyone talking, and believe me when I say it’s truly magical. That, my friend, is the AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution!

This powerhouse peeling solution contains a blend of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) that work together to gently exfoliate your skin, revealing a smoother, brighter, and more even-toned complexion.

After finishing 2 bottles of it, I can confidently say that this intense, water-based chemical exfoliant is a game changer for tackling acne scars and dark spots.

I use it once a week and even though you’ll see baby-butt soft skin and acne and whiteheads leaving your skin after first use only, but for your acne scars to fully disappear, you’ll prolly need to use it at least 4-6 times.

A word of caution, though – this stuff just ain’t for sensitive, peeling, or broken skin. Seriously, don’t even think of taking risks!

  • Pro tip: Start with using it once a week and adjust accordingly based on your skin’s response.

Hey, getting confused with all these The Ordinary products and don’t know how to use them together? Here’s your fuss-free guide to How To Layer The Ordinary Products!

2. Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Active acne, acne scars, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, textured skin

Oh, let me tell you about one of my all-time fave The Ordinary products for acne scars: this super mild exfoliating toner that works wonders on your skin!

Not only does it level up your cell turnover game, but it also helps to shed that pesky dead skin (with acne scar) for a clearer, smoother, and texture-free complexion.

And hey, if you’re battling active acne and hyperpigmentation, this bad boy’s got your back! Think of it as The Ordinary’s peeling solution but in a milder, low-key formula. How cool is that?

  • I’ve got a hot tip for you: use it 2-3 times a week at night after cleansing your skin. Yeah, I know they recommend using it every day, but I wouldn’t do that.
  • Here’s why: these powerful ingredients can actually make your skin hyper-sensitive and more prone to acne and skincare issues. And nobody wants that, right?

3. Alpha Arbutin Serum 2% + HA Serum

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: New acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark spots

Okay guys, I’m dead serious now. If you want to pick up just ONE The Ordinary product for acne scar, THIS IS IT! I can literally cry for you to give it a whirl because this serum is gold!!

This lightweight, water-based serum is perfect for those of you with skin sensitivity to chemical exfoliants.

The star ingredient here is alpha-arbutin, which I’m obsessed with for tackling pigmentation, acne scars, and dark spots. Not only has it significantly reduced my acne scars, but it also keeps my skin feeling plump and hydrated.

I review this alpha arbutin serum with results in this post if you want to know one thing about it – Remember, consistency is key when it comes to skincare! My scars literally started vanishing after 10 days, but after a month, my skin was SPOTLESS!

  • Pro tip: I highly recommend using an excellent sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage when using this serum, and use it day and night.

4. Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, radiant skin, dark spots, discoloration

If you know anything about skincare, you must know that Vitamin C is the OG product everyone can’t stop raving about! And I totally vouch for it, y’all!

Did you know that vitamin C inhibits melanin-color pigment in our skin? That’s right! It’s the hero ingredient in reducing dark spots, discoloration, sun spots, and uneven skin tone.

So, let me introduce you to this amazing duo: ascorbic acid (that’s pure vitamin C for you) and alpha-arbutin serum (a miracle product for acne scars). It’s hands down one of the finest products by The Ordinary for acne scars. I’ve tried it, and it’s an excellent fit for most people.

If you’re new to the vitamin C game, this serum is an ideal start because it has a lower concentration of vitamin C – so it’s gentle but effective.

  • Pro tip: How do you use it, you ask? Well, what worked for me is using it once a day in the morning and topping it off with a nice sunscreen

And here how to use vitamin C in your everyday routine. Plus, I also have other super great drugstore vitamin C serums, if you wanna check out! 😉

5. salicylic acid 2% masque

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Blemishes, active acne, acne scars, whiteheads & blackheads

I am a massive fan of clay masks! 😍 They are the absolute best for deep cleansing our precious skin and fighting off those pesky breakouts. And this The Ordinary baby is one of a kind!

It is a magical combo of salicylic acid and vegetable charcoal – two heroes that’ll transform your skin to silky smooth and dazzlingly bright with consistent use.

Salicylic acid, which you should know is a BHA loved by all, gently exfoliates the skin, supercharges your cell turnover, and wondrously cleanses the pores of dirt and oil like they were never blocked.

Add that to the vegetable charcoal, and together, they’ll absorb that excess sebum like nobody’s business, effectively banishing blackheads and whiteheads by cleansing your skin deeply.

Now, you should use this extraordinary masque once or twice a week at night. Why night time only? Well, because this masque contains BHA, overusing it (as tempting as it might be) can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

6. azelaic acid suspension 10%

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Active acne, redness, inflammation, signs of congestion, uneven skin tone & texture, signs of aging

IDK why azelaic acid doesn’t get the hype it should because, after alpha arbutin, it is literally the second-best ingredient for acne scars!! This magical all-in-one brightening cream-gel from The Ordinary brightens, evens skin tone, and combats blemishes and dullness.

I was stoked to find out that it has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties that seriously help to brighten my skin tone and even out the texture.

Did you know that it’s often recommended for treating rosacea and acne? So you know it’s a chef’s kiss!

After including this gem in my nighttime skincare routine, I have witnessed my skin become brighter and my acne scars gradually fade. Seriously, this stuff works wonders!

But heads up, guys and gals: since this product is highly concentrated, it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. So, if you’re using this suspension in the morning, don’t forget to slather on a thick layer of sunscreen (we’re talking SPF 30 or higher!).

7. lactic acid 10% + hA

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, acne scars, radiant complexion

Look, if you think your skin is too sensitive for glycolic acid, then I found the perfect solution – this amazing lactic acid and hyaluronic acid serum! Trust me, I’ve been using it, and it’s like a gentler, milder superhero version of glycolic acid, perfect for your skin goals.

It quickens cell turnover, and I personally noticed some sweet improvements in my skin’s discoloration and acne scarring. It has all the calming ingredients as well, so until your skin’s tooooo sensitive, this is a decent exfoliating alternative for you!

Just use your lactic acid once a day, ideally at night, and use sunscreen to limit sun exposure while using this product for a week afterward.

Now, I’ll be straight up with you – if you’ve got extra sensitive, peeling or broken skin, this serum might not be your bestie. It’s a high-strength superficial peeling formula, but for those of us who can handle it, it’s pure magic.

8. niacinamide 10% + zinc 1%

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Post acne scars, fighting blemishes, radiant complexion, controlling excess oil, signs of aging

Who hasn’t heard of this iconic product from The Ordinary for acne scars? The OG niacinamide serum!!

As they say, it is a beautiful, powerhouse product that can tackle blemishes, unclog pores, keep that pesky sebum in check, boost cell turnover, and make acne scars go “bye-bye,”

Fair warning, though: while it’s fantastic on its own, it may not be as hardcore as those super-strong chemical exfoliants out there. I mean, it’s great as a skin maintenance serum but if you think you’ll kick acne scars to the curb just with it, then you won’t!

Honestly, this niacinamide serum has become a staple in my skincare routine after it’s helped me improve my skin complexion and stop acne from appearing in the first place. Here’s how to use it in your routine!

  • Pro tip: To really get the most bang for your buck, make sure you’re using this bad boy twice a day.

9. Vitamin C suspension 23% + HA speheres 2%

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin

Oh boy, do I have the product for you! Let me tell you about The Ordinary’s Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA spheres 2%. This stuff is what it says it is when it comes to fading away acne scars – fabulous!

The 23% Vitamin C concentration means it’s jam-packed with brightening power to help kiss those scars goodbye within just 6-8 weeks of using it every morning. And the HA spheres? They’re like the cherry on top for that extra hydration your skin will thank you for.

Overall, it’s affordable, effective, and I’ve seen the difference it has made on my very own acne scars. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for, babe?

10. granactive retinoid 5% in squalene

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Multiple signs of aging, increase in collagen production, skin texture

Trust me, I’ve tried the whole skincare game, and if there’s one ingredient that has changed my life – it’s retinoids. These bad boys are THE key player in the anti-aging game.

The lowdown? They help speed up cellular turnover and increase collagen production, significantly improving the appearance of those pesky wrinkles and fine lines.

Now, let me hit you with a secret – Granactive Retinoids are like the next-level version of retinoids. These babies are known to offer even better anti-aging effects than retinol, retinyl palmitate, and many other non-prescription retinoids out there.

The best part is they don’t come with the annoying irritation that’s usually BFFs with retinol and other retinoids.

Enter The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane – I’ve used this gem, and it’s truly wow-worthy. This highly stable, water-free solution sits in a squalene base, which in itself is pretty amazing.

So, how are they one of the best The Ordinary products for acne scars? Actually, the increase in collagen production helps incredibly with acne scars, but it’s gonna take some time, consistency, and patience for them to fade away.

11. 100% organic cold-pressed rose hip seed oil

Here Are 11 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars That CHANGED My Skin
  • Best for: Inflammation, acne scars, blemishes, signs of aging

You may not believe it, but I’ve personally experienced the amazing benefits of Rosehip oil for improving acne scars and blemishes! I’ve mentioned before in my “5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne Scars” article that Rosehip oil is jam-packed with linoleic acid, provitamin A, and vitamin C.

This makes it a super antioxidant-rich moisturizer with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

The magic of this serum/oil doesn’t stop there, though. It works wonders for skin pigmentation, discoloration, and collagen production (hello, youthful skin!), which ultimately helps reduce the appearance of acne scars in the long run.

Get this – it even has a natural SPF 15! Talk about added protection for your skin from all those nasty UV rays. And even though it’s an oil, it totally doesn’t feel like one after applying.

The best part? It absorbs into your skin quickly, and I promise it doesn’t trigger acne, no matter what. It’s a slam dunk for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin, making it just perfect for your acne scars!

Acne Scars: Thoze Unwanted Skin Souvenirs

Ever wondered what acne scars are all about? 🧐 Bruh, they’re like those pesky little pits, bumps, and indentations that stick around once your acne has bounced. They’re caused by all sorts of wild factors like genetics, hormones, lowkey picking and popping your pimples, sun damage, or even skin conditions like rosacea.

Let’s dive into some acne knowledge real quick. Acne’s got two main types: Non-inflammatory (aka whiteheads & blackheads) and Inflammatory (the real baddies like pustules, nodules, and cysts 😬). It’s these inflammatory homies that leave behind those gnarly acne marks or scars.

Types of Acne Scars – Meet the Squad

1. Ice Pick

Ice pick scars are like those sneaky little ninja scars, often found on areas with thinner skin, like your upper cheeks or forehead. Out of the acne scar crew, these guys are the most common (and trickiest 🤯) to heal. You’ll see ’em wider at the top, diving down and getting thinner as they burrow into your skin’s dermis layer.

2. Rolling

These bad boys can be spotted by their shallow, depressed areas packed with epidermis cells. Rolling scars are usually riding the skin waves around your jawline or upper cheeks where your skin is thicker.

3. Boxcar

Boxcar scars – another type of “intended” scar – are like the sneaky cousins of those rolling scars. They’ve got broad depressions with steep edges, typically camping out near the lower cheek and jawline.

4. Keloid / Hypertrophic

Welcome to the big league! These are the raised acne scar giants, often found chilling on your shoulder, back, chest, or jawline. Beware – these ones can be hella painful and itchy!

Final thoughts on The Ordinary for acne scars

And there you have it, our round-up of the 11 top-notch players from The Ordinary’s fabulous line-up that kick acne scars to the curb. 🙌

Sayonara, pesky marks—we’ve got our game face on, and the battle against acne scars ends now!

It’s time for you to be the judge! Try out these amaze-balls products, and let your inner confidence shine through your blemish-free, glowing skin. 😍

Why wait? Head over to The Ordinary’s website, or any of their authorized retailers, and stock up on these skin-saving superheroes. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to click that cute lil’ share button below—spread the skintelligence, and tell us your fave picks from their acne-scar-fighting arsenal in the comments!

Stay gorgeous, skincare fam, and remember: clear skin starts here!

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the ordinary products for acne scars


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