The Only Summer Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin

The Only Summer Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin

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The simplest summer skincare routine you need for clear glowing skin

How do people even expect you to actually get up and do some work when you just want to lie down in an air-conditioned room along with your favorite ice cream and Netflix all summer? Because babe, you step outta your room and boom! You are up on fire. It’s so hot out there.

Oh god, but the more your skin gets exposed to the sun, the more it’s gonna act up. And you definitely don’t want that, right? Oh yes. That is why here is a simple summer skincare routine, I know you’ll thank me for. Because it saves you efforts, money, skin that will stay safe and glowing, and time so that you could go back to the beach or Netflix asap!

Summer skincare routine

First things first, forget all the steps you have known your entire life that makes up a skincare regimen and listen to what I say. LISTEN!

Step 1. Cleanser

summer skincare routine and summer skincare tips

This is probably the only step that goes on the same for an entire year. A good cleanser should be your NUMBER ONE step anytime! obviously, do I even have to explain why?

You need clean skin to work on other products. Even if it’s just two steps. Actually, it can be the only step you need if you find that one right cleanser that helps with your skin issues and moisturizes it as well. The rare kinds of face cleansers I love are this gentle cleanser which I think is recommended by most dermatologists and this foaming facial cleanser that is made for sensitive skin, dermatologically recommended, and is oil-free.

Remember to cleanse your face at least twice a day. Second time being before you go to bed. Do not over wash it as it will make your skin dry and prone to oil and acne. Do not under wash it because you don’t want your skin to be a breeding ground for bacterias.

step 2. Moisturiser

summer skincare routine and summer skincare tips

A good moisturizer is always a good idea. And don’t get me wrong, it is one of the most important steps in your summer skincare routine. But let’s be real, I live in a very hot and humid area, and it is basically impossible for me to survive with a thick layer on my skin all the time.

So what I do is that I skip the moisturizer in the day and apply a generous amount at night. This will keep your skin moisturizer-free in the morning when the temperature is hot and your skin won’t lack moisturizer since you compensated for it the last night.

The ONLY moisturizer I use is this oil-free, non-comedogenic water gel because honestly, I cannot afford to get my sensitive acne-prone oily skin to act up.

step 3. Sunscreen

summer skincare routine and summer skincare tips

Undeniably, sunscreen is one product you wanna invest your money in because you know it’s gonna protect your skin from cancer-causing UVA/UVB rays., right? Unless you want your skin to have sunburns, discoloration, dark spots, sagging, wrinkles, and oh god whatnot later. I don’t know. Do you?

The only few sunscreens I use and recommend are this oil-free sunscreen for acne-prone and sensitive skin, this tinted hydrating sunscreen with SPF 30, and this dry touch non-greasy sunscreen with SPF 100 for the really harsh summer sun.

step 4. Lip balm (optional)

summer skincare routine and summer skincare tips

If the sun sucks all the moisture out of your lips (even the little you have) and leaves them chapped and colorless, trust me, you have to add a lip balm to your summer skincare routine now.

Most of the times, lip balms make your lips drier so you have to more of them. Those inds of lip balms are cheap and useless. You need to look for lip balms that actually hydrates your lips ad you don’t have to use it more than twice a day. Also, some kind of SPF if possible will also help protect them from sun damage, hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

After all, who doesn’t want soft kissable lips all the time?

Final thoughts on a summer skincare routine

And that is basically what you need for a good effective summer skincare routine, A cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and a lip balm only if you need it. Remember, an easy simple skincare routine works much much better than using tons of products altogether or even on alternate days.

I have seen so many people who are well-educated and knowledgeable of skincare rules, routines, and products, but still, end up with skin issues. Just because they have a complex skincare routine.

Summer skincare tips

1. keep yourself hydrated

summer skincare routine and summer skincare tips

If you have been following the blog for a while you know the best remedy to any skin (or body) issue starts from drinking enough water for me. And it becomes essentially important in summer when the sun can be really harsh on you and your skin. If you are struggling with drinking water, then following these insanely easy tips will make sure you are well hydrated.

2. never forget the sPF

Can anybody in this world stress it more? You absolutely need sunscreen, not just in summers but throughout the year. What’s easier than applying something now that can help your skin for years to come. Regular sunscreen application can go a long way in minimizing dark spots, hyperpigmentation, discoloration and could even help delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wanna know how to find the right sunscreen for your skin? Here are things to consider before buying the best sunscreen.

3. Look for non-comedogenic products

Non-comedogenic products are basically products that do not clog your pores and let your skin breathe along with providing them with the ingredients it needs. You don’t want to mix summer sweat and skin + makeup products so that they can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

4. get a dual-purpose moisturizer

If you don’t want to slather another layer of creams and gels on your face, going for a moisturizer that has SPF in it is the best way. It’s even better when it is tinted so that you don’t have to put additional layers. Of course, the minimum level of SPF should be 30. Here is the BEST tinted hydrating sunscreen with SPF 30 that I absolutely swear by in summer.

5. Do not over-shower

summer skincare routine and summer skincare tips

Between workouts, beach days, and summer sweat, many of you might be showering more than once a day during the summer. Over-showering or showering with hot water will do the exact opposite and strip out all the moisture from your body. That is why you might have noticed dry patches all over your body when you don’t moisturize your body.

6. Increase exfoliation in your routine

I personally prefer exfoliating my skin once a month. But, now it’s time to make it twice. With all the build-up that’s going to happen, you want to increase your exfoliation routine and say bye-bye to dead skin cells more often.

7. add antioxidants to your routine

You can always add antioxidants to your summer skincare routine by adding them to your diet. Stock up on citrus fruits, green and leafy vegetables, green tea, nuts, and whole grains to have clearer-looking skin.

And these were all the summer skincare tips you need to know to enjoy the summer fully and still enter fall wit with clean, clear bright skin. Add these tips to your summer skincare routine for better results.

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  1. I have always been following natural remedies for my skincare. Some of the tips are already known and very effective. I will try the rest. I will add your blog to my list as well

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