What to Wear on a Yacht: Outfits That are gonna steal the Show

what to wear on a yacht outfits

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So you’ve finally been invited on a yacht! The word yacht in itself is so luxurious that when you get an invite to a yacht party, no matter if it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, the first thing would not be what to pack, but what do I freakin’ wear to that!

While there are many different types of boat parties, with different yacht dress codes – from casual to black-tie, there are some general rules to help build a yacht outfit that will help you be appropriately dressed for the occasion.

So let’s hop onto all the info you’ll need to enjoy the ocean’s breeze, see stunning views, and eat amazing food and fine drinks – all while creating memories with your loved ones! 

How should I dress for a yacht?

What to Wear on a Yacht: Outfits That are gonna steal the Show

First off, think comfort meets chic. Yacht casual attire is your go-to vibe. You want to look good (obviously!), but you also want to be able to move around easily. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics that keep you cool under the sun.

Linen shirts, breezy dresses, and flowy kaftans are your best friends. Their mission? To keep you looking fabulous without breaking a sweat. Mission possible!

For hot days, opt for light, flowy attire, swimsuits, and cool cover-ups. If it’s chilly, layer up, and always carry a cozy item, as sea nights can be cold. Activities on-board? Choose pieces that won’t weigh you down in water sports.

What to wear on a yacht?

yacht outfits
Courtesy: @karlita_wendy

Party at a yacht? Check if it’s formal or casual first. Usually, yachts lean towards semi-formal – think men in slacks, khakis, or tailored shorts with a polo or light shirt, ladies in sundresses, chic jumpsuits, or classy shorts paired with cute tops.

When in doubt, dress up! You can always shed layers if it’s too warm. But if it’s casual, feel free to wear what makes you comfy and ready to party on the yacht!

What is yacht casual attire?

yacht outfits
Courtesy: @lynniezle

Yacht casual is all about looking effortlessly put together. It’s more relaxed than business casual but classier than your average backyard BBQ ensemble. Think comfortable yet stylish pieces that are versatile for lounging, dining, or taking part in activities on board.

What should you not wear on a yacht?

yacht outfits
Courtesy: @vanessaro4

High heels are a big no-no. They’re not only impractical but can also damage the yacht’s deck. Leave the stilettos at home, ladies!

For formal parties, keep it classy, not casual or skimpy. Save your bikinis and cutoffs when it’s just your crew for some yacht fun.

Just steer clear of any clothing that could scratch the deck or furniture. And remember, avoid sitting on white furniture with wet clothes—no one likes unsightly stains!

Now, let’s see all the hot yacht outfits you can adorn!

1. scarf top + pants

yacht attires

Haven’t you seen the 100 Ways to Style Scarf videos? I bet everyone has! They are such a huge trend and so perfect for carrying to your yacht party, either as a headband or as a top like this.

When paired with classic white pants, you’ll have a semi-formal yacht outfit to call a day! It’s just so cute and unique.

2. vibrant swimwear dress

yacht attires
Courtesy: @georg1ana.rusu

You’ll see all kinds of swimwear on the yacht, but a dress will certainly get you all the eyes – for good! Pick a trendy, vibrant color like this one to create a sizzling hot but also fun outfit.

3. bikini with denim shorts / long skirt cover-up

yacht attires
Courtesy: @its_alessandropiga0

The easiest yet most versatile outfit to wear on a yacht has to be denim shorts and a bikini top. You just cannot go wrong with this, no matter what occasion the party is for!

Another fun and stylish yacht outfit would be to pair your bikini with a midi mesh skirt. They are always a hit and look effortless.

4. sparkling blazer suit over bikini

yacht attires
Courtesy: @chanydakota

No idea what to wear to a yacht party at night? How about a dazzling blazer suit like this over your swimsuit top? Sparkles are always in for the night, and let’s just say a nighttime yacht party outfit would be incomplete without a bikini, right?

5. flowy sundress

yacht attires
Courtesy: camilacoelho

They rightly say, if in doubt, wear a sundress! And that they are me and my fashion choices, hehe.

No, but seriously, a flowy, breezy dress is perfect for a day out on a yacht. It lets you stay cool, and you can easily wear it on a bikini for sudden water activities 😉

6. high-low printed skirt

what to wear in a yacht party

Another effortless yachting attire that speaks sexy and classy at the same time would be a halter neck top paired with a printed high-low skirt. I mean, look at this; I can’t even…

8. ditsy printed skirt set

what to wear in a yacht party

Ditsy prints are all over the internet. And why not? They make a really cute day outfit for many occasions. May it be brunch, running errands, or a yacht party, you know you’ll love it for everything!

9. shorts co-ord set

what to wear in a yacht party
Courtesy: @alleysimora

There’s nothing better than a comfy co-ord set over a bikini that you can remove at any time. And no doubt it’s stylish and makes a beautiful yachting outfit.

10. low-cute jumpsuit

what to wear in a yacht party
Courtesy: @toomuchmay

Oh, I love jumpsuits. They are such a pretty way to elevate an attire without mixing and matching much. Choose an alluring jumpsuit because it will work for formal as well as informal boat parties.

11. sexy two-piece set

what to wear in a yacht party

If sizzling hot is on the menu, why not try a sexy two-piece skirt and top set for a change? It’s something that is gonna make heads turn, like 360 degrees! 😉

12. flare pants with a bralette top

what to wear on a yacht

Add a fun but stylish flair to your yachting dress with flair pants, a sexy halter neck top, and a cover-up jacket. It’s impossible not to make a statement with this attire.

13. bikini top with straight-leg pants

what to wear on a yacht

Want an easy yacht attire that looks sexy and effortless? Guess a bikini top and pants are here to the rescue! Also, I recommend you wear flat shoes at boat parties as they will be way more comfortable.

14. huge statement cover-up

what to wear on a yacht
Courtesy: @frankvinyl

If nothing works, throw on a statement cover-up piece on a bikini or denim shorts, and you’ll be good to rock the scene like a pro!

15. flowy wrap dress

what to wear on a yacht

Wrap dresses are my newfound love. And they are even perfect for yachts because of how easily you can remove them to be in your swimsuit after. Don’t forget sunglasses and hats for that added flair!

16. knotted blouse with a mini skirt

What to Wear on a Yacht: Outfits That are gonna steal the Show

White is such a yachty color (I know that’s not a word, but you get the vibe, right?) Go get yourself a white blouse and mini skirt set. It’s feminine and looks smart.

17. one-piece swimsuit or a cute bikini set

What to Wear on a Yacht: Outfits That are gonna steal the Show
Courtesy: @sammiglx

Of course, is a yacht party even complete without a sexy/cute swimsuit? Either one piece or two, you have to carry 1-2 swimwear to your yacht party no matter what. You can never have too many!

18. mesh set over a bikini

What to Wear on a Yacht: Outfits That are gonna steal the Show
Courtesy: @kelseethekasper66

A dress is all cute until a mesh co-ord set comes into play! It’s one of the trendiest yacht outfits ever and has the perfect amount of exposure.

19. a sundress

What to Wear on a Yacht: Outfits That are gonna steal the Show

Talk about a sundress with me all day! It is light and airy, making it perfect for hot weather. Not only that, but it also looks very stylish and feminine, making it just the yachting attire you need for a day out on the water.

20. the vibrant long skirt set

What to Wear on a Yacht: Outfits That are gonna steal the Show
Courtesy: @upasanaparida

And don’t forget to add color to your outfit. A long skirt co-ord set is the way to go about that!

What to pack for a Yacht Trip?

yacht outfits

Packing for a yacht trip is all about being prepared for any scenario. Sunscreen? Check! Sunglasses? Double check! A hat to protect your fabulous face from the sun? Absolutely. And don’t forget a stylish cover-up for when the sun decides to play hide and seek. Also, a light jacket or wrap for those breezy evening sails is a smart move!

Other essentials to remember are –

  • Travel Documents – If you are traveling abroad, you will need your passport, visa, and maybe even proof of a return ticket depending on where you go to
  • Clothing – Swimwear, sundress, t-shirts, sunglasses, a hat or a cap, shorts, tank top, flats, sandals
  • An Adapter – You may need one for your charger since different countries have different power sources
  • External battery – Getting a battery that lasts up to 3-4 recharges is ideal since you can get to carry it with you anywhere you go
  • Bathroom essentials and cosmetics (leave out insect repellents that can be bought there)
  • Dry bags – to cover your belongings 
  • A GoPro

wrapping up what to wear on a yacht

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of yacht style and fashion, it’s time to put together your own look. If you want to be the best-dressed guest at the next boat wedding party or event you attend aboard a yacht, take inspiration from some of our favorite yacht party outfits.

With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can easily achieve an effortlessly chic style that will have all eyes on you for all the right reasons.

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