32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won’t Let You Freeze

baddie winter outfits

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It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the sweaters, scarves, and hats. But just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean your fashion has to suffer. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to beat the winter blues with these stunning baddie winter outfits.

what is a baddie aesthetic?

Ah, the baddie aesthetic. You know it when you see it: leather jackets, dark lipsticks, chains, a sleek ponytail, and a bold lip. But it’s more than just a look – it’s about confidence, owning your style, and oozing coolness.

It means having confidence, owning your identity, and embracing trends while staying true to your own personal style. 😉

How do you dress like a baddie?

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Courtesy: @juliettesolis_
  • Start with Confidence-Boosting Basics: Your choice might be a bold leather jacket or a chic bodycon dress.
  • Add Personal Flair: Spice up your look with statement accessories like chunky boots or flashy chandelier earrings.
  • Bring the Baddie Attitude: Walk with determination, hold your head high, and let the world see your inner baddie.
  • Embrace Your Unique Style: Fashion should be fun and a reflection of you. Own your style and strut it like the baddie you are.

Let’s slay these Cute baddie winter outfits for cold weather now!

1. all-black suit with aviator jacket

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Similar aviator jacket
Courtesy: @mar.jorie

How sexy is this outfit? Wear an all-black, body-fitting tank top and fleece-lined leggings set with black boots. This will not only make you look thinner but also keep you cozy. Then, throw your statement aviator jacket and a matching fur bag.

Girl, you are sure to set the roads ablaze!

2. a statement fur-trimmed leather coat

baddie outfits with combat boots
Similar trench coat

Trench coats are a winter savior. But when you get your hands on something like this fur-trimmed coat, you really don’t need anything else. It speaks for itself. And no doubt looks total badass!

Just wear a sleek black dress and combat boots to rock this look.

3. patent leather trench coat + boots

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Same trench coat | knee-high boots

Leather is a beautiful texture that can give an edge to your entire outfit. Leather boots are a must-have for cool breeze season, and this trench coat basically just explodes the baddie level! A basic white turtle neck paired with light blue jeans just gives a refreshing breathing space to the outfit.

4. monochrome look with a teddy fur coat

baddie outfits with combat boots
Same teddy fur coat

If there’s one fashion statement I absolutely love the most, it’s monochrome! I love how different pieces from the same color family all come together.

I mean, look at this. The teddy coat, combat boots, ribbed sweater, everything looks beautiful, and this baddie winter outfit won’t even allow a single cool breeze to enter your body.

5. pop of red on a matching set

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Similar red puffer jacket | white sweatpants
Courtesy: @chamillanicole

You heard it from me first, you’ll be seeing matching sweatpants set under a huge puffer jacket all over the internet this year!

And this baddie look explains the aesthetic so well. Don’t care, ’cause I’m a slayer! Yes, I just made that up. Thank you.

Anyhow, a matching beanie, jacket, and sneakers make the outfit look put-together. And the red and white combination is not something you’ll find everywhere.

6. sweatshirt + bomber jacket

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Similar bomber jacket

I am in love with this attire. It’s simple, freakin’ pretty, and will keep you toasted all day. Grab your favorite pair of jeans, a hoodie, and of course – a bomber jacket to layer over.

Don’t forget to accessorize with a bag and a baseball cap for that extra baddie look.

7. all-black outfit

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Similar utility pants | high-heel boots

What says baddie more than an all-black outfit? A sexy beyotch wearing that!

I love the cargo bottoms giving off a very cool and casual vibe, paired with a black turtle neck and classy high heels boots. It’s boujee and stunning!

8. leather pants + puffer jacket

baddie outfits with combat boots
Similar leather pants | puffer jacket

Leather is such an easy way to throw sass and effort into an outfit without doing much. Recreate this winter baddie outfit with bootcut leather pants, a high-shine puffer jacket, and a bright-colored turtle neck!

9. trench coat over a matching set

baddie cute winter outfits
Similar matching set | Same green trench coat

Here’s another matching set and trench coat outfit. I told you, you’re gonna see them a lot. I love how she matched her boots with the coat!

10. cute puffer jacket outfit

baddie cute winter outfits
Similar puffer jacket

If I could live in one thing the whole winter, it would be a puffer jacket. I miss how cozy they are and how they still make you look great.

11. long puffer jacket over a skimsuit

baddie cute winter outfits
Same beige trench puffer coat

The Kardashian favorite body-hugging skimsuit can be worn with so many coats and jackets all throughout the season. Here, you can see it paired with a long puffer jacket that will keep you ultra-warm.

Couch to running errands in 5 minutes? This baddie winter outfit will be perfect and super easy to recreate.

12. sweater cardigan over a shirt dress

baddie outfits with combat boots

This baddie outfit would look sooooo cuuuuute when transitioning from fall to winter. Get yourself a shirt dress and a big oversized cardigan to pair with thigh-high stockings and patent ankle boots.

13. fur denim jacket + dress

baddie cute winter outfits
Similar thigh-high boots Courtesy: @queenamii

Let them know who the ice queen is! I am head over heels in love with her jacket. It’s fur-lined and looks so freakin’ warm that you’ll need nothing else.

The long boots will effortlessly add an extra layer of warmth and style.

14. crop top + leather pants + puffer vest

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Same leather pants | puffer vest
Courtesy: @likethe_season

Why stick with the same old outfit when you can have a fresh new look? This is perfect for those who want to embrace winter in their baddie style. Pair a simple white crop top with long sleeves, and add a Puffer vest, leather pants, and a pair of sneakers or combat boots.

15. teddy coat over sweatshirt and leggings

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Similar teddy coat

One must have a teddy coat handy. They look cute, are super cozy, and one coat layer is enough for the winter breeze.

Grab a black sweatshirt, fleece-lined leggings, and chunky sneakers, along with a white teddy fur coat to complete the look. A fanny pack bag and a baseball cap will give you 50 extra points!

16. puffer vest over jeans & turtle neck

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Similar puffer vest

Baddie winter outfits are a bit of work to create since you don’t always want to sacrifice fashion for protecting your skin, lol; fashion problems.

So let’s just make peace with a little cold, little fashion moment with this puffer jacket vest over a cozy warm turtle neck and jeans. I think it’s cute and a little practical!

17. long shacket with beanie and boots

casual winter outfits baddie
Same blue heels | blue beanie

Get inspired by your ex’s icy cold heart and recreate this super sexy, highly fashionable, and totally badass winter outfit with royal blue boots and beanie, a grey sweatshirt, and jeans layered by a long shacket to keep you warm.

See if you can match all the colors from the same color family – that’s the key, actually.

18. french blazer dress

classy winter outfits baddie
Courtesy: @anayaivyy

Let the French fashion juice flow with a beret and blazer dress! I love the extra layer of thigh-high socks and ankle boots. I love the whole black-and-white moment going on.

19. statement teddy fur coat

hot winter outfits baddie
Same coat but in different colors
Courtesy: @_zoiemariee

Wow, Jesus! This is what I mean when I say that you only need a few statement coats to create baddie winter outfits.

20. statement trench coat and skirt set

hot winter outfits baddie
Same trench coat | similar mini skirt

Girlllll, this is your sign to buy a matching trench coat and skirt set this winter. Styled with long boots and a turtle neck, there aren’t many ways this outfit inspo can go wrong!

21. aviator jacket over sweater dress

hot winter outfits baddie
Similar sweater dress | aviator jacket

Helluu, aviator jacket!! I love sweater dresses and boots mix up any time of the day. But with this aviator jacket now on the ground, you are gonna make those heads turn!!

22. puffer jacket dress

hot baddie winter outfits
Similar puffer vest

I think we have established the fact that puffer jackets are an investment. But this dress jacket is way too cute to ignore. Wear a huge fluffy sweater or a sweatshirt and thigh-high boots to set the stage on fireeeee.

23. shacket dress with boots

cute baddie winter outfits
Same shacket dress just order a size bigger

Baddie winter outfits are about picking clothes that are comfy, warm, and jaw-droppingly hot! And this shacket dress says just that. You can wear so many layers under this and even a skin-colored legging under the boots to keep you safe from the chilly days.

24. leather jacket over a dress

sexy baddie winter outfits
Similar leather blazer

If you are looking for something boujee to transition from fall to winter, a leather blazer over a dress is a nice idea. I like how the whole outfit is black, and she color-popped it with a green bag. The sleek hairdo is a baddie must!

25. aviator jacket with crop top + jeans

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze
Similar brown jacket

First off, the fit of these jeans is so dreamy! And even though it’s a very easy, delicate baddie winter outfit with a pair of skinny jeans, lace-up boots, crop top, and aviator jacket, there’s still something very expensive about it.

I guess she was inspired by this article on how to look expensive on a budget!

26. leather pants + sweatshirt + trench coat

boujee baddie winter outfits
Similar leather pants
Courtesy: @vanessardaniels

A classy leather pants, a plain sweatshirt, and a gorgeous statement coat. This outfit is perfect for killing people off the streets, lol.

27. two-tone trench coat outfit

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze

If big and boujee is your mantra, try getting yourselves some fancy accessories like these sunglasses and fur handbags. I like how the whole outfit consists of just two colors – tan and white. It looks rich and super pretty!

28. puffer jacket + combat boots

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze

Another baddie winter outfit inspiration with an all-black fit and white puffer jacket and combat boots. A beanie or baseball cap would be nice accessories to add for a casual look.

29. sweater vest dress

baddie winter outfits
Same sweater dress

Another fall-to-winter fit, a sweater vest dress over a shirt dress with long boots, is a classic baddie outfit that looks oh-so-adorable and suits most of your casual day-to-day activities like going out with girls for brunch or a shopping spree!

30. feet long blazer + jeans

baddie winter outfits

OMG, look at this long blazer coat. How can this not grab the eye? The heels, the bag, and the confidence, there’s nothing classier than this baddie winter outfit on the list.

31. chocolate brown monochrome look

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze

Can we take 2 minutes to acknowledge how beautiful this attire is? I mean, WOW!! The leather boots, skirt, and the star of the show trench coat are everything badass. I am totally swooned at this chocolate leather moment going on!

32. shacket + leather leggings

32 Baddie Winter Outfits That Are HOT & Won't Let You Freeze

Such a simple yet classy winter outfit for women who wanna keep it decently amazing. An oversized plain shacket with leather leggings and combat boots is a classic combo that’ll make you look stunning walking down the streets.

What are the winter essentials to look like a baddie?

When I think of baddie winter outfits, I see leather pants and jackets, statement coats, puffer and aviator jackets, sleek hair-do, and, yes, a matching sweatshirt and jogger set. Oh, how can we forget confidence and sass sprinkled over the top?

Just because you wanna look like a badass doesn’t mean you have to freeze. Winter is all about layering and staying warm, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look like a baddie.

  • A good puffy jacket is essential to keep you toasty while still having a bit of edge. Find one with a bold color or cool design to make a statement.
  • Don’t forget about your accessories! A stylish beanie and cozy scarf will take any winter outfit to the next level.
  • And let’s not forget about good ol’ fashion boots. Whether it’s combat boots or long knee/thigh-high boots, find a pair that will level up your winter wardrobe and keep your feet dry in those slushy puddles.

Wrapping up cold weather baddie winter outfits

I hope these baddie winter outfits and tips have inspired you to step up your baddie fashion game this season! Remember, when it comes to dressing for cold weather, layering is key, accessories are everything, and it’s always important to dare to be different. So go out there and show the world how much of a baddie you are!

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