How To Look Expensive On A Budget

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Want to get all the juicy secrets on how to look expensive on a budget? Here’s everything you need!

When a person walks in, you can quickly tell what type of a person they are, their lifestyle, and their vibe, all by judging from their outfit, can’t you? Now, some will look extraordinarily classy, while some will look like they didn’t even take 10 minutes for themselves. And I’m telling you, you always wish to be in the former type.

Trust me, each one of you can look like a million bucks without being a millionaire (or even close!) How? Because you don’t have to spend money to look good constantly. You need to have the eye and skill for clothes and fashion.

That being said, if you are thinking about how to look expensive on a budget, these tips are here to help you achieve that. Just some quick fashion advice so you don’t look like a dag.

How to look expensive on a budget

1. Opt for fitted outfits over slouchy ones

The old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” is one that people should live by. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on things that are not readily noticeable, but it’s also easy to make cheap clothes look sophisticated.

If you want to look expensive on a budget, go for fitted outfits over slouchy ones since they look chic and polished. Don’t get me wrong, I am crazy for oversized comfy outfits, but the trick is to add one piece of structured clothing to the mix, so you don’t look like a slouchy bear.

2. Go for a monochromatic look

a white monochromatic outfit to look expensive on a budget.

We’ve all been there. You’re stuck at the store, and you have a dressing room full of clothes but can’t find anything to wear. Then it hits you: buy everything in the same color.

You may be a little hesitant because it seems like a fashion faux pas, but it actually has been done by some of the best designers in the world from time to time. It is not just for those on a budget. In fact, it can also be an easy way to pull off that expensive designer looks without breaking the bank!

The idea behind this method is that you want to create cohesion between all of your pieces, so they look intentional and well put together rather than thrown together with no thought at all. Plus, by going monochromatic, you are saving a lot of time picking layers and all.

3. Find pieces with quality higher than the price

An easy way to declutter your wardrobe or build a new one that looks rich is to pick pieces that you think are made of natural, high-quality fabric, and that you paid a meager price for. Those are your staples!

Below are some helpful tips on how to spot high-quality clothing items without having to do too much research or spend too much money.

1) Check the materials that went into making it – if you find that it is made of higher quality materials, then the chances are that it was also designed better and will last longer than cheaper clothes.

2) Look at the stitching on it – if you find that the seam is more even and straight, then this indicates that someone spent some time making sure everything was perfect before they sent it off for sale.

3) Check where the garment was made – cheaper clothes tend to be manufactured in China.

4. Invest in quality handbags and shoes

To look polished on a budget, there are not many investments you need to make except for quality handbag and shoes that look expensive.

A structured bag and classy shoes are the only accessories you need to make your outfit look put together.

5. Coordinate your handbag with shoes

You have no idea how much of a difference matching shoes and handbags make on the whole outfit. Of course, you don’t always need the same colors, but the same textures or tones would work.

6. Don’t overexpose

If you are trying to look sexy, it’s a hell yes but overexposing is always a bad idea for when you want to look expensive on a budget. You need to know how to balance the skin-showing with layering.

I love a relaxed blazer or a coat, for that matter.

An easy trick to judge the exposure is by asking yourself, would you wear it in front of your grandmother or mother-in-law? If not, pick a piece to add on top!

7. Avoid distress details in your clothes

a cool, not classy put-together outfit with distress jeans

Distressed denim or sweaters can instantly make your outfit look cool and casual instead of chic and decadent. So if you are wearing jeans, go for dark denim or black jeans. And do not even think of frayed sweaters when looking expensive on a budget is on the plate.

8. Get yourself a great blazer

A fitting blazer is as important as the whole outfit when you want to look expensive on a budget. Blazer is one clothing item you can throw over jeans, pants, dresses, skirts, almost anything. And this investment need not be extravagant. Here are some sleek blazer styles you can stock for cheap.

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

9. find the proper undergarments

I bet you cannot find a classy person dressed up nicely with their undergarments peeking through. Transparent bra straps or panty lines looking through a dress are a big No.

Try to have the right type of undergarments for the outfit you are wearing. For example, go for a strapless bra for off-the-shoulder or sleeveless tops, a stick-on bra for backless dresses or tops, try thongs or seamless panties to avoid panty lines.

Your outfit will look so neat and put together.

10. avoid too many logos

walking brand billboard with too many logos in an outfit. It is not how to look expensive on a budget

Trust me; this is the easiest pitfall for people who want to look expensive. You might have seen walking brand billboards showing off their Louis Vuitton bag, Versace glasses, Guess jackets, Balenciaga shoes, and what not trying to scream money from far.

That is not sophisticated and definitely not high-class. Because rich people do not need brand logos to show that they have money in their pocket, their vibe, style, and lifestyle will convey that to you automatically. So keep your outfit low-key elegant with minimum big brand logos popping out.

11. maintain hygiene and smell good

Taking care of your skin, nails, hair, and feet will instantly make you look posh and polished. You seriously have no idea how much of a difference can tidiness make on others. So file and nourish your nails, exfoliate and moisturize your body, keep your hair fresh and non-oily, and your feet smooth from dead skin.

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12. Keep your clothes ironed

Always, always, always make sure that your clothes are ironed. Don’t be like young me and roam around the streets in wrinkled denim and tops, okay? It looks pathetic, childlike, and naive.

13. carry a structured bag

Bags have a way of standing out, and you can usually tell a good one when you see one.

And the bag is one of the critical details one must have to put together an expensive outfit. So try to look for a structured bag that is finely stitched and looks expensive rather than spending thousands of dollars on it.

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

14. layering is good

Layering is a skill that, once you learn, your fashion game can be on top. Beautiful coats, essential pieces, bags, and shoes are all the investments you need to make for a statement outfit.

15. Wear a natural makeup

I’m not asking you to go overboard on typical days, but a little BB cream, mascara, and a bomb lipstick shade can make all the difference when you want to look expensive on a budget. It’ll just show that you had put in efforts for yourself.

16. try pointed heels

Want to make your legs look longer and fit look on fleek? Pointed heels or even flats are the way to go! They help give a structure to your feet and make them look chicer.

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

And this is how to look expensive on a budget, easy peasy right? Some other useful tips would be:

  1. Always shop on discounts.
  2. Try to find your staples and look for high quality pieces in low prices.
  3. Shopping from thrift stores can get you great clothes at low prices sometimes.
  4. Don’t buy fakes of expensive brands that look pathetic and cheap
  5. Do not try every trend on the runway. Some of them are way too extreme for being posh.

concluding: how to look expensive on a budget

In the end, a woman who knows how to dress for her shape, her lifestyle, and her style can definitely look expensive on a budget without spending a lot of money on a lot of clothes or big brands.

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how to look expensive on a budget

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  1. I have read so much and watched so many videos on how to look rich and all without loads of money and honestly, these are hands down the best tips. So much love to you.

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