11 Best Drugstore makeup dupes you’ll ever find

11 Best Drugstore makeup dupes you'll ever find

Here are some of the best drugstore makeup dupes you would want to know!

Who in this world doesn’t love drugstore makeup dupes? I don’t know anyone who would say she wants to spend ten times more money on makeup products that nearly work the same unless you are a Kardashian or princess, whatever, IDC.

But before we get into why we love them so much, you need to know what makeup dupes really are, just in case you are living under a huge giant rock and don’t know about it (which I was too until recently, so don’t worry girl, I’ve got you all.)

drugstore makeup dupes
drugstore makeup dupes
drugstore makeup dupes

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Makeup dupes are a shorter version of the word “duplicate,” which apparently means the more affordable version of more high-end or luxury products. Even though brands don’t really say that out loud but god, we all know they are creating some drugstore makeup dupes of expensive brands.

Some drugstore brands that make irresistible drugstore makeup dupes are:

So now you know what makeup dupes are; let’s just get into the post straight away.

Drugstore makeup dupes 2023

1. Smashbox photo finish Primer vs NYX photo-loving Primer

drugstore makeup dupes

If your very first step isn’t strong enough, how are your next 20 steps going to last? (Kidding, just 15, no biggie!) Of course, we all love a good pore-blurring primer, and Smashbox makes one of the best primers in the industry, but those whooping $37 is a huge amount. And that is why NYX created this Photo-loving primer which works just as similarly but is one-third its price.

2. Too faced born this way foundation vs Maybelline superstay foundation

drugstore makeup dupes

I bet if you have ever tried Too faced foundation or concealer, there’s no going back from it. It is so full coverage that I could hide my soul with it, along with my big black dark circles and pesky pimples. But what to do about that $40 price tag?

Well, you could get yourself a Maybelline superstay for literally one-fourth of the price and still get full coverage, the same texture, and many shades. Now you know why we love drugstore makeup dupes!

Look at the Maybelline Superstay foundation review, just in case.

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3. Tarte shape tape concealer vs LO’real infallible full wear concealer

makeup dupes

Who doesn’t want to own the most-hyped beauty blogger’s-favorite concealer? But the fact that they might have got that for free, and you have to pay $27, could make you step back. Don’t worry! Instead, go for LO’real’s $13 concealer, which seriously is the closest any company could get to Tarte’s best-seller, and get the same hydrating, full and radiant coverage for half the price.

4. Laura Mercier loose powder vs Maybelline Fit me loose powder

11 Best Drugstore makeup dupes you'll ever find

When the beauty industry was freakishly amazed about Laura Mercier’s loose powder, Maybelline dropped their bang on the makeup dupe on the ground. Both are climbing their way up in high-end and drugstore markets, respectively.

And just in case the thought of spending $39 on just a setting powder freaks you out, I highly suggest you buy Maybelline Fitme powder which btw retails only for $8. A deal you don’t want to miss.

I promise you’ll not compromise on the quality and appearance since Fit me powder is as soft and finely milled as Lura Mercier’s and sets the makeup beautifully.

5. Becca Sunlit bronzer vs Physicians Formula butter bronzer

11 Best Drugstore makeup dupes you'll ever find

If you are looking for a sun-kissed goddess glow and a beach is not an option, Becca Sunlit Bronzer is a go-to for people who are obsessed with its subtle and natural look. And if you want that same soft subtle bronzed look, the infamous butter bronzer from Physician’s formula is here to the rescue with just a very affordable price tag. (It’s my cult favorite as well).

Incredibly silky and buttery to the touch, it smells delicious coconuts, and you won’t be able to resist using it. Plus, it’s a nice deal for a pretty glow.

6. Nars orgasm blush vs Milani baked blush

11 Best Drugstore makeup dupes you'll ever find

Blush, personally, is my favorite part of the entire makeup. It just makes you look fresh and alive.

And my ears have been ringing with raving reviews about Nars blushes from people (and my annoying sister).

But, as a broke girl, I never had $30 and the guts to spend it over a blush. And that’s when Milani baked blush stepped in. This sells for just $8, but god, I swear it is so much better than all the blushes I have ever used. It is extremely subtle and glowy; it doesn’t have any hard shimmer particles, unlike many drugstore blushes. And my sister loves it, too, even though she has always been a Nars fan.

7. Marc Jacobs O! mega luminizer vs Maybelline master chrome highlighter

11 Best Drugstore makeup dupes you'll ever find

Maybelline, Maybelline, Maybelline. If you have ever used these two shimmery champagne gold highlighters next to each other, you know you cannot tell which is which. The only difference I can see is that Marc Jacobs is five times the face studio’s price, lol.

I actually love both of these makeup dupes equally since they have finely milled shimmer particles in them, and they don’t look weird when applied. And girls, it’s hard to find such highlighters. But that still doesn’t justify the enormous price tag, so I vote for Maybelline.

8. ABH brow wiz vs NYX micro brow pencil

ABH brow wiz and NYX micro brow pencil are drugstore makeup dupes

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil is the best-kept brow secret of almost all makeup artists and the average beauty buffs alike. I honestly don’t think any brow pencil competes with its precise detailing, smoothness, and ease, but the NYX micro brow pencil sure gives it tough competition.

This eyebrow pencil really does it all – shape, define and fill in sparse brows in minutes. Retailing for just $10, it’s the closest makeup dupe to Anatasia brow wiz. But, can it be more affordable?

9. Kat Von D tattoo liner vs NYX epic ink liner

Kat Von D tattoo liner and NYX epic ink liner are drugstore makeup dupes

Kat Von D tattoo liner is undoubtedly an award-winning vegan liquid liner that the world raves about. However, considering it’s a heavy price, I have heard that the NYX epic liner works exactly the same with its intensely pigmented waterproof formula for less than $10.

10. Too faced better than sex Mascara vs LO’real lash paradise mascara

Too faced better than sex Mascara and LO'real lash paradise mascara are drugstore makeup dupes

The Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara is, without a doubt, one of the best on the market. If you’re willing to work $25 for mascara, then this is the one, trust me. But if that price is out of reach for you, the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara makes up the best drugstore makeup dupes selling for just $11 and giving every lash for a full fringe effect with its 200+ bristles.

11. Urban Decay All nighter setting spray vs NYX matte finish setting spray

Urban Decay All nighter setting spray and NYX matte finish setting spray are drugstore makeup dupes

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray has been an unbeatable favorite from the very first day it was launched. However, for those searching for an affordable option, the Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray gets the job done just as nicely and will cost you less than $10.

Doesn’t it make you love drugstore makeup dupes?

The key takeaway on best drugstore makeup dupes

What do you think of these drugstore makeup dupes of 2023? Even though there’s no harm in buying high-end products, practically, it is not feasible enough for most people. Right? So staying on budget with drugstore makeup dupes is the best way to look pretty and buy the best drugstore makeup.

That said, it’s a wrap for our drugstore makeup dupes post. So what makeup dupes are already in your cart?

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best drugstore makeup dupes

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