Gua Sha For Face Slimming: Do’s And Don’ts That Are Shocking!

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Wondering if you can use gua sha for face slimming? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

It was when one of my friends was doing her skincare and picked out this cool green stone and said, “Gua sha is my secret for a slimmer face. It will give me a nice sharp jawline soon.”

And I had heard about gua sha before but wasn’t interested in it much. So I told her that I don’t believe a stone can give a slim face. It must only increase blood circulation and nothing else. But she was so firm with her belief that she won’t budge and that made me have a maybe it’s true kind of mindset.

So obviously, I switched my research mode on, and here’s what I found about gua sha and if using gua sha for face slimming is a real thing.

What is gua sha? How does it work?

two gua sha stones in a basket.

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese natural therapy that uses gentle to moderate pressure to create energy that stimulates the body’s natural healing process.

The technique has been in use for more than 2,000 years and is usually performed on the back, legs, arms, chest, and other areas of the body to treat injuries or other chronic pain.

Gua sha is a type of Gua Dao – scraping facial massage therapy to help with blood circulation, reduce facial bloating and swelling, and slim your face. It involves drawing a tool along certain face areas to move lymphatic fluid and improve elasticity.

This healing technique is suitable for many people, including those who want a quick solution to look more youthful and less tired due to loose skin on their faces caused by aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. In addition, those with oily skin can also benefit from gua sha facial since it helps release excess oil from the pores.

That being said, one question that always keeps coming up is, does gua sha work? To answer that, hell ya, it works! The benefits of gua sha have been no less than extraordinary and many people have found it magical for different skin issues.

Benefits of gua sha

This ancient Chinese practice actually does more than just expel pus and toxins – it can be your skin’s best friend!

Aside from its healing properties, gua sha also increase blood flow, breaks down scar tissue, and recharges your immunity.

And here’s the kicker: people in China are using it for aesthetics, too! Imagine getting that rejuvenated, fresh-faced look without breaking the bank.

Gua sha can –

  • Reduce puffiness.
  • Minimize sinus congestion (perfect for allergy sufferers)
  • Tackle acne and hyperpigmentation

It’s no wonder celebrities like Fan Bingbing swear by it for their youthful glow!

How To Pick A Gua Sha Stone For Facial Slimming?

It goes without saying that picking the right gua sha tone is a battle half won. So here are a few tricks to keep in mind before blindly purchasing a gua sha stone.

girl using gua sha for face slimming
  • The gua sha stone should be approximately the size of an adult’s palm or a little bigger. If it is too small, it will be difficult to handle and apply pressure, while if it is too big, the force applied might end up hurting.
  • It should not have any cracks because this could get stuck in the skin even when you glide over the skin using a minuscule amount of pressure. A crack can also get deeper into the skin each time you use it, causing bruises later.
  • The gua sha stone should feel somewhat smooth, but filing down with sandpaper or coarser types of stones can help bring out its original texture so that it feels more natural and body temperature.
  • The stone should not be too light because it might be too easy to handle, and lose control over the pressure of the strokes that we apply on the skin. It also shouldn’t be too heavy, which will cause hand fatigue or numbness while using it.
  • The gua sha stone should feel natural, so if you want something more than just a rock picked up from your backyard, you can buy types of gua sha stones made from volcanic rocks such as obsidian or kinds of minerals such as jade or rose quartz online or at some stores around where you live.

Tips For Using A Gua Sha For Face Slimming

how to use gua sha for face slimming directions

Begin by cleaning your face and neck with 4-10 drops of facial oil. Scrape the gua sha tool up both sides of your neck using it. Then sweep from the middle of your chin to the top of your jawline in one motion.

After this, move on to sweeping over your cheeks, ending at the hairline. Sweep upwards from between the brows towards the hairline in one movement. Finally, sweep from the middle of your forehead to the hairline in one movement.

Before moving to the next area of the face, make sure to sweep it at least three times. Also, keep the gua sha tool flat against your skin and try not to apply too much oil.

Now, you can use gua sha either in the morning or at night. I personally prefer to do this gua sha routine in the morning as it is a superb way to reduce puffiness, shed away my bloated face, and wake up my facial muscles.

Also, don’t scrape each area of your face more than 10-15 times because it can overstimulate and irritate the skin. Since the skin around the eyes is very thin, it is suggested to scrape it after 2-3 days.

How Often Should You Use A Gua Sha?

Aim to use it a few times a week for optimal results. But, listen to your body – if you’re feeling sore or sensitive, take a break.

How soon will I see the results from gua sha?

Some people report seeing immediate benefits, like reduced puffiness or wrinkles, while others notice improvement after a few weeks of consistent use. Of course, results will vary depending on your skin type and concerns, but it’s safe to say that gua sha can be a game changer for your skin in no time!

Can You Store Your Gua Sha In The Fridge For Better Gua Sha Slimming Benefits?

Yes, you can absolutely store your Gua Sha in the fridge for some epic slimming benefits! Not only does it help to de-puff and tighten your skin, but the coolness of the tool can also help to soothe any inflammation or redness on your face.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to pamper yourself with a refreshing and invigorating at-home facial gua sha massage.

Does gua sha actually slim your face?

If you want a straight answer, then NO, gua sha cannot help slim your face. It is no magic. What it can do is just drain away the excess fluid from your face, making it appear that your jawline has got chiseled and your face got slimmer.

To get a slim face, you need to do cardio, eat right, and perhaps use procedures such as fat-dissolving injections and highly focused ultrasounds.

Does gua sha tool reduce face fat?

By using gua sha, you can definitely reduce puffiness, water retention, and inflammation, which are common culprits of a bloated face. So yes, gua sha indirectly does help in reducing face fat.

does gua sha work for double chin?

Honestly, in my experience, it sure can work great for double chin. By using a gua sha tool on your chin and neck area, you can help to promote lymphatic drainage and encourage the removal of excess fluids and fat cells.

This, in turn, can help to slim down your double chin and create a more defined jawline.

How can I make my face thinner?

Alright, girlfriend, if you’re looking to make your face appear slimmer and more chiseled, there are a few things you can try!

First off, try incorporating more cardio into your workout routine to help burn off any excess fat. You can also try contouring your face with makeup to create the illusion of more defined cheekbones and a stronger jawline.

Another option is to switch up your diet and eat more foods that are high in fiber and protein, which can help reduce bloating and promote weight loss.

Mistakes to avoid with gua sha for face slimming

The most common mistake while using gua sha is to believe that if you apply hard pressure while draining the fluids, you may get a jawline or slim face quicker or faster. This is absolutely false news because gua sha asks for firm but light pressure only.

Concluding – does gua sha work for face slimming

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment that involves scraping the skin with a smooth stone or other material. It has many benefits and can be used to provide relief for certain conditions, such as acne and eczema, but it cannot slim your face at all.

Don’t buy gua sha if you hear that listening! This procedure only drains away fluids from under the surface of the skin by stimulating blood circulation in deeper tissues.

I hope now you know that using gua sha for face slimming is a myth.

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