The Best Hermes Blanket Dupes That Look Exactly the Same

best Hermes blanket dupes

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Babe, these Hermes blanket dupes are so damn same, you may cry getting one for so cheap!

Have you ever drooled over those luxurious Hermes blankets on Instagram or reality TV? I mean, they’re like a high-end dream – elegant, plush, and totally posh. But here’s the kicker: they cost a whopping $1550! Can you believe that? For a blanket?!

I don’t care how warm it is, there’s no way a blanket is worth that much money. Let’s be real, it’s all about the brand name, not the quality. But hey, whatever floats their boat.

But fear not, my fellow budget-conscious fashionistas! I’ve discovered some amazing Hermes blanket dupes that look just as stunning and cozy but won’t break the bank. Get ready to nab a steal that’ll have everyone fooled!

The Best Hermes Blanket Dupes That Look Exactly the Same
  • I’m telling you right off the bat I personally love THIS Hermes dupe blanket the most, but you can obviously choose according to your budget. I already love this brand for all kinds of luxe dupes, and the quality of this H blanket is too good to be true!

Let me show ya’ll all these gorg Hermes blanket dupes, shall I?

1. Black Merino Wool Hermes Blanket dupe from Walmart

The Best Hermes Blanket Dupes That Look Exactly the Same

Girl, if you want an even cheaper throw blanket that gives off that ultra-luxe vibes sitting on your living room sofa on a cozy Christmas evening, this Walmart knockoff is a literal copy of a Hermes blanket!

Walmart always has such authentic-looking designer dupes that sometimes I have to recheck if it really is a dupe or an original, lol. Anyhow, this super cozy throw is my THE MOST favorite, only because of how closely it looks like the OG.

From the fabric composition (90% merino wool and 10% cashmere) to the perfect little stripes and hand-woven stitch and EXACTLY the same size (53 x 67), who can tell this is a Hermes blanket dupe?

But more than all of this, I LOVE how it retails for merely $45, and you can always snag it at a little discount! I got teary-eyed talking about it, lol. You’ve got to steal it and look oh-so-hawt in it! Trust me, you won’t find a better Hermes throw blanket dupe out there.

2. Hermes Avalon blanket dupe from Styled collection

If you love finding designer dupes, then this brand is a must-know. They’ve got some seriously impressive dupes for Barefoot Dreams blankets, David Yurman jewelry, and even Cartier bracelets and rings. And the best part? The prices are unbelievable!

But let’s talk about their Hermes Avalon blanket dupe. It’s seriously stunning and comes at a jaw-dropping price. Honestly, you won’t even be able to tell the difference if you compare it to the real deal.

Both blankets have the same number of iconic H’s, and they’re made from a luxurious cashmere and wool blend that’ll keep you warm and cozy.

Not only that, but this Hermes dupe comes in three beautiful colors: orange, black, and gray. Plus, it’s slightly bigger than the original – a definite win (it’s 55 inches long rather than the 53 of the original)!

The only catch is that it sells out within minutes, so you’ve gotta keep your eyes peeled and act fast.

All in all, this Hermes blanket dupe is the ultimate steal. It’s worth every penny and guaranteed to earn you some serious compliments.

3. Hermes Avalon h blanket dupe

Looking for a faux Hermes blanket that screams luxury? Look no further! I’ve got another stunning, high-end-looking gem on Walmart that’s not only super warm but also has impeccable stitching (unlike those low-quality knockoffs).

In stylish shades of gray, orange, and black, this blanket is definitely going to be a hit at any family or friends get-together you throw!

This Hermes replica is practically identical in size to the original (53 x 67 inches). Made with a heavenly blend of soft wool and even softer cashmere (90:10 ratio), it’s so luxurious that you won’t be able to resist snuggling up with it.

Whether you use it as a bed blanket, a throw for your sofa or armchair, or as a cover for your footboard, this Hermes inspired blanket will steal the spotlight.

So here’s the deal: this Hermes dupe is totally worth it. But here’s the catch – supplies are limited and selling fast. Don’t miss out – grab yours now!

4. Copycat Hermes blanket dupe on dhGate

The Best Hermes Blanket Dupes That Look Exactly the Same

If you don’t already know, dhGate is a hub for designer dupes. And this little gem is by far their most demanded product over there!

With literally 2,000 people raving about it and already in love with it, I can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this deal.

And if I tell you the price, you’ll start crying with me, lol. It’s just $35 gorgeous!! Thank you, dupe gods!

Now, let’s talk about the details a bit – It is made up of 100% cashmere wool (which is definitely not an exact match, but if you know anything about Cashmere, it is that you cannot find a more softer wool than this).

That being said, it has got the same knitted detailings and the “H” letters with almost the exact same size as the Hermes blanket. And colors? It comes in 8 freakin’ colors!! That’s bizzaree!

Put it on the bed, over the footboard, or use it as a throw or cover for a sofa or armchair, This cheapest little Hermes dupe blanket is def something that will be 100% worth it! (Oh, if you hurry, you might even get it on a bomb discount!)

5. eBay blanket dupes

Hermes blanket dupe uk

Okay, Can I be real here for a minute? I don’t 100% trust eBay. I’ve never shopped from it but if you have, please let me know what your reviews are! 😚

But when I found these Hermes dupes there, I was like, I don’t know if I want to share them but maybe not everybody is like me who hasn’t shopped from it ever.

So this is for the ones who have and know what you can expect. Of course, the prices are super affordable and the reviews are literally in the sky (raving about it), and the details are also quite similar to the original blanket.

Now, there are a lot of H blanket dupes on eBay, but this is the one I think looks the most genuine!

It is a tad bit smaller than the real deal, and the fabric used is microfiber. But they say it’s hella soft and cozy.

What Hermes blanket dupe would I choose?

Honestly, all these fuzzy blankets are a total steal but the Walmart one is a dream come true! It’s extraordinarily similar to the real deal and I just know that you’ll love it the most. Also, it is the most trusted brand of em’ all!

Another one of my favorites is from The Styled collection, only because I’ve purchased from this brand before and I’ve always loved the items. So it’s just an easy decision for me!

But, I’ll leave it on you! What are you going to snag this winter season? Ask, share, say anything you want toin the comments below and let’s chat up!

Till then, toodles! Xo <3

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