The best Hermes Blanket Dupes that look exactly the same

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get these Hermes blanket dupes for 31x cheaper!

You must have seen a Hermes blanket luxuriously sitting on a rich celebrity’s sofa or bed at least once, right? I know it looks like a beautiful dream there. But that dream comes with a giant price tag of $1550!!!!

Do not tell me that a blanket would ever be worth that much money even if it is the warmest thing on the planet. Obviously, the money is for the brand name and not the quality.

So for people like me, who love a killer designer dupe for a fraction of the price, here are a few gorgeous Hermes blanket dupes that look insanely similar, feel equally warm but retails for a price most of us can actually afford.

The best Hermes Blanket Dupes that look exactly the same

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I personally love this Hermes dupe blanket the most, but you can obviously choose according to your budget.

Hermes blanket dupes

Hermes avalon blanket dupes – $65

Hermes blanket dupes

This brand is one of my favorites for finding stunning designer dupes. They have some pretty similar Barefoot Dreams blanket dupes, David Yurman dupes, along with Cartier bracelet and ring dupes too, all at insanely reasonable prices!

But here we are talking about our infamous Hermes Avalon blanket dupe at an unbelievable price and incredible looks. I mean, you cannot even see the difference if kept side by side. Even the number of H on both the blankets is the same. And they both are a gorgeous cashmere and wool blend that is sure to keep you warm and cozy.

It comes in three beautiful colors of orange, black, and grey. Also, the size of this Hermes blanket dupe is also a little bit bigger than the original, which is always a plus. But the only issue with this beauty is that it goes out of stock within minutes. So you really have to keep an eye and snag it.

Overall, I say you’ll not find a better Hermes blanket dupe than this one. It’s totally and absolutely worth the price and compliments you are gonna get!

Hermes avalon blanket dupes – $50

The best Hermes Blanket Dupes that look exactly the same

Another great Hermes blanket dupe would be this one from Amazon. It also looks insanely similar with every single detail like the original.

It is considerably larger (not much but still bigger), and feels really soft. This doesn’t have many reviews but something tells me this is going to be a big hit on Amazon sooner or later. For around $50, I think you cannot go wrong with this blanket.

What Hermes blanket dupe would i choose?

Honestly, both of these blankets are superb, but just because I have bought other designer dupes from this brand before, I trust them more. And they have great 5-star reviews as well. So I’ll pick this Hermes dupe blanket over the other one.

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Hermes blanket dupes

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