How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

how to dress hourglass shape body

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Ever stood in front of your closet thinking, “If only I had a magic wand to make these clothes work wonders on me?” Or maybe you’ve stared at that fabulous dress online, wishing it would look just as fab on you? Well, guess what? If you’re blessed with an hourglass shape, you’ve already hit the fashion jackpot!

The key? Knowing how to dress to impress with your curves. And, oh boy, do we have some fun tips for ya! Buckle up, beauties; we’re about to turn your wardrobe into a treasure chest of figure-hugging gold.

What Does an Hourglass Body Type Look Like?

First, you must identify your body type to proceed with the styling. So, if you have a hunch that you are an hourglass lady, let me help you with the details.

Babe, you have an hourglass body type if –

  • You gain weight evenly throughout your body frame.
  • Your hips and thighs are fleshy and rounded.
  • Your shoulders are round.
  • Your hips and busts are of the same breadth.
  • Your waist is small and well-defined.

Challenges of Styling an Hourglass Shape Body

As I said earlier. Styling is the most significant part when it comes to dressing any body shape. The same goes true for the hourglass body type as well. Here are a few challenges that you will face even if you have that much-coveted hourglass body type:

  • No matter how much you love turtle neck or high neckline, you cannot style it as it cuts off your upper torso. Not every neckline looks flattering on an hourglass body type.
  • Maybe you are fond of wearing oversized hoodies and pullovers. But if you have an hourglass body type, forget anything that is shapeless and oversized. You have to stick to attires that match your body structure.
  • Styling any attire with a drop waist silhouette will look unflattering on your body frame. One needs to be very cautious with the silhouettes while shopping for an hourglass body type.
  • You need to be mindful of the hemline and fitting of the skirts you choose. 

How to dress Hourglass Shape Body – style tips Straight from the Experts!

Now that you know the basic challenges of styling an hourglass body shape, here are a few tips that I am sure you will find handy!

  • Keep your silhouette decluttered.
  • Go for simple, classic outfits.
  • Stock in quite a few good-quality lingeries that support your assets and go well with your outfits.
  • Choose statement accessories over gaudy ones.
  • Choose body-hugging silhouettes instead of boxy styles and straight-cut outfits.
  • Try to draw attention to your small and highly-defined waist.
  • Add the choicest accessories to enhance your overall appearance. 

Next, let’s find out which types of garments will compliment your body frame the most!

What neckline is best for an hourglass shape?

Those with an hourglass shaped body tend to look best in necklines that draw attention to their curves. V-necks, sweetheart, and scoop necks, either wide or narrow, are especially flattering as they elongate the neck and bring attention to the bust line. When going for a more modest look, boat necks and cowl necks can also work.

Try to avoid crew necks and turtlenecks, which can make your upper body look bulky.

The best sleeve styles for an hourglass shape body?

For an hourglass-shaped body, the best sleeve styles to accentuate your curves are the classic cap sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, puffy or flutter sleeves and off-the-shoulder styles.

  • Cap sleeves add a touch of sophistication while highlighting your curves and delicate décolletage.
  • Three-quarter-length sleeves also help enhance your curves while adding a little more coverage for those who prefer to be more modest.
  • Puffy sleeves give you an extra dose of glamour and can draw attention to your waistline.
  • Flutter sleeves are short, loose-fitting sleeves that create a soft, feminine look.
  • And off-the-shoulder styles can show off your shoulders without being too revealing.

What to Wear if You Have an Hourglass Shape Body?

Here is a complete list of clothes that you can flaunt like a supermodel, all the while feeling confident and comfortable!

1. Dresses

How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

Ladies with hourglass body types get really lucky when it comes to flaunting dresses. There are quite a few dress styles and silhouettes that will enhance your curvy figure and add to your elegance and enticing beauty.

Bodycon, sheath dresses, bias, wrap dresses, fit and flare and paneled waist dresses are some options that you must definitely try.

Sheath dresses can be a good option for brunch or semi-professional meets. Wrap dresses, fit-and-flare ones, are the ones that add to your bubbly and happy-go-lucky vibe. And to turn the heat on during any party or event, you can try bias style, bodycon or paneled waist dresses. They hug every inch of your curve and let you flaunt your shapely body in the most appealing manner. 

2. Tops

How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

While choosing tops, you should be mindful of the fitting so that you can flaunt your shapely shoulders and bust. Wrap tops and body-hugging tops will accentuate your bust and let you flaunt your slender waist. Off-the-shoulder and v-necks will look quite flattering on your body frame. Some other necklines that you can go for are sweetheart, scoop and square. 

Keyhole tops, too, are a great option for hourglass body types. 

When it comes to the sleeves, I would recommend you to either go sleeveless or choose set-in, fitted, bishop or 3/4th style.

Can hourglass body type wear crop tops?

Absolutely! There’s no better body type than hourglass to carry crop tops. Just make sure you pair them with high-waisted jeans and skirt bottoms that cinch your waist and balance out the look. It’s a sure-shot way to boost your confidence and give you more outfit options than ever before!

3. Jeans

How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

Selecting a pair of jeans for your hourglass body frame is not much difficult. You will just have to keep the comfort and fitting of the jeans in mind. The rest will go with the flow!

You have a lot of options to choose from, namely bootcut, high-waisted, flared, straight-leg and skinny jeans. These styles will not just help you flaunt your curves but will also accentuate your shapely waist. 

4. Pants

How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

Pants/trousers are highly versatile and can be worn on different occasions, be they formal or casual. Here are some amazing styles that will not just highlight your curves but will also make your legs look more shapely and attractive.

Flowy, belted, high-waisted, and wide-leg styles will hug your curves like a dream and grab attention toward your defined waist.

5. Skirts

How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

Want to flaunt your legs and round hips but with grace and elegance? Skirts can be immensely helpful. 

Pencil skirts, knee-length ones, tulip skirts, full circles, and gored ones will look perfect on your body frame. You also need to avoid boxy or shapeless styles that can hide your curves and make you appear larger than you are

6. Jackets, blazers and coats

How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

Winters need not be boring when it comes to flaunting your body shape. You can experiment with layering different styles of jackets, blazers and coats that compliment your hourglass figure.

You can flaunt your defined waist by putting on a cropped denim jacket or varsity jacket. Leather jackets that are well-fitted look incredibly good on your body frame. Moto jackets bring on a sense of class but at the same time, they at an edgy vibe to your overall appearance.

Long-belted blazers keep you warm and draw all attention to your balanced body structure. And you can never go wrong by putting on that classic trench coat and flaunting your shapely silhouette. 

7. Swimsuits

styling hourglass shape body

Ah! One of my favorites!

Being a water baby, I can’t do without my swimwear, and I believe you, too, have similar fascinations for these appealing garments.

First things first, the most important rule for selecting swimwear is to pick one that makes you feel confident and lets you feel fabulous from within. 

Hourglass body shapes can flaunt different styles of swimwear, such as retro one-pieces, halter swimsuits, and constructed tops. Triangle tops and bold print tops can also help you flaunt your assets. High-rise bottoms will draw all the attention to your shapely waist and fuller hips. 

8. Knitwear

how to style hourglass shape body

If you are worried that knitwear will look bulky on you and hide your best assets, babe, I will help you out. You can go for curve-hugging pullovers and sweaters in light fabric. Fine knits will also look great on you and enable you to flaunt your hourglass figure. 

9. Shorts

how to style hourglass shape body

I know that you are crazy about your shorts! But darling, are you wearing the right ones?

High-waisted shorts with contoured waistbands will make your well-defined waist all the more appealing. Another trick is to tuck your tops into your shorts to draw all attention to your well-defined waist. Flared, loose, tapered, and structured shorts will also help you show off your curvy bottom and round thighs. 

10. jumpsuits

how to style an hourglass shape body

Jumpsuits are indeed one of the best ways to add a touch of fun and fashion to your everyday looks. They can be dressed up with heels and statement jewelry or dressed down with sneakers and a denim jacket.

The key is to find one that fits well in the waistline, hips, and thighs, so it highlights your curves without feeling too tight or restricting.

You could choose a jumpsuit with a defined waistline, opt for a V-neck or wrap-style top, and go for pieces with wide legs instead of tight ones. You must also avoid baggy or shapeless jumpsuits and always try to belt your sexy waist if possible!

Accessories That Look Really Cool on an Hourglass Body Shape

Darling! I have always been vocal about the significance of accessories in enhancing your beauty and highlighting your curvaceous figure. 

I have a complete list of accessories ready just for you! Read on to know which accessories go really well with your hourglass body shape.

1. Statement necklaces

dressing an hourglass shape

Choose different styles of necklaces- short as well as long, based on the neckline of your top. For instance, short necklaces will look gorgeous with an off-the-shoulder top. It will effortlessly draw attention to your sexy collarbones and elongated neck.

On the other hand, long chains grab the attention of the onlookers towards your shapely waist and add to that subtle sex appeal.

2. Statement earrings

These earrings can easily grab the attention of your face and also add to your enticing beauty and charm.

3. Belts

How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

Make belts your BFF as they help you show off your well-define waist and make you look curvier. If you have an average height, then you can choose belts that are of medium width. On the other hand, if you are on the taller side, then go for wide ones.

4. Pointed-toe shoes

how to dress an hourglass shape body

If you wish to flaunt your shapely legs, then put on pointed-toe shoes and pair them with the right outfits.

5. Classic nude pumps

To keep it simple and decluttered, go for classic nude pumps over chunky footwear. 

What Not to Wear if You Have an Hourglass Shape Body?

There are quite a few styles that you must avoid so that your hourglass body frame does not look unbalanced or asymmetrical. The whole purpose of your styling should be to maintain that balance and accentuate your prominent features.

Here’s what you must not wear at any cost if you wish to make the most out of your hourglass body shape!

  • When it comes to necklines, avoid wide ones as well as high and narrow ones. I would suggest you get rid of embellishments near your neckline.
  • Wide sleeves don’t really go well with the hourglass body type.
  • While choosing tops, get rid of the ruffled ones. Boxy fit tops will also look unflattering on your body frame.
  • You must never try knitwear that has detailings near the hip or shoulder area. Also, chunky knit and boxy style pullovers are a big turn-off. 
  • Jackets and blazers with shoulder details will look unflattering on your body frame. Also, straight and boxy style coats hide your curvaceous body. So, it is better to avoid them altogether.
  • Low-rise trousers can make you look bulky. So, you should avoid low-rise pants or trousers.
  • Similarly, low-rise jeans are also not tailor-made for your body type.
  • Steer clear of straight-cut skirts as well.
  • Avoid dresses with too much volume, as they can make you look bulky.
  • Straight-fit shorts and the ones that are highly embellished should also be avoided.

Celebs Who Rock Their Hourglass Shape Body Effortlessly!

How to Dress Your Hourglass Shape Body Like You Mean It!

Wanna know about all those celebs with whom you share your beautiful hourglass body shape? Here you go! 

  • Salma Hayek
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Blake Lively
  • Kat Dennings
  • Christina Hendricks
  • Sophia Loren
  • Katherine Heigi
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Monica Belluci
  • Kylie Jenner

I have grown up taking inspiration from these leading ladies. You, too, can do the same and get that chic, elegant and plush look in no time. 

Final Thoughts on How to Dress Hourglass Shape Body

Indeed, styling hourglass body types is not that complicated. However, putting on anything and everything won’t do the trick. That’s why choosing the right outfit is of great significance.

Darling, I have fulfilled my promise of guiding you with all the styling hacks and trips for your hourglass-shaped body. Now it’s your turn to give a complete makeover to your closet and make room for outfits and accessories that compliment your body type.

Next time you are out shopping, refer to this detailed guide, and I am sure it will turn out to be an easy-peasy, breezy affair for you. Choosing the right outfit that lets you flaunt your best features will no longer be an overwhelming task. 

I hope this article has catered to all your doubts. If you still have any confusion, feel free to mention the same in the comments. I will reply, pinky promise! See ya soon. Until next time.

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