How to dress for your body type & look stunning all the time

how to dress for your body shape

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you know how to look stunning in whatever you wear? Learn How to dress for your body type & fix that problem for life!

To look glamorous in the clothes you put on, it is important to know the shape of the body you own. There is an ocean of information on the type of clothes in trend today but are you sure they are going to do justice to your body shape?

If you’re like most women, you probably have a hard time knowing how to dress for your body type. You might see a cute outfit in a magazine and think, “I could never wear that!” Or you might put on something that you think looks great, only to have it not look so great once you get it home.

As a teenager, I used to be skinny and slightly lean. This was a big reason why most of the styles that were easily accessible in the market failed to do any justice to my body shape and looked terrible.

Obviously, it hurt my self-esteem poorly as I couldn’t understand why the heck my friend looked stunning in the same dress that I looked like a beggar in.

But as time went by, my passion for fashion brought me to body shapes. Oh, there are so many! That after reading this, most of you would be embarrassed to know that you’ve been wearing clothes wrong 😉

If you are here to decide how to dress for your body type, you have successfully landed on the right page. I will be talking about the importance of your body shape and what style goes best with it. After all, it is important to look great and feel comfortable every single day in whatever you wear. 

So, ready to explore? Let’s learn how to dress for your body type and flaunt what we got in the best possible way!

how to dress for your body type

how to find your body shape

Understanding the female body

Understanding the female body may be a daunting task, yet it is actually fairly simple. Our bone structure and genetics largely determine our bodily design, which is pre-defined, while fat deposition (which is in our control) generally appears around critical regions: hips, stomach area, and chin. However, with proper dieting regimens, exercising regularly, and hormone therapy if needed; you can try to achieve an ideal shape that harmonizes with any outfit!

And not to forget, the ultimate power of reproducing a living being also plays a vital role. Some women gain a considerable amount of weight post-pregnancy and others make their way out as if nothing changed.

This makes it all the more important for you to work with your body and not against it. You have this body, and as long as it is healthy, you should be grateful for it and try to embrace it.

Measure what body shape you have

how to dress for your body type

If you are here, it is quite understood that you are not aware of your body shape. So go grab a measuring tape (and maybe someone to help) because, in 2 minutes, you’ll have that handy.

Remember: Do not place the tape too loosely or too tight because even a few centimeters can create big differences. 

Now start measuring your vitals, as I say.

Shoulder– Whenever you visit a tailor, you must have noticed they note down your vitals, starting with the shoulder. Just like that, begin with measuring your shoulder length first. Place the tape from one end of the shoulder to the other end and write that down.

Bust– For measuring your bust, you need to stand straight. Now measure your bust with one end of the tape in the center and wrap the other end around your back to make it meet the one in the center i.e., from the point you started. Keep the tape over the fullest part of your bust but don’t press it, squeeze it, or place it loosely. Just on the bust comfortably. Now you have your bust size.

Waist- Done with the bust? Now it is time to measure your sexy waist! AHHH…I don’t want any cheating here. Be true to your body to look fabulous in whatever you wear. No matter if you have a big belly. Do not breathe in tight to make the belly invisible during measurement. This can affect the decision about your body shape. Simply stand straight. 

The idea is to start below the rib cage and from the slimmest region of the waist, right above the belly button. Similar to your bust measurement, put the tape properly around the waistline and get it back to the position from where you started. 

Hips– It is important to measure the whole circumference of your buttocks to get the size of your hips. Start with one point on your right hip and take the tape around your buttocks and get it back to the point from where you started. This will give you your hip size. 

Congratulations! Now that you have your vitals noted, it is easy to determine your body shape. I know how we long to have that 36-24-36 body type, but trust me, you are best in whatever body shape you have.

The main idea behind determining your body shape is to make sure that the dress you choose to wear is doing justice to your body. Looking best in whatever we wear is our main concern. 

Even though we generalize ourselves as short, tall, curvy or bulky, that doesn’t determine our body shape in any manner. A body shape is still important when buying a dress if you care about how you are going to look in it.

9 Different women’s body types 

how to dress for your body shape

Most people generally talk about apple, pear, rectangle, and oval body types. But there are actually 9 body shapes. Ready to know yours?

1. Banana or Rectangle

This is the most common female body shape, with over 46% of women across the world owning it.

Also referred to as banana shape, this is one where your waist measures almost the same as your bust or hip while your hips and shoulders are of the same width. In short, the body looks like a rectangle with little to no waistline.

Most supermodels fall into this category. Gorgeous!

2. Pear or Triangle

I find it funny how our body shapes are defined by fruits, lol but it sure sticks!

If you have a smaller top half compared to your lower half, you probably are a pear-shaped body. You are also likely to have a well-defined waist and slim arms. 

I myself am a proud owner of a pear shape and I cannot be happier!

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna all belong to this category.

3. Hourglass 

Lucky hourglass shapes have a balanced bust-to-hip ratio with a slim and defined waistline. Remember that 36-24-36 body type I told you about? It’s that!

Now you don’t have to be specifically 36-24-36 but have a proportionate upper body and lower body with a sexy waist.

Your shoulders and buttocks are likely to be a bit rounded, while the upper half and legs are well in proportion. 

You got a sexy body, girl! Although all of them are!

4. Apple or Inverted triangle

Are your busts and mid-section larger than the hips? We call that an apple body shape. It usually has broad shoulders and the bottom half is slimmer.

Short dresses or the ones revealing the necklines are designed to keep your body shape in mind.

5. Top Hourglass and Bottom Hourglass

If the name confuses you a bit, remember that you can have more than 2 body types. It’s so prevalent.

Well, to be in this body type, you have got that hourglass shape with your bust size a bit larger than the hips. This is relatively more common than the true hourglass size, which is owned by just 10% of women. 

And in case your hip is slightly larger than the bust, your body shape qualifies as a Bottom Hourglass. 

In either case, you have got a lot of clothing choices to explore and impress your onlookers! 

6. Spoon

A little deviation from the fruit trend, how about relating your body to a utensil we cannot live without? You are exactly that precious! 

It is often said that a spoon body shape is one partially mimicking the pear or triangle body, with curvy hips, a larger butt, and narrow shoulders. The primary distinction between a spoon and pear body shape is that people with the former usually have a more prominent tummy, unlike those with the latter.

Most people with a spoon body carry slight weight in their upper thighs and upper arms. 

All the empire waist dresses are for you, my queen! 

7. Diamond

Just like a diamond, your body is precious. You are the ones with hips broader than the shoulders, a full waistline, and a narrow bust.

That extra weight in your upper legs and slender arms is part of the diamond body shape you own. 

8. Oval 

This is the second most common body shape among females around the world. Records justify the number in millions. 

In this case, the bust is larger than other parts of the body, while the hip is narrow and the midsection is full. 

9. Athletic

Are you into sports or love building muscles? An athletic body shape is defined as one where the body is more muscular than curvy. 

The hip and shoulder measurements are likely to be the same, while the waist size is less but not very defined. It looks more or less straight. 

This is why most of the athlete wears are available in racerbacks, straps style, strapless or halter styles. 

Now that you know your body shape, let’s figure out…

how to dress for your body type

Now personal style kept aside, traditionally, this is the most flattering way to dress your body type. If you have absolutely no idea what your style is, these suggestions could be a great starting point.

1. Banana or Rectangle shape

how to dress for your body type - rectangle shape

As the rectangle body type is quite balanced with your legs and arms featuring as your assets, A-line dresses are made in heaven match for you. You can also pair a layered or ruffled top with A-line skirts, go for long coats, blazers, caps, and anything featuring the sleeveless or strapless style. 

Take advantage of tailoring to create that illusion of curves. Highlight the waistline with a belt or blazer to break up the length, then focus on mid-length or flowy tops and dresses to give the illusion a bit more shape.

You can also start rocking statement silhouettes like asymmetric hems and playful wraps! Have some fun with it; show off your style with wide sleeves, wrap tops, and trousers that really make an impact – you’ve got this. 

Tops or dresses reveal your neckline too look beautiful on your body shape. 

Dresses to avoid- Trapeze style dresses, shapeless outfits, and anything making your bust and shoulder look straight. 

2. Pear or Triangle

how to dress for your body type - pear shape

The best thing I love about the triangle body shape is how it possesses the power to mimic the hourglass figure. You need to look for clothes highlighting the lower part of your body or ones striking a good balance for your overall body shape. 

Skinny jeans and loose tops are the perfect way to dress to create that Hourglass illusion with your body. Other options you have include crop tops, deep V or V neck tops, sweetheart neckline clothes, boat necks, and padded tops. Pair them with A-line skirts or wide-legged pants to look chic. 

Dresses to Avoid– Halter necklines, loose bottoms and skin-tight tops

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3. Hourglass 

how to dress for your body type - hourglass shape

As you have a well-balanced body, it is important to dress in clothes that make the balance visible. It can easily be accentuated by wearing cinched waists in dresses or tops. Think belted blazers or wrap dresses that show off those curves without going overboard!

If you prefer pants over skirts/dresses, go for high-waisted styles, as they help elongate your figure while still flattering it perfectly!  

Crop jackets, jackets with length over the hip, and belted jackets with your dress are all great ways of dressing an hourglass body shape.

Dresses to Avoid– Stay away from loose-fitting clothes- They work wonders in killing your style statement. 

4. Apple

how to dress for your body type - apple shape

With an apple shape, most of the weight is concentrated above the hips, and you have a minimal waistline. So you need to wear dresses that will flaunt your legs and lay emphasis on your strength. Create the mirage of a broad torso with V-neck tops or deep V-neck dresses, empire cuts, A-line dresses, and printed dresses. However, 3/4th and full sleeves are recommended over short or sleeveless ones. 

Both monochrome and dark colors will suit your body. For the bottom – consider palazzos and flared bottoms to create balance. The idea is to establish the image of a lengthy body with whatever you wear. 

To balance out your silhouette, try wearing bright colors on the bottom (think reds, blues, or greens) to draw attention away from the middle of your body. High-waisted bottoms also work great for apples because they help create an hourglass figure. Flowy tops will also help conceal any trouble spots while still looking fashionable.

Do not forget to play with your face and wear some good earrings, noserings and necklaces. 

Dresses to Avoid- Stay away from skinny jeans, tight tops and body-hugging dresses. Switch for an upper waist belt and bottoms with elastic bands. 

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5. Top hourglass and bottom hourglass

how to dress for your body type - top hourglass shape

If your body shape classifies as Top hourglass, look for pants or bottom wears that are slightly flared. Dresses and tops with asymmetrical necks, closed necks, short sleeves and straps will look good. 

For those with bottom hourglass bodies, style with form-fitted dresses. Flared pants and ruffle skirts can go as well.

Dresses to Avoid- Keep away anything that is shapeless. 

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6. Spoon

how to dress for your body type - spoon shape

Dresses with wide waistlines are good for spoon body shape as they can highlight your defined waist. Since you have some weight on your upper thighs and arms, look for outfits that come with a boat neck, cowl neck, bell sleeves, and scoop neck. 

Sleeveless and off-shoulder dresses or tops will look good too. The best part is you can wear jeans, and other bottom wears in any style 

Dresses to avoid– Just take note to avoid any skinny pants or skirts to keep attention away from your thighs or butt. 

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7. Diamond

how to dress for your body type - diamond shape

One of the common body types of women, the diamond body craves outfits with v-necks, embellishments, uneven hemlines, off shoulders, and flutter sleeves. Boot cut and flared bottoms pair great with this look. 

You can also try pants and skirts with wide bottoms, side sippers, and mid-rise waist. 

Dresses to Avoid– Keep away those tight-fitting dresses and tops, ones with horizontal lines, heavy print and straight or wide necklines. 

8. Oval

how to dress for your body type - oval shape

As your bust size is more than the other parts of your body, stylists recommend wearing flared tops and ones with vertical details to add some length to your body. 

The plunging style is the best for you, along with flowing full skirts or bottom wear. The main idea is to create some curvy illusion. 

Dresses to Avoid– Large prints, turtle necks, closed necks, roll necks, padded and oversized dresses are a No No affair for you. 

9. Athlete

how to dress for your body type - inverted triangle shape

You deserve to highlight the body you worked for. And this is why I recommend strapless, waist-revealing, halter neck and racerback styles for you. 

Also, think about the U and V neckline tops and dresses, fit and flare dresses and accent sleeve dresses. 

Dresses to Avoid– Say ‘No’ to loose-fitting dresses to keep them away from ruining your look.

Wrapping up how to dress for your body type

No matter what body type you are blessed with, there is a way to dress stylishly while also feeling comfortable in your own skin. It all boils down to knowing which features of yours need highlighting and which ones need toning down slightly.

With these simple style tips in mind, I hope you find the perfect fit for yourself soon! So go ahead and show off those beautiful curves – dress confidently and flourish!

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how to dress for your body type

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