How to Style Wide-Leg Jeans: Styling Combos You Simply Can’t Ignore!

How to Style Wide-Leg Jeans

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Wave goodbye to the skinny jeans era! It’s officially time to end the love-hate saga with those snug pairs and welcome the fashion world’s fresh favorite—wide-legged jeans. They’re making a monumental comeback, offering us the comfort and chic we’ve been missing.

Imagine denim that feels like your favorite pair of breezy trousers, complete with a flattering high waist and stylish full-length.

Haven’t jumped on the wide-legged jean train yet? No worries, I’m here to guide you through nailing this trend, especially if the thought of ditching your beloved skinnies seems daunting. Trust me, with the right style tips, you’ll be rocking wide-legged jeans like a pro in no time.

Which Body Type is the Best for Styling Wide-Leg Jeans?

Here’s the good news!

Wide-legged jeans look exceptionally well on all body types. When you style a pair of wide-legged jeans, they hug your waistline and accentuate your curves. Styling them with the right upper wear can do the magic for you. Also, high heels and sneakers add to the vibe when paired with wide-legged jeans.

But in case you are blessed with impressive height, you can go for cropped wide-leg jeans. And instead of heels, you can put on ankle boots or block heels.

That’s the magic of fashion! We can always tweak things to suit your needs and still look classy and sassy!

Now, let’s start with the trendiest wide-leg jeans outfit ideas you can try at your workplace, college, brunch, or even date nights!

20+ Killer Ideas to Style Wide-Leg Jeans Like a Fashionista!

1. Classy leather jacket

Style Wide-Leg Jeans

Summon the bad bitch vibe within you by styling a sassy leather jacket with your wide-legged jeans. This timeless beauty, when paired with wide-legged jeans, will make you look like a glam doll in no time.

Leather jackets never fail to add that sense of sophistication and class to your overall look. Just make sure that you go for a cropped or short leather jacket to strike the right balance.

This combo is perfect for brunch, a girl’s night out, or even a coffee date with your love. 

2. Fitted tank top

how to Style Wide-Leg Jeans
Courtesy: @sabinasocol

If you ask me about that one hack that will make you look sizzling hot without compromising on your comfort, here’s the top secret hack you must know, babe!

Pair your wide-legged jeans with a body-hugging tank top, and you are ready to slay!

Tank tops are best to beat the sweltering heat of summer. At the same time, they never fail to add to your oomph when paired rightly.

Don’t forget to tuck in the tank top near your waistline. Notch up your look by choosing the right accessories. For instance, a pair of wedges, a simple pendant, studs, and a scrunchie wrapped around your wrist can create that perfect look for you. 

3. Flary shrugs

wear Wide-Leg Jeans

Want to add that feminine touch to your outfit? Pair your wide-legged jeans with a shrug and see the magic!

That flowy and airy look goes so well with these loose-fitted jeans. The shrug’s flowy structure is perfect for summer, but you can even try it in winter by layering it with warmer fabrics.

You can try both printed and monochrome colors when it comes to choosing the right shrug for your jeans.

4. Graphic t-shirt

how to wear Wide-Leg Jeans

Love to wear graphic t-shirts? Then start pairing your favorites with wide-legged jeans.

These tees, when paired with wide-legged jeans, make you look cute and chic. Also, the brighter and more vivid the tees are, the easier it will be for you to stand out in the crowd. If the t-shirt seems too loose on you, tie it up near the waist, and boom! You get your bitch mode on, babe. In case the tee is body-hugging, casually tuck it inside the jeans, and you are done.

5. Sleeveless tank top

Wide-Leg Jeans outfits

If you are fond of flaunting your toned arms, then here’s what you can try. 

Pair your wide-legged jeans with sleeveless tops during summertime. 

Try a single-color top with basic blue denim jeans. And don’t forget to put on a chunky pair of sneakers to elevate your look.

6. Turtleneck

outfits with Wide-Leg Jeans

On those days when you feel too cold but still wish to go out while looking pretty, here’s what can keep you warm!

A curve-hugging turtleneck can be your savior on a cold day. Pair it with wide-legged jeans, and you are sorted. The best thing about this combo is the contrast that a fitted turtle neck offers to the broad silhouette of the jeans.

Pro tip: Pair a black turtleneck with basic blue wide-legged jeans, and you will look like a million bucks!

7. Trench coat

how to style wide leg jeans
Courtesy: @katiesfitz

Do you find trench coats extremely sexy? Then why not style them with a pair of wide-legged jeans? 

Trench coats, when paired with loose-fitted denim, can make you effortlessly chic and feminine. Also, they shield you against the extreme cold outside.

It is one of the biggest hacks to pull off that plush look with minimal effort

Depending on your height and body type, you can put on trench coats of different lengths.

8. Camisole

styling wide leg jeans

Babe! You must be lying if you tell me that you don’t love camisoles!

After all, who does not love those body-hugging camisoles? 

I personally have a HUGE collection of camisoles of different fabrics and styles. They somehow fit your body so well and also accentuate your best features.

If you have been hesitating to pair your camisoles with wide-legged jeans, STOP right then and there, girl!

You don’t even have an idea of what you are missing out on, deary!

Here’s the truth bomb- You will look drop-dead gorgeous by styling your favorite camisole with a pair of wide-legged jeans. Camisoles offer the perfect balance by sitting closely on every inch of your upper torso. Meanwhile, the wide-legged jeans will make you look chic and flattering.

9. Blazer

what to wear with wide leg jeans

Blazers are meant for serious stuff, says who?

Babe, next time you wish to go ablaze with your fashion game, try styling a velvet or suede blazer with a pair of wide-legged jeans. A blazer suddenly adds a hint of a classy vibe to your oh-so-casual denim look.

To bring on that bossy vibe, try accessorizing up with a clutch bag and block heels. Darling, trust me, you are ready to set those thirst traps on Insta 🥵

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10. Cropped denim jacket

what to wear with wide leg jeans

Now you can’t really go wrong with this evergreen combo, right?

Denim jackets and wide-legged denim jeans can enhance your charm in no time. Just make sure that you pair the jeans with a cropped denim jacket. The best part is that these denim jackets are extremely versatile. Styling them is not a big deal. 

Get yourself a pair of chunky sunglasses and put on those sneakers. And babe, you are ready to slay!

Pro tip: Ensure that the jeans and the jacket are of the same shade. 

11. Varsity jacket

what to wear with wide leg jeans
Courtesy: @raacha__

Here’s the dream combination that you have been waiting for so long! My personal favorite, this combination can add to your charm and oomph effortlessly. 

Pick your favorite color- red, black, green, yellow or navy, and style it with a pair of blue-hued, wide-legged jeans. 

You can flaunt this killer combination on a movie date while shopping with friends or on a solo trip. 

Girl, just imagine yourself in this wide-leg jeans outfit, and you will fall for yourself, I swear!

P.S. Both oversized and cropped Varsity jackets go well with wide-legged jeans.

12. Chunky pullovers

styling wide leg jeans
Courtesy: @lisarosii

Want a sophisticated and luxe wide-leg jeans outfit idea for winter? Try this!

Style a chunky, snuggly and warm pullover with your favorite pair of wide-legged jeans. Tuck in the pullover partially for that casual touch. 

To notch up the look, put on a pair of knee-length boots. And my darling, you are all set to break hearts today! 

Pro tip: Choose neutral-colored pullovers while pairing them with wide-legged jeans for that plush appearance.

13. Blouses

styling wide leg jeans
Courtesy: @classicallykaren

I just love my blouses. Have quite a few of them in my wardrobe.

If you are fond of wearing blouses, try pairing a satin or printed blouse with your wide-legged jeans.

Get that smart and flattering look by tucking your blouse into your wide-legged jeans. 

You can wear sandals or block heels to complete the look. Also, try a high-pony to heighten your look.

14. Halter neck top

styling wide leg jeans
Courtesy: @sincerelyjules

When in confusion, wear halter neck tops.

Halter necklines look simple and sober. At the same time, they help you avoid the monotony of regular tees.

You can choose any top of your choice- sleeveless, tank top and so on, but with a halter neckline. 

Again, go for neutral shades to bring out that sophisticated vibe without having to put in the extra effort.

Pro tip: Invest in a few good halter neck tops in neutral colors. This will allow you to build your capsule wardrobe easily.

15. Hoodies and sweatshirts

how to style wide leg jeans
Courtesy: @kristinendalton

For that girl-next-door vibe, pair your boyfriend’s hoodies and sweatshirts with wide-legged jeans. This combination is best if you are in the mood to lounge in with ultimate comfort. 

They make you look all snuggly, cozy, and chic when styled rightly. 

To add that hint of luxe, accessorize with the right piece of jewelry. Boots can further give you that sassy and edgy look.

More ways to wear wide-leg jeans

16. button-down shirt

how to style wide leg jeans

17. sexy top

how to style wide leg jeans

18. Cardigan

how to wear wide leg jeans
Courtesy: @voltage_store_

19. tube top

how to wear wide leg jeans

20. cropped blazer

 wide leg jeans outfits
Courtesy: @lissiejudd

21. fitted top

 wide leg jeans outfits

22. white t-shirt

 wide leg jeans outfits

Some FAQs you’d like…

What tops to wear with wide-leg jeans?

Wide-leg jeans can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a casual look, pair them with a basic t-shirt or tank top and add some accessories like jewelry and a belt. You can also wear them with an oversized sweater for a cozy feel.

For a dressier option, try pairing your wide-leg jeans with a tucked-in collared shirt, blazer, and heels for an effortlessly stylish look. They also look great with cropped tops and sweaters for a more playful vibe.

What shoes to wear with wide-leg jeans?

Wide-leg jeans go great with sneakers, from classic white to highlighter colors and prints. For a more sophisticated look, try pairing them with loafers, sandals, or heels. Heeled booties are also perfect for adding a bit of edge to any outfit. Add some color with mules or espadrilles for an eye-catching look. Metallic and glittery footwear can also add some fun sparkle to your ensemble.

How do you style wide-leg jeans without showing skin?

To style wide-leg jeans without showing skin, opt for pieces that are long and loose-fitting. A hoodie or a sweatshirt is a great option for creating a fashionable yet modest look. You can also wear them with an oversized blazer for a polished ensemble.

For warmer weather, pair your wide-leg jeans with a covered blouse, turtle neck, or tank top, and layer it with a denim jacket to complete the look.

Are wide leg jeans supposed to touch the floor?

Wide-leg jeans should not touch the floor. They should be long enough to graze the tops of your shoes when worn or have a slight break at the ankle for a more relaxed look. Adding cuffs can also help create just the right length for you.

Do wide leg jeans look good on everyone?

Wide-leg jeans can be flattering on many body types, but they tend to look best on taller figures. Petite frames may want to opt for a more tapered style instead. However, if you’re willing to experiment and find the perfect fit, wide-leg jeans can look great on anyone.

how to wear wide leg jeans In A Nutshell

Hey beautiful! Are you still unsure about this wide-legged jeans trend? I would suggest you go for it! Not only are they way more comfortable than those skinny jeans, but they also have the ability to bring on that element of charm.

If this is something new and alien for you, start by pairing a camisole with your wide-legged jeans. Darling, you will never want to go back to your old love-skinny jeans! I swear by my 10 pairs of wide-legged jeans 😜

If you ask me, this trend is definitely here to stay for a long. Better prepare for this comfy trend by investing in a couple of wide-legged types of denim. Would love to know more about your styling experiences! Feel free to flood my comment section.

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