How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These Tips!

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Looking for a guide on how to discover and cultivate your unique personal style from the comfort of your own home? Hi there!

Styling is all about how you present yourself in a way that best resonates with your personality. Your attire, hairstyle and accessories should together express to the world who you truly are! And that’s why it is necessary to develop your personal style as no two persons are the same.

Even if you prefer mimicking your favorite fashion influencer, in some ways or the other, there will be certain differences in style choices that you need to cater to. 

Having a personal style will not just help you stand out from the crowd but will also save you from following trends blindly. So, every time a fashion trend comes out, you do not have to splurge in order to join the crazy bandwagon.

You will be at peace with your wardrobe and won’t find yourself experimenting with a pair of distressed denim jeans and a poncho. 😝

If you find yourself confused as to what to wear before going out, or if you think that you look like the mix and match of Wednesday and Enid, it is high time you start working on your personal style. 

Stew not, as your girl is here once again with life-saving styling tips and surefire hacks to find your personal style that will make you look like a diva straight out of her ramp. 

Let’s develop your personal style together 🙌🏻

12 Tips That Will Help You Ace Your Personal Styling Game!

1. Spend an entire day sorting your wardrobe

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“I have enough clothes/accessories,”- said no girl ever! Irrespective of whether your wardrobe is minutely organized or totally in the disheveled situation, if you always feel that you have nothing to wear, then here’s what you should do.

Take time out and go scan your wardrobe from top to bottom. Check every single clothing item and accessory that you have got.

Create separate categories so that you know how many of them you wear quite often, which are meant for premium occasions, which are the ones that you have bought but never tried yet, and how many are sitting there idly so that one day you can again fit into them, and which are the ones that you do not like anymore. 

Once you have categorized them all, be a good girl and take that donation box out. In fact, you will need a couple of boxes!

Having a decluttered wardrobe brings a lot of clarity to mind. Once you are done with discarding the items, you will be in a much better position to plan and build your personal style. 

And please, don’t bring out all your emotions while doing this. Deep inside, you’ll always know what you will wear and what is not your style anymore.

2. Know your body type

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Every individual has their own body type, which decides which cloth and accessories would accentuate their appearance. You must know your body type before you proceed to develop a personal style.

In fact, your shopping hassles will come down manifolds if you are aware of your body type and how to dress it correctly.

There are basically 5 types of body shapes/types, namely- apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, rectangular, and inverted triangle. To get a clear idea, you must measure your shoulder, chest, and hip area. As per the measurements, you can then decide your body type.

Is this getting too overwhelming for you? Chill babe! Good things take time! Besides, I am here to guide you. 

Here’s a cheat sheet that you can blindly follow once you discover your body shape. Grab it now!

  • Apple-shaped body: Start with the right lingerie that supports your bigger bust area. Make palazzos and flared bottoms your best friend. Opt for monochrome hues. Empire or A-line silhouettes suit you the most. Pair these jeans for an apple shape for heavenly attires!
  • Pear-shaped body: Ruffled and loose tops, crop tops and padded jackets will help you accentuate your best features. Sweetheart and V-neckline can further enhance your look. Skinny jeans as well as flared pants- you will look fabulous in both. Want more jeans for pear body? Here you go!
  • Hourglass body: Darling! If you have an hourglass-shaped body, consider yourself God’s favorite child! I mean, look at you! God has created you in the exact right proportions. You do not have to work extra hard to attain a desired body shape. In fact, girls around you are already envious of what you have got naturally!

You do not have to brainstorm a lot to choose the perfect clothes and accessories. Just make sure that the clothes complement your curves well and highlight your best features.

  • Rectangle-shaped body: Grab those dreamy capes, statement blazers and long jackets. Strapless, ruffled and sleeveless tops with sweetheart necklines can do the magic for you.
  • Inverted triangle-shaped body: Simple tops sans layering look super cute on you. Go for V-necklines to make your shoulders look smaller and narrower. Skinny jeans and pencil-cut skirts can further add to your charm. 

Now you know what to shop for that defines your body type perfectly and helps to develop your personal style! You can thank me later, pretty lady.

3. Create a fashion mood board

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Are you done with creating your vision board for this year? Girl! Now focus on creating your fashion mood board. 

Yes, this is a lesser-known secret for finding your own style that I am sharing with you, bestie!

The fashion mood board will be your source of inspiration. All you have to do is to compile multiple images of clothes and accessories and arrange them all over the board. You have so many sources from where to gather these images – Instagram, Pinterest, fashion magazines, etc. 

Notice what’s common among all these images. Well, maybe a couple of models are wearing a particular type of top. Maybe a few are flaunting a certain silhouette. Or, maybe you are just in awe of the mix and match of colors. 

This fashion mood board should be easily accessible to you next time you are out shopping. Try to shop for exactly the same patterns, colors, fabrics, designs, and cuts that are dominating the mood board.

4. Ask questions to yourself

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When it comes to fashion, we often tend to seek others’ validation. Right from our childhood, our parents influence what we should wear. Then in our teenage, we seek inspiration from our favorite celeb or that ultra-popular fashionista neighbor.

As adulting hits us hard, we often end up copying the fashion styling of the most popular colleague at the workplace. 

But what about YOU? When will YOU help YOURSELF with styling?

To inch a step closer to developing your unique personal brand, you must start asking questions to yourself, babe! 

“Am I comfortable in this dress?”

“Is it too tight/loose for me?”

“Am I feeling confident enough to carry this?”

“Will this purchase solve my purpose?”

“Does this attire matches my personality?”

“Will I feel happy wearing this outfit/accessory?”

Seek your own approval, babe. That’s the best thing you can do to create your personal style. 

After you’re done, go ahead and choose your fashion aesthetics. You can obviously have multiple aesthetics, but choosing a few that resonate with you the most will help you sort out what you need to add to your wardrobe!

5. Take inspiration from your favorite celeb or style icons

how to find your personal style

It’s high time you revamp your wardrobe and breathe new life into it! And what’s better than taking inspiration from your favorite celeb? Fashion influencers and celebrities are always spotted in their best outfits. You can keep a tab on them to draw inspiration and revamp your closet accordingly.

No, darling! I am not asking you to spend your fortune on branded attires. There are so many designer dupes of famous brands available out there.

Besides, you can follow these fashionistas to understand technical things such as styling aesthetics, color play, trends, designs, combinations, hacks, and so on. 

But remember that you are here to develop your own personal style. So, mimic your favorite fashionista only to an extent, not entirely. 

For instance, maybe she loves flaunting skinny jeans. But the same may or may not be true for you, maybe because of your body shape or preference. You can thus ditch the skinny jeans and opt for something else that appeals to your body shape and personality. 

6. Create a capsule wardrobe

how to find your personal style

Now, what on earth is a capsule wardrobe? Well, this is perhaps one of the best ways to look effortlessly classy, well-put, and, at the same time, save big on your shopping expenses!

Basically, you will have to invest in good quality basics that you can mix and match with multiple outfits. This will add an element of variety to your wardrobe. Also, you will not be hoarding your almirah with endless clothes and accessories. Lastly, you will never feel that you have nothing to wear. 

Now let me explain with an example exactly how the “capsule wardrobe” thing works!

Suppose you got yourself this blue denim jacket that you love so fondly. Now, you can pair this denim jacket with a pair of denim jeans or denim shorts. 

You can even flaunt it with your little black dress while going out for brunch. (Btw, you have to wear these shoes with your black dress at least once!)

Again, layering the blue denim jacket with a white turtle neck pullover during the Falls can amp up the heat in no time, darling!

Similarly, you can have a couple of classic tank tops, t-shirts, shirts, and shrugs in neutral colors, as they go well with different types of outfits.

7. Have separate outfits for different places and occasions

how to develop your personal style

Going for a gym session? Choose from your athleisure section. Planning a date night with bae? Wear that enticing short dress! Catching up with your girl gang this weekend? Put on that floral dress to bring on that charm. You should have different outfits that cater to different purposes.

I mean, you cannot simply visit your bae on a Saturday night with that formal shirt and trousers on! 

Or, you cannot go on a beach vacation wearing your athletic wears. 

Next time you go out shopping, keep in mind the various activities you commonly indulge in every month. This can include your everyday work, fitness sessions, club hopping, partying and attending family get-togethers etc. Choose your attires and accessories accordingly.

8. Choose colors that compliment your personality

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While Cassata has its own charm, the Belgian dark chocolate ice cream, too, never fails to appeal!

You must be wondering why I am talking about ice cream flavors all of a sudden!

Babe, what I mean here is that every color has its own charm. Whether you love tones like brown, beige, gray, and black, or are fond of purple, peach, pink, blue, or red- you will look fabulous in whatever you wear with confidence. 

Every girl has her own set of favorite colors, which speaks volumes about her natural traits and personality. Just for the sake of experimentation, you should never give up on your favorite hues. 

What if you don’t know what colors suit your skin tone? Guess, who has a guide on that? Of course me!

So, while building your personal style, do not forget to add attires and accessories that match your choice. When you have a look at your wardrobe, it should bring a huge smile to your face. And that’s possible only when you have your favorite outfits and accessories- all in your favorite colors. 

Experimenting once in a while is, of course, good. But once you know the colors that look flawless on you, never look back and add them all to your wardrobe!

9. Know your niche, lady!

how to find my style

We all are driven by our natural instincts. So, what’s that one thing that rules your mind and body? 

Maybe you are too feminine in nature and have a knack for everything that is dainty. Maybe you are a tomboyish girl who loves flaunting her distressed denim jacket and baseball cap. Or, perhaps you love that element of classiness that comes with satin shirts, jumpsuits and overalls. 

Fashion experts suggest that your personal style should always be influenced by your natural instincts. So, in order to find your personal style, you must be aware of your niche- the niche that comes naturally to you.

You can always develop your personal style around your niche comfortably without compromising on your comfort and taste.

10. how to put together an outfit that reflects your unique style

how to find your style of clothing

Honestly, when you have got the pieces and colors that are really made to complement YOU, putting together an outfit becomes a fun and creative process. Here are a few tips to help you create outfit ideas that you feel confident and comfortable wearing:

  1. Start with a basic foundation: Begin by choosing a core piece or the first layer, such as a dress or a top and bottom, that you feel good in. This will serve as the foundation of your ensemble.
  2. Add layers and accessories: Layers make an outfit fashionable. This is the gist. Once you have your foundation piece, you can add layers, such as a cardigan or a jacket, and accessories, like a scarf or statement necklace, to personalize the outfit. These accessories need to please your eyes.
  3. Think about color and pattern: Consider the colors and patterns you like to wear and incorporate them into your outfit. If you’re not sure what colors or patterns suit you best, experimenting and getting out of your comfort zone is always an option!
  4. Be true to yourself: Of course, don’t be afraid to be unique and express yourself through your clothing choices. Whether you prefer a more classic and timeless look or something more eclectic and bold, the most important thing is feeling like yourself in what you’re wearing. That’s actually the secret sauce!
  5. Lastly, walk in it, see how comfortable you feel with the outfit, consider how you move and how the clothes move with you, feel confident in it, and wear it with pride.

Remember, personal style is not something that can be easily defined or quantified; it’s an ever-evolving and unique expression of who you are.

11. choose Accessories that can help define your personal style

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From delicate necklaces to bold statement earrings, accessories can help to transform any look and make it your own. Finding the right pieces to complete an outfit is all about discovering what works best for you and fits in with your lifestyle.

To choose accessories that will help define your personal style, start by defining the image you are trying to portray. Next, reflect on who you are as a person.

Do you lean more towards modern, edgy pieces or natural, rustic elements? Are you looking for something subtle and luxurious or daring and dramatic?

Think about these aspects before browsing any stores or collections so that once you have identified what kind of accessories match your personality, you save time finding the perfect pieces for your look!

12. Tips for maintaining your personal style over time

how to find own style

Whether you’re into rocking a classic black turtleneck or a vibrant floral dress, personal style is an expression of self and can be just as rewarding to maintain (and change) over time as it was to create in the first place.

One of the best tips for keeping your style fresh and unique is to stay laser-focused on quality outfit pieces that you can mix and match with ease. Invest in timeless staples or signature pieces like blazers, trousers, and high-quality accessories like leather boots, then top off your looks with seasonal trends.

Don’t underestimate the power of shopping secondhand or swapping clothes with friends either, which can add even more personal flair while letting you explore and experiment with different options without breaking the bank.

Other tips for maintaining your style from my fashion diary include –

  • Take the time to figure out what you like and don’t like and what makes you feel confident and comfortable. This is actually key in maintaining your style.
  • Keep an eye on current fashion trends, but don’t feel pressured to follow them blindly. Instead, think about how you can integrate elements of the trend into your own personal style.
  • Have a friend or family member you trust give you an honest opinion on your outfit choices and whether they look good on you or age appropriate!
  • Going through your wardrobe and getting rid of clothes that you no longer wear or that no longer fit your personal style is important for keeping your wardrobe fresh and up-to-date.

Parting Thoughts on how to define your personal style!

Hey, pretty lady! Don’t be so hard on yourself. As I said in the beginning, styling is all about your personality. Without you, there’s no styling, babe! 

You are BEAUTIFUL! And having your own natural style will add to that enticing beauty of yours.

Know that your confidence is the best thing that you can put on, despite all the trend that comes and goes. So, if your heart says yes to a certain outfit or accessory, then go for it. All I want is for YOU to be happy, comfortable and confident. 

So, babe, listen to your heart, refer to this article while making choices, and slay your own personal style like a bada$$ style queen!

Happy styling, bub!

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