How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

How to find your personal style

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Have you ever stood in front of your closet, feeling like you have nothing to wear, despite it being full of clothes? Or have you purchased something on a whim, thinking it was “so you,” only to find it collecting dust months later?

If you’re nodding along, I feel you. We’ve all been there, navigating the tumultuous sea of fashion trends, trying to find that island of personal style where every outfit feels like coming home.

Finding your personal style isn’t just about filling your wardrobe with heaps of clothes; it’s about discovering and celebrating your unique identity. It’s a form of self-expression that tells your story without words. But how do you begin this sartorial voyage? Buckle up; we’re about to find out.

Here’s everything you need to find your personal style –

1. Audit Your Wardrobe

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Before you can chart a course to your personal style, you need to understand your current inventory. And by that, I mean get down and dirty with your wardrobe. This exercise goes beyond a simple spring cleaning. It’s about asking the tough questions.

Does this piece spark joy, or does it just spark static? By re-evaluating your existing collection, you’ll start to notice patterns in your preferences and perhaps discover hidden treasures you’d forgotten about.

Styling Tip: Create a ‘love it’ pile. These are items that make you feel confident and comfortable. They’ll form the foundation of your signature style.

2. Find Your Style Icons

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Inspiration is everywhere — in movies, books, art, and people around us. Gathering inspiration from folks whose style makes you go “wow” is a fantastic starting point. They don’t have to be celebrities; they could be characters from your favorite TV show, fashion bloggers, or even stylish strangers.

Create a mood board (Pinterest is your playground) filled with everything that speaks to you. And don’t just limit yourself to fashion-related content. Over time, you’ll start to see a pattern emerge, indicating the direction your personal style is leaning toward.

Styling Tip: Notice the common themes in the looks you admire. Is it a penchant for bold colors, a minimalist vibe, or a chic, tailored aesthetic?

3. Know Your Body Shape

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Understanding the contours of your body goes a long way in selecting clothes that flatter. Whether you’re pear-shaped, apple-shaped, or have an hourglass figure, dress in a way that makes you feel fabulous and accentuates your best assets.

Here’s a cheat sheet that you can blindly follow once you discover your body shape. Grab it now!

  • Apple-shaped body: Start with the right lingerie that supports your bigger bust area. Make palazzos and flared bottoms your best friend. Opt for monochrome hues. Empire or A-line silhouettes suit you the most. Pair these jeans for an apple shape for heavenly attires!
  • Pear-shaped body: Ruffled and loose tops, crop tops, and padded jackets will help you accentuate your best features. Sweetheart and V-necklines can further enhance your look. Skinny jeans and flared pants—you will look fabulous in both. Want more jeans for your pear body? Here you go!
  • Hourglass body: Darling! If you have an hourglass-shaped body, consider yourself God’s favorite child! I mean, look at you! God has created you in the exact right proportions. You do not have to work extra hard to attain a desired body shape. In fact, girls around you are already envious of what you have got naturally!

You do not have to brainstorm a lot to choose the perfect clothes and accessories. Just make sure that the clothes complement your curves well and highlight your best features.

  • Rectangle-shaped body: Grab those dreamy capes, statement blazers and long jackets. Strapless, ruffled and sleeveless tops with sweetheart necklines can do the magic for you.
  • Inverted triangle-shaped body: Simple tops sans layering look super cute on you. Go for V-necklines to make your shoulders look smaller and narrower. Skinny jeans and pencil-cut skirts can further add to your charm. 

Now you know what to shop for that defines your body type perfectly and helps to develop your personal style! You can thank me later, pretty lady.

4. Define Your Colors

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Some colors make us look radiant; others, not so much. Identify the hues that complement your skin tone, hair color, and eyes. This isn’t to say you should avoid other colors entirely—rather, make your best shades the stars of your wardrobe.

What if you don’t know what colors suit your skin tone? Guess who has a guide on that? Of course me!

Styling Tip: Experiment with different color combinations within your chosen palette. You might stumble upon an unexpectedly stunning mix!

5. Play With Textures and Patterns

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Fashion is an art form, and your body, the canvas. Mixing textures and patterns adds depth and interest to your outfits. Not every piece needs to be bold—sometimes, a subtle texture can elevate a look.

Like pairing lace bodysuit with a satin skirt. Or a corset blouse with leather pants and animal print pumps. You’ll see the lift yourself!

Styling Tip: If mixing patterns, tie them together with a cohesive color scheme to keep the look synchronized.

6. Invest in Staples

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

A solid wardrobe foundation is key. Invest in high-quality basics that fit well and will last through the seasons. Think a crisp white shirt, a great pair of jeans, a classic blazer, and shoes that can walk the talk.

The basic idea is to choose clothes that you know deep within you can wear with at least 5-8 different items and create multiple outfits. Also, these staples should be evergreen for a long period of time.

Styling Tip: Tailoring can turn a good piece into a great one. Don’t shy away from altering items for the perfect fit.

7. Accessories Are Your Best Friend

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Accessories are the exclamation points of personal style—never underestimate their power. A statement necklace, a vintage watch, or a bold bag can turn a simple outfit into a signature look.

Ask yourself – Do you lean more towards modern, edgy pieces or natural, rustic elements? Are you looking for something subtle and luxurious or daring and dramatic? This will help you find out your very own personal style in accessories and will ease up dressing later in life.

Styling Tip: Rotate accessories to keep your looks fresh. Experiment with different combinations to find your favorites.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Style evolution is all about trial and error. Give yourself the freedom to try new things. Not every outfit will be a home run, and that’s okay! It’s part of the fun.

Finding your style requires experimentation, but it doesn’t mean overhauling your wardrobe overnight. So start small. Mix and match pieces you already own in new ways. Play with accessories.

The goal is to step out of your comfort zone while still feeling like yourself. Remember, it’s about evolution, not revolution.

Styling Tip: Start small. Experiment with a new accessory or piece before overhauling your entire wardrobe.

9. Stay True to Yourself

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

The most crucial tip of all? Be authentically you.

Amid the cacophony of seasonal trends, it can be tempting to veer off your path. While it’s ok to experiment with trends, the key is to adapt them in a way that complements your personal style, not overshadow it.

Your style should be a reflection of who you are and how you see the world. It’s personal, remember? If you’re forcing a trend that doesn’t feel right, it’ll show.

Styling Tip: Write down three words that describe how you want to feel in your clothes (e.g., confident, comfortable, chic) and use them as a guide.

10. Keep An Inspiration Journal

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Whether it’s a physical scrapbook or a digital folder, keep a collection of outfits, colors, and looks that inspire you. It’s a helpful reference when planning new outfits or shopping for clothes.

Styling Tip: Take notes on what specifically you like about each look. Is it the silhouette, the color combo, or the way the pieces are styled together?

11. Mind the Fabric

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

The material of your clothing can impact both the appearance and comfort of an outfit. Choose fabrics that not only look good but feel great against your skin and are practical for your everyday life.

Styling Tip: Research how different fabrics drape on the body and their care requirements. Opt for natural fibers for breathability and comfort.

12. Seek Out Sustainable Fashion

How to Find Your Personal Style: Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 12 Tips!

Incorporating sustainable practices into your fashion choices is not only good for the planet but can also help define a mindful and meaningful wardrobe. Look for ethical brands, quality over quantity, and second-hand treasures.

Styling Tip: Subscribe to newsletters from sustainable fashion blogs and platforms for insights into where and how to shop responsibly.

Parting Thoughts on how to define your personal style!

Hey, pretty lady! Don’t be so hard on yourself. As I said in the beginning, styling is all about your personality. Without you, there’s no styling, babe! 

You are BEAUTIFUL! And having your own natural style will add to that enticing beauty of yours.

Know that your confidence is the best thing that you can put on, despite all the trend that comes and goes. So, if your heart says yes to a certain outfit or accessory, then go for it. All I want is for YOU to be happy, comfortable and confident. 

So, babe, listen to your heart, refer to this article while making choices, and slay your own personal style like a bada$$ style queen!

Happy styling, bub!

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