How to Dress a Rectangle Shape Body – Your Ultimate Fun Guide!

how to dress rectangle shape body

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Ever stared at your closet full of clothes but felt like you had nothing that truly flatters your shape? You’re not alone, especially if you’re rocking that rectangle body shape. Trust me, been there, done that!

But guess what? Dressing your rectangle shape body, also known as “straight” or “banana” body type, is like playing Tetris with your clothes – it’s all about creating illusions and finding the right fit!

What does a Rectangle Body Type Look Like?

Since you are here, I assume that you already know your rectangle body shape closely. But if you have the slightest doubt, check the characteristics of a rectangle body shape here.

Know that you have a rectangle body shape when:

  • Your bust and hips are of the same width.
  • You do not have a well-defined waist.
  • Your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body.
  • Your body frame is not at all curvy.
  • Your hips generally look flat.
  • Your body type looks somewhat similar to that of athletes. 

Challenges of Styling a Rectangle Body Shape

how to style Rectangle Shape Body

Here are some of the biggest hurdles of styling a rectangle body shape:

1. Subtle waist

This is perhaps the biggest challenge you will come across when wearing any outfit of your choice. Remember that feeling when a particular dress “does not look good enough” on you, even though the same dress looks pretty on someone else? You try hard to understand what’s that one thing which is missing.

Here’s what you were missing out on! Your undefined waist somehow brings down the appearance of your outfits. The silhouette does not simply “fit” your body naturally. And that’s why it gets immensely difficult to get that one outfit that fits your body like a dream!

2. Straight body structure

Your body looks quite linear without those curves. Dresses, blazers, jeans, shirts, nothing seem to add that feminine vibe to your appearance because of the straight body structure. 

3. Lack of curves

Curves accentuate our femininity and add to our innate charm. But what if you realize that you are not that curvy after all? It’s natural, right? And you can’t really do anything about the body shape you are born with. So, instead of feeling dejected, it is necessary that you understand the pain points and work towards the right solutions.

4. Athletic body type

Again, having an athletic body type will make it difficult for you to choose outfits of your choice. Either there will be fitting issues, or you will feel that the attire is “not good enough” for you. You would be eager to try that little black dress, only to realize that much-needed feminine charm is missing.

Babe, these are some of the biggest challenges of styling a rectangle-shaped body. My approach is to counter these challenges and come up with fashion styles that add to your enticing beauty and suit your straight body shape effortlessly. 

Scroll down to learn more about the exact clothes that would complement your rectangle body type!

How to dress Rectangle body Shape – style tips Straight From the Experts!

1. Break that straight body frame and add dimensions to it.

Darling, your priority should be to break your straight silhouette. For this, you have to opt for well-structured outfits. Strictly avoid outfits that are oversized, shapeless, or too loose.

2. Try to define your waist.

Here’s how to tackle the biggest challenge of a rectangle-type body!

Invest in good quality belts and nipped garments. Also, if you are habitual of tucking your shirts and tops in your trousers and jeans, then stop doing it straightaway. Also, do not wear tops, shirts or blouses that end right at your waist. Avoid too much of embellishments near the waist area.

3. Strategically plan your outfits to create that illusion of curves.

If you are not blessed with natural curves, worry not! There are so many people out there who are not curvy but manage to create the illusion of those luscious curves. Get yourself quite a few push-up bras to strategically create those curves.

Choose clothes that add volume to your top or bottom. But again, you need to be careful as you don’t want to add volume to both- the upper torso and lower torso at the same time. 

4. Choose patterns, prints and colors that cater to your rectangle body shape.

Avoid monochrome outfits. Instead, divide your top and lower wears in contrasting colors. Experiment with different prints, textures and bright colors to break that monotony.

What to Wear When You Have a Rectangle body Shape?

1. Jumpsuits and dresses

how to dress Rectangle Shape Body

Whether you need a dress or jumpsuit to wear on a casual outing or for that formal business meeting, I have got you covered. Following are the silhouettes that look chic and charming on a rectangle body type:

  1. Fit and flare

Wearing a fit-and-flare dress garners attention to your waist, all the while offering that fuller look to the skirt. And that’s exactly what you need to add dimension to your straight body type.

  1. Empire

The empirical silhouette works like magic on your rectangle-shaped body.

  1. Wrap

This classic style is tailor-made for girls with rectangle-shaped bodies. It successfully defines your small waist and breaks your straight body frame.

  1. Ruched

Elegant, classy and an absolute fit- that’s how I would like to describe this style for you. Ruched outfits look extremely good on rectangle body types. With pleats and gathers in the right places, they effectively add dimensions and volume to your overall body frame.

2. Skirts

styling Rectangle Shape Body

Create a deadly combo of simple tops and bold skirts to flaunt your rectangle-shaped body like a fashionista! Choose from these skirt styles to add that extra oomph to your personality!

  1. Pleated skirts

One of the safest and most effective styling options when it comes to flaunting those skirts! Go for a pleated one to accentuate the round part of your hips, thereby creating those dreamy curves.

  1. Flared skirts

Another great option to create that illusion of curves!

  1. Detailed skirts

Prints, textures and details will draw more attention to your lower body, thereby breaking free of the monotony of your linear body structure.

  1. Multi-layered skirts

Get a few multi-layer skirts and define your waist like a pro!

These skirts are great if you are looking for something to add volume to your lower torso.

3. Tops

dressing Rectangle Shape Body

One can never run out of options when it comes to tops. But hey, not every top and neckline suits every person! So, be extra cautious and choose the following styles and necklines while shopping for tops:

  1. Scoop-neck

If you wish to draw attention to your face as well as elongate your neck, then go for scoop-neck tops.

  1. V-neck

Highlight your sexy collarbones by putting on v-neck tops. Choose a deep neck or shallow one as per your comfort.

  1. Off-the-shoulder

Want to look curvy in tops? Try an off-the-shoulder top to ace that curvy look and also flaunt your collarbones effortlessly.

  1. Sweetheart neck

It is one of my favorite styling options when it comes to rectangle body types!

The “top of the heart” neckline makes you look curvy and add volume to your bust. Thus, it is just the perfect top style for you, babe!

4. Jackets and coats

Rectangle Shape Body outfits

Rectangle body types need to master the art of layering it right! So, next time you are feeling confused with outerwear, try these:

  1. Dusters

Try a duster with bright colors and bold prints over a simple top to add definition to your appearance.

  1. Belted jackets

Belted jackets are perfect for cinching your waist and adding dimension to your body frame.

  1. Trench coats

Oh! I am so in love with trench coats!

Babe, a classic trench coat will look fabulous on your straight body frame. You can thank me later!

  1. Casual vests

Try a casual vest if you wish to draw attention to your shoulders and arms. They look amazing on your body type and also add that element of cuteness to your appearance.

  1. Peplum jackets

I love just how effortlessly these peplum jackets define the smallest part of your waist and then create the much-needed illusion of curves. 

  1. Double-breasted jackets

Perfect for those formal events and meetings!

These double-breasted jackets complement your rectangle body shape and add that element of finesse and grace.

  1. Blazers

Try one or two-button classic blazers for that polished look. Even belted or wrap-style blazers can look so chic on you, girl! But make sure you avoid blazers with boxy cuts or puff sleeves.

5. Jeans

Rectangle Body type outfits

Jeans come in a plethora of styles and shapes. It can get quite overwhelming to find out exactly the right ones that will complement your rectangular body shape. I have enlisted all the different styles of jeans so that you get to understand what works for you and what does not!

  1. Slim fit jeans

Try slim-fit jeans when you are in the mood to flaunt your slender legs and make your hips appear round and curvy.

  1. Straight-leg jeans

Get a few pairs of straight-leg jeans as they add volume to your lower torso and also enhance your best features.

  1. Wide legged jeans

Wide-legged jeans are a must if you want to create an illusion of curvy hips but don’t want to compromise on your comfort.

  1. Bootcut jeans

Bootcut or flared jeans can make your legs appear longer and also break your straight body frame subtly.

  1. High waist jeans

Mid-rise and high-waist jeans are perfect for you to define your waist effortlessly. 

6. Pants

Rectangle Body shape outfits

Are you fond of wearing pants? Then here are some suggestions to make your choice more well-informed:

  1. Pleated

Go for well-pleated, flowy pants which look like skirts and also add volume to your lower torso.

  1. Flared

To add dimension to your linear body frame, you must add a few pairs of flared pants to your wardrobe.

  1. Printed

Printed pants are a great option to grab the attention of the onlooker to your lower torso and make your attire interesting and unique. 

7. Swimwear

how to dress Rectangle Body shape outfits

Who says that swimwear doesn’t look good on rectangle body types? Try these different types of swimsuits and sass it up effortlessly next time you plan for a beach vacation:

  1. Tankinis

If you are looking for something with extra coverage, tankinis can be excellent for you. It not just accentuates your waist but also keeps you comfortable throughout. Pair your tankinis with solid-coloured bottoms to make your hips look curvy and full.

  1. Cut out one-pieces

Want to fake that hourglass body type? Put on a one-piece swimsuit with cut-outs in the middle. This defines your waist area and makes your body frame look curvier.

  1. Form-fitting swimwear with cups

Swimwear with form-fitting built-in cups makes your busts look more curvy and fuller. The swimsuit will accentuate your slender body, all the while enhancing your natural curves.

  1. Triangular bikini tops

You can try triangular bikini tops instead of straight bandeau style bikini tops to add that elongated effect to your neck and make your bust area fuller. 

  1. Printed swimsuits

If you are not fond of simplicity, then you can go for bold and unique designs. Try fun prints, patterns and textures and go for diagonal lines to add definition to your waistline.

  1. High-cut bottoms

Choose high-cut bottoms if you want to make your hips look fuller and add volume to your lower body while flaunting those slender legs.

8. knitwear and sweaters

how to style Rectangle Body shape outfits

Rectangle body shapes should look for sweaters and knitwear that provide structure, including boxy, cropped, and oversized styles. Your first priority should be fitted and not too baggy. You want to avoid anything that is going to make you look boxy or shapeless.

And if you want to wear oversized styles, make sure you’re styling it right with bottoms, belts and other accessories. For instance, opt fopr straight or slim fit pants/jeans and cuff or roll the sleeves of your oversized sweater.

Asymmetrical hemlines, wrap details, trumpet sleeves, textured patterns, and statement collars can be especially flattering. Look for pieces that focus on creating curves in order to draw attention away from the shoulders.

Another good option for a rectangle body shape is a cardigan. Look for one that is fitted through the waist and hits at or just below the hip. This will help to create some curves and definition in your figure.

A V-neck sweater is always a good choice for a rectangle shape body. It helps to create the illusion of more definition in your upper body and can also make your neck look longer and leaner.

Accessories That Look Really Cool on Rectangle Body Shape

how to dress Rectangle Body shape outfits

Now that I have shared a complete list of what you can wear to make the most out of your rectangle-shaped body, here’s a list of accessories that you must add to your closet to keep you comfortable and add to your chic and classy look-

  • Belts

Invest in good quality belts of different shapes and styles to create that illusion of a shapely waist.

  • Shapewear

Another great accessory to add definition to your waist is shapewear. It gives that much-coveted hour-glass shape to your body and makes you look good.

  • Round toe shoes

Choose round-toe shoes over heels to prevent that straight, rectangular look.

  • Boots

Pointed-toe boots enhance your legs and make them look slender and shapely. 

What Not to Wear When You Have a Rectangle body Shape?

Avoid all these clothes if you have a rectangle body shape:

  • Oversized hoodies and pullovers
  • Extremely flared jeans and trousers
  • Outfits that are embellished near the waist area
  • Monochrome attires
  • Straight-cut dresses, jeans and pants

What style is best for rectangle body shape?

Rectangle body shapes can get away with wearing pretty much any style and look great. You should focus on creating curves, playing with proportion and embrace your silhouette.

Go for fitted, wrap-style tops, blouses with a V-neckline that create volume up top and skirts or pant styles that hug the waist and extend down the leg. This is a great way to add shape to your figure without going too over-the-top. Plus, you can experiment with ruffles, frills, gathers – all that jazz to show off those curves!

Can I change my body shape from rectangle to hourglass?

Yes and no. While it is impossible to change your bone structure that gives your body the shape it does, you sure can take the help of a healthy diet and exercise routine that can give a symmetry of an hourglass shape body.

Apart from that, you can also use clothing to create the illusion of an hourglass figure by focusing on items that highlight your waistline, cinch in at the bust, and accentuate your curves.

But at the end of the day, you must accept and embrace your precious body, which does 10,000x more than you can ever imagine, no matter what the shiny new ideal body type is currently in the industry.

Celebs Who Rock Their Rectangle body Shape Effortlessly

rectangle body shape celebrities

If you feel insecure about your body shape, then babe here’s something to brighten up your day. 

See, a rectangle body shape is not a bane. You just need to decode the right outfits, and voila, you will look like no less than a fashionista. 

You know there are so many A-lister Hollywood celebs, models and influencers out there who flaunt their rectangle body shape like a pro. 

Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Queen Latifah, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltro, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman – the list is endless. It seems that they look gorgeous in whatever they wear. But when you look closely, you will realize that their stylists choose and design their outfits carefully to match their rectangular body shapes.

And that’s exactly what you are supposed to do, darling! 

What if you do not have the budget to hire stylists for yourself?

Your girl is here – your very own fashion stylist who will guide you with the intricacies of rectangle body shape fashion.

Final Thoughts on How to Dress Rectangle body Shape

Every body type has its own beauty. There is no body shape that looks ugly irrespective of your efforts. The catch is to know, acknowledge and identify your body type and dress up accordingly. 

Next time you go out shopping, keep this fashion styling guide handy. Trust me, babe! You will look like a bomb if you adhere to this styling guide that I have dedicated to your rectangle body type. 

I will see you again soon!

Till then, dress sexy and keep throwing some sass around 😉

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