How to Dye Dark Hair Purple without Bleach (8 Best Tricks + Products)

how to dye dark hair purple without a bleach

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If you’ve wanted to dye your dark hair purple, this is a sign for you to do it!

Oh wait, do you not want to bleach them? That’s understandable! Bleaching your hair can be damaging, and sometimes it’s just not necessary. But in this article, I will demonstrate everything you need to know about dying your hair purple without using bleach. 

I like purple because it reminds me of royalty, nobility, and luxury. But that’s not my motivation to color them. Dying my hair purple seems fun, artistic, and creative. And that boosts my confidence, in a way that I can express my personality to stand out. 

It is no news that bleach is a common ingredient when dyeing hair. But only some people want to risk losing their hair to harsh chemicals (and I am not one of them. I absolutely loe my long locks).

Sure, bleach will give you a vibrant purple hair color, but alternative methods can accomplish the same results without damaging your hair with bleach chemicals. 

Why Isn’t Hair Bleach Good For Your Hair?

how to dye dark hair purple without bleach

You are not hearing this for the first time today about the negative effects of bleach on hair. That’s most likely why you’re searching for how to dye your hair purple without bleach. These chemicals can damage your hair by causing it to be brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. 

How does this damage happen?

When you apply bleach to your hair, your hair’s outer cuticle is raised for the color to penetrate the hair fully. Once the cuticle is raised, your hair becomes considerably exposed to moisture loss and breakage. Now, imagine what happens if you repeatedly bleach your hair. 

Your hair becomes:

  • Dehydrated 
  • Brittle
  • Prone to breakage and split ends
  • Susceptible to other chemicals and non-chemical substances 

Your hair becomes a low-budget version of itself. And I’m sure you don’t want that, do you? How, then, can you dye your hair purple and still achieve a vibrant color without bleach? The first thing to be carried out is to make a plan and decide what hair dye you want from all the available types. Some desfinitely are less damaging than others!

types of hair dyes

dark brown hair to purple

There are various types of hair dye you can use when changing your hair color, and they include;

1. Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair dye generally lasts for a long time on the hair. It can survive over 28 washes without losing its color. But this type of dye contains ammonia which lightens or bleaches the hair color before the dye can work, and this causes damage to the hair. Also, pre-bleached hair is needed for permanent hair dyes, so it’s not advisable to dye it without bleach. 

2. Semi-permanent Hair Dye

This type of dye only lasts as short as the permanent dye. It penetrates the hair only partially and contains little or no ammonia; therefore, it doesn’t bleach or lighten the hair.

Due to its hair-friendly properties, it only stays for a short time. A semi-permanent dye can only survive 6-10 washes without losing color. If you want to experiment with shades of purple on your hair to find out which one looks better, semi-permanent dye is your best option. 

3. Demi-permanent Hair Dye

This dye lasts longer than semi-permanent dye and can survive over 20 washes. Their most beneficial aspect is that they don’t bleach, lighten, or damage the hair. Instead of ammonia, they contain alkaline agents, so you don’t have to worry about your hair breaking or drying out. Demi-permanent dye is the best option if you want to use a permanent dye to keep your purple hair color for a long time. 

4. Temporary Hair Dye

This dye is best used for special occasions, like when you want to take pictures of your hair, go out for an event, or want to feel and look different for a day or two. Temporary dyes last for only 1-3 washes, and they still give you the vibrant purple color you want, even though they don’t penetrate the hair like the other types of dye. 

You can choose either demi or semi-permanent hair colors for your hair dyeing exercise. These dyes will do a fine job of changing your dark hair to a vibrant purple. 

how to prep your hair to dye it purple without bleaching

dark brown to purple hair

Once you get your hair dye, the next step is to prep your hair. There are several things needed to prep your hair and prepare for the dyeing exercise:

  • Shampoo: Use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate unwanted scalp build-up and other styling products on your hair. 
  • Deep or hydrating conditioner: A hydrating conditioner is best because it will help to moisturize your hair strands.
  • Hair clip: These clips will hold your hair in position after parting them. You will need a handful of them.
  • Shower cap: You will need a shower cap to cover your hair after applying the color. 
  • Disposable gloves: Applying dye with your bare hands can stain your hands for a long time. To prevent that, wear a glove on both hands before you start. 
  • An old t-shirt: When dyeing your hair, it is possible to get dye-stain on your cloth. It is best if you wear an old tee which you can dispose of afterward if it gets stained. 
  • Timer: You will need a timer to keep track of the time for each step you take. You can use your smartphone, stopwatch, wall clock, etc.—any device is fine. 

Things you’ll need for post-dye care

After applying the dye, you’ll need some other products for aftercare. They include;

  • Conditioner- You will need a conditioner that is suitable for colored hair.
  • Heat protectant- If you plan to heat-styling your colored hair, you’ll need a heat protectant to prevent damage. Remember to get one.

Additional things you’ll need to dye dark hair purple are a tinting bowl, comb, brush, old towel, thick and protective cream for your face (I recommend Vaseline), and purple hair dye. 

Now to the part we’ve all been waiting for.

How to dye dark hair purple without bleach

dying hair purple from black without bleach

1. Prep your hair

Prepping your hair means preparing your hair for the dyeing process. You will need to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner two to three days before D-Day. This will help your hair retain its natural oils and make everything easier. 

2. Part your hair into multiple sections

Once you’re ready to dye your hair, the first step is to part it into sections to make your work easy. Ensure you wear an old t-shirt before you start anything. 

3. Mix the hair dye

According to the instructions on the dye package, mix the dye in the given ratio. Do all of the mixings in your tinting bowl. 

4. Apply dye on the hair sections

Apply the color so no section or strand is left out, especially if you’re applying it all over your hair. Use multiple mirrors to check every side of your head for confirmation of total coverage. Once you’re done and sure, cover your hair with a shower cap.

5. Set your timer

It usually takes 20-30 minutes for the color to set in the hair, set your timer for 30 minutes, and wait. Sometimes, the dye could have a recommended waiting period on the package, so it is best to follow the recommended time from the manufacturer. 

6. Wash off the dye

Once your waiting period is over, wash the color out of your hair with regular warm water. Do not use shampoo; use a color-suitable conditioner to protect your purple color.

7. Dry your hair

Finally, let your hair dry. It’s advisable to wait to style it, but apply a heat protectant if you must. 

Is there purple dye for dark hair?

There are many fantastic purple hair dyes for dark (brown and black) hair that looks stunning. Here are my favorite recommendations.

1. Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

best purple hair dye for dark hair

I love Arctic Fox hair dye because it’s made from vegan ingredients with no animal by-products. This means that it’s gentle for frequent use and won’t damage your hair like chemical-based hair colors.

This deep, true purple is a versatile color that works well on a variety of base colors from platinum to light brown, giving deep tints of color to darker hair. It even works well to cover up other faded colors effectively!

The long-lasting colors are vibrant and smudge less, and the sweet scent is a bonus! Plus, there’s no peroxide, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, or PPD in this dye, so you can feel good about using it.

2. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye

best purple hair dye for dark brown hair

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner is designed to instantly infuse color into hair with every wash, a.k.a. the perfect way to keep your dark hair looking vibrant.

This 3-in-1 non-lather conditioning cleanser not only cleans your hair but also adds color and maintains vibrancy.

So if you’re looking for a way to keep your dark hair looking its best, this Clenditioner is a perfect choice!

3. Adore Semi-permanent Hair Color

best purple hair dye for black hair

If you’re looking for a hair dye that will give your dark locks a beautiful and intense purple hue, look no further than the Adore Purple Rage hair dye. This is by far the best purple hair dye for dark hair!

It is made with vegan, alcohol-free, peroxide-free, and ammonia-free ingredients, which means it’s safe for all hair types.

What’s more, the striking results you can see sprinkled all over the internet confirm that this is one of the best purple hair dyes for people with darker hair.

However, make sure you check the color guides before using this hair color to get the best possible shades.

4. manic panic Electric Amethyst Hair Dye

best purple hair dye for dark hair

If a beautiful, electric amethyst hue with cool blue undertones is on the menu, you are in luck with this color cream from MANIC PANIC.

It is perfect for lightening hair to the lightest level ten blonde before use and can be mixed with other colors to create an endless variety of shades.

Plus, it’s semi-permanent and fades gradually over four to six weeks, meaning your hair won’t suffer any long-term damage.

And if that’s not enough, the formula is cruelty-free and vegan, meaning it’s tested on celebrities, not animals.

So go ahead and give your hair the makeover it deserves with this stunning electric amethyst hair dye.

5. Punky Plum Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

best purple hair dye for brown hair

Wanna stand out from the crowd? Guess Punky Colour Plum needs to be in your cart now!

This semi-permanent hair dye is perfect for dark hair, and it will give you a mysterious, extra-bold look that is sure to turn heads.

Best of all, it doesn’t damage your hair – it actually conditions it and leaves it soft and silky.

And there’s no doubt that it is long-lasting and vibrant, so you can keep your new look for weeks or even months.

6. L’Oreal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color

best purple hair dye for dark brown hair

The professional knows it all! Loreal has all the major hair color trends under its cover – for a good reason!

And Prismatic Hair Color is one such trusty product from them. Their master colorists have custom-blended a deep purple color with 3X highlights, delivering an amazing prismatic color spectrum. The nourishing formula seals and smooths hair, never leaving it dull or flat.

Plus, the kit includes conditioning color crème, conditioning developer crème, aromatic shimmer serum, and power shimmer conditioner.

7. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye

best purple hair dye for black hair

If you’re looking for a hair dye that will give you vibrant, fantasy-inspired color, look no further than Lime Crime Unicorn Hair!

This semi-permanent dye is DIY-friendly and comes in various bright, bold shades. Whether you’re looking to go full unicorn or add a splash of color, this dye is perfect for transforming your dark hair into a work of art.

The best part? Unicorn Hair deposits a tint of color to your dark hair that will last up to 6 weeks, so you can rock your new look with pride.

Not only does this dye give you beautiful results, but it also contains conditioning ingredients that help to moisturize and boost shine. So why wait? Give your hair the makeover it deserves with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair!

8. Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Dye

best purple hair dye for dark brown hair

There’s nothing quite like sporting a bold new hair color to make you feel like a new person. And if you’re looking for a dye that will give your dark hair a vibrant, rich purple hue, look no further than Garnier Nutrisse hair color crème.

This permanent hair dye is formulated with color boost technology and a blend of triple fruit oils: avocado, olive, and shea; to deliver intensely boosted permanent hair color – even on dark hair.

So whether you’re looking to cover up some grays, refresh your natural hair color, or go for a completely new look, Garnier Nutrisse is a perfect choice.

Can I dye my black hair purple without bleaching?

Of course, you can! But when the color hue is too dark, you must know that you won’t see dramatic results with purple hair color without bleaching. Dying your black hair purple will give you beautiful, subtle, dark tones of purple instead of a vibrant hue.

So if your hair is too dark, you might wanna switch to bleaching or any other safer alternative to remove hair color.

Will purple take on brown hair?

If you are looking for darker, subtle shades of purple, the hair dye will take on supremely well on brown hair. However, if you want bright shades of purple, you would need to transition to blonde by bleaching (or not!) for that.

What happens if I put the purple dye on my brown hair?

Honestly, if you have dark brown hair, the purple color might not show up as vibrantly as you would like. It would be only visible in the sun or very bright lights. However, you can see better results if you apply purple hair dye to a light brown color.

Pro tips for dyeing dark hair purple

dying hair purple from black

1. Make sure you prep your hair 48-72 hours before applying dye. Avoid applying color on freshly washed hair, so it is easier to handle. Also, ensure you comb your hair thoroughly before dyeing it. It won’t be nice to hit multiple knots on your hair as you apply the color. 

2. Consider your hair texture before choosing dye. If your hair is considerably thicker, curlier, and longer, you’ll need two tubes of color. One tube will do just fine if you have a lighter and finer hair texture.

3. Use the bathroom for this exercise as the color could stain the floor. Place an old towel or covering on the floor where you’ll be mixing the products and dyeing your hair.  

4. When faced with choosing two color shades, choose the lighter one. Why? Because it will leave less banding on the hair if you decide to overlap. 

5. Make sure to perform a skin test before fully applying any dye over your hair. Test the color on a small section of your hair to be sure it’s what you want, and check for any scalp reaction. 

What are some non-bleach alternatives for dying dark hair purple

One way is to use a blue or green-tinted shampoo or conditioner. This won’t give you the same dramatic results as bleaching, but it can help to slightly darken your hair and give it a purple tint.

Another option is to use temporary hair color spray or pens. These are great because they allow you to experiment with different shades without commitment.

Hair wax is also an option if you are looking to temporarily dye black hair purple.

And finally, if you’re willing to put in a little bit of extra effort, you can make your own purple hair dye using ingredients like henna powder and black walnut shells.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I maintain my unbleached purple hair?

Avoid washing your hair frequently. If you want to wash your hair, use a color-friendly conditioner. Also, use color-friendly hair products throughout this period.

Q. Which shade of purple is best for dark hair?

It is best to use darker shades of purple like indigo, deep violet, ruby, and berry for dark hair.

Q. Which skin tone looks best on purple hair?

Luckily, anyone can rock purple hair regardless of skin color and purple shade. 

Q. Can I use other colors with purple for my dark hair?

Yes, other colors like blue or burgundy go well with purple. It also depends on how cool or warm the purple looks on your hair. 

wrapping up how to dye dark hair purple without a bleach

We have discussed how to dye your dark hair purple without bleach and how to maintain your hair after the whole process. Now, it’s your turn to try it out. You’ll achieve beautiful results if you follow all the steps and precautions this article explains. Remember to use color-suitable hair products and avoid heat as much as possible. 

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