How to Wear Long Skirts without Looking Frumpy (Tips & Fits)

How to Wear Long Skirts without Looking Frumpy

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Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to break out the sundresses and maxi skirts! But if you’re like me, you might be wondering how to wear a long skirt without looking frumpy, because yes, they are quite versatile and looks stunning, but since they are so long, you could run out of ways to style them!

Never fear—I’m here to help! Here are a few tips on how to style a long skirt so that you look chic and put-together, not like you’re headed to a Renaissance Faire.

What body type should wear long skirts?

Long skirts are a timeless and elegant wardrobe staple, but choosing the right style can be a challenge. One factor to consider is body type.

For example, if you have a pear-shaped figure, you may want to avoid long skirts with ruffles or other embellishments around the hips, as they can draw attention to the widest part of your body. A-line or straight-fit skirts are a good option for pear-shaped figures, as they provide a slimming effect.

If you have an hourglass figure, you can pretty much wear any style of a long skirt, as it will accentuate your waist and create an alluring silhouette. And if you have an apple-shaped figure, you might want to try a long skirt with an Empire waistline, as it will help to balance out your overall proportions.

Of course, these are just general guidelines – ultimately, the best way to find the right long skirt is to experiment with different styles until you find one that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Who should wear long skirts?

How to Wear Long Skirts without Looking Frumpy (Tips & Fits)

Long skirts look exceptionally pretty on taller women. Actually, most of the skirt lengths will look flattering on a tall height, as they help balance out your proportions and make you look elongated and slimmer. And who doesn’t want that?

If you are on the shorter side, you might want to try a mini skirt, as they add extra inches to your height by showing some leg. Nude heels and mini skirts are the most flattering combination for petite women to look taller and slimmer.

And if you are somewhere in between, you might want to try a midi skirt. Midi skirts are great for women of all heights because they fall right at the knee, which is universally flattering.

But does that mean if you are not tall, you cannot rock a long skirt? Definitely no!

Height is just an added advantage. There are more things to styling an outfit for you. Let’s look at them now 😉

How to wear long skirts without looking frumpy

1. balancing proportions

how to wear long skirts without looking frumpy

You know fashion is letting your juices flow. But if you are here to create cute outfits that look put-together and sophisticated, you must follow a few simple fashion rules.

What are they? Balancing proportions.

No matter it is your body type or clothing piece, balancing proportions is one of the most crucial steps in curating fashionable outfits. You know, not every outfit is made for every body type.

So the easiest way to learn proportions is to focus on the body’s top and bottom halves. If you are wearing a voluminous skirt, go for a fitted top. And if you have fitted skirts on hand, balance it out with voluminous tops. Think of oversized sweaters, t-shirts, puffy sleeves, and ruffle accents.

2. define your curves

how to wear long skirts without looking frumpy

Proportions are one thing but accentuating your most-loved curves is another.

For instance, if you are a pear-shaped figure, you must want to hide your hip area and make your upper body the highlight. A fit-and-flare dress that cinches at your waist with a V-neckline seems like your best bet.

So understand your body type and problem areas to make long skirts look flattering on you.

If you are petite to medium height, long skirts with slits will help elongate your legs. Adding a belt to the thinnest part of your waist will accentuate it and focus all the attention on that. Finding long skirts with ruffles, side ruching, and other embellishments around the hip area will make skinny people fake an ass they’ll love.

You get my point, right?

3. Wear the right shoes

how to wear long skirts without looking frumpy

Oh, shoes are another crucial aspect of wearing long skirts without looking frumpy. You obviously cannot wear anything and everything.

Strappy heels and pumps are an unmistakable choice as they add that much-needed height. But what else?

You believe espadrilles and wedges are other adorable options that make long skirts look complementary, without a doubt. These shoes perfectly balance casual and dressy, making them an excellent choice for any day-to-night outfit transition. 

If it’s fall/winter, you don’t wanna miss out on ankle boots. They add a dose of edge, goth, and unexpected style to long skirts so that you don’t look frumpy!

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That being said, now let’s see how to style your long skirts with tops that go well blindly.

what tops to wear with long skirts without looking frumpy?

1. crop tops

tops to wear with long skirts

They are undoubtedly one of the easiest tops to pair with long skirts. Whether your skirt has volume or not, you’ll find crop tops go with everything (especially fluffy skirts). Crop tops will give you the coverage you need while still showing off your waist and balancing proportions.

2. t-shirt

tops to wear with long skirts

T-shirts and skirts have been on our feeds for a long time. They are the perfect mix of interest, edgy and stylish. You can either choose a basic black, white or matching colored t-shirt or a graphic t-shirt with graphics that resonate with your personality. Who doesn’t want that now?

3. denim jacket

tops to wear with long skirts

Oh god, if I had a penny for every time I wanted to buy all styles of denim jackets, I’d be on the road. They are just so versatile and add an interesting element to simple outfits. Oversized, cropped, or normal, you bet denim is what you need to wear long skirts without looking frumpy

4. leather jacket

tops to wear with long skirts

And the same goes for leather jackets as well. But for creating edgy looks. Where denim jackets help create casual outfits, a leather jacket is a perfect way to add goth to your fit.

5. button-down shirt

tops to wear with long skirts

When nothing works, a white button-down shirt will. I think you must have at least 2-3 white shirts in your closet. You can never go wrong with them! Just make sure you tuck it in to define your waist.

Also, there are tons of styles with shirts, so make sure you are keeping proportions in mind. If you’re wearing a billowy skirt, go for a fitted shirt. And if you’re wearing a fitted skirt, you can afford to size up in the shirt department.

6. turtle neck

long skirt outfits

I cannot survive fall/winter without my favorite black turtle neck. I just can’t. It is literally one of my best purchases, as it is so darn versatile you can style it in 100 ways. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get my point, right?

Throw a fitted turtle neck over a long skirt, and you bet it’ll make a killer outfit. Match some jewelry, and you’re all set to rock the streets!

7. sweaters

long skirt outfits

Oversized or fitted, sweaters and long skirts make a practically pretty long skirt outfit. Keep the proportions in check, and you’ll be covered and warm, all while looking adorably stylish.

8. sweatshirt

long skirt outfits

For that laid-back fit where you wanna look effortlessly cute, pair your sweatshirts with long skirts and sneakers. Who’s the fashionista now?

How can I wear a long skirt without looking short?

You can totally wear a long skirt without looking short! In fact, there are a few style tricks you can use to your advantage. First, make sure the skirt fits well and isn’t too baggy. Second, try pairing it with heels or wedges – this will help to lengthen your legs.

And finally, choose a top that ends at your hipbone or above. This will create the illusion of a longer torso and prevent the skirt from dwarfing your frame. So go ahead and give those floor-length skirts a try – with a little bit of styling know-how, you’ll be looking tall and chic in no time!

What length of the skirt is most flattering?

All lengths of skirts are flattering, I mean, there’s a reason they were made, right?

You just need to find what looks best on you. Tall-height girls can wear almost any length of the skirt, mini, midi, or long. Medium heights may look beautiful in mini or midi lengths. And the petite community should go for mini or long skirts with slits.

How can I make my long skirt flattering?

Want to make your long skirt look amazing? Firstly, choose a high-waisted skirt as it elongates your legs and defines your waistline. Secondly, balance the volume of the skirt with a fitted top. Lastly, add a pair of heels to finish off the look and create a flattering silhouette that will turn heads wherever you go!

How to hide lower belly fat in skirt?

Don’t let lower belly fat prevent you from rocking a gorgeous skirt. Here are some tips to hide it: Choose a high-waisted skirt that cinches in at the waist and flows out over the lower belly area. Opt for darker colors and patterns, as they create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. And finally, consider wearing shapewear underneath for an extra boost of confidence.

Do long skirts make you look thinner?

Oh honey, long skirts actually create an illusion of height and make your legs look leaner. Plus, with the right styling and accessories, you can accentuate your waist and curves. So go ahead, rock those long skirts with confidence and watch heads turn!

Last words on how to wear long skirts without looking frumpy

With these tips and long skirt outfits in mind, you’ll be sure to look chic and put-together in your long skirts all summer long! Just make sure the skirt length flatters your body shape, and you are balancing the volume and style of the skirt rightly. So go ahead and break out those sundresses—you’ve got this!

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