How to stop caring about someone: 11 things to make it easy

how to stop caring about someone

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How to Stop Caring

‘Care’ is such a strong feeling that I don’t think any relationship in this world can work without it. However, admitting to yourself that the person you loved and cared for so much doesn’t even bother about you, there’s nothing more disturbing and painful than that.

What even more difficult is trying to learn how to stop caring about someone who won’t even lift a finger for you when you have moved mountains for them and accepting that. Often times, you don’t even want to see how that person is treating you because you are busy being blind and loving them.

I know it is so damn easier said than done but trust me, I have been there and initially, you may feel like that world is no more a place you can live in, but once you get out of this and stop caring, you’ll realize that world was always a beautiful place, it’s just you were considering someone else your world.

Someone who couldn’t make you happier.

And even though you think crying and sleeping is the only way out to deal it with (which I can agree), but along with that, there are some other things too that can help you see clearly what’s crucial and what’s not. Open your ears, mind, and listen to what I say, deal?

How to stop caring about someone and be okay with it

Accept the Facts

how to stop caring by accepting

We have pasts. We have memories. I get it. But when you are trying to stop caring for a person you had a romantic relationship with or some friend that was never yours in the first place, the very first step is to face and accept the reality. See what has happened and what will be the results.

Accept that whatever (good or bad), you had with this person has come to end and you’ll be much happier if they don’t enter your life again, even though you secretly want them too.

Instead, save yourself all the efforts, energy, and self-respect by accepting the fact that they don’t care for you as much as you’d like them too. So do not even try to expect because they’ll shatter all your hopes just like they did the last time.

Tell them to yourself

How to stop caring about someone: 11 things to make it easy

Now that you have realized and accepted some strong but painful facts, you should be ready for serious introspection.

I know, trying to stop caring about someone is one of the hardest things you may ever have to do but you need to admit this to yourself instead of trying to hide or deny your feelings.

Tell yourself that yes, you care for this person and you cannot unlove them in a day or two. It is painful to let them go away and you may not be even ready to live a life without them. But it’s gonna be okay and you and your feelings are and will always remain above anybody.

Stop being so positive

Wondering how to stop caring about someone who doesn’t even give a damn about you? Stop being so positive about them. Remember that you have been in that boat, and it definitely is not worth it.

If they ever cared about you, your feelings, or your expectations, they would have shown you before all of this. And by showing I don’t mean months or years ago.

Lower your expectations and give yourself a quick flashback of everything you’d want and expected from that relationship earlier was puffed out so easily. Will it still be worth it to try again? I will say NO!

don’t let it affect you

don't obsess over them

Yes, you are in pain. And it may get a bit more difficult than you had thought. But despite finding ways to get out of it, don’t allow yourself to dive deep into it.

Do not let this drag you in a negative space where you may even risk your own identity. This all stop caring thing is to help you steer clear of non-worthy people who make you feel less of a priority and put yourself in a much happier place instead. Not to do the opposite.

So if happy moments knock your door, invite and cherish them. And try harder to create even more of them. I bet it must be better than creating possibilities for that relationship to give a chance.

Realize That You Won’t Get What You’ll Give

Nothing is easy in this whole process of stop caring for someone you once cared for a lot. But realizing that you won’t reap the love and care you are willing to sow may help make this a tad bit easier.

No one, I repeat no one wants to do something for you until and unless there is some benefit for them ( either hidden or clear). And this is how it goes in this world. So learn it.

Know what will be your benefit for caring for them and is that benefit even worth it? If you are moving mountains for that person and he doesn’t even want to lift a finger, I’m afraid I cannot see many advantages.

try to keep yourself busy

distract yourself with shopping

Looking for how to stop caring about someone? The cliche! Distract yourself. Move away from the things connected to that person. There might be a number of things you always wanted to do. This is the best time to go for them.

Start a small business, join a hobby class, take your favourite courses, go out, do something much more productive than thinking of the ways to win them back.

Make some positive changes in your life. Go shopping, cut or dye your hair, hit the gym. Adding new things will help you fresh start your life.

catch up on people who care for you

stop caring and catch up

When one person becomes so important in your life, higher are the chances that you’ll start to lose strings with other people. If you really want to stop caring and cut all ties with that person, there’s no better way to catch up on people you neglected.

This will first, help keep you busy with people who actually care about you. Second, You’ll slowly realize what you were missing on and how it feels receiving back all the love and care you give.

Focus on parallel self-care

how to stop caring & do self care

You are always your first priority. And practising a little self-care for that is a crime in no book.

Small activities will only distract you from thinking about someone and improve your mental health, keep your environment positive, and help you feel better.

Self-care can comprise anything from cuddling your dog, eating a bucket of ice-cream or going on date with your friends, or even alone. Taking time for yourself is the motive!

don’t let them press enter again

Yes, you are heartbroken, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have integrity left. Don’t let your pain make wrong decisions for you, your mind, your health, your body, and your heart.

Remember, you were more than happy when this person was not in your life. And you will be happier after they have left. Your soundness was and is never a by-product of a relationship. Especially the one for which you are not a priority.

let it go! Life happens

stop caring and let it go

When any relationship ends, every person in this world has a habit of fantasizing about the past. Knowingly or Unknowingly. In a flash, all their bad reasons/habits (for which you have left them) seems to take a new angle. The positive and happy one.

Which is NOT right! In any condition.

You are just feeling so because you are lonely and it’s difficult to cut your old habits (him). But when you do so, try and think of all those memories where you were left out, where that person didn’t care for you when you gave your all, when things became rough, when you were let down and all the other things that made you come to this decision.

Because this is what will help you to stop caring and start moving – for good!

Obviously, those happy moments were more than just beautiful. But it’s time to put yourself together and those memories in a jar which you want to open once in a while to be grateful for and to learn lessons from on what didn’t work out.

take your own time

take your time to stop caring

Keeping yourself busy and distracted is no excuse to bury your feelings under the ground. Give yourself that important time to cry, scream, shout, and sob. Do whatever you want to do. You wanna eat? Eat. Don’t wanna get up from bed? Don’t. Want to cry looking at old photos? Please cry.

But remember, this is a phase and everybody goes through it. Some take a little longer than others. But once it’s over, you have no reason to even think of that person or memories.

Take your time and let it go! This is how to stop caring.

Love Yourself a little more

how to not care and love yourself

Finally the last thing, now that you don’t have this person in your life for good, you have all the time to love yourself. And fulfill all the desires you ever had. From as little as eating healthy and working out to hooking off your mistakes and imperfections, learn the ways to love yourself.

final thoughts on how to not care

Love and care are the two prettiest things in the world. But when someone doesn’t take it or doesn’t want to take it, it’s time to stop caring and loving them. Which is one of the difficult tasks to do. But very important for you.

Hope this article helped in answering your question of How to stop caring. And babe, You deserve real happiness with people who actually care about you and your feelings. There is so much more to life than just a person who consuming your all without giving an inch. As soon as you accept and admit it to yourself, better for you!

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  1. I recently had a breakup. And after trying for a year, I realized that he just won’t care about me no matter how much I do for him. It sucks. And I would never want anyone else to go through it. If anyone reading this, Please stop caring for people who deserve 0% of you. Please!

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