5 It Cosmetics CC cream dupes that are a clear bargain

is a good It Cosmetics CC Cream Dupes

If these are not the closest it cosmetics CC cream dupes, then I don’t know what is.

No wonder why It Cosmetics CC cream is one of the best and most highly-loved products in the world of CC/BB creams. I mean, even after years of using it, we still haven’t found something that is as good and skin-loving as this one.

For its amazingly hydrating medium to full coverage and anti-aging, skin brightening ingredients, the price may not seem like a lot to some. But if $40 is well out of range for you to spend every other month (just like it is for me), you’ll be shocked to see how similar and gorgeous these It cosmetics CC cream dupes are.

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Just to make it easy for you, this particular It cosmetics CC cream dupe is my #1 recommendation of all the ones listed below. It is like an exact match in terms of ingredients, coverage, finish, consistency and SPF. But for an unbelievable price. You can check its price here!

it cosmetics cC cream dupes

1. e.l.f. CC cream

5 It Cosmetics CC cream dupes that are a clear bargain

I don’t know how many times I have said it but I absolutely love E.l.f. cosmetics for their amazing products at bargain prices. And also because they dupe higher-end brands like no other. I mean they sometimes won’t even put an effort to change the style of the packaging.

People started raving about E.l.f. Camo CC cream as an It cosmetics CC cream dupe from the day it was launched. Comparing them, they both have very similar claims and ingredients along with almost the same packaging. E.l.f. has titanium oxide and zinc oxide as active ingredients along with collagen, peptides, and niacinamide just like It cosmetics which is why e.l.f. is the closest thing to it. However, it has SPF 30 as compared to SPF 50 in It cosmetics.

But apart from that, these are so damn similar, that you’ll cry you were buying the same product for $40 all this while. They both have the same creamy formula and natural finish that if put side by side, you’ll get confused. E.l.f. camo CC cream is pretty good at covering up blemishes since it is full coverage but also lightweight enough to be worn on hot summer days. They both have a dewy natural finish, not extra dewy or shiny, just gives a radiant glow.

One small difference they have is that E.l.f. has a non-existentially thicker consistency than It cosmetics. Another distinction they both have is that E.l.f. doesn’t have any added fragrance or scent (which is, in fact, good) while It cosmetics have some. In terms of longevity, they both are not long-lasting enough and neither do they claim that because they are meant to give a subtle natural finish. But if I have to choose, I think It cosmetics cream is a tad bit better and stays put than E.l.f.

But babe, for less than $15, you are getting a spot on It Cosmetic CC cream dupe. I may not even use It cosmetics cream anymore.

2. Maybelline dream urban cover foundation

5 It Cosmetics CC cream dupes that are a clear bargain

Another great gem on drugstore shelves is this beautiful Urban cover foundation with SPF 50. It is so luminous yet so natural that you may not want to switch to other things.

I can say finish-wise they both are extremely similar except Maybelline is a teeny tiny bit dewier which I personally like. The urban cover is also as lightweight as its expensive counterpart.

However, the Maybelline foundation cannot be labeled as exact It cosmetic CC cream dupe as Maybelline one is a foundation with absolutely no skincare benefits whereas It cosmetics is hydrating since it has hyaluronic acid along with collagen, peptides, niacinamide, and antioxidants. But that doesn’t change how comparable they both wear. And for the price difference, have a nice skincare regimen and grab this It Cosmetics CC cream dupe for under $10 most of the time on discounts.

Also, did I mention it is one of the Nars foundations dupes as well? Now you know!

3. physicians formula cC cream

5 It Cosmetics CC cream dupes that are a clear bargain

Oh, this CC cream is pure magic. It is a foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen all in one. Honestly, what it claims sounds impossible but I believe it actually is true.

Apparently, it has invisible micro color-correcting pigments of yellow that help correct blue imperfections & warms skin tone, green tones down redness, and pink brightens and illuminates. Overall, it is just the perfect CC cream with anti-aging ingredients that helps give you a gorgeous skin-like finish.

Just like It cosmetics, it has a smooth blendable formula with a lightweight formula to smoothen and even out skin texture. It has SPF 30.

But the only (I think one of the biggest) difference or problem is that Physicians Formula has a pretty bad shade range. Which if they improve, the Physicians Formula CC cream will be one of the better It cosmetics CC cream dupes on the list.

4. Missha m perfect cover bB cream

5 It Cosmetics CC cream dupes that are a clear bargain

A really comparable It cosmetics cc cream dupe is the BB cream from Missha. It is a mix of skincare and makeup to give you a flawless finish with medium coverage so that you can hide those blemishes without feeling cakey or heavy and call it a day.

Both of them have hyaluronic acid so when applied on the skin side by side, they feel almost the same when it comes to hydration. And the amount of SPF is also the same.

Texture and finish-wise, It cosmetics cream may appear a tad bit thicker and has a richer consistency, but that has no effect on how both of them wear on the skin. That being said, It cosmetics cream may be able to beat the Missha one when it comes to the lasting power of the product. Missha cream starts to fade out after 5-6 hours whilst its expensive counterpart can last almost an entire day.

All-inclusive, Missha M BB cream may not be the perfect It cosmetics CC cream dupe but still is much better than many other CC/BB creams in the market (maybe one of the best).

5. Burt’s bee bB cream

5 It Cosmetics CC cream dupes that are a clear bargain

On days you barely wanna touch makeup but still wanna look like you put in the effort, Burt’s bee BB cream is probably the easiest option due to its light as feather foundation formula and hydrating properties. The texture matches that of It cosmetics even though the coverage is a bit sheer (you can always build on coverage and it will not look cakey). It also has Noni extracts which are a great antioxidant for the skin.

But honestly, I think it is not one of those creams that gives you a flawless complexion all day. It kind of sinks into the skin after 5-6 hours enhancing the texture which is not what It cosmetics do. Also, it only has 3 shades and none for deeper skin tones. The amount of SPF is also really low.

Overall, Burt’s Bee BB cream is not my favorite It cosmetics CC cream dupe but it can work for people who are looking for light options for sensitive skins without much chemicals (since it is 98% natural).

That being said, these were all the favorite It cosmetics CC cream dupes of mine that I trust and you’ll not regret. My number one recommendation would be this affordable alternative but you can always see what works for your skin the best.

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it cosmetics CC cream dupes

2 thoughts on “5 It Cosmetics CC cream dupes that are a clear bargain”

  1. I have used IT cosmetics for years and love them. When you recommended Physicians formula cc cream as a dupe, I tried and love love love it. Thank you so much for saving me lots of money.

  2. I love my It cosmetics CC cream but I tried Elf CC cream on your recommendation and I cannot be happier. I don’t think I can ever look back.

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