What Not to Wear If You Have a Big Bust

what not to wear if you have a big bust

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You’ll rock any outfit like a pro after knowing all these fashion fails for busty women!

Darling! Consider yourself blessed if you have natural, shapely, big busts. There are thousands of girls out there who’d do anything to get a big bust, just like you do!

But the secret to looking great when you have a big bust is to wear the right set of outfits.

Yes, babe! You heard me right! Wearing attires that do not go well with your heavily endowed assets can ruin your entire look in no time. 

You can either look too fat, or your styling may seem inappropriate. Also, you will feel uncomfortable when you do not wear the right outfits to give ample support to your twin babies!

Since you are here, I am assuming that you need help with your fashion styling so that your big busts do not garner unwanted attention. Worry not, babe! Your girl is here to help you steer clear of all the outfits that do not go well with your body shape.

Let’s wait no more! 

Grab your favorite coffee and scroll down to get straight to the juicy details!

Avoid These At All Costs If You Don’t Want to End Up Looking Like a Fashion Disaster!

1. Ruffles at the bust

what not to wear if you have a big bust

Ruffled tops and dresses are a big NO-NO if you have large breasts. I understand, babe, that ruffles may look highly elegant and feminine on other women. However, if you are heavily endowed, dear, you should always avoid outfits with ruffles or any other kind of embellishments, for that matter, at the bust area.

These ruffles add a lot of mass to your bust area and make your body frame look enormous, especially at the top. This creates a disproportionate look and makes you appear bulky. These ruffles can garner negative attention to your bust area. 

And the combination of ruffles and sleeveless silhouette makes you look fat.

2. High necklines

what not to wear if you have a big bust

High necklines, no matter how classy they look, can ruin your appearance and create that bulky look that you hate so much!

I know how much you love those crewnecks and turtleneck designs. However, you need to stop wearing high necklines straightaway, as they sort of create a disproportionate look. Because of the neckline, your bust area will look fuller in appearance. Your torso gets reduced, and the outfit clings to your bust area.

High necklines also emphasize your neck and make it look longer. This, in turn, will add to the bulkiness of your upper body.

Does that mean you can never pull off a turtleneck top? No!

They work exceptionally well for people with longer necks and make sure to choose a stretchy fabric that fits you well. You don’t want to feel like you’re being strangled!

3. Crop tops

what not to wear if you have a big bust

Crop tops are in trend nowadays because of their subtle sensuality. However, if you have huge breasts, then I would advise you against them.

Basically, the shorter length of these tops makes your bust area look bigger than usual. Further, this draws the attention of the onlooker toward your bust. Also, the fitting of the crop tops won’t let you stay comfortable, and you may find yourself often pulling down your top to avoid any fashion blunder. 

4. Boxy fit

what not to wear if you have a big bust

Boxy-fit dresses, tops and shirts can be a complete deal-breaker for girls with huge bust sizes. 

Oversized and billowy fit do not go well with your body frame. But boxy-fit outfits are shapeless and can make your mid-section look fuller and bigger. Also, these outfits highlight your large bust. 

Since these tops and dresses do not define your waistline, your upper body looks quite heavy and bulky than your bottom half

5. Spaghetti straps

what not to wear if you have big bust

When you have a big bust size, your priority should be to offer the right support to your breasts. If you do not pay attention to this aspect, your jubblies will sag – that too super soon.

Skinny straps offer zero support to your bust region because of their ultra-thin straps. So, you need to put on a strapless bra. And these bras cannot offer the much-needed support which your breasts require.

Also, the super thin straps of your spaghetti top do not do justice to your huge bust area. In fact, they create this imbalanced look which makes you look top-heavy. 

6. Voluminous sleeves

what not to wear if you have big bust

Avoid loose-fitted and voluminous sleeves at all costs if you do not want to look fat! These voluminous sleeves can effectively add mass to your upper torso. They create this illusion of fullness around your bust and arm area.

Also, your bust area appears larger than normal – thanks to these uneven patterns of the sleeves.

So, if you have got them, it is high time you give a makeover to your wardrobe.

7. Wide belts

what not to wear if you have big bust

Wide belts can be unflattering for your body shape if you have big bust and short height. A wide belt, instead of cinching your waist and giving it a well-defined shape, would grab all the attention to your bust area. They create an illusion of your breasts juggling out while creating an inappropriate impression.

Also, wide belts further make you look shorter if you already have shorter legs. 

8. Chunky necklaces

Accessories are necessary to draw attention away from your larger bust. However, chunky and gaudy necklaces that land directly on your bust can create unnecessary drama. They make your upper torso look heavy. So, in my opinion, you should avoid wearing chokers and chunky neckpieces.

9. Large prints

what not to wear if you have big bust

Bright colors and large prints will surely make you look fun! But again, they serve as an attention magnet that highlights your huge breasts. So, if you wish to conceal your large bust area, then large and colorful prints are not your piece of cake. 

10. Horizontal stripes

what not to wear if you have big bust

Horizontal stripes can create a complete fashion disaster. They make your upper torso look wider. Now just imagine, babe! Can you afford to make your already large bust area look bigger?

Basically, horizontal stripes add volume and width to your body shape. So, avoid horizontal strips at all costs if you wish to minimize the impact of your big boobs. Instead, opt for vertical or diagonal strips.

11. Double-breasted blazers

what not to wear if you have big bust

Double-breasted blazers can easily add to the bulkiness of your top half. Also, when you button up the blazer, it might create a gap because of the large size of your breasts. So, it is better to get rid of any double-breasted blazers that you might have. 

12. Dangerously plunging neckline

what not to wear if you have big bust

Wearing extremely revealing tops and dresses can ruin your overall styling if you are heavily endowed. So, I would suggest you try necklines that are subtle and do not draw attention to your bust area.  

Of course, wear those deep necks and off-the-shoulders, just make sure it doesn’t look vulgar or not sophisticated enough because that can happen easily.

Sure-fire Stylings Tips and Tricks for Women with big busts

  • Opt for V-neck, U-neck, sweetheart, scoop neck, and off-the-shoulder necklines that do not reveal too much of your cleavage. This will create a balanced outfit and won’t add to the bulkiness of your upper torso.
  • Go for tops that cinch your waist and define it to create a balance between your upper and lower torso, like wrap tops.
  • Choosing a well fitting bra that actually supports your babies and gives them an uplifted look is quite essential.
  • Wear fitted sleeves as they make you look slimmer and also do not make draw unnecessary attention to your breasts.
  • Avoid wearing tops that have cut-outs near your bust area.
  • Go for tops and dresses with wide straps so that your breasts get ample support. 
  • Always wear vertical lines as they create an illusion of height and conceal the bulkiness of your big breasts. 
  • Wrap dresses, A-line and fit and flare dresses are the most flattering styles for women with big busts.
  • Darker colors on the top half of the body are always a flattering option. Not just black but darker hues of blue, green, burgundy, pink, purple etc.

Final Thoughts on What Not to Wear if You Have Big Bust

Large breasts can be one of your biggest assets when you know how to style your outfits. When in confusion, just refer to this article, and all your doubts will vanish in thin air.

See, the idea is to accentuate your best asset by choosing your outfits smartly. You just need to be aware of what suits you and what does not. 

If you still have some confusion, shoot your questions in my comment section. Will get back to you ASAP!

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What Not to Wear if You Have Big Bust

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