How to Dress to Look Thinner than You Really Are! *Secret Fashion Tips*

how to look thinner

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Yes, we should be working out, but that slice of Pizza is way too enticing to pull out, and that crucial presentation is due tomorrow anyway, so what’s the point, right? 

Or maybe, you’ve got that date you have been looking forward to after work, and not only do you want to look your best, you desire to dress the eff up. 

We get it. Sometimes, not only do we want to promulgate style ordinances when we strut, but we aspire to look thinner, taller, and more put together, and I know you cannot help but wonder how to do all that right. 

We hear you, and we bring to you the only guide you need on how to dress to look slimmer and taller so your petite self can get an elongated illusion in seconds and trick others into believing your wonderful body structure! Babe, your search for looking slim and tall ends here !!!

Because here’s exactly how to look thinner in clothes!

1. Proportion The F Off!

How to Dress to Look Thinner than You Really Are! *Secret Fashion Tips*

Wearing full round shapes at the top and bottom is a sin we don’t want the fashion Police arresting us for, do we? Does that mean we’re banishing you from hopping onto the baggy bandwagon? Certainly not. We’re just saying to maintain that lean posture, proportioned silhouettes are the key. 

Knowing your segments right is quintessential to looking skinny. 

Here’s what we mean by this. If your pants feature a wider leg, choose a fitted shirt. If it’s a miniskirt you are planning to do, we’d recommend an extended top. Even when you are choosing a dress, ensure the proportionality factor is included. 

Take cues from Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi on acing the art of proportions. Vertical highlights on her top and puffy sleeves make up for her perfectly stitched, body-hugging bottom chunk of the garment. 

Golden Rule–Make your bottoms inversely proportional to the top, and your sweltering strut is all set to take off! By this, I mean you should pair a fitted top with wider-shaped pants or wear skinny bottoms with fuller, fluffy tops with voluminous designs. This is the number one to look thinner in clothes.

2. Top, Skirt, And A Breathable-Blazer 

How to Dress to Look Thinner than You Really Are! *Secret Fashion Tips*
Courtesy: @stylemeupwithsakshi

The next time someone tells you baggy and oversized clothes are not suitable for your body type, raise those fleek-eyebrows and storm off. 

Oversized, when well done holds impeccable power. We just need to extend our fondness for the kickass proportions we just talked about. 

Think of a well-fitted top (crop or tucked in, your call), a body-hugging skirt, and an oversized blazer. Get your hands on a coat with wide collars if you don’t want the length of it to talk. If you’ve got voluptuous calves, we’d recommend a pair of Platform Heels (preferably in a similar hue as your blazer) for that streamlined disposition.

3. When In Doubt, Skirt It Out

How to Dress to Look Thinner than You Really Are! *Secret Fashion Tips*
Courtesy: @tanyagupta.official

We’re still not over Rachel Zane’s Pencil Skirts, are we? A well-structured skirt is your knight in shining armor when looking thinner is the mission you’ve decided to embark upon. 

But if you are over pencil skirts and want to give some breezy ones a try, pair it with a casual blazer top or strap sandals and get that hair tied in a sophisticated bun. 

We’d recommend the skirt to be a high-waist one, so the combination does not minimize your curves but accentuates them. High-waisted bottoms instantly elongate your bottom area, making you appear thinner than you really are.

The subtle skin reveal, or a ‘blurred line’ as we like to call it, elongates your posture and makes you stand tall (and smarter, of course). 

4. Tucked In TurtleNeck 

How to Dress to Look Thinner than You Really Are! *Secret Fashion Tips*

A dark-colored turtleneck tucked-in jeans (we’d recommend classic denim ripped at the knee) is a simple outfit that makes you look skinny. And a well-played work of nicely done proportions. 

This classic combination has been a favorite style of many of your precious celebrities, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll know why! Remember, darker shades, especially in the upper half, pay homage to figure flattery. 

So, get on with this look and wave hello to a leaner, taller you. 

5. Let Sleeves do the Talking 

How to dress to look skinny

Exaggerated sleeves aren’t runway-reserved anymore, and if done right, they can totally change the final look of your outfit. Big, poofy sleeves, preferably at the hem, which were once referred to as figure-flattery disasters, are now in demand for the slim and tall hallmark they imprint upon who wears them. 

Pair an exaggerated sleeve top (could be sky-high shoulder pads, or perhaps the one with a bell or puffed sleeves) and tone it down with a below-the-knee pencil skirt a pair of skin-tight jeans or a casually classy slimming outfit!

How to Dress to Look Thinner than You Really Are! *Secret Fashion Tips*

6. Vertical Stripes

How to dress to look thinner

You have no idea how big of a difference the right stripes can make in choosing clothes that make you look slimmer.

Vertical Stripes act as a catalyst in ensuring you look tall, even if that might be far-fetched from reality. From Tory Burch to Moschino, these sartorial staples have often been embossed in their classic collections. 

These nautical features have always been a fashion maven to make you an elongated version of yourself and are certainly the safest bet to looking slimmer and taller!

Not only that, but wearing vertical stripes also makes you look more professional because they express smartness. Haha, I’ll wear them just for this sake!

Choose a plain top if planning to rock a stripe-motif bottom. If you choose to don a black and white stripe-embossed dress, we’d recommend pairing up those viral corset belts for a sharper, sexier fit.  

7. Belting that Crop Top  

clothes that make you look thin

You can never go wrong with a crop top and high-waisted jeans to look thin. Add a belt to accentuate your features and strut off those roads, bestie!

Remember, choosing the right size is the key here, as a wider belt might make you look tinier and petite, which we obviously don’t want, do we? We wanna keep the jeans high-waisted and meet up with the belt there. 

I don’t know, but when the top and bottom somehow converge just below the waist, you instantly look thin in clothes!

8. Column Dressing

clothing to make you look thin

Column Dressing is a technique where you layer something like a jacket or a cardigan in a contrasting shade over a low-vibrant base. Column here means usage of a similar color, head-to-toe, for a streamlined and leaner appeal.

Now that fall is around the corner, layering with a streak of columns has to be a mandatory addition to your repertoire. Take cues from Komal Pandey and Hailey Beiber, if you will. Darker shades under lighter tones are all you need to get that slender outlook. 

How to look skinny

If eccentric is your aesthetic, a denim-on-denim column dressing is what you need to do. Or else a flared blazer over would also do. Now you know why no celebrity or magazine ever gets over this trend, don’t you?

9. sexy Cutouts 

How to look thinner

Thanks to Euphoria’s Maddy Perez, cutouts have been an omnipresent sight. From pop culture to runways, these bitches are here to ensure your petite form takes a leaner outlook, more by design than deficit. 

Strategically placed cutouts in body-skimming attire are here to become a curvy girl’s best friend. Trust Ashley Graham on this, yes!!

10. Go Monochrome

How to look thinner

Not only is a monochrome outfit a visual treat, but it is also the most underrated way to accentuate your proportions, making you look tall and slim almost instantly. We love an oversized blazer or a cardigan, but it is indeed optional.

You know what a brilliant way to style an oversized blazer would be? A nice belt to cinch your waist to give an illusion of a slimmer appearance!

How to Dress to Look Thinner than You Really Are! *Secret Fashion Tips*

Monochromatic appeal in form-fitting silhouettes guarantee a skinny appeal. Pair it with a pair of light-hued heels for maximum impact. 

11. Peplums

How to Dress to Look Thinner than You Really Are! *Secret Fashion Tips*

The tale of Peplums creating an illusion of a well-defined waist is a tale as old as time and is one of your safest bets to look lighter in pounds if it’s what you seek. These ultra-feminine pieces, in shades of beiges, browns, and blacks, fit well into any aesthetic, especially fall, while making you look hot and sexy, and yes, also skinny!

As the peplum tops cinch at the waist and then flair after, they make the best kinds to wear for a slimming effect!

If you plan to indulge in a date that involves pumpkin Lattes, looking cozy and, of course, skinny all at once, look no further. 

You know what dresses make you look thin and skinny? That’s right, A-line! They have the same fit structure, and they help hide your hips, accentuate your waist, and make you look lean.

crucial Tips to make you look skinnier than ever!

I have a full guide on what to wear when you are short and chubby, but here are a few tips stolen from that to make you look skinnier in clothes!

12. Invest in Spanx or a similar shapewear

This is crucial! A good pair of Spanx will hold in everything and make you look 10 pounds thinner instantly. Not to mention they’ll help keep everything in place and prevent any embarrassing accidents (we’ve all been there). I always wear Spanx when I’m getting dressed up for an event or big meeting.

13. Wear black

Black is slimming, period. If you want to look thinner, reach for black clothing whenever possible. It’s flattering on everyone and will make you look like you’ve lost a few pounds, even if you haven’t. Plus, it’s always chic and easy to wear.

Want to know colors that make you look thinner?

All the dark hues! Talk about navy, charcoal gray, burgundy, teal, etc. So does that mean you can never wear lighter colors? That’s silly! Oh no, you totally can, and you must! Your body shape doesn’t limit you, okay?

The key is to choose darker shades of your favorite colors. For example, instead of wearing a bright yellow dress, go for a rich mustard shade. Or, instead of a fire-engine red top, opt for a deep burgundy.

14. Go for fitted clothing over baggy clothing

This one is pretty self-explanatory—clothes that are too big or loose will make you look bigger than you really are. Fitted clothing will flatter your figure and make you look sleek and put-together. If you’re not sure what size to get, always err on the side of too tight over too loose—you can always alter fitted clothing to make it fit better, but it’s much harder to fix baggy clothing that’s too big.

15. Get a good tailor

Speaking of altering clothes…a good tailor is worth their weight in gold! If something doesn’t fit quite right, don’t hesitate to take it to a tailor and have them adjust it for you. They can usually do wonders with clothes that just aren’t quite right, and it’ll make a world of difference in how those clothes look on you.

16. Play up your assets

Everyone has different features they like about themselves, so accentuate the aspects of your body that you’re proud of! If you’ve got great legs, invest in some high-waisted shorts or skirts so you can show them off. If you love your arms, try wearing sleeveless tops or dresses.

And if you’ve got a killer hourglass figure, find clothing that hugs your curves in all the right places. We all have different areas we like and don’t like about ourselves, but by playing up our best features, we can create balance and give the illusion of being thinner overall.

17. And downplay your problem areas.

Having said that, there are also areas most of us would like to downplay if we could (myself included!). If there’s an area of your body you’re not thrilled with—like your tummy or your upper arms—choose clothing that will help minimize the appearance of those areas while still making you feel comfortable and look stylish instantly.

For example, If you want to downplay your tummy, opt for high-waisted pants or skirts instead of low-rise ones. And if you want to downplay your upper arms, try wearing cap sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves instead of sleeveless tops or dresses.

There are lots of ways to style techniques that will flatter your figure without making you sacrifice comfort or style. It just takes a little bit of trial and error until you find what works best for you and find clothing that makes you look thinner.

Final thoughts on how to look thinner effortlessly

These are just a few simple tips to help You Dress To Look Thinner Than You Really Are. If you use some or all of these tips, you’ll surely notice a difference not only in the way your clothes fit but also in the way you feel about yourself.

Remember, EVERY BODY is beautiful just the way they are, but sometimes we all need a little bit of extra help feeling confident in our own skin. And there is nothing wrong with that!!! 🙂

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