18 Tips on Dressing for a Bottom Heavy Shape Like a Stylist

how to dress bottom heavy

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Wardrobe struggles? Not anymore! Learn the dos and don’ts of dressing for a bottom heavy shape & rock it.

Styling a bottom-heavy body type can indeed be tricky. When the lower part of your body carries more weight as compared to your upper body, not every outfit will look flattering on you. 

However, the solution lies in choosing clothes that actually divert attention away from your bulky hips and thick thighs. The focus should, instead, be on your bust area and face. 

Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Shakira, and Kate Hudson are also known for their bottom figure.
“But they look flawless,”- you will say!

Yes, babe, these bottom-heavy beauties look stunning all the time- thanks to their terrific styling teams.

Wanna know their fashion secrets? Wish to ace your fashion game irrespective of your bottom-heavy body type?

Simply scroll down through this article, and all your questions will be answered, I promise!

How to Know Whether or Not You Are Bottom-Heavy!

If you have the slightest of doubts, feel free to check these characteristics of a bottom-heavy figure!

  • Your hips are wider and fuller as compared to your shoulders.
  • Your thighs are thicker than your arms.
  • Your legs look shorter.
  • You have an undefined waistline.

18 Fail-Proof Styling Hacks and Tips Every Bottom Heavy Girl Must Know!

1. Keep skinny jeans at bay!

how to dress if you are bottom heavy

Here’s the biggest rule of thumb for all my bottom-heavy beauties!

You cannot and must not wear any jeans that are super tight. Get rid of all your skinny jeans that cling to every inch of your thighs and hips. They may look good on other body types. But for you, skinny jeans are a huge turn-off. 

Instead, pick bootcut jeans, bell bottoms, or flared jeans, as their volume can balance out wider hips.

2. Opt for high-rise bottoms.

High-rise bottoms can be your ultimate savior. Just put on a pair and notice the difference!

They make your legs appear longer and slender. Surprisingly enough, your thighs and buttock area look quite slim in high-waisted bottoms. Also, high-waisted jeans/pants/skirts define your waistline, thereby enabling you to ace that hourglass look. 

3. Get tops and dresses with lower necklines.

how to dress if i am bottom heavy

To draw attention to your bust area, you need something that can shift the focus upwards. So, choose necklines accordingly. Try adding as many details to your top as possible. The trendier, the better! Since its job is to compel the onlookers to look at your upper torso, be ready to experiment a lot.

If you do not want to waste your time in trial and error, try necklines such as scoop, sweetheart, halter, etc. 

4. Cropped blazers offer a chic and elegant look.

how to dress bottom heavy

There is something uniquely classy and sassy about cropped blazers!

Consider them as a blessing in disguise for your bottom-heavy figure.

So, first of all, the cropped shape of the blazer garners all the eyes to your shoulders and face. Secondly, because of its short height, the blazer rests on your waist and gives definition to your waistline. Lastly, the short length of the blazer makes your legs look sleek and long. And who doesn’t want that?

Not saying long blazers won’t work for you. But when choosing a longer blazer, just make sure that it’s hemline doesn’t end right on your problematic area. It should be either shorter or longer.

Also, if you can find double-breasted blazers or power shoulders, you’ll hit the bull’s eye!

5. Make sure you define your waist.

how to dress bottom heavy

Make it a point to define your waistline. This creates an imaginary hourglass body structure by making your waist narrow. Basically, by defining your waistline, you are garnering all the attention to the sleekest part of your body frame.

To get that defined waistline, you can either invest in a statement belt. Or, you can wear belted dresses, warp dresses, peplum tops and empire waistline dresses. They serve your purpose in the most efficient manner and help you strike the right balance between your upper and lower torso.

6. Printed tops are your BFFs!

how to dress bottom heavy figure

Want to divert all the eyes to your upper body? Here’s how you can do it within a few seconds!

Put on a printed top and pair it with dark-colored bottoms. Now look in the mirror. The change will shock and amaze you at the same time!

Printed tops garner all the attention to your chest area and face. The onlookers are compelled to look upwards and ignore your heavy bottom.

Loud prints help you achieve the perfect balance between your upper and lower torso. They create an optical illusion where it seems that you have an hourglass body type

Go crazy with fun, messy and bright-colored prints. Small or large- it does not matter! Just let your upper body pop up because of the prints. Pair these printed tops with neutral-colored bottoms. 

Wait! Are you skeptical about wearing loud prints? Then take the simple route and put on a white top and pair it with a black bottom. You will get the same results!

7. Opt for bulky, voluminous sleeves.

18 Tips on Dressing for a Bottom Heavy Shape Like a Stylist

Another great fashion trick to balance out your bottom-heavy figure is to go for prominent sleeves. Tops and dresses with unique and voluminous sleeve designs can indeed grab all the attention of your upper torso. 

By adding volume and bulk to your shoulders, these sleeves create the right balance between your shoulders and hips. If you manage to select the right sleeve style, you can easily create an illusion of having an hourglass body type.

Sounds perfect! Isn’t it?

8. Avoid any kind of detailings on your pockets.

I am talking about the pockets on your jeans and pants. Any kind of detail added to the pockets can make the hips look fuller. And we definitely do not want that to happen!

So, just avoid wearing any pants or jeans that carry details on the pocket area. Instead, go for pockets that have minimal designs and patterns. There should not be any kind of embellishments, embroideries or buttons on or around the pocket area. 

9. Flared jeans suit you the most.

18 Tips on Dressing for a Bottom Heavy Shape Like a Stylist

Flared or bootcut jeans have always been a classic. And you will be glad to know that this trend suits your bottom-heavy body shape completely. 

When in doubt, put on a pair of flared denim and throw some sass around. They fit your thighs and butt like a dream and start flaring out from beneath your knees. Because of this fanned-out silhouette, flared jeans can create the right balance and shift all the focus away from your heavy bottom.

Pro tip: Try a pair of heels or boots with your flared denim and damn! You will raise the temperature by a few degrees!

10. Try straight-leg pants.

18 Tips on Dressing for a Bottom Heavy Shape Like a Stylist

Fond of wearing pants all the time? Want a comfortable option?

Get yourself a few pairs of straight-leg pants! They look flattering on your body shape. Avoid wearing wide-legged pants, as they can further add bulkiness to your bottom. Straight-leg pants effortlessly conceal your heavy buttocks and thick thighs. The straight cut further makes your legs appear longer. 

11. Try boat neck to grab attention.

This neckline looks super appealing to your body type. Boatnecks create a stunning visual illusion and make your shoulder and neck area look wider. This, in turn, strikes the right balance between your upper and lower body. Basically, wearing a boat neck enables you to create a proportionate look between your shoulders and hips.

12. Get yourself cropped cardigans to slay your winter look.

how to dress bottom heavy

Looking for something warm and snuggly to cater to your bottom-heavy body type? Why don’t you try the cardigans?

Here’s a twist to the story!

Get yourself cropped cardigans and witness the magic.

They do not only keep you warm, but also the short length adds to your cuteness. 

Cropped cardigans look flattering on your body type as they make your legs look longer and also shift focus to your upper torso. Since a cropped cardigan rests just above your hips, your waist looks so much more defined!

13. Discard all your long tops and tunics.

Long tops and tunics are a huge turn-off for bottom-heavy people. Their hemline rests at the widest part of your buttocks. They draw unnecessary attention to your lower torso. It is, therefore, best to choose tops that end right above your hips.

By wearing tops of shorter lengths, you are actually trying to make your legs appear slender and longer. 

14. Fit and flare silhouettes cater to your bottom-heavy body type.

Petite busty woman

When it comes to choosing a dress, the fit and flare silhouette looks the most flattering on your bottom-heavy figure. The dress that you wear should fit your upper torso and hug your curves closely.

These fit and flare dresses never fail to define your waistline by leveraging belt, band etc. Make sure that the dress flares out from below your waist.

This silhouette successfully creates a balance between your shoulders and hips. The fanned-out look of the dress conceals the heaviness of your hips and thighs. 

Pro tip: You can go for a strapless, sweetheart neckline dress with a fit and flare silhouette. By showing off your shoulders and neck, you will actually be able to create an illusion of an hourglass body type.

15. Try this formula: Light on the top half and dark on the bottom half.

how to dress bottom heavy shape

To keep it simple, add lots of light-colored tops and neutral-colored bottoms to your capsule wardrobe. Light colors add grab all the attention and also highlight your best assets. On the other hand, dark colors create a slimming effect. 

So, next time you are in doubt, pair a light top with a dark bottom, and you are sorted!

16. Flaunt your shoulders in off-the-shoulder tops!

The ultimate aim of your styling is to draw attention towards your upper body. And this can be done quite effortlessly by opting for off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.

This neckline easily grabs attention to your shoulders and face. Also, an off-the-shoulder neckline adds feminine grace and elegance to your overall appearance. 

17. Add vertical stripes to your jeans/pants.

how to dress bottom heavy type

Want to cancel out the bulkiness of your hips and thighs? Try adding vertical details to your bottoms.

When you wear vertical prints, patterns, lines and stripes on your jeans, skirt, pants or trousers, you are actually trying to elongate your legs. These vertical stripes effortlessly make your legs look long as well as slender.

Try pairing them with heels or wedges to get that lifted look. Avoid horizontal details on your bottoms at all costs, as they make your already heavy buttocks look wider.

18. Fond of skirts? Try the pleated ones!

how to dress bottom heavy

Pleated skirts do not look good on all body types. But when it comes to bottom-heavy figures, pleated skirts work wonders.

They cinch in your waist and define your waist. The pleated part creates a flowy look as the skirt flows past your buttocks. Because of the pleats, the attention gets diverted away from your heavy hips and thighs. 

Pro tip: Get yourself a pleated skirt with a small waistband. Wide waistbands can garner attention to your belly bulges and love handles.

Wrapping Up – how to dress if you are bottom heavy

Darling! Do you know what makes you look ravishingly beautiful?

No, neither your branded attires nor those luxe makeup products.

Rather, embracing your real self and letting go of all your inhibitions make you truly beautiful and charming.

So babe, stop feeling sad or low because of your bottom-heavy figure. Of course, you can work out and get rid of all the excess fat. But you won’t be able to change your overall body structure or type. So, just accept it in its truest form and work around ways to accentuate your best features.

Go through this article to learn the secrets of dressing a bottom-heavy figure. Just focus on what works for you and get rid of anything that does not contribute to your body type.

Need more help or suggestions to ace that flawless look?

Feel free to comment below, and I will help you with all my knowledge!

Stay tuned to this place for more!


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