How To Ace That Timeless Fashion Like A Pro?

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Want a closet that never goes out of style? This is the ultimate sauce for putting together timeless clothing to flex a classic wardrobe that’s straight-fire!

Have you wondered how some women manage to look elegant, graceful and polished no matter what they wear? No amount of scratching your head hard will get you this chic and sophisticated look until and unless you crack the secret of timeless fashion. 

Mastering timeless style is not rocket science. These pretty and stylish ladies you admire are not aliens hailing from a fashion planet. Neither are they superior to you in terms of their fashion collection. It’s just that they follow the fashion thumb rules to slay the cosmopolitan and effortless looks. 

If you are eager to embrace timeless style and are clueless as to where you should begin, worry no more, as I have got your back!

Your girl is here yet again with all the juicy deets related to timeless fashion styling. You can simply sit back, sip in your smoothie and read on to understand the intricacies of timeless styling.

Shall we get started, then?

What is timeless fashion?

How To Ace That Timeless Fashion Like A Pro?

Courtesy: @sevdeerdogannn

First of all, what on earth is “Timeless Fashion?” 

Let’s understand it in this manner.

The fashion industry is highly dynamic. Its ever-changing nature keeps introducing the latest trends. Within a few months, those trends get replaced by new ones. But it won’t be wrong to say that every style in the fashion industry is prone to change.

No! There are certain fashion-style pieces that are evergreen in nature. They won’t die down despite all the buzz around the latest trends. These evergreen pieces are characterized by their elevated styling, streamlined setup, and sophisticated appearance.

Timeless attires do not go out of style, irrespective of which place and era you live in. Think of a little black dress, a beige trench coat, a leather jacket, a wool coat, gold hoops, chelsea boots or white sneakers. And most importantly, timeless style does not mean that you have to splurge on designer labels. Understand that versatility is the key to the right mix-n-match of wardrobe essentials. 

Is it Possible to Get Timeless Fashion?

Why not?

All you need are a few key pieces of evergreen, timeless clothes and accessories in your closet. And you are good to go!

When you mix and match these timeless pieces, they defy the latest trends and instead create a bold impact. 

If you have a limited budget and are worried about not being able to spend on expensive labels, hear me out. 

Timeless fashion is NOT about brands and price tags. Rather, it is about the right combinations you create by leveraging certain versatile, evergreen, and classic pieces. 

And once you go through this elaborate guide, attaining timeless styling will seem as easy as ABC!

14 Tips on How to Ace Timeless Fashion

1. Choose evergreen basics over fads.

timeless fashion

Courtesy: @sasabylopez

If you wish to embrace timeless fashion, you must create your own style goals. And to be able to cater to those style goals, you will have to add some classic wardrobe essentials to your closet.

The idea is to enjoy flexibility while deciding on your outfit to get that chic and elegant look. Start with having a few foundation pieces. Invest in high-quality natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. They offer that timeless look and retain their plush look for years. 

For me, the following outfits are my non-negotiables for having a timeless fashion wardrobe:

  • Evergreen button-downs in white
  • Trench coats, especially in khaki or beige color
  • Pieces of Denim and slacks
  • Leather handbags
  • Woolen coats
  • Cashmere sweater
  • Turtlenecks
  • Flattering t-shirts
  • Gold and silver hoops
  • Wide leg trousers
  • Black strappy heels
  • White sneakers
  • Brown handbag

I would suggest you have these wardrobe essentials in your closet along with these classic pieces so that flaunting a timeless style gets much easier for you. Also, choosing neutral colors for denim jeans, sweaters, coats, and turtlenecks will add to your elegance and an aesthetic vibe.

2. Make room for only well-fitted clothes in your wardrobe.

timeless fashion

No matter how appealing and expensive an outfit is, it can still make you look like crap if the fitting is not apt. A well-fitted attire can create a striking difference in your appearance as compared to an ill-fitted one.

Say no to silhouettes that don’t flatter your body shape. Steer clear of outfits that do not fit your body frame properly. Even if you are fond of wearing oversized clothes, pay attention to the overall balance of the attire on you.

For instance, pair your wide-legged jeans with a body-hugging, well-fitted top instead of an oversized sweatshirt to strike the right balance. 

3. Do not run after fashion trends blindly.

timeless clothes

Courtesy: @cocobassey

I believe fashion trends are nothing less than a mirage. The more you run after them, the further they go from your reach.

I mean, just look at the ongoing fashion trends. They change so often that keeping a tab on them gets almost next to impossible. And most of the time, these trends repeat after every 10 to 30 years or so. Thus, exploring multiple fashion trends will only end up making you look like a fashion disaster.

So, instead of focusing on too many trends at a time, it is better to customize those trends as per your own style. 

Know that fads do not stay for long. But timeless fashion is there to stay for decades. 

4. Know your body type.

timeless clothes

If you are not aware of your body type, then babe, it gets extremely difficult to slay that timeless look. ‘Coz, you won’t be able to decide on the silhouettes, colors, and styles that are tailor-made for your body shape.

Unless you are well-acquainted with your body type, you will end up hours searching for the ideal outfits that accentuate your best body features. 

So here’s the gist – there are mainly 5 different shapes of the body you must know about: pear-shaped, hourglass, inverted triangle, triangle, and apple-shaped. Here’s how to determine your body shape and dress for it.

If you wish to know which silhouettes and styles suit these body shapes, go through my blogs. I have covered each body type individually just for you. 

Once you know what body type you have and which silhouettes, necklines, and sleeve styles cater to your body frame, you can shop accordingly.

5. Go neutral; look classy!

timeless clothings

Are you not sure which color looks good on you? Do you want something that adds to your charm and enable you to flaunt a timeless fashion? Then get yourself outfits in a neutral color. 

These colors have an eternal charm added to their appearance. Attires in neutral colors do not lose their relevance even after months or years. 

Investing in neutral-colored blazers, pullovers, sweaters, trousers and button-downs can amp up your look in no time. Plus, there’s something aesthetic, charming and plush about these shades that never go out of style.

Tan, navy, whites, browns and blacks can be your best friends if you know how to leverage them to create a timeless look.

6. Identify your innate fashion style.

timeless clothings

No matter how many influencers and celebs you follow or how often you experiment with the latest trends, there will be an innate fashion style that will dominate your overall styling. 

Think deeply, and you will realize that there are certain outfits and styles that you opt for more frequently and with your eyes closed. Know that this is the dominant style that you leverage quite often, especially when in doubt. In other words, you can call it comfort styling.

Darling! Fashion is not what the world wears. Fashion is about YOU! It is all about how and what you wear and feel in your own skin. And you must know how to find your personal style because that’s something that won’t vanish with the new hip thing.

7. Layer ‘em up!

timeless style

Courtesy: @sasabylopez

Why layer just your skincare products when you can also layer your outfits?

Babe, it is high time you start playing with different pieces to create that layered, wholesome look. Layering your outfits make you look opulent, well-put and composed. Knowing how to layer your outfits right is the ultimateeee fashion secret you need to know. Shrugs, blazers, coats, jackets, capes – there are so many things you can leverage to ace that layered look. 

When you pair them right, you can easily ace that laid-back look, all the while exuding a timeless vibe. 

8. Mix high-end labels and vintage finds for an eclectic yet polished look.

timeless style

Are you ready to take your style to the next level by combining the two? This can be a daunting task, but it’s easier than you think. You don’t need to break the bank by buying top-of-the-line designs. Instead, look for items in different price brackets — like a few designer items paired with thrifted pieces.

Think out of the box and create your own mashup: team an opulent brocade skirt with some vintage combat boots or pair a bold printed blouse with wide-legged slacks.

Whichever way you decide to go, by subtly incorporating contemporary and preloved pieces into your timeless wardrobe, you can enjoy an eclectic yet pulled-together look.

9. Befriend an experienced tailor.

timeless styles

Making alterations to your outfits is like weaving a magic wand to set them right so that they fit your body frame like a dream. So, get ready to befriend your local tailor so that they can make changes to your outfits as per your instructions and requirements. 

Experienced tailors are very good with alterations such as shortening the length of the hemline, adjusting the sleeve lengths, fitting up your outfits, structuring necklines etc. 

When you have a tailor by your side to take care of the overall fitting, silhouette, hemlines, sleeves and neckline of your clothes, slaying that timeless fashion gets quite easy. 

10. Never over-accessorize.

timeless look

Courtesy: @miamiamine

Timeless fashion follows one simple rule – less is more! 

So, while accessorizing up, make sure that you are going overboard with your fancy accessories. See, it is not about how many accessories you can carry in one go. Rather, it is about how you can manage to stand out with minimal accessories.

The key is to enhance your personality and style through your outfits and accessories. Doing too much will simply mute your personality and add a lot of chaos around you.

11. Always pay attention to the quality of the attire and accessories you are buying.

timeless look

Courtesy: @fabianacristinx

When it comes to timeless styling, quality does really matter. You cannot expect to attain a timeless look by adorning thrift items. 

In my opinion, it is better to shop less so that you can invest more in quality outfits and accessories. When you go out shopping, keep in mind that you need to spend only on top-of-the-line garments rather than roadside, cheap products.

Of course, you can mix and match thrift items with quality ones. But make sure that your statement are always of high quality as they are the ones that grab the most attention of the onlookers.

Also, the better the quality, the longer the durability of your outfits and accessories. So, if you are eyeing timeless fashion, then do consider spending on top-notch quality attires and accessories.

12. Keep your makeup and hairstyle clean and polished.

timeless fashion

Timeless fashion is also about a poised, well-put and polished appearance. And you can accomplish this completely only when your makeup is to the point and your hairstyle is flawless. You do not have to visit the salon every time you go out. But to slay a timeless look, it is necessary that you keep your makeup and hairstyle game strong.

You do not have to put on heavy makeup. But make sure that you take regular care of your skin. Put on minimal makeup on your pampered skin to get that dreamy glow.

Keep your eyebrows groomed and have a well-manageable hairstyle. You should be comfortable with your hairstyle and must not look fidgety. Wavy, curly or sleek straight- maintain any hairstyle that fancies your heart. But choose one that suits your personality and makes you feel comfortable. 

13. Draw inspiration from iconic fashionistas.

timeless fashion

Courtesy: @komalpandeyofficial

Are you in awe of someone whose fashion style just blows your mind away? Do you simply love the way they dress up so effortlessly? 

Follow them on different social media handles. Save their pictures and videos. Take cues from their outfits and accessories. Keep an eye on how your favorite glam fashionista experiments with different colors, prints, and silhouettes.

I know it is not always possible to adorn something as expensive as celeb outfits. But fret not! You will get high-quality dupes on various e-commerce platforms and fashion stores. 

14. curate a mood board or list of timeless outfits

How To Ace That Timeless Fashion Like A Pro?

You know what you can do? Start building a mood or vision board on Pinterest or by wearing your already existing clothes that align nicely with timeless styling and transcend trends and seasons.

More often than not, when shopping for clothes falls into the ‘fast-fashion’ trap we end up with new pieces that don’t quite fit our aesthetic, feel inadequate, and end up going unused – which is never ideal.

By having a clear vision of what you’re aiming to achieve, you won’t be swayed by the latest hype and will save both time and money. Plus, when putting together a timeless wardrobe of pieces that’ll stand the test of time doesn’t mean compromising on style!

Final Thoughts on How to Master Timeless Fashion

Attaining timeless fashion is NOT a myth!

Rather, it is more like an art that you must master. Acing timeless fashion is all about staying confident and putting on outfits and accessories strategically. To pull out that effortless, sophisticated and timeless look, follow my hacks and tips. Add your own personal style & touch to the process, and I am sure you will ace that lasting, evergreen, forever kind of fashion style easily.

Don’t forget to share your styling stories in the comments.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Toodles, xo!

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  1. Learning to dress in a way that will never go out of style is not difficult. These lovely and fashionable women you look up to are not extraterrestrials from another planet where fashion is king.

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