12 Ninja Tricks to Become Confident with Acne – You Won’t Believe #2!

how to Become Confident with Acne

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Acne, as cute as it sounds is really a biatch nobody wants to deal with. And when it starts living on your face rent-free, it can really mess up your mood and shatter that confidence like a glass.

I know that because I’ve been living with it for five years of my tiny life. I literally stopped going out because I could not fathom people looking at me with pity and giving me lame skincare advice that I know does not work (because I tried them all, lol).

But guess what? Acne or not, you’re awesome, and it’s high time you stop living life on acne’s terms and turn those confidence levels up a notch! 😎

Let’s slay it & become confident with acne!

1. Comparison is the root of all evil

12 Ninja Tricks to Become Confident with Acne - You Won't Believe #2!

Honestly, when was the last time scrolling through picture-perfect selfies made you feel better about your acne? Exactly. These feeds are a highlight reel, not the behind-the-scenes.

Remember, for every flawless pic, there’s a ton of filters, lighting tricks, and maybe a skin woe hidden away. You are more than a #nofilter snapshot. So, comparing your raw self to that is simply draining and not healthy.

2. Do not check yourself in the mirror 100 times a day

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Spoiler alert: It’s you – acne or not. Constantly checking out your reflection or dodging it like you’re avoiding spoilers for the latest blockbuster isn’t doing your confidence any favors. In fact, you’re just going to criticize yourself and feed your mind with more negativity than it can handle.

I know, it’s hard not to cry over it. But it can become a lil easier if you don’t check your reflection in the mirror every 10 seconds. Every glance doesn’t need judgment. Smile, wink at yourself, and move on.

3. Self-Love Is Your Superpower

12 Ninja Tricks to Become Confident with Acne - You Won't Believe #2!

Self-love, folks—it’s not just a hashtag. Look in the mirror and say something nice to yourself. Pass on a compliment to yourself. Or speak 5 self-love affirmations. Yeah, even on the zitty days.

Because when you’re glowing on the inside, it totally shows on the outside. And if you know anything about affirmations, you know that they freaking work and with the right mindset, you can even manifest clear skin!

4. Do not skip out on opportunities just because

FOMO (fear of missing out) should never be about your skin. Your acne isn’t an RSVP “no” to life’s big party. Concert invites? Say yes. Beach day offers? Heck yeah. Those opportunities are about making memories, laughing, and living – not about your skin’s current mood.

You deserve to socialize, meet new people, and embrace life to its fullest, regardless of whether you have acne or not. Acne may have affected your confidence, but don’t allow it to dominate your life.

If your concern revolves around others’ opinions, remember this: genuine friends are not concerned about the state of your skin. They simply value your company and cherish good moments with you!

5. Speak Kindness Into Your Reflection

12 Ninja Tricks to Become Confident with Acne - You Won't Believe #2!

The next time you’re ready to scrutinize your reflection, pause. Change the script and tell yourself something positive instead. “My skin is having a tough day, but hey, my eyes are sparkling today!”

Positive self-talk can transform your mindset and, in turn, your self-perception. It may feel strange at first, but with practice, it becomes a powerful tool in your confidence arsenal.

6. Remember, You’re More Than Your Skin

In the grand canvas of life, acne is just a tiny detail. You are a masterpiece of talents, dreams, and achievements – acne doesn’t even begin to cover the depth of your awesomeness. Focus on what makes you, you – your kindness, your passion, your quirks. These are the things people remember.

7. Find Your Tribe

Surround yourself with positive peeps who lift you up and remind you how fab you truly are. With the right squad, acne doesn’t stand a chance at dampening your spirits. They’re like human reminders that you’re more than your skin.

Whether it’s an in-person support group or an online community, connecting with others who understand the rollercoaster ride that is living with acne can provide not only valuable tips but also emotional solace.

8. Learn From The Acne Pros

Social media is a goldmine for finding folks who’ve been in your shoes. Follow acne positivity influencers; their journeys, tips, and sheer confidence can give you a mega-boost. If they can post their acne in front of thousands and millions of people, I’m sure you can live with that too.

9. Seek Professional Help If You Need It

Sometimes, a DIY skincare routine and positive affirmations need a little backup. And that’s okay! Dermatologists are like the cool aunts/uncles of skincare – they’ve got all the good advice and powerful potions.

If your acne is affecting your mojo, seeking professional help can be a game-changer. Plus, it’s always reassuring to have someone medically certified telling you it’s going to be alright.

10. Be Proud Of Your Progress

12 Ninja Tricks to Become Confident with Acne - You Won't Believe #2!

No matter where you are in your skin journey, celebrate the small victories. Tried a new treatment? Yay, you! Skincare routine on point for a week straight? Dance it out! Got through a presentation? Nailed an interview?

Celebrate those wins, big or small. Your confidence doesn’t depend on your skin; it comes from your achievements. Give yourself some credit for how amazing you are! Every step forward deserves recognition.

11. Rock That Skincare Routine

Get this: Having a skincare routine is kinda like having a secret weapon. It’s not about hiding; it’s about taking control. Find what works for YOU and wear it like your battle armor. Remember, consistency is key!

A nice, simple skincare routine for acne would include –

  • An exfoliating cleanser (something with salicylic acid in it)
  • An active acne treatment (like benzoyl peroxide or differing gel)
  • A lightweight moisturizer (water/gel formulation specifically)
  • A weekly chemical peel treatment

12. Stay Hydrated – Be Radiated

Water! Not just for plants, yo. Drinking loads of H2O keeps your skin hydrated and can help reduce the overall appearance of acne if you are consistent for 2-3 months.

I’ll tell you what, my best friend was struggling with really severe acne but her skin couldn’t stop glowing because of all the water she drank. So, yeah, we couldn’t even focus on her acne because that glow was blinding! Trust me, you’ll feel great, and when you feel great, confidence naturally follows.

Life’s too short to stress over spots. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’re all set to strut into any room, head held high, showing the world that acne doesn’t define your confidence. Go get ’em, tiger! 🐯

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