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Ever wondered why most of your jeans turn out to be baggy and slouchy over time? If yes, you are buying the wrong fit of jeans for yourself. I know. It’s hard. You don’t always get what you might be looking for. You get tired of trying a million jeans just to find that one perfect pair of jeans you end up wearing every day. I understand. And that’s why I got you this ultimate guide on how to find jeans that fits you heavenly!

how to find jeans that fit

Key to finding a good fitting jeans

The jean that will fit you perfectly must have these 5 qualities in them:

  • Comfortable enough
  • Good quality
  • Good inseam length
  • Perfect pocket size
  • Colour made for you

Comfort level

The comfortable the jeans, the better. But, you don’t want to buy jeans that are too comfortable that they start looking saggy just after few washes. Basically, there are three kinds of stretches available in jeans.

First, the super stretch, which has a fabrication of 92% cotton and rest is spandex. They are the most comfiest jeans you’ll ever find but can loose it’s shape overtime. The second is the comfort stretch, with almost equal blends of spandex is it. Mostly in the the 6:4 ratio, 6 being cotton. They may not be the most comfortable but can last you a while since they do not let go their shape very easily. The last on the list is no stretch jeans. They are made up of 100% cotton and may not be comfortable initially but will stretch later on to the contours and molds of your body.

This is how you find comfortable jeans that fits for yourselves.

Good quality

A nice pair of jeans is an investment made to your wardrobe. If chosen well, they can become your bff you can go to every other day. What makes a jean’s quality? It’s the quality of the spandex used. Here’s a quick test to find that out. Wear a jean in the try room. And after trying, if the fabric relaxes back to it’s original shape and size, it’s the one. And if it doesn’t, go try out some other piece 🙁

Good inseam length

How to find jeans that fits

What is an inseam? Inseam is the length between the crotch area and ankles of a jean. And everybody has different inseams. You may be of the same height but your inseams can differ. If you’ve got long legs, an inseam of 32-34 inches is what you should be looking for. An inseam of 30 inches fits mosts of the people and can be cuffed if needed. For my petite friends, there’s an inseam 27 inches long made for you. It can also be worn to show off some ankle or what we call is ankle length jeans.

Pocket size and style

How to find jeans that fits

You might be bearing this for the very first time so hold your breath!

How does a pocket in a jean make a difference? If you want to make that butt look juicier, this is it for you. You ALWAYS, always have to look for a pair of jeans that have medium pocket size and both the pockets should be closer to each other. This will give your bum a more plumped look which I always want 😉

However, two more great way to look for the right pockets are, look for a nice jean which has a good space between the bottom of the pocket and butt line. It will give a beautiful rounded shape to your cheeks and make it lifted up naturally. The other way is to look for a good yoke size. A yoke is the V-shaped section above your pockets at the back of your jeans. Have you ever heard of it? Tell me if you do because i know most of you might not have. Deeper the yoke, better the curve of the butt. Read everything about yoke here.

Colour made for you

Honestly, every colour of jeans will look perfect on you if you love it. Be it blue, black or even coloured. But there’s an illusion colours make to your body. Darker colour jeans make you look slimmer and the lighter wash makes you look bigger.

This is how you find jeans that fits you at all the right places!

How to find jeans that fits your body type

How to find jeans that fits your body shape

Hourglass ⌛️

Most of the jeans will suit you and trust me if i say this. The best although will be a high rise skinny jeans. It along with contouring your waistband, will mimic the natural shape of the waist to give you a lovely fit at your waist. Another best fit for you is the bootcut/ flared jeans. The wider bottom of these kinds will balance your larger hips and makes your tighs look slimmer.

Pear or triangle ?

This body type can give you a little issue of waist gapping. But, a contour waistband in a jean will solve that problem very easily. A high/ mid rise waist will help keep your waist area small whereas bootcut/flared/straight or mom jeans will look just perfect on you. As it will give you a more tapered look and proportionate your whole body well.

Strawberry or inverted triangle ?

The exact opposite of the above, a wide leg jean will suit the most on this type of body shape. It’s wide bottom will make you look longer and better. Jeans like boyfriend or mom jeans will also help build a proportionate silhouette. Where a side pocket on a jean may help create a fuller look, lighter washes will help add some shape to the thigh.

Petite body

A petite body type can be benefited from a straighter or skinny fit jeans. Ankle lengths will also look great as they will elongate the legs with no extra fabric at the bottom. High waisted jeans will also get the work done.

Taller body

If you’ve got this, congrats! Almost every jean type will suit you the best. Where a low rise jean will balance out your taller torso, a wide flared hem will give you more proportion. If you love your long legs ( just like i do), skinny jeans would be just the perfect option for you to go for it.

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Cool jean hacks for on the go kinda people

Put around your neck

In run for some work? Or are you just tired of trying all the jeans in the mall? Here’s a quick fix, wrap a buttoned up jeans around your neck. As long as, there’s no slack, it’s your right fit. If there’s a little, it might give you waistband gapping. If it’s not even touching, I don’t think you wanna buy it, right?

Don’t dry them out in dryer

How to find jeans that fits

If you want to make your beloved jeans last more, you should keep dryer away from them. Hanging your jeans to dry out will never give you a baggy fitted jeans. You know why? Because, when you dry out your jeans in a dryer, the hot heat burns out the good spandex ( which is a plastic ) that maintains the original shape of your jeans. No spandex. No shape. Baggy fit.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding that perfect jeans you will want to wear everyday.

What’s that one thing you learned new about finding jeans today? Comment down below! I’m listening.


  1. Ok so I’m still confused on my type and when it comes to jeans I struggle ! I am taller long legs but thicker so skinny jeans dont work for me ! I don’t have big hips but I got a booty! I have a couple pair of jeans I have had for years that I love but I seem to not be able to find anything lately ( meaning last couple years) in jeans meaning!! Help if you can!! Maybe suggest a brand for me

    1. Oh god, I think that’s a bit relatable to me. Have you tried flair jeans? Or bell-bottoms? They will flatter your body much more than skinny ones. And I regret that I may not have any brand suggestions since brands are different in different countries. Hope you find your fit, fingers crossed!

  2. These tips are very helpful! Recently, I love high-waisted jeans coz I have a huge hips, and looks perfect for me.

  3. i am a very thrifty person. and i seldom buy jeans, so i make sure that when I buy one, i go for quality regardless of the price. it doesnt matter to me if i spend much on things that really last….

  4. Finding the right fitting jeans is hardwork. And I have always struggled with it. This guide really helps me in understanding the jeans and Will use it the next time I want to buy one.

  5. I’m petite and the hour-glass type. While I love skinny jeans, comfort is equally important for me.

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