10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

best jeans for pear shape body

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Finding the right pair of jeans for pear shape body that is ultra-flattering can be hard, but not today! Here are the best styles.

Invented in the late 1800s, there’s no clothing as popular and versatile as jeans today. They’ve revolutionized the world and continue to climb the charts with their crowd-pleasing ability and comfort to the owners. 

However, even a perfect pair of jeans might require a tad bit of effort to style correctly on different body shapes. And if you have a pear-shaped body, you just got yourself, lucky girl! I have a pear shape body type, and I have spent my whole life cracking the jean code for us. And after 20 years, I can say that you will find your favorite jeans today!

In this blog, I’ll be covering the 10 best jeans for a pear shape body to make the most of it. You’ll also learn about some trendy brands that are selling these jeans like hotcakes as you read.

I’ve also thrown in some tips and to-do’s to help you accessorize your jeans the right way. But first, let’s quickly understand the pear-shaped body type so that you get to know yourself better!

Characteristics of a Pear Body Shape: A Quick Guide 

jeans for pear shape

People with a pear body shape have comparatively wider waist and thigh areas than narrow bust and shoulder lines. As a result, their silhouette appears like a guitar, with a wide bottom and slender upper body. 

Thin arms, muscular legs, a sloped shoulder, and a well-defined waist are the main highlights of a pear body shape. Plus, the weight gain is more visible in the lower abdomen and thighs first. Owing to this reason, many women tend to don baggy and oversized clothes to hide their body outlines. 

But it’s time to put an end to that. Once you have identified your body shape and know what parts you need to accentuate, styling clothes will be a piece of cake for you. And for pear-shaped ladies, this is your moment!

What to Focus on?

jeans for pear shaped body

While women think of working on their lower bodies to balance their pear-shaped outlines, it’s the other way around. Your upper body needs to be highlighted so that the lower one takes the back seat. 

Thus, your upper body clothing needs to appear volumized to create an appealing silhouette. Some ways to achieve this are:

  • Wear bright-colored or catchy/printed tops
  • Lift your chest with a good push-up bra
  • Interesting elements on sleeves will balance out your best asset
  • Get under layers to add volume to the upper body
  • Avoid skinny clothing on the lower body
  • Go for minimalist prints and darker shades when choosing your bottoms
  • Play with tops with different necklines to attract eyes away from wide hips
  • A deep or V-neck top that can show a little cleavage is your best friend

If you want more such tips on how to dress better for your body type, click right here!

9 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of your body shape, it will be easier to understand why the following 10 types of jeans will suit you the most. So, here we go!

1. Bootcut Jeans

bootcut jeans for pear shape body

Bootcut jeans are a variation between straight-leg and flared jeans. Compared to the former, they go straight up to your thighs and become slightly narrower at the knees. Continuing from there, they get wider but not as much as flared jeans.

Their length pretty much ends at the boots. Thus, they are longer than your regular or straight jeans but shorter than flared ones. 

Bootcut jeans are ideal for pear shaped bodies with less weight gain since they help balance the wider hips and thighs with the wide bottoms. At the same time, they do not add much attention to your ankles, thus creating the perfect body outline!

Here are some of the best bootcut jeans for pear shape bodies available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

2. Flared Jeans

flared jeans for pear shape body

Often confused with Bell Bottoms, flared jeans are all the rage today for making fashion statements effortlessly. Compared to bootcut jeans, these are wider at the bottom and have a flared hem (and my favorite).

Flared jeans brilliantly complement the bulging lower body and add structure to your overall appearance. Bigger flares can also help create an illusion of an hourglass figure. 

Prefer flare jeans that have a perfect fit on your hips and thighs so that your waistline stands out and symmetrizes your silhouette.

Here are some of the best-flared jeans for pear shape bodies available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

3. Wide-Leg Jeans

wide leg jeans for pear shape body

Wide-leg jeans allow more room at the thigh area since they fit at the waistline and gradually flare out up to the ankles. They are breathable and ideal for women who do not wish to highlight their curvy thighs.

One of the best jeans for a pear-shaped body, wide legs add a touch of casualness. Hence, they are more suited for get-togethers, family reunions, parties, and other informal occasions. 

If you feel like your skinny jeans are making your legs appear shorter and tainting your appearance, wide-leg jeans are meant for you!

Here are some of the best wide-leg jeans for a pear shape available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

4. Straight Jeans

straight jeans for pear shape body

Straight jeans are non-tapered jeans cut straight from top to bottom. They don’t narrow down anywhere and are ideal for flaunting a long-legs look, especially with a medium waist pair. 

You can pick up super high-waist straight jeans to don a sporty look where the hem ends slightly above your ankles. Better — compliment it with your favorite sneakers!

Here are some of the best straight leg jeans for pear body available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

[ The Best Shoes To Wear With Straight Leg Jeans ]

5. Trouser Jeans

trouser jeans for pear shape body

If you wish to wear denim but mimic a traditional trouser cut, trouser jeans are your perfect match! 

Highly suitable for women with a flaring waist and bottom, trouser jeans are wider than your normal jeans, providing more room and comfort.

They are not tapered or curved but rather fall straight from the waist to your ankles, even on full hips. Yes, straighter than straight jeans! 

You won’t have to worry about it sticking to your skin and getting squeezed. Plus, trouser jeans have wider legs without any flare — a classic for workplaces and formal occasions.

Here are some of the best trousers jeans for pear shape bodies available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

6. Curvy-cut Jeans

curvy cut jeans for pear shape body

As the name suggests, these jeans are meant for a curvy lower body shape, i.e., thicker hips and thighs. Thus, there’s ample room for your abdomen and upper legs, and high waist curvy jeans can work miracles on pear-shaped women.

These types of jeans usually have a 13” hip-to-waist difference. So, if you’re looking for jeans that are not too tight on your curvy hips but not loose either, on your waist, curvy-cut jeans are what you need!

Here are some of the best curvy-cut jeans for pear shape body available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

7. Slim-fit Jeans

slim fit jeans for pear shape body

Since skinny jeans are a BIG NO for pear body shape (unless you’re comfortable with them), you can opt for slim-fit jeans to get closer to their appearance. 

These are slightly wider than your skinny jeans, thus providing enough room and more mobility and air (to your skin). 

Slim-fit jeans are a great choice if you wish to contour your lower body line and draw attention to your curves.

Here are some of the best slim-fit jeans for pear shape available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

8. High-waist Jeans

high waisted jeans for pear shape body

High-rise jeans are immensely adored by women with pear body shapes as it hides the bulging things and frames your outline well. They’re super comfortable to wear and help remove any sense of insecurity about your body shape.

Not to mention that they look highly ravishing and feminine. You can fake an hourglass figure using high rise jeans and even add the illusion of longer legs!

Here are some of the best high-waist jeans for pear shape available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

9. Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend jeans for pear shape body

If you want to sport a baggy look but are worried about emphasizing your larger thighs, go for straight-leg boyfriend jeans. This way, the denim will sit closely on your hips and leave space as it flows down without widening or flaring.

Narrow ankle cuffs are a bonus point for dressing boyfriend jeans correctly on a pear-shaped body. 

However, if natural curves are your strength, you can purchase slim-fitting boyfriend jeans to avoid camouflaging your outline. 

Here are some of the best boyfriend jeans for pear shaped body available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

10. mom jeans

mom jeans for pear shape body

I cannot tell you how many times my pear shape friends have asked me if they’ll look good in mom jeans.

Let me let you in on a little secret: mom jeans actually look AMAZING on your beautiful bodies! Mom jeans are incredibly versatile and super trendy right now. Ruffles, buttons, striped or plain – there’s something out there specifically designed with you in mind.

The key to styling mom jeans for a pear shape is to get the fit just right by finding a pair that has a higher rise than usual, so it hits above the hipbone and hugs your curves at all the right places. Don’t forget to double down on accessories with statement earrings, an edgy tee, and strappy pumps because accessories always up the ante and help accentuate what makes you unique.

And flaunt that booty like it’s from the Kardashian Kloset—these jeans were made for you!

Here are some of the best mom jeans for pear shape body available online:

10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

How to Style Jeans Correctly on a Pear-shaped Body?

After finding your ideal jeans type, it’s time to learn some basic tips that can prove to be magical when styling your denim.

1. Wear Jeans with Darker Shades

how to wearjeans for pear shaped body

The first and most important thing to remember while buying any type of jeans is to select dark colors. That does not mean you get to wear only black and dark blues. The idea is to have jeans that are darker in the shade when compared to your tops. 

It’s another way of saying you need to choose bright-colored blouses. This helps create a sharp contrast that draws everyone’s attention away from your thighs. 

Fancy tops with ruffles, creative sleeves, elegant necklines, and catchy patterns are the best tricks to pull all the eyes upwards.

2. Minimalize Your Lower Body

Of course, going dark is one way of minimizing your lower body. But you need to put in more effort. 

Avoid purchasing jeans with back pockets. They will only end up making your hips the talk of the town. It’s best to go for side pockets or no pockets at all — you can always add a sling bag to your outfit.

In addition, steer clear of embellished, printed, or decorated jeans. For example, pockets lined up with pearls, excessively ripped jeans, cargo styles, or camouflage prints. Avoid these at all costs.

3. Balance out the bottom half and top half rightly

tops to wear with jeans for pear shape body

If you’re looking for styles that are the most flattering for your body type, you’ll want to keep it light and flowy up top. Cinch that waist by choosing blouses and tops with ruffles, puff sleeves, cap sleeves, flutter sleeves, or asymmetrical hems – they’ve got mad magic when it comes to helping your body achieve an hourglass look.

Y’all know the wrap top – this one is your bosom buddy cause it’s awesome at accentuating your shape in all the right places. Keep things sassy-fresh with bright colors and crazy-cool prints.

Have fun with what you wear, and don’t be afraid to experiment – it’s always good to switch up looks every now and again!

4. Ideal Footwear to Go for?

Women with pear-shaped bodies should pick heels and high-rise boots to add a feel of elongation to their legs and thus balance their figure. You can also hop into pointed and square-toe shoes which make your legs appear thinner.

One major point you need to remember here is to avoid footwear that starts mid-calf. This is where most women fail to wear an illusion of longer and slimmer legs. 

Thus, wedges suit the pear shape the most, followed by thigh-high boots, peep-toe pumps, stilettos, and embellished shoes.

5. Accessorize Your Look

When matching bags with your outfit, finalize the ones that fall above your waist. Short sling, crossbody, and tote bags reserve the spotlight for your upper half.

Getting under layers is another way to add weight to your upper body, especially in winter. Grab a puffer jacket or get into a long trench coat to prevent your waistline from becoming prominent in an undesirable way.

You can wrap a statement shawl/scarf around your neck or put on a shimmery necklace (not bulky tho). Chandelier earrings are another way to spellbind people and add balance to your shape.

Bottom Line for choosing the best jeans for pear shape body

You need to own your pear shape body with pride and love. Don’t think of avoiding skinny jeans as shying away. Making the best out of your pear shape figure and complementing it with suitable styles will only raise your self-esteem.

Try out the different types of jeans mentioned in this blog. Throw in your favorite and fanciest tops and run a fashion show in front of your BFF/sister/mom or even a mirror and find out what sticks on you perfectly. 

Each body is unique and even women with the same body shape can have differences in their structures. So, I would suggest you give everything a try. After all, there is no such thing as enough pairs of jeans. So, see what works for you the best.

Just make sure you keep the styling tips in mind because they are the secret ingredient, honey, and you’re all set to rock that pear shape of yours!

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best jeans for pear shape body

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