How to Dress Inverted Triangle Body shape like a stylist!

how to dress inverted triangle body shape

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Want to dress like those A-list celebs? Let’s dress your inverted triangle body shape like no other!

Also known as a V shape, Y shape and strawberry shape, the inverted triangle body type is quite dominant among females. It is often associated with athletic body shape. If you have an inverted triangle shape body and are not sure about the types of clothes and accessories that would suit you, then your girl is here to help.

I know how frustrating it gets when you have to select outfits by the trial-and-error method. And this experimentation sometimes turns out to be a complete disaster. So, you must have a clear-cut formula for how to choose your outfits as per your body. 

Today I will be sharing with you the exact styling hacks that you need to enhance your best features. Also, I will walk you through different types of garments that will complement your inverted triangle-shaped body.

Let’s start without much ado and dive deeper into the details of how to dress an inverted triangle-shaped body.

What does an Inverted Triangle Shape Body Look Like?

How to Dress Inverted Triangle Body shape like a stylist!

Before you start planning your outfits as per your body type, it is mandatory to confirm your body shape. So, if you have the slightest doubt about your inverted triangle body shape, lemme help you out!

You definitely have an inverted triangle shape body if – 

  • Your shoulders are squared, robust and straight.
  • Your shoulders are broader than your hip bone.
  • Your bottom is generally flat.
  • Your body shape makes you resemble a professional athlete.
  • Hips look quite flat and straight as compared to your wide shoulders.
  • The bust area tends to be generally bigger from your waist and hips.
  • You don’t have a well-defined waist.
  • Your legs look muscular and shapely.

I hope by now, all your doubts have evaporated into thin air. Let’s proceed further and find out who are the celebs with whom you are sharing your body type.

Celebs Who Rock Their Inverted Triangle Shape Bodies Effortlessly!

inverted triangle body celebrities

Wanna know the names of those gorgeous ladies who flaunt their inverted triangle shape bodies with sheer confidence? Here’s a list of A-listers who look dashing in their choicest attires as they know their inverted triangle bodies from the inside out:

  • Naomi Campbell
  • Emily VanCamp
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Renee Zellweger
  • Demi Moore 
  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Lucy Liu
  • Cameron Diaz

And many more!

Challenges of Styling an Inverted Triangle Shape Body

In order to style your outfits like a pro, it is first important to know the challenges that make you look not-so-good in certain attires. Here you go!

  • Because you have an athletic body frame, adding that feminine grace gets difficult at times.
  • The body frame looks unbalanced because of wider shoulders and comparatively narrower waist and hips.
  • Since the hips are not round and full, achieving that curvaceous look gets extremely difficult.
  • Because of the weight around your waist area, some outfits may make you look bulky and out of shape.

Now that you know the pain points of styling an inverted triangle shape body, let’s move forward and explore different clothes that you must have in your closet!

How to dress Inverted Triangle Body shape – Styling Tips Straight from the Experts

Here are a few styling points that you need to try if you have an inverted triangle shape body:

  • Choose light colors and bold prints to divert attention to the lower torso.
  • To create the illusion of a curvy figure, try adding volume to your lower torso.
  • Vertical stripes work like magic on your body frame.
  • Try soft fabrics, solid colors and narrower necklines to reduce the prominence of those athletic shoulders.
  • Avoid embellishments on your shoulders.
  • Wide necklines, scarves, and shoulder pads will make your upper torso appear bulky.
  • Try to define your waist to create a balance throughout your body frame.

What to Wear When You Have an Inverted Triangle Shape Body?

Babe, there are so many options to choose from. Let’s start with different types of clothes that can highlight your assets and add to your beauty and charm:

1. Dresses

dressing Inverted Triangle body shape

The basic thumb rule to get the dreamiest dresses for yourself is to make sure that they add volume to your lower torso, that too, effortlessly. A-lines, shift dresses, and simple silhouettes can do wonders for you.

While hanging down from your body frame, shift dresses create the illusion of fuller hips. Pleats also bring along the much-coveted for fullness around your lower torso. If you are willing to go bold, midi-length dresses can also work for you. A paneled waist and nipped waists also help you strike the right balance between your upper and lower body.

Make sure you buy dresses with flared hems so that you can add curves to your lower body and let you show off your shapely legs. 

2. Tops

styling Inverted Triangle body shape

While buying tops, you need to be attentive toward the necklines and sleeves. Always go for V- or U-necklines or maybe a deep scoop neck as well. These long and slim necklines will create an illusion of a slim and balanced upper torso. The asymmetric and halter necklines will also look good on your inverted triangle-shaped body.

When it comes to short sleeves, try tapered and fitted styles such as cut-outs, dopped-shoulder points and shoulder slits. In case you are going for long sleeves, then try kimono. Raglans or dolman sleeves. If wearing strapless, then go for wider straps to conceal your strong shoulders. One-shoulder tops and asymmetric necklines will also look good on you. And instead of bright colors, choose monochromatic ones to balance your wide upper torso.

3. Shorts

Inverted Triangle body outfits

Your shorts must add volume to your hips. So, the styles that you should wear are baggy, printed and wide shorts. Shorts made out of denim can be perfect for you when you roll up the legs a little. Pleated shorts, patterned ones, and structured and wide-legged shorts will also look incredibly good and add volume to your lower torso.

And opt for bright colors and bold prints instead of dark and monochrome colors.

4. Jackets, coats and blazers

Inverted Triangle shape outfits

Define your waist and soften your shoulders with the right jacket. And that’s why straight-cut jackets with flared waists can be ideal for you. Belted jackets with fluid lines will also look flattering on your inverted triangle body frame.

Try garnering attention to your waist by adding pockets and detailings in the jackets just below the waist. But make sure that you choose only single-breasted jackets to keep things low profile for your upper torso. Make sure that you choose dark colors over lighter ones and keep their length to your hip bone.

5. Trousers/pants

How to Dress Inverted Triangle Body shape like a stylist!

Fond of wearing trousers on professional as well as casual outings? Then go for the ones that accentuate your shapely, muscular legs and make your hips look fuller.

Some of the best styles that you should add to your closet are palazzo, baggy, turn-ups, flares, harem pants, wide legs and culottes etc. Light and bright colors would be perfect for getting all the attention of onlookers. Don’t shy away from experimenting with patterns, pockets, embellishments and bold prints, as they subtly add volume to your buttocks.

6. Jeans

Inverted Triangle shape outfits

I know, babe, jeans are your favorite comfy wears. But are you wearing the right ones that compliment your inverted triangle shape body?

The key to looking flawless in a pair of jeans is to go for one that flares out from the knees. This means that you can put on baggy jeans, wide and bootleg jeans and boyfriend jeans. If you are fond of straight cuts and slim fits, make sure they come with some sort of embellishment or detailing.

You can also hoard in jeans with front and back pockets, distress and embellishments, washes and rips to divert the attention of the onlookers to your lower torso. 

Here’s a pro tip! Always pair your tops with jeans that are a few tones lighter in the shade so that you can create the illusion of balance across your inverted triangle shape body frame.

7. Knitwear

Inverted Triangle Body shape outfits

To keep you snuggly and warm in Winter, get yourselves cardigans and sweaters that are well-fitted and straight-cut. Knitwear with hip details can indeed be a good choice for you. Fine-knit sweaters, too, would look good on you.

8. Swimsuits

Inverted Triangle Body shape outfits

Darling! Want to feel confident and super attractive in those sexy beach wears? Let me help you out. First things first- go for a sweetheart neckline. There’s nothing better than this neckline that gives you that enticing look and makes you appear curvaceous.

Swimsuits with wide straps can conceal your straight, athletic shoulders. You can also try out tankinis to get that much-needed midriff coverage for highlighting your torso. Swimwear with ruching gathers and shirring on the sides can make you look like a hot mess!

And to grab all the eyeballs, you can put on those lusty bikini bottoms which come with a ties-at-the-hips design. 

9. Jumpsuits

How to Dress Inverted Triangle Body shape like a stylist!

Jumpsuits can literally save you from fashion disasters. They compliment your silhouette like a dream! Choose a V-neck to draw the eyes downwards. Jumpsuits with wider legs and belted waists would be great for your body type. 

10. Skirts

How to Dress Inverted Triangle Body shape like a stylist!

There are a lot of skirt styles available for your inverted triangle body shape. For instance, you can go for tulip skirts, box pleated skirts, and layered skirts to create an illusion of curves in your lower torso.

The well-defined waist and tapered design of tulip skirts help you show off your slender legs. On the other hand, pleated and layered ones add volume to your hips. Bias-cut, ballerina, straight-cut, full, volume, tiered and dropped waistline style skirts also make you look exceptionally well.

Bright colors, bold prints and hip embellishments would further add to the appeal of the skirts.

Accessories that Lool Really Cool on Inverted Triangle Body Shape

how to style Inverted Triangle Shape Body

Hey, pretty lady! Never underestimate the power of the right accessories, as they can completely amp up your appearance.

So, after conducting elaborate research, here I am with a list of accessories that go well with your inverted triangle body shape. Here you go, babe!

1. Long necklaces

Invest in long, pendant-style necklaces that draw attention downwards. They hang right in front of your bust and divert the attention to your chest. This is a clever move to divert the attention away from your broad and straight shoulders.

2. Chunky footwear

Chunky shoes in bright colors and eye-ball-grabbing patterns and designs can highlight your shapely and slender legs. So, if you are in the mood to flaunt your sexy legs, you will have to invest in a couple of pairs of funky shoes.

3. Statement bracelets and earrings

Bracelets and earrings can add that much-coveted feminine charm to your otherwise athletic body frame. Also, they help in drawing attention away from your wide upper torso to your slender hands and pretty face. 

What Not to Wear if You Have an Inverted Triangle Shape Body?

Just knowing what to wear is NOT enough if you wish to flaunt your style like a diva. Here’s what you need to steer clear of to avoid any kind of mess!

  • Get rid of all your tops and shirts that have bold patterns and embellishments.
  • Jackets and coats with oversized collars can be a huge turn-off.
  • Boat necks are not meant for you.
  • Say no to tops with horizontal lines.
  • Shoulder pads are a big No-No as they accentuate your athletic and broad shoulders.
  • Avoid jumpsuits with details on the bust area and tapered legs.
  • Tight-fit shorts can enhance your athletic body frame and thus should not be there in your closet.
  • Well-fitted dresses with shoulder embellishments can make you look bulky and out of shape.
  • Avoid skinny-fit jeans, as they will create unbalance between your upper and lower torso and drive attention to your wide shoulders.
  • Coats and blazers with shoulder details can enhance your broad shoulders. Discard or donate them right away!
  • Steer clear of wide, straight, square and off-shoulder necklines as they unnecessarily divert attention to your shoulders.

Final Thoughts on How to Dress Inverted Triangle Shape Body

Babe! You have a fabulous body. Cherish it, love it, celebrate it!

Take time out of your hectic schedule and scan your wardrobe thoroughly. Donate everything that does not serve your purpose and make room for clothes and accessories that will actually accentuate the best assets of your inverted triangle-shaped body. 

Embrace a style that reflects your personality and helps you exude nothing but confidence, grace and some sass 😉

See you again next time with another engaging topic!


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How to Dress Inverted Triangle Shape Body

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